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Changing His Image - Part 2 by Scott the Haircut Lover

Changing his Image Part 2 " Keep it or Grow it?

The next two weeks were very intense with Peter and I. We kept our new found love a secret from friends and family. The day after we shaved our heads there was a lot of questioning about why, what made you do it, etc. but that soon subsided. I was happier than I had ever been in my life. Peter and I slept at each others houses pretty much every night for the next two weeks. Our morning routine was to take care of the morning wood, shower together, and yes we shaved our heads daily.
It was not the middle of July, we were in my basement playing some video games on a rainy day after. Peter’s head was in my lap. I was rubbing his smooth bald head and I could see the effect it was having on him in his shorts. He looked up and me, "Tyler, are we really going to stay bald when we go back to school? Because I don’t know if I want to be bald senior year." I looked him in the eyes afraid if I pushed the issue I might lose my new boyfriend. "I hadn’t thought about it Peter. I have been having too much fun shaving our heads every day. You look so hot bald I kind of thought you liked it." Peter closed his eyes moving my hand from his smooth head down to his bulge and just smiled for a little while. The he said "Let’s give it one more week and then decide". I agreed and continued to do what I was doing until he moaned loudly and got up to go to the bathroom and clean up.
After a week of keeping the same ritual, sleeping over, morning fun and slowly shaving each t others heads every day, Peter and I decided to go camping for a few days. We drove up to the lake, found a quiet spot and set up our tent and got the site ready for a couple of days of fun. It was getting late in the day. We had fire wood for the night. The sun was going to set in about an hour. Peter said "Damn its hot" I watched as he slowly stripped. His body was so perfect and besides his eye brows, pits and legs he was completely hairless. I started and felt things happening down below. He ran and jumped in the water. I followed suit, stripping down and diving in. We playfully splashed, rubbed each others bald heads, and made out. He said "I won’t lie Tyler I love the feeling of the lake water on my bald head". I looked at him and said "Yeah it feels amazing." We played in the water for another hour before it got dark. I couldn’t keep his hands off his smooth head and he did the same to me.
The next morning when I woke up he wasn’t in the tent. I arose and got out of the tent. Peter was sitting by the lake watching the sun come up. I came and sat next to him. "Good morning babe" as I kissed his cheek. This was the first morning our ritual had changed since the first time we shaved our heads. I figured it was just because we were out camping and really didn’t give it much though the rest of the morning. For the first time in a few weeks we both had a shadow of stubble on our heads. When I went to rub his head playfully after breakfast it didn’t feel the same as it did when it was smooth. I looked at him and said "are we shaving today?". Peter smiled and said "we are camping let’s rough it for a couple of days". I smiled and kissed him softly and said "ok babe". Three days later we packed up and headed home. The intimacy was amazing during our trip with lots of spontaneous fun, but we now had dark shadows on our heads. When I rubbed his head it now felt like a very soft fine pelt. Not terrible, but I missed the feeling of his smooth head.
We arrived home, put all of the gear away and Peter said "I am going to sleep at my house tonight I will see you tomorrow" he clearly meant alone and I just said "oh ok yeah". We did a lite kiss because we were still hiding our love and parted ways. I was really tired from the three day trip and basically stayed in my room alone all night. We didn’t even text that much other than a quick good night. I had a nervous feeling in my stomach that something had changed. When I woke up the next morning I felt sad. It was the first time in weeks I woke up alone. I started rubbing my soft stubble missing Peter doing that in the morning. I texted him and didn’t get a reply. There was definitely something wrong. We didn’t talk the entire day. I let him have his space and wondered if this was just a fling and it was now over. I mean it had been fun, but I was deeply in love with Peter and didn’t want this to end.
The next day he finally texted me telling me he wanted to talk. I told him no one was at my house and said "why don’t you come over here". When he came I tried to give him a hug and a kiss but he was kind of cold. We sat at the kitchen table…. No one spoke for what seemed like an eternity. Peter finally said "Tyler, I love you so much…. All of this happened so fast….. I am definitely confused about us, me, and what all this means." I couldn’t take my eyes off of the 5 days of growth on his head. My bulge was growing by the second. He turned me on so much. I said "you mean your confused about us shaving our heads?" (What an idiot I am for even thinking that was what he was talking about). "Ummmmm no Tyler… I don’t know if am I gay or not". "Oh", feeling completely stupid at this point, "I see, well that is awkward." "I thought you loved me." Peter said "I do love you Tyler, You are the best friend I have ever had and what we did together was, well it was amazing and I have never felt so good." "It’s just that I don’t know if I want to go through all the harassment we will get at school if we are boyfriends." I was devastated by this news. "No one has to know Peter." Peter replied "oh they will know." I got up from the table and slowly walked up to my room not even responding to what he said. I laid face first on my bed and after about 30 min or so I heard my door open. I didn’t even look up, I just felt him slide into bed and start rubbing my 5 day stubble. Peter said "I think yours is growing back faster than mine" giggling a little bit trying to break the tension. I rolled over looking at him and rubbing his stubble. "I don’t just love you Peter, I am in love with you. I want to be your boyfriend and I don’t care what people say." Peter looked at me with his perfect eyes, sexy smile and took a deep breath….. I anxiously awaited the next words out of his mouth as I knew this would likely define my life going forward. He finally said "I love you too Tyler. I really don’t want this summer to end. I don’t want to go back and face all of the idiots at our school and I really don’t want to go back and face my teammates harassing me about being gay. I have already been harassed about shaving my head and being with you every day this summer, did you know that?" "No Peter I didn’t." I felt terrible I was a burden in his life and said "I understand. You are more popular than me and it must be a lot harder for you." I rolled away with my back to him and started to sob trying to make it so he didn’t know.
The next month was awful. I woke up every day, looked in the mirror at my hideous fuzzy head that was now about ½" of growth. I thought about being bald again every day. Peter and I saw very little of each other after that day at my house. His hair was about the same length and I could tell he couldn’t wait to get his long luscious locks back. Now I not only missed my lover but I missed my best friend. School was approaching quickly. I had to do something about my hair. Even just a trim would be in order.
It was late August. School started in just a few days. My hair had never driven me this crazy. I stood in front of the mirror staring at myself. Picturing how much I love the bald look, how great it felt when I touched my smooth head just two months prior. How much I missed Peter rubbing my bald head and being intimate with him. It was awful the emptiness I felt. Should I just do what I want and shave it bald now! Be bald my senior year of high school and not care what people say? Or just head to the barber shop and get a trim like every other guy does right before school starts. I was literally standing there for an hour lost and unsure of what I wanted or who I was. Then, my phone indicated I had a text message. I picked it up. It was from Peter "We need to talk."……….. To be continued………

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