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"Haircut Dream" by Barber Mike

The following scenario is the recollection of a dream I recently had;

My hair had gotten rather long (as it has) and I really needed a haircut.

I was with my dad at a barbershop where there was a seemingly young, progressive barber who suggested it was a trend that males with longer hair were having it curled. We agreed I would give it a try. My bangs hair was then rolled up into what can best be described as an old-fashioned wire curler. The kind I recall my mother and grandmother using. I'm not liking this so I say to the barber "I'm gonna want it short, I want it cut", looking to my dad I say "Please?!" and he says "Okay, do it".

I find the need to plead with him to get it cut odd. My dad always wanted my hair short and routinely cut it so while I was growing up. I miss Dad and his haircuts that he gave me.

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