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The Bar's Barber by Shant

It was a typical Saturday night at the bar. The crowd was a decent size, perfect to check out people. I was leaning against a wall, having a beer, and enjoying looking to see if anyone caught my eye.

I’m 6’ 2" tall. I work out, so I’m in good shape. My hair was what I was most proud of. It was reddish blond, very thick, had great texture, and a slight wave in it.

The top was easily over four inches long and the sides and back were tapered short to just above the tip of my ears. I then brushed everything all up and back, blending it into the top.

I loved how I could comb my hair and it would stay in place that way all day long. I really enjoyed seeing how high I could get it to stand up. I had the perfect hair for a really full looking flattop, and every now and then I would get the itch to get one.

I had started out as a barber but changed careers after two years. I still enjoyed getting to cut a great head of hair and I had quite a fairly large group of guys that had me cut their hair for them all the time.

I really have a hair fetish. Nothing turns me on more than a guy with a great head of hair. I had met a lot of guys over the years and had taken them home and cut their hair for them. I actually came to be known as the "Bar’s Barber."

Tonight, this one guy caught my eye. I was certain I had never seen him before. He either was just passing through or had just moved here. He was about 5’ 10" and had a great body. He had a full head of really black hair that was long on the sides and top and was all brushed back.

He used some kind of hair product that made his hair really shine and made his hair really stand up. Think back about twenty years ago and remember Uncle Jessie on Full House. That’s how this guy’s hair looked.

In the 50’s his hairstyle would be described as a huge pompadour. Not many guys can carry that look off today without looking out of place, but this guy had no problem. God! to have hair that beautiful!

I thought to myself that there was a really hot looking guy whose hair I would love to get my hands in. I hoped that he had recently moved here, and that I might get the chance to meet him sometime, because he had a tremendous head of hair.

I continued scanning the room to see if there were any other guys I might be interested in. I had my head turned away from the direction that this guy had been standing, and when I turned back around, he was standing right beside me. Usually that met that a guy was interested in meeting.

Our eyes connected and we began talking. He told me that his name was Eric and that he had just moved here from Chicago and was starting a new job next week. He said, "I hope it’s okay to ask you about this, but I was looking for a place to get my hair cut, and I asked this guy who had a great looking haircut, where he got his cut."

"He told me that if I really wanted to find a great barber, that what I should do is go to the bar on a Saturday night and look for a guy named Paul, and he described what you looked like."

"He told me that you were a really nice guy and that I didn’t have to worry about being uncomfortable approaching you. He told me that you had once been a barber, but you still liked to cut a guy’s hair, especially if he had a really good head of hair."

"He also told me that you were a really hot looking man, and that if the chemistry was right, I might end up with getting more than just a haircut. Now having seen you, and seeing how handsome you are, I hope that will happen with us, if you’re interested, because I think you are really hot."

"I really like my hair the way it is, but I think since I’m going to be working in a more professional place of business that I should tone it down a little and not have my hair stand out so much and attract so much attention. I want to just blend in with the rest of my co-workers."

"I have always received a lot of compliments about my hair. I’ve probably worn it almost exactly like this for over four years. Would you be interested in cutting my hair for me?" he asked.

"Sure, I’d be glad to cut your hair. You’ve got a great looking mane there and I would love to get my hands in it. I started out as a barber and cut hair for two years before I decided to change jobs. I still really enjoy getting to work on a nice head of hair."

"I quit being a barber because it didn’t take me long to realize that I only really enjoyed cutting a guy’s hair, if he had great hair. Getting to work on an awesome mane was fantastic, but I spent the majority of the time doing pretty much standard, boring looking haircuts."

"Eventually, I just decided I didn’t want to be a barber all the time. I loved working on a really thick awesome mane and getting to cut it, but that didn’t happen enough to make me want to continue being a barber forever."

"I hoped that I would continue to cut some of my customer’s hair for them. Instead of being a mundane job like it had been the majority of the time, it became really fun, and a great time whenever I got to cut an awesome mane."

"Man, it’s easy to see why you want to be careful finding a new barber. With that great hair of yours, you want to feel comfortable that the guy is going to follow your instructions and you end up with a haircut you like. You really have an awesome head of hair there."

Eric said, "I went to this one guy once and told him that I didn’t want any more than half an inch cut off my hair. I had been growing it out for quite a long time and I wanted it to get about another inch longer before I decided if I wanted to keep it like that, or get it cut shorter."

"No problem," the barber said. "You’ve got a really nice head of hair and I’ll take real good care of you."

"He turned me away from the mirror so that I then would not be able to see him cut my hair. That made me a little uncomfortable, but I didn’t want to say anything. He brushed my hair all back and then started using his scissors."

"I realized when he was about halfway into the haircut that he was taking off a lot more than just half an inch. "How much hair are you taking off there? Remember I told you that I only wanted about half an inch to come off."

I was sure I was getting a much shorter haircut than I had asked for. "Don’t worry," he said with a smile. "You’re going to look really good when I finish this haircut."

"I realized that there wasn’t much I could do about it, so I told myself not to get angry and just get this haircut over with. When he turned me around to see the haircut, I couldn’t believe what he had done!"

"He had taken about three inches off the top and almost two inches off the sides and back. That was more than half the hair that I had come in with. "Why did you cut so much of my hair off after I told you I didn’t want you to cut off more than half an inch?" I said.

The barber replied, "I thought to myself that this is the way your hair would really look best, so I decided to cut it like this, and you could think of this as a "welcoming gift." I couldn’t believe that he had done this without my approval. I had never had a barber do anything like that before! I never stepped back into his shop again."

"I’ve known barbers who have done that, especially if they think that the guy was going to be a one time only customer. Some barbers have a mean streak in them. I would never have considered doing something like that to a customer," I said.

"I have probably about twenty guys whose hair I cut on a regular basis. They all have one thing in common, they have awesome manes and they really love them. Several left the barbershop where I was working and I’ve met several here at the bar."

"I finally decided that I really didn’t want to take on any more guys because it was keeping me too busy all the time and I was starting to feel like it was a part time job."

"If I meet a guy with a great head of hair, though, I am willing to make an exception and I would invite him into my group. I think that I have room for one more client," I said with a smile.

"All these guys were confident that if I cut their hair, they would end up with a really sharp looking haircut. The first time I cut their hair, I informed them that if I were to continue cutting their hair for them, that every once in awhile I would want to give them a different looking haircut."

"These guys understood that one of the things I enjoyed doing most was changing the way they wore their awesome manes. Most of them actually looked forward to trying a new look every now and then. Eventually, they started bringing pictures of how they wanted to get their hair cut, and they looked forward to not having their hair look the same all the time."

"So many guys wear their hair the same way for years, despite having fantastic hair that they could wear anyway they wanted. These guys totally trust me and know I would not do anything drastic or anything without their approval. I think that the majority of them look forward most to the times when I give them a new look. What kind of haircut are you thinking about getting?" I asked.

"I really think you have an awesome looking haircut," Eric said. "Do you think you could give me a haircut that looks like yours?"

"Definitely! That will be a fantastic way to begin cutting your hair. Getting to see you lose so much of that beautiful shiny black hair will be a tremendous turn on."

"I have a pretty strong suspicion that our chemistry is going to be good, and we’ll have a lot of great evenings when we get together. When would you like me to cut your hair for you?"

"Would you like to cut it tonight? I’ve really been pumped up, looking forward to meeting you, and thinking about how I wanted to get my hair cut before I start my new job. I really love my hair, but I also really love having a handsome looking man getting his hands in it and doing whatever he wants."

"Sure, why don’t you just follow me home and we’ll have some fun? I only live a few miles from here, so we’ll be there in no time."

Eric followed me home. While I was driving, I was thinking about what a hot time I knew I was going to have. Eric was going to be losing about two-thirds of his hair if he wanted a haircut like mine. He also said he loved having a guy play with his hair and I could do that forever if the guy had great hair, and Eric definitely did.

When we got in the house, I asked Eric if he was in any particular hurry? "I’d enjoy getting to know you more and then getting to work on your beautiful hair when we’re ready."

"That would be great," Eric said. We proceeded to sit on the sofa and enjoyed learning more about each other. The more and more we talked, the more and more stoked I got fantasizing about what I was going to do to his gorgeous mane!

Eric asked if he could use the bathroom, and I told him sure, and that it was the first door on the right when you went down the hallway.

While he was gone, I just sat back and relaxed, and was really pleased that this evening was turning out so great. Not only did Eric have a great head of hair, but he seemed like he was a really nice guy, and I was looking forward to getting to know him better.

When Eric came back from the bathroom, instead of instantly sitting down beside me, he stood behind me and started running his hands through my hair! It totally surprised me and it also totally turned me on even more than I already was!

"I have to confess," Eric said. "I have a huge hair fetish too! Nothing turns me on more than getting together with a guy that has fantastic hair. I have been looking forward to getting my hands in your hair all evening. It really is amazing looking! I wanted to see how your hair felt, knowing that you would be cutting mine like yours. I hope it’s okay that I’m doing this and that I’m not doing something that you don’t enjoy."

"I love it that you are playing with my hair. It turns me on even more, having someone playing with it. Not a single guy has ever taken the initiative and put their hands in my hair. I think that they are intimidated since I’m a barber. I doubt it enters their mind that I love having my hair played with too."

"I love it that you felt comfortable enough to do what you really wanted. How about if you take that brush off the table there and brush my hair for awhile? I’d really enjoy having you do that, because like I just said, it’s been forever since I’ve had a guy get his hands in my hair."

"You really have great hair too," Eric said as he brushed my hair. I love how thick it is and how full it looks. I hope that you change your hairstyle every once in awhile too, because I’d really love getting to play with it when it’s all different lengths."

I decided it was now my turn to get to start working on Eric’s hair. This was not going to be just a quick buzz and it’s over and done. I was really going to enjoy taking all the time I wanted with his luscious locks. "Ready to step into my barbershop and get your haircut?" I asked.

I had converted one of my spare bedrooms into an actual barbershop, including having a traditional barber chair. "This is really cool," Eric said, as he sat himself down in the chair.

I had placed mirrors on three of the walls, in order to be able to see everything that would be happening from every angle. I had learned early on that guys with really nice hair, really enjoy watching themselves in the mirror and getting to see their hair being cut.

I picked up a brush and said to him, "I have been aching to get my hands in your hair all night! It really is awesome. You have an immense amount of hair and it’s going to be mindblowing getting to cut it to look like mine."

I spent a great deal of time just brushing his hair back the way that he wore it every day. I had such a boner and knew this was going to be a tremendous time. I then took my comb and combed his hair all forward so that I could see how long it really was.

His forelock was long enough that he was able to put it in his mouth. It had been quite a long time since I had a guy with hair that long sitting in my chair.

I took the sides and instead of brushing them back like he did, I combed them straight down. You could not even see his ears. The back was probably about two inches below the collar.

His hair had such great body that he could brush it back and it never fell out of place. With it all brushed up and back and slicked up the way he wore it, it was awesome. He had so much hair!

"First, I’d like to wash your hair and get rid of the product that you have in it. Then we can dry it out and then start the haircut. I take my time when I cut someone’s hair because I really enjoy doing it, and usually the guy enjoys the time I spend on his hair."

Eric leaned his head over the sink and I washed his hair. It was so thick and getting rid of the product that he used, made his hair feel even softer. I couldn’t wait to dry it out and see how it would look.

After I finished washing it, he sat back in my barber chair. I towel dried his hair a bit and then took my wide tooth comb and combed all his wonderful hair straight up and back. With it still being slightly wet, it looked like it did when he applied some product that caused it to shine.

I then took my brush and blowdryer and aggressively brushed all his hair up and back, which was actually how he wore it. From the way it was turning out, I doubted he ever used a blowdryer when he combed his hair and just added the product to make it shine and then combed it into place. It was so thick and stood up so well that was all he really needed to do.

You should have seen his hair after I finished drying it and brushing it into place. It was huge! He looked like he had so much more hair than when I first saw him. Using the blowdryer, his hair probably stood up two inches taller than when he combed it. It was standing up almost eight inches high on top! He would never go out in public with his hair looking this big, but it was such a turn on seeing the way it looked.

"Look how awesome your hair is! I can’t get enough of it. Are you really sure that you want me to cut it as short as mine? There’s going to be quite a lot of hair coming off the sides and back in order to look like mine does."

"I think it’s going to look really awesome when I finish and we stand beside each other with the same haircut, but such different color hair. I’m going to want a picture of this one for my scrapbook!"

Usually when I get to cut a guy with long hair down to a short haircut style, I like to start with my scissors and shorten the sides and back down a little at a time before I use my clippers.

With Eric, I was way too stoked to do that! I wanted to see huge, awesome chunks of his hair coming off all at once. I couldn’t wait to see about four inches of his super thick hair being buzzed off and falling into his lap.

I put my #2 guard on my clippers and placed them at the bottom of his left sideburn. I ran them up the sides until they were about three fingers above the top of his ears. I thought I was going to explode then! Just seeing such thick, shiny long hair all coming off in huge locks was incredible.

I could hear Eric moaning as he said, "Oh man, this is unreal! I haven’t had clippers used on my hair in years! They feel so great as they go up the sides and back and seeing me lose so much hair all at once is something I have never done before. It is such a tremendous rush! I’m loving it!"

I took the clippers and worked all the way around to the other side of his head. There was so much hair in his lap and I had not even started cutting the top, which was by far the longest hair he had.

He was going to lose at least four inches of hair on top before it was cut down as short as mine. I lifted up his beautiful forelock and sliced off the front so that it just touched the top of his eyebrows.

I knew that after I worked on the rest of the top, a little more would be coming off so that it all blended in together.

I had done a great job making certain that all his hair ended up in his lap. It was huge! I then took a little product, even though it wasn’t necessary, and ran it through his hair.

I then combed it all back and finished by running my hands repeatedly through it, making it look like it just fell that way naturally. I hated it when a guy’s hair looked "too" finished.

"Well, what do you think of your new haircut?" I asked. "I hope you are really pleased with it. I think it looks awesome!"

"I can’t believe how great it looks and how different I look!" Eric said. "You really have done an incredible job and I would never have imagined that I would get a haircut and it would look this good!"

"Do you think that I will be able to be a regular customer of yours? After getting this great a haircut, I don’t want anyone else to even touch my hair! How much do I owe you for the haircut?" Eric asked.

"Oh, I don’t take money from my friends when I cut their hair," I said with a smile. "There are other ways you can pay me, though. How about if we go back to my bedroom and we get to know each other a little better?"

"I’d love to have you spend the night and snuggle. It’s been such a great evening that I would really love waking up in the morning and feeling this great."

"Lead the way," Eric said. Off we went into the bedroom and began what became a fantastic time for the both of us. I’m so glad that I had decided to go out tonight!

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