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The Dog Days of Summer, Part 3 by myboyfriendisbald

Saturday morning Jesse was up and making coffee fairly early. I knew it was because today was haircut day, and he was as excited as I was nervous. I knew there was no harm in indulging his fantasy, but I was lying to myself if I said I wasn’t a bit worried I wouldn’t find him attractive without his long hair. I knew it would grow back, but it would be at least a year before it had any sort of real length to it again. And that was only if he did let it grow out, what if he decided he liked having a buzzed head??
"Morning babe," he said handing me a mug of coffee, "I figured you’d want a caffeine before you shave me."
I nodded, taking a long sip, "You seem giddy."
"Babe, when was the last time we did anything so stupidly spontaneous? I feel like a teenager all over again, like I’m gonna sneak out at night and go meet my friends in the woods for a smoke."
"I know," I said, "It does feel a bit exhilarating, right? I just… We’re not kids, Jesse, we’re adults. What are people going to say at work if you show up Monday with no hair?"
"I won’t be bald, Kenz. I’ll still have hair. People do this sort of s**t all the time, it’s just hair," he cupped my chin in his hand, "If you really don’t want to do this, we don’t have to."
"What if I hate it," I whined, "Promise you won’t be mad if I hate it?"
He chuckled, "Kenzi, I’ll let you put a paper bag over my head for the next year if it’s really that bad." Then he got a mischievous look on his face, "And, hey maybe this will be a sexy way to shake things up for us," he reached over and twirled a lock of my reddish hair around his finger and tugged it, "Maybe I’ll get to tease YOU a bit now."
I rolled my eyes, "As if you don’t already."

We finished our coffees on the porch and then moved to the bathroom to begin our task at hand. Jesse spread out some towels on the floor and then sat on the toilet with his back to me, and I fastened the #2 guard on the clippers and flicked them on. "Speak now or forever hold your peace."
When he didn’t move I took the clippers and placed them on his forehead, and then drove them back over his head. The clippers hummed loudly as they peeled the long brown strands away from his head. The ¼" hairs left behind were like threads of sparkling silk, and I couldn’t resist the urge to trail my fingertips over it.
"Mmmm that feels good," he groaned.
I couldn’t deny it did feel good, I was just hoping I thought it looked good.
I was methodical stripping the rest of his hair, making sure not to miss a single strand. The pile on the floor was huge, and there was a knot in my throat knowing I was going to have to wait ages before I’d be able to run my fingers through his long silky locks.
I flicked the clippers off and brushed off his shoulders. "God I hope you don’t look ridiculous."
He slowly turned to face me, eyes locked on mine as he did so. I felt some sort of warm tingly sensation spread over me, and it was like a locked chest in my head clicked open and some sort of primal urge seeped out.
Who was this guy and what had he done with my husband?? Eyes like a clear Montana sky, cheek bones that could could kill, a sharp jawline smattered with the right amount of stubble, and topped off with a rich layer of chocolate colored velour.
I bit my lip to keep myself from letting out an embarrassing squeal.
"Your face says it all," he purred, standing so his body was pressed against mine and kissing me fiercely, "I guess you’re the only one who’s gonna have long hair in this relationship now."
He turned to examine himself in the mirror and was clearly pleased with what he saw.
"Don’t be so sure," I crooned, "We haven’t properly tested it out." I started to walk toward the bedroom, when he caught my wrist.
"Wait, I have an idea," his voice was low and husky.
"Yeah babe?"
"How much do you trust me?"
"Not as far as I can throw you."
He smirked and bit his lip, "You feelin’ risky?"
I nodded, really only wanting to go satisfy my needs, but feeling drunk on adrenaline. He motioned for me to sit where he’d been sitting only seconds ago. His warm fingers threaded through my hair, brushing it up into a loose ponytail.
I should have known what was coming, but I still jumped when I heard the clippers whir back to life. He coaxed my head down so my chin was to my chest, then pressed the blades to my neck, and drove them up into the bottom two inches of my hair. A tendril of auburn joined the pile of dark locks on the floor. He moved slowly, tenderly, shaving the rest of my nape down to an even 1/8th" pelt.
When he was finished he shook my hair out of the elastic and then buried his lips in my hair, kissing the shorn patch beneath my remaining lengths.
"Now YOU get to have a sexy little secret," he grumbled into my ear.
I just about died on the spot.
He picked me up around the waist and carried me to the bedroom, depositing me on the bed.
"Should I go fetch a paper bag?" He asked, peppering kisses down my neck to my collar bone, while working his hands up under my tank top.
"Not necessary," I breathed, tugging his sweatpants down.
He leaned in and drew me close, working my pajama bottoms down. Then he was enveloping me, his hands winding in my hair, tugging gently, and stroking my shorn nape. My own hands were rubbing lazy circles over his fuzzy scalp. It was heavenly.
"I love you," he moaned into my ear, making his entrance.
"I love you more," I gasped, arching my back to assist him.

We enjoyed exploring one another’s bodies for a while, and then eventually showered and went on with the rest of our day. But the passion hasn’t fizzled in the slightest because as soon as it was time for bed, we were back tussling in the sheets.

Eventually he drifted off to sleep with a peaceful smile on his face. I stared lovingly at him, my eyes roving over his perfect features. I tried to imagine him with his long dark hair framing his face, and I couldn’t. Instead I was imagining all the various ways I could style his hair as it started to grow out a bit, and wondering how satisfying it would feel to buzz it all off again next summer. Or maybe I’d give him white walls and leave the top a bit longer? Then I’d be able to tug on it like before while getting to experience the smooth sensation of his naked nape… now that would be something to look forward to!

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