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Vacation Continued by Scott the Haircut Lover

Vacation Continues

Lucas had a room that was facing the beach and a hot tub on the deck. He was a Greek God for sure as when we got to his room he started to strip and head to his hot tub. I followed suit be stripping down to nothing. I wasn’t shocked the he was already shaved every where, but I was happy to see it. My body was completely smooth as well. We got in the hot tub together. I asked "so how long have you been planning to shave your head?" Lucas smiled at me "I do this every so often. I used to be on the swim team and we shaved everything often." Then he said " Why did you do it?" I really didn’t know how to answer that and I felt kinda of weird about saying it but I replied "when you told me at the bar you were getting a new look it intrigued me. Ive been getting pretty much the same haircut since I was in high school. Ill tell you though I have thought many times about doing something drastic I just never had the balls. Then I met you." I smiled, he moved closer, and I asked " so you are gay?". Jayden he said "I came here to get away from stress. I came here to become the man I want to be. Ive been gay my whole life but I come from a very conservative family. I saw you at the bar last night and I thought wow he is beautiful and I hope he wants to be with me. So I sat next to you and here we are." I was blushing and said "yes here we are, bald and both looking for the exact same thing!"
The next hour in the hot tub was erotic to say the least. Yeah I had experimented with my roommate in college but this was on a whole different level. What was amazing to me was the attention we both paid to rubbing each others shaved heads. I asked him "Do you plan on staying bald?" He said "I think I am going to for a while." I said "when you touch my smooth head its like nothing I have ever felt before! Like I cant get enough of it!" We made love for hours and I found out that I was the bottom here. The sun was setting and we were getting hungry. I told him I had to go to my room to change but I seriously didn’t even want to leave. We met in the lobby and hour later. Had an amazing meal and went to a gay club. The stares we got were so incredible because both of us looked so hot with our shaved heads. The lotion we received was hi gloss and gave our heads an amazing shine. We danced and drank and ended up back in his room. Too exhausted to have more sex but the head rubbing never stopped.
It was noon when we woke up. I pinched myself as I looked at who I woke up next too. This is really happening. I am in total love with a guy. A guy that 24 hours ago has hair like mine and now we are both bald. Lucas woke up and smiled at me. I was already softly touching his head. I couldn’t believe that it wasn’t as smooth as it was when we went to sleep. But he was still so beautiful. I let my fingers softly bush across his shaved head. When he woke we didn’t even speak we just started kissing. Jayden he said "I cant believe I actually found what I was looking for the first day I was here. Everyone told me I was crazy to take a vacation alone but like I said I was trying to get away from everything and be who I want to be. I don’t know what your plans are after this week is over but I already know I want to be with you." I was taken back by what he just said, no one ever said anything like this to me before. Lucas "I didn’t know what I was looking for. But I do now and I found it too! The last 24 hours have been the most erotic and fulfilling time I have ever had in my life. I don’t know why I walked in with such confidence yesterday and said give me what he is getting having no idea what I was getting into, but I have no regrets." We kissed and made love until 2pm.
It was interesting being on the beach together. Trying to hide my excitement for him in my fairly tight swim trunks was more difficult than I thought it would be. We made sure to put the cream on our heads so they wouldn’t get burned in the bright sun lights. Of course we spread they cream on each other’s heads. I said to him "Im so surprised there is already a sand paper feel on our heads after only 1 day." He said "Don’t worry babe we already have appointments to get that taken care of before we go out tonight." I smiled at him and got super excited. At 6 pm we were back in the spa getting reshaved. It felt more erotic than the first time because he was right next to me and this time it wasn’t a surprise I was much more relaxed. First it was a hot towel, then a lather, another hot towel, then the straight razor going forward, backward, up, down, and all over making me completely smooth once again.
The rest of our week was the same. Lots of drinking, lots of intimacy and daily shaves to keep smooth. We were about to head our separate ways. He live in across the county from me. Our conversations turned to our future as we had both just graduated from college. I told him that I was free to do what I wanted. He said he had to stay close to where he was from for family reasons. I said I was willing to visit and see where it went from there. Lucas looked and me and said " Jayden I am in love with you. I was in love with you before I met you this week! You are why I came here and I found you. I never want to lose you!" I melted at his words. No one ever made me feel this way. We made a plan and I told him id be there in a month. My Uber ride to the airport a month later was intense! I couldn’t wait to see the love of my life again…….. to be continued

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