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My New Girlfriend by Scott the Haircut Lover

My New Girlfriend

Being 18 and a new graduate of Kennedy High I was ready for the next chapter of my life. My parents traveled a lot so it was decided that I would move to my college town shortly after graduation. I was an athlete but certainly not the caliber of a D1 stud or anything. Standing 5’10 155 pounds with a smooth body and a long mane of blonde wavy hair and deep blue eyes I feel like I was pretty good looking. I messed around in high school but nothing really serious. Got oral at prom but I felt like it was a thank you for the nice night I gave her and it really didn’t mean anything. I got all moved in. I took at job at the local barista just to kill the time and started to settle in to my new town.
My second week there I began to notice Sarah. She came in almost every day and wow was she pretty. I think we were about the same age. I wouldn’t call myself shy but I certainly didn’t have the confidence to go after someone like her. I noticed she always came in along and at this point all we had done is exchanged smiles. Sarah and I had the same hair color. Hers was about mid back and she also had blue eyes. She is very fit and has the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. One of my co-workers was she Sarah was giving off a vibe that she was interested in me.
Another week went by. It was a normal day at the coffee shop and I was cleaning tables. I didn’t even notice she walked in, but all of the sudden she was sitting at the table next to the one I was cleaning off. I smiled and said "hi". She smiled back giving me a pleasant greeting. I asked her if she had everything she needed and she said "yes thank you." Then she asked "are you going to college here?" I replied "yes I start in the fall I just graduated high school." She smiled and said "me too." I asked if I could join her. This was extremely bold for me. She said sure! Have a seat. We talked for an hour (my boss was really cool and it wasn’t busy at all). We had a lot in common. Same movies and food and both discovered we loved hiking and doing things outdoors. So we planned a date.
Two days later I pulled up to her address and picked her up. We got in my Jeep and drove off to a near by lake. I had bought us some food and drinks and we basically had a picnic. Sarah and I picked up our conversation right where we left off. Then she brought up a new subject. You guessed it… Hair. Sarah asked if I always wore my hair so long. I thought it was and odd questions, but I mean its just hair. I said yeah most of high school it was this length. I definitely in need of a trim right now. Then I asked her, have you always had long hair? She replied yes and I am sick of it. I said I think your hair is beautiful and she thanked me but said she wanted something new for college. Something really short. I really cant explain why this got me aroused, but for some reason I became very interested in the subject. She took out her phone and showed me pictures of some extreme pixie haircuts that I found really sexy. I looked at her and asked are you really going to do it or are you just thinking about it? She said oh I am doing it but I need moral support. I quickly volunteered and said I would be happy to go with her to get her haircut. She thanked me and said ok then you have to get something new too! Again, I had never even considered doing anything different with my hair but all of the sudden the thought of is made me feel aroused. Why was I feeling this way! We enjoyed our food. Took a little hike around the lake. At one point we held hands. It was really nice. I took her home and kissed her good bye. It was a really nice kiss.
I was laying in bed that night when my phone indicated I had a text. It was from Sarah:
Sarah: hey what are you doing?
Me: Laying in bed hbu?
Sarah: Thinking about our day. I really had a good time!
Me: I did too! I really love talking to you
Sarah: Did I freak you out with all my talk about haircuts?
Me: It was different but it didn’t freak me out
She started sending me pictures of guys with really short haircuts
Sarah: like any of these?
Me: On me?
Sarah: Yeah silly! Which one do you think you would like the best?
Me: Ummmm the second one. (It was really short on the sides and back with a spiked longer top and a shaved arched line in the side) (all of the other pics were of guys with high and tight haircuts, flattops, and extreme buzzcuts. There was one of a guy who shaved his head bald)
Sarah: I love that haircut! I think it would look so sexy on you.
Me: I mean ill do it if you want me to.
Sarah: It will be fun. Pick you up at 9?
Me: Ummm yeah ok. I am off tomorrow
Sarah: (heart and kiss emoji) Goodnight Justin.
Me: (hug emoji and kiss) Goodnight Sarah

I laid there in bed not exactly sure what just happened. But there was something happening down below. My mind was racing as I rang my fingers through my long wavy blonde hair. Then it slid down to my hard on and I took care of myself in short fashion.

I woke up and got ready for the haircut date. Sarah showed up right at 9 and we went and got a coffee. I asked where we were getting our haircuts. She pointed to the barber shop across the street. I said you go to a barber shop? She said I have always wanted to get my haircut in a barber shop. And my friend Sean just graduated from barber school and knows I want a short haircut. Oh ok so this will be interesting. Is Sean cutting my hair too? She smiled and said no his Uncle Tom is cutting yours I have it all set up. We need to be there in a few minutes you ready? I had a nervous excitement and had to adjust before i stood up but i said yeah I am finding this interesting. We held hands as we walked across the street to the barber shop. I opened the door for her and we stepped in. There was no one in the shop besides Sean and his uncle. Both of them were really good looking and both of them had extremely short hair. Sean introduced himself and we shook hands. He showed me to Tom’s chair and I sat. Tom had gone in back for a few minutes. Sean and Sarah looked at her phone and she showed him the pic she had decided on. Sean was giddy and quickly caped her up. He brushed her long blond hair straight back and put a rubber back very high up on her pony tail. He then took his clippers and started cutting through her thick blonde hair….. it started to fall to the sides as he cut through it and before long Sean was holding a long pony tail in his hand that was no longer connected to Sarah’s head. She basically was sporting a short bob. Just them Tom showed up and put a cape around me. He walked over to Sarah and she showed him the picture of the cut she wanted me to have. I wouldn’t say excitement or nervousness describes how I was feeling. At this point Sean was using clippers on Sarah’s head as he shaved down the sides and back super short. The hair on top was tied into a funny looking bun as he had sectioned it off. Tom then wet my hair down and combed it out. He and I didn’t really talk, he just started cutting and when I say cutting I mean cutting. My blonde hair was quickly piling up on the cape. Sarah kept looking over and Sean was playfully getting angry at her and telling her to stay still. I could tell Sarah was excited to see me with short hair. My sides and back were pretty much gone at this point. I wasn’t facing the mirror but I could definitely feel the difference. Tom hacked away at the top with scissor and was shaping it just like the picture Sarah showed him. It was so odd feeling him shave the line in the side of my head but it tingled and actually felt nice once I got used to it. Tom put hot lather around my ears and neck line and edged up my cut perfectly. I looked over and saw Sean cutting the top of Sarah’s head down to about an inch. Her back and sides were shaved with a #2 very high up and then faded into the top perfectly. Tom spun me to the mirror. I was shocked and happy. WOW I look totally different. Tom asked if it was short enough. I said I think so. And we finished up. Sarah was just finishing when I got out of the chair. Im not gonna lie she looked so hot with her short pixie.
Sarah was gushing over my new haircut and rubbed that back of my head up and down. I returned the favor on hers and made her smile big. She thanked Sean. I was a gentleman and paid for both haircuts and we went out to her car. She immediately pulled down the mirror on her visor and looked at herself. I told her she looked beautiful. She looked at me and pulled my lips to hers. Then she said we are going back to yours place right now! I said ummmm ok and smiled knowing that something really good was about to happen. We pulled up to my place and went immediately to my bed room. With in 5 minutes we were naked. Rubbing each others shorn hair and making out. And hour later it was over. I had never had such and erotic experience. We decided right then to date. Another 2 hours later we had consummated out new relationship. I never got tired of her playing with my hair and any time my hands left her head she put them right back. All of this was new to me! The hair. The sex. And the loving feelings I had for Sarah….. this was just the beginning…. To be continued

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