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Saturday job 1st day continued by My barbershop memories

I had quite willingly just asked Mr short if I could have the back and sides shaved. How could this be possible. I had always hated going to the barbers. I had a total fear of everything to do with barbershops and haircuts. I'd have butterflies in my stomach Just sitting there waiting for my turn. The said butterflies turning to Instant fear upon hearing the barbers request of "next", When next meant me. I hated how helpless and completely at the barbers Mercy being caped made me feel, the sudden jolt of chair, then jerky movements it made as it was pumped up, and then the barbers first words that where actually addressed to me, and not my father, of " head right down". The fact that I met his requests with absolute obedience made no matter whatsoever as he would always find it necessary to force it down even further,his haircuts always carried out using more force than necessary and always looked more severe than smart .
It was a combination of everything that had happened to me in the past week, my dad's reaction and how proud he was of me, I couldn't even count the number of times I had been stopped and complimented on my hair and how smart I looked, the first few times I found it really embarrassing, but had grown to quite like the compliments, I just couldn't help myself from feeling the bristles on the back of my head, I couldn't wait to feel the clippers again on the back of my head,. The penny dropped . It wasn't barbershops or haircuts I hated. It was just one sadistic Barber, oh my god,how my life was about to change.

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