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My New Girlfriend Part 2 by Scott the Haircut Lover

My New Girlfriend " Part 2

School started and Sarah and I were enjoying almost every day together. It had been about 6 weeks since we got our haircuts together. Sarah looked so hot with her short pixie cut and I was still rubbing it constantly. She, of course, couldn’t keep her hands off my short hair as well. The thing is our hair was getting a little fluffy since our trip to the barber shop. We were sitting at the barista studying and Sarah was texting someone. She was texting Sean to see if he had any openings. Sarah looked at me. I smiled at her and said "What’s up?" She smiled and said Sean has and opening and he said Tom was available too. Wanna get haircuts today? Yeah I do, I smiled at her.
We put our books together and paid for our coffees. I took her hand as we walked across the street. Sean smiled when we walked into the shop. Sarah gave him a hug and I fist bumped with him. Sean said "you two look shaggy" we all giggled. Sarah and I hadn’t talked about what cuts we were getting and I hadn’t even really thought about it. When Sarah cut her long hair off she ended up with a #3 sides and back blocked off with about 3 inches on top and little longer bangs. While the top still looked so hot the sides and back definitely needed some attention. My hair had grown out significantly on the sides and back and the shaved line had disappeared. Uncle Tom was working on a kid who clearly went from a long style to short so I sat in an empty barber chair next to Seans station. Sarah sat in the chair. Sean caped her up and asked what she was thinking today. She said "#1 sides and back. I was sill learning what all the different lengths meant as I will still new to this, but Sean smiled and said ohhhh really short then. I watched as he pick up his clippers and when I saw him snap on the attachment I knew it would be much shorter than her first pixie. I move right behind her right ear, placed the clippers on the back of her neck, as he pushed up there was basically a bald path left behind. My cock came to life instantly! Sean worked around the back of her head exposing her sexy scalp as he shaved off her light blonde hair. I sat and smiled as he worked. Tom finished up the boy and asked me if I was ready. As I got up I had forgotten about the tent in my shorts. Sarah smiled and Sean said "impressive". I turned beat red and hurried to Tom’s chair. Tom walked over to Sarah and she showed him her phone just like last time. I had know idea what was in store for me but I knew it was going to be shorter. One thing for sure is Sarah loved the shaved line. She always commented when we saw a guy with a line. Tom came back. He had the same guard on the clippers that Sean had on his clippers. I thought to myself cool my sides will be shaved too. Tom put the clippers in the middle of my forehead and pushed straight back. The bald path was right down the middle of my head. Tom removed all of my hair from the top of my head and next started with no guard on the clippers shaving up the sides of my head. This was intense! My cock was raging under the cape. I had a good view of how short Sarah was being clipped as Tom turned the chair so I could clearly see her. I ended up with what was called a high and tight buzz cut with three little lines shaved right where it was faded from the sides into the top. It was so different. Sarah had the sexiest haircut I had ever seen on a girl. Shaved sides and back, cropped top with some bangs that Sean spiked up with a little pomade.
I paid for the haircuts. We headed back to my place. I couldn’t believe I was basically bald. Sarah was rubbing the top of my head the entire ride home telling me how hot I looked. I told her she looked so beautiful and I couldn’t wait to be alone with her. We got inside. Kissing and rubbing each other’s heads. Sarah quickly got my clothes off. She had cleared shaved down below that morning as she was smooth as ever. She pushed me on the bed and went down below. I couldn’t keep my hands off of her head it felt so amazing to feel her cropped hair. After an hour we were laying next to each other. I asked her "Babe. You really wanted my head shaved all this time didn’t you?" She replied, "I really did but I was afraid to ask you to do it." I looked at her in the eyes "Ill do anything for you babe. I am madly in love with you. You have opened me up to a whole new world of sensations with the haircuts. And you look so hot!" We kissed and made love again. The shaved sides of my head was amazing. We got up…. She took my hand…. And lead me to the bathroom. I assumed we were going to shower. We stood at the mirror and she was rubbing my buzzed head. Then she said "I want all of this gone" I gulped. "Bald?" Sarah smiled and said "bald!" "Babe I just got it cut and it looks so fresh" She replied "it does look fresh, you are my sexy man and I love you so much. Your head is so round and perfect and baby you really don’t have that much hair left." I looked at her smiling "so you want to go back to the barber shop?" She shook her head "no baby I want to shave you in the shower." We stepped into the shower. Sarah was holding a fresh razor and my shaving cream in her hands. She started rubbing lather all over my head and the feeling. She put the razor on the right side of my forehead and started shaving back towards my crown. My hair came off easily. I could tell she was getting really turned on with each stroke of the razor. I couldn’t believe how it was making me feel. I was going to be bald. 6 weeks prior I had long wavy blonde hair and thought I would have it for ever. Now two haircuts later I was in the shower with my girlfriend and she was shaving me bald. We kissed a little and my hands were all over her as she removed the hair on top of my head. She continued to spread lather on my head and shave it over and over again. I reached up and rubbed my head. I couldn’t believe how smooth it was. There was not a trace of hair on my head. The water flowing over my head felt incredible. We made out in the shower and then got out. Toweling off my head was so weird. Sarah put some lotion on my head and it made it have a glossy shine. She told me I looked so hot! I felt weird about the whole thing. It was definitely fun and I cant say I didn’t like the feel, but I was unsure about the look. She said she wanted to go out to dinner.

I dressed nicely. It was still very hot out so I did wear shorts, but a well fitting t shirt that showed my definition. Sarah’s hair looked so hot. Shaved sides and back with a little spike on top. She wore a very tight dress showing off her amazing body. It was black and with her short blonde hair it complimented every part of her. My head was shining as we entered the restaurant. I felt like the entire place was looking at us. We were seated. The waiter was in one of my classes. He smiled at me and said "wow Justin you look amazing." I looked at him "Thank you Mark. You really like it?" He said "Yeah it really suits you!" Sarah looked at me all proud of herself "See silly I told you that you looked hot" I felt her foot in my crotch and she was smiling ear to ear. Sarah said "Maybe I would be as hot as you bald?" "Babe I don’t know that is really drastic." "Its just hair babe it will always grow back and I kinda want to try it" I smiled at her "Sarah you are the most beautiful person I have ever met inside and out! You can pull anything off!" She looked at me with her foot rubbing around in my crotch "wanna shave me bald tonight baby?" The rest of the dinner was a blur……. To be continued…….

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