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Oklahoma - Part 2 by myboyfriendisbald

Chase and I were married on a crisp fall afternoon. I wore my long dark hair in loose curls, and Chase was sporting a handsome, very short, crewcut (given to him that morning by yours truly). The buzzcut had been fun, but I wanted something a little cleaner looking for the wedding photos, and Chase was happy to oblige.
We had decided to wait a year before going on our honeymoon so we could save up enough to splurge while we were away. Unbeknownst to Chase, I also had quite the fun surprise planned for him once we went away. See, he’d actually been a little disappointed to realize that once I buzzed all his long hair off, there was never going to be another night like that, since I wasn’t going to let it get that long again. Truthfully he loved it short, more than he’d ever thought he would, and now he was usually the one begging me to cut it so it wasn’t touching his ears. However, there was no recapturing that thrill of watching helplessly as his long blond curls were shorn, since his hair never got past the two inch mark now.
To remedy this, I had a devious plan. I wasn’t going to cut his hair again until we arrived at our hotel room. And then? I was going to shave him down to nothing. It wouldn’t be quite the same, going from almost two feet of luscious hair to a short buzz, and instead going from six or seven inches down to a bare scalp. But I knew it would still evoke that same rush. I wasn’t going to keep him bald after that, bald heads aren’t really my thing, but for the duration of our honeymoon he was going to have a chrome dome!

Around May Chase was starting to look fairly shaggy, and I saw him itching at the hair dusting his ears a few times. This was met with a smack on the hand and a knowing smirk. "Be a good boy and sit still."

By June he was getting aggravated with the amount of hair on his head. One night we were in the throes of making love when he whispered Oklahoma, sending everything to a screeching halt.
"You ok?"
He was panting, lips still wet with my juices, "Baby I really need you to give me a haircut, please."
"You really used the safe word for that??"
He blushed, gently wiping at his mouth with the corner of the bedsheet, "You keep grabbing onto it so hard, it hurts."
I rolled my eyes, "Oh you poor little thing you. You want the Headmistress to take care of that mess, do you?"
He nodded emphatically, "I’ve been very patient, haven’t even been scratching at it, just like you asked."
I smirked at him and patted his head, "Yes you have been a good little boy," I cooed, "But the answer is no, you’ll just have to wait, dear."
He looked at me questioningly, "But I thought-"
I ruffled his hair lovingly and drew him in for a kiss, "Don’t ask again or I will shave you bald."
I felt him shudder, and I could see his manhood spring back into action. "Shall we pick up where we left off?"
I had a feeling he would be suspicious of my plan, and I would know for certain if he dared to ask me for a haircut again any time soon.

After that night I realized that the reason Chase hadn’t wanted me to grab onto his hair all those years ago was because he actually just didn’t like how it felt having it yanked, not because he was fearful I would reach out and shear it off. I knew he’d been wanting me to cut it, since he admitted to that after our first go around, but I hadn’t realized for how long he’d wanted that since we discussed it.
"I had a feeling, when we met, that you didn’t like how long my hair was. And then after we discussed how we liked it in the bedroom, I figured you’d eventually just hack it off without warning. It really turned me on, and I was actually kind of embarrassed by how much it turned me on thinking about it. But then, well, it didn’t happen for a while. So I thought you’d decided you like it long."
"I thought YOU liked it long, so I was hesitant to cut it, I would have felt awful. That’s why I gave you the option to tap out."
"Guess we were both thinking the other was attached to the long hair then, huh? When neither of us really was."
I sighed, "To think I put up with it for that long, for no reason."
He raised an eyebrow at me and then said, "Which is why I’m surprised you’re letting it get long again."
I just shrugged, "Didn’t want you getting sunburn on your head over the summer. And I didn’t realize how much you hated having it pulled. I’m sorry, I wish we talked about that sooner."
He nodded, still not buying my reasoning for letting his hair grow again, but then he shrugged, letting it drop.

It wasn’t until the end of August, one month before our honeymoon, that Chase whined about how long his hair was getting.
"Baby, I really can’t take it anymore."
I looked over at him, sitting at the kitchen table, holding his mop away from his face. "Chase, darling, I warned you about what would happen if you asked for a haircut again. Would you like to retract that plea?"
He rolled his eyes, "Lucy, you’ve got to hate it as much as I do, how are you tolerating it like this?"
I shrugged and went back to washing dishes, "I told you, don’t want you getting sunburned on your head."
"That can’t possibly be it," he mused, "God you’re a real tease, Luc."
I turned to face him again and locked eyes with him, "Last chance to revoke your plea for a haircut."
He didn’t break eye contact, "It’s driving me bananas, Lucy, I don’t know how much longer I can wait before I shave it myself."
I tutted at him, "Oh no, those aren’t the rules baby, you know that."
He threw up his hands in defeat, then got up and started walking toward the bedroom, "You hate bald men, Lucy, so whatever you’ve got up your sleeve, I’m in the dark, just like you want me to be."
I smirked to myself, he wasn’t wrong, but I loved the idea of making love to him after rendering him truly hairless even more than I hated the idea of him being totally hairless. Our first night in our honeymoon suite was going to be absolutely wonderful. And I was definitely going to pack a ton of sunscreen!!

By the time our plane boarded in September, Chase was looking a lot like how he did when we first met. His hair fell over his eyes, his ears, and tumbled around his collar in gentle waves. He really did have nice hair, when he washed it and combed it, but more often than not he just let it look disheveled. We were headed for a beautiful private villa right on the ocean, and I’d already mailed a box with a set of clippers, a razor, and a can of shaving cream to our destination. I’d also asked the landlord to bring the box inside for me and set everything out in the kitchen, so it was all ready for our arrival, and Chase wouldn’t see the box when we arrived.

We fell through the door of the villa, with Chase working to undo the buttons of my blouse and me undoing his belt.
"Baby, I really want you to tease me with that tongue of yours," I cooed in his ear, spying the supplies which the landlord had stashed behind a large vase of flowers on the kitchen counter.
Chase winked, knowing what I wanted, and stopped unbuttoning my shirt in favor of yanking my skirt down to my ankles. He then hoisted me up onto the counter, unknowingly putting me right in place to enact my master plan.
"That’s a good boy," I cooed, "Get a good taste, and then maybe I’ll give you a treat as well."
I waited for him to bury his face between my legs and then reached over and grabbed the clippers, noting that they were helpfully already plugged in. There was no guard on them, not that I needed one. I ran a hand through his hair, allowing myself to groan with pleasure as he worked his magic, and then pressed the bare blades up against his hairline. I felt him hesitate, but I held his head in place with my free hand. "Don’t stop baby, just keep doing what you’re doing, like a good boy."
I was a bit shocked that he didn’t try to pull away again, or give me the word to stop, not even when I turned the clippers on and they whirred to life right up against his precious locks. A few wisps floated down to the floor, and then I began dragging them, slowly, toward the back of his head. The clippers left almost nothing behind, especially since his hair was such a golden blond, the stubble was faint against his pale scalp. By this point I was close to tipping over the edge, so I picked up the pace, driving the clippers maniacally over his head. Just as I cleared the last of his tresses from his scalp, I hit my breaking point, and Chase pulled away, briefly, before kissing his way up toward my neck.
When he finally stood back, panting, with his shirt half undone and disheveled, his hands raced over his bare head. "Holy f-k, Luc."
"I told you if you asked me again I was going to shave you bald."
"You don’t even like bald guys!"
"I don’t, but how else were we going to recapture that excitement from the last time?"
He scooped me off the counter, set me on the floor, and nuzzled my neck, "You kill me, Lucy."
"Join me in the shower, I want to lather you up and get you properly bald."
His eyes went wide, but his manhood also went completely hard.
I winked at him and pulled the disposable razors and shaving cream from the counter, "Don’t make me ask twice, or I won’t be helping you deal with your little visitor."
Once again I was scooped up in his arms, and he carried me off to the bathroom for round two of our little honeymoon adventure.
Let’s just say, while he looked like an egg after that, the sex we had that whole week made up for his alien like appearance ten fold. Once we got back home I stopped shaving his whole head, but just to keep things spicy, I do occasionally shave the back and sides completely smooth. Chase never knows when Headmistress Lucy might be around to write him up for a dress code violation, so he’s always on his best behavior, well most of the time…

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