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Sick Time Haircut by Anmy Tom

I'm am Anmy Tom.
Sharing my forced haircut experience.


I love my long hair and I feel good in it.
One day I fall sick and tired.
My mom took me to the hospital and get medicine. On the way back home she stopped the car in front of the barber shop and asked me to shape my back hair for better growth. I said ok and went inside the shop. She told the barberate lady what to do.

Then the lady asked me to sit I went and sat. She caped me and took the scissors and started doing her work. My mom sat on the waiting chair. Due to the medicine's doss I feel sleepy and went to sleep.

At that time my mom asked the lady to shave my head bald. She put down the scissors and took the clippers from the drawer and shave me down and removed all my hair by the clippers and took the razor
and shaved me fully and cleaned me fully and finished her work.

My mom called me and said wake up haircut over. I waked up and lady spray some water on the mouth to remove my sleep.
I look my hair and feel surprised and asked what she had done my 7 years of hardwork and cried.

My mom came near me and said don't cry my sweet heart I told the lady to make you bald it is for your good don't cry.

My mom gave her the money and asked did we have to shave again.
The lady replied after one week we have to shave again and when grows long we can have her a boy it suits her very much
My mom agreed we will come next week.

Went out and came back home.


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