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Graduation Trip by Scott the Haircut Lover

Graduation Road Trip

Cooper and I had been friends since the first grade. We finally made it through high school. Graduation was a blast. Cooper was 5’10 with dark brown hair and blue eyes. He wore his hair like most kids of our day with shaved sides and back and longer top. He always kept it pretty fresh. Cooper was a start pitcher on our baseball team and was going to state on a full ride baseball scholarship. Everyone love Cooper. My name is Zachary. I am a cross country runner and I play tennis. While hot the level of Cooper I consider myself a jock as well. I am 5’11 with long blonde hair I have had since the 8th grade and blue eyes. Cooper and I dated girls in high school, but all that was over now. I was blessed and money was never an issue in my family. My grand dad bought me a brand new Jeep for graduation and gave me a trip to the beach. When I got all my gifts my first call was to Cooper. I told him pack up! We are going on a road trip to the beach.
The next day we are on the road. High school was behind us and it was time to move on to the next chapter in our lives. Cooper hadn’t gotten a haircut since prom and told me it was driving him crazy as we drove to the beach. I look at him and laughed. His hair looked perfect. Maybe a little grown our but I didn’t understand how he could say it was driving him crazy. Me on the other hand was getting tired of my long blonde hair. I almost always had it in a pony tail because it was down to my shoulders when it was untied. We never really talked about our hair. Cooper would give me a hard time every once in a while about looking like a girl and typical razzzzing. He said "Bro, high school is over. I know that hair has been your main stay since middle school and it prolly got you laid a few times but seriously don’t you think its time for something new?" I looked at him "you’ve had the exact same undercut since you were a freshman. I mean you get it cut ever 2-3 weeks. It always looks amazing, but we got the same number of girls." Cooper was shocked I knew exactly how often he got his haircut, like I said we never really talked about it much, but I always noticed. Cooper said "want to change together?" I looked at him "Yeah right! You’d never change your pretty boy locks." He just smiled and we drove listening to music.
We arrived at the hotel. I couldn’t believe how hooked up we were. My grand dad got us a suite on the top floor over looking the beach. The balcony had a hot tub on it. Cooper and I were slapping each other high fives so excited for our week at the beach. The next day we headed down to get some sun. Laying out on towels and soaking up the rays. Cooper said "did you see the barber shop across the street from the hotel? I asked one of the hotel workers if it was a good shop and he told me it was the best in town." I looked at him "what is this obsession with hair all of the sudden?" He laughed "Zach listen you really need to cut your hair. I will go with you and we can figure out something that’s not too short but looks good and trendy." I didn’t know why I was feeling aroused talking about hair. It happened in the Jeep on the way to the beach and now an embarrassing moment on the beach. I looked at Cooper and said "ok… ill do it… but if I’m going to do it you are too! We are going to come back home with a completely new look!" Cooper said "Bet! This will be a lot of fun." I started thinking to myself as we laid in the sun, I haven’t been in a barber shop since I was like 8! That was the last time I got a summer buzz cut. 10 years later here I am again. About to step into a barber shop for the first time in a long time. It was 3pm. We got way too much sun for the first day of being at the beach, but it was time to head up to our room. I saw Cooper on his phone but I didn’t know who he was talking to. He finished his call and looked at me and said let’s go! I just made two appointments for us. I suddenly got very nervous!
We walked across the street. There was a rainbow flag flying outside the barber shop. Now I have nothing against gay people at all but Cooper and I were straight as an arrow, or so I thought. We walked in. The barbers were young and all had trendy short haircuts. Kevin greeted us and said "are you Cooper?" He greeted Kevin and then introduced me. Kevin looked me up and down. I felt really uncomfortable. Kevin said Jeremy will be taking care of you. I began to think, wait a minute, weren’t we supposed to talk to each about our new looks before we got it cut? I was shy and embarrassed in this setting. Clearly Cooper was used to being in a barber shop and knew his way around and what to say. Jeremy came over and greeted me. I shook his hand and followed him back to his chair. He was very friendly and VERY touchy. Jeremy combed my hair for a good while. It was kind of a mess after being at the beach all day. His touch was amazing! I began to relax as we talked about why I had such long hair and what was going to be next. Jeremy walked in front of me looking at me in the eye and leaning on the counter. He said "your friend Cooper sent me a picture of what he thought you should do. Now I would never cut a clients hair with out us agreeing on what it would be. I can show you the picture or you can just go with it and see after. I warn you that it will be an extreme change if you go with what he sent." My leg start to shake up and down as I sat there. Looking at Jeremy’s hair and then thinking I could just look at the picture first so I know what I am getting into or just go with it. Jeremy was very patient. I looked up at him. "Just do it!" Jeremy said "Yay! This is going to be a lot of fun!" He spun me away from the mirror. He dampened my hair with a spray bottle. I felt him put his scissors right below my ear. The crunching sound was amazing as he cut straight around from one side to the other. Six plus inches of hair falling to the floor. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. Jeremy was all business. Next he said "Ok Zachary this is going to be a bit intense for you I am sure." I said "Im ready for what ever you have in store." That might have been a mistake! The next thing I knew Jeremy took his clippers…. Placed them on my forehead and started buzzing all of my hair off! I sat still, I was silent, and in complete shock. He went over the top, up the back, up the sides over and over again. My hair was on the floor and on the cape. There was none on my head! He brushed across the top of my head with his hand! It was then I could tell there was basically nothing left. Then I couldn’t believe what happened next! Jeremy started applying hot lather to my head. He slowly and carefully shaved me bald. He did the same treatment three times. Jeremy finally broke the silence "Zachary you have the perfect head for a baldy! Its really nice and round and perfectly shaped. You truly look amazing!" Then he spun me around. I stared not believing my reflection in the mirror. My head was so white! But it was also really shiney! I started to wonder why did Cooper want me bald! This was so weird. Jeremy removed the cape. I stood up almost falling down as my knees were week from all of the excitement. I walked to the lobby and there he was. My best friend with the sexiest hair all through high school was just as bald as me! He came over and rubbed my head. I rubbed his back. "This is insane Cooper I cant believe you got me to go bald!" Cooper said "I have wanted to shave my head for so long bro! This was the time to do it! And Zachary you look amazing! Like you really look amazing!" thanks man "you look really good too!" the sun was setting. We got some food and then headed back up to our room. Cooper went out and turned on the hot tub. We got in wearing our swim trunks and just relaxed. Putting my head under the water felt so weird. I couldn’t stop looking at Cooper. He looked so good! He was def checking me out as well. There was a tension that I didn’t understand or know exactly what it was. "Zachary have you ever thought about it?" I looked confused "Huh? Thought about what?" He said "Hooking up" still confused about exactly what he was saying "yeah I think about hooking up all the time!" "No dumb ass, he laughed, with me." I was shocked "Seriously? Idk maybe a few times the thought crossed my mind, but I mean it didn’t last long," Cooper moved closer to me. Looking into my eyes and my eyes darting away. He started rubbing my bald head. Our legs touched and I didn’t move away. Then he kissed me. It didn’t feel weird. In fact it felt more natural than any kiss I had ever had. We started making out. And moved from the hot tub to back inside our room. The rest of the night was the most amazing night I have ever had. Cooper and I fell in love. We became bf’s and I attended the same school where he had his scholarship. We never let our hair grow back. Shaving our heads became part of our daily ritual and neither of us ever got bored of it. Cooper went pro and played for several years. Today we live comfortably in the same beach town where it all began!

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