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New city, new job, new me by Tony

New city,new job,new me.

I had been in the same job for just over a year now since leaving school, things were quite boring here, so I decided to make some changes to my life.
I had always had a thing about hair, I realised I had a definite fetish and I had worn the same long hair since the last three years at school, always worried about change and what my friends would say, it was always the same thing at school, as soon as a kid came in with a new haircut, everyone took the piss, apart from me, I always liked to see new haircuts and drastic changes especially if it was from long to short. I enjoyed spending time on my own hair and liked to run my fingers through the long silky locks, the feel always turned me on.
I liked it when a guy came into school or into my now workplace with a drastic short haircut, this was happening more and more now as the skin fade and similar cuts were becoming the normal haircut for most guys. I on the other hand was always concerned about cutting my hair and have everyone talk about it, I suppose being gay, I was a little more embarrassed about the attention.
My hair had reached the middle of my back now and most of the time I tied it back in a pony tale or up in a man bun apart from when I was at home, when I just wore it loose so I could enjoy the feel of my fingers gliding through it, my hair was really white blond now with the sun and the routes seem to look like a darker shade of blond, it was thick and very straight. When I just allowed it to hang loose, it had a tendency to part to one side, this was quite annoying really as the front hung across my face, I was for ever running my fingers through it pulling it back so I could see clearly. Deep down inside, I longed to get a skin fade or short military cut with shaved sides, but as I said, I was way too sensitive to turn up to work with a drastic haircut, also I had been seeing a guy on and off for a while now and he loved my hair long.
It had been settled, I had applied for a transfer to another branch in a different part of the country, rented a small apartment and was ready for a new beginning, I packed up what small amount of stuff I had into the car and left to drive to my new place. I arrived there and picked up my keys then unloaded the car. I made myself at home with a coffee before deciding to take a walk to see if I could work out where the best barber shops were.
As I walked along the main road I had noticed a barber shop just down a side road, I crossed the road to take a look, it was very small but quite modern inside, there was a notice on the door, "closed for lunch" back at two p m.
I walked back onto the main road and found a bar, I thought I could have a couple of drinks then go back then to the barber shop. I walked into the bar and straight away realised it was a gay bar, I thought to myself, that's handy, just five minutes from home, I stood at the bar waiting to be served, sitting at the bar was a guy eating a sandwich and drinking a juice, he looked at me and said, Wow, what gorgeous hair you have there mate, I think I blushed a bit, I ordered a beer and sat there too. I said, I am Jack, thanks for the compliment, but it's not going to be this length for much longer, I am going to the barber shop around the corner to get it cut when they open again. He smiled at me and said, I am Marty, I am the barber, just having lunch before I go back, so are you just wanting a trim or a tidy up then ? I said, no, I want a drastic change and thought a skin fade or a short military cut this time, I have just moved house and start a new job next week and because I don't know anyone here I am doing what I have secretly wanted to do for a long time.
I have been too self conscious to do it before, this is why I am taking advantage of nobody knowing me here and going for the change, so, what do you think? Marty looked very shocked to be honest, he said, are you sure about this, you have such gorgeous long hair, it's really amazing, I love the way it hangs loose with the long front hanging across your face, it's such a sexy look. I said to him, yes I am very sure, but what would you suggest? Marty sat there looking at me, he said, look Jack, why don't you come back here at six this evening when I close, that way we can discuss it properly before I start cutting it, then we can have a drink after if you like? I said, if your sure that's ok, I will do that, I have a few bits I need to get for my apartment, I will see you at six.
I went shopping feeling quite pleased with myself, I went back to the apartment and then got some food shopping which was handy, about one hundred yards along the road was a big supermarket. I looked at the time and thought I had better get ready to go back to Marty's, I put a bit more effort into combing my long hair and dressed in some clean clothes then walked back just as he was pulling the blind on the shop window down, he opened the door for me and locked it behind me. I sat on the bench while he cashed up and we started chatting, Marty asked me when I was starting work, I said next Monday, so I have one whole week to myself, "good he said" can I make a suggestion,? I said, of course, he said, this is purely selfish on my part, but I would like to just cut your hair a little, I love it so much, I would like you to keep it long until you start work if you don't mind, then I will do exactly as you want. I said to him, that's ok, but why do you want to keep it long until then ? He beckoned for me to sit in his barber chair, no sooner I sat there before he started running his fingers through my hair, it felt so good, I had never really had anyone take the trouble to caress my hair like he did, it felt awesome and I felt myself getting slightly arroused, my eyes were closing and then I felt his lips touching mine, he gently pushed my long fringe to the side and kissed me full on. I felt like I had won the lottery, how lucky was I, first day in a new city and already found a gorgeous guy. Marty said, let me wash and condition your hair first, then I will cut a couple of inches off the length, that's all for now. He gently washed my hair and applied two lots of conditioner, after finally washing it out he towel dried my hair. I was so enjoying all his attention, combing my hair out, he took a pair of scissors and just trimmed about two inches off the length, it hardly showed at all to be honest, the he blow dried the rest, he managed to get a perfect straight parting on the left and combed the long fringe across my face before kissing me again, it looked so perfect, I had enjoyed his gentle touch and loved the way it looked, Marty said, I have loved working on your gorgeous hair and want to enjoy it for the week if that's ok with you?, I said, I have loved your gentle touch and yes, it's ok with me.
We left the barber shop and went for some food, needless to say we ended up back at his place, the night was so erotic and neither of us wanted it to end, but it had to, I arranged to call in to see him the following day.
The following day, I woke up feeling so good, I ran my fingers through my hair and it felt so luxurious and soft, I jumped in the shower and washed it using conditioner as well, my thoughts were more about last night, but I had to get some breakfast before leaving to see Marty, when I arrived at the barber shop, he was sitting reading the paper, no customers in at all, he was so pleased to see me and pulled me into his barber chair, his fingers gently stroking my hair and running his brush through it, he said to me, are you still sure you want to cut it short? I smiled and said, it's my only chance to fulfill my dream of finally having a super short haircut where nobody knows me, apart from you. OK he said, I promise you I will give you your dream haircut, but not for a few days. I said to him the only thing I want is to experience it for a few days before starting work, just so I can get used to knowing how to style it when I wake up in the morning, that's all I ask.
Marty smiled at me and said, it's a deal, you have my word. We sat chatting in between his customers most of the day, not even going out for lunch, instead he locked the door and put his usual " gone to lunch " sign on the door, we kissed and enjoyed our time together, that evening he suggested we get take away and go back to his place, but first he said, I am going to wash and blow dry your gorgeous hair again, which he did, I had never been pampered so much in all my life, it was sensational. The rest of the week was mind blowing, but I was getting more and more excited each day that passed until Friday evening when he closed the shop and sat me in his barber chair, he said, this is it, tonight is the last time your hair will be long, I am going to give you your wish, the most severe short skin fade ever!
I shuddered at the feel of him running his fingers through it for the last time, he caped me up and spun the chair to face into the shop, he combed the front of my hair forward to cover my face completely, I felt the scissors slide into my fringe about level with my eyes, then a loud " schnick, a huge long lump of my fringe landed in my lap, then another until I could see clearly without any hair obstructing my view, Marty said, Jack, no more long hair covering your face, then he scissored the sides up above the ears, then the back before placing his scissors back on the side.
The clippers fired up into life, he pushed my head forward and placed the bare blades on my neck, it was a fantastic sensation, something I had not experienced before, then with no hesitation he pushed them up to my crown, piles of long blond hair fell onto the floor, my neck was feeling very bare and strange, the the same for the sides, the clippers taking every bit of hair from the side of my face and up to the temples, next he started blending the top down now to meet the bare skin at the back and sides until he was satisfied it was perfect. He brushed all the loose hair away before lathering up all around, he started with the razor shaving from the top down to make my skin fade complete, my sideburns included, finishing with a damp towel and drying my skin before powdering his brush to dust off. He said to me, I am going to use some wet look gel to get a side parting and comb the fringe back, that way it will hold in place perfectly. I was extremely nervous, I could see a huge pile of long hair sitting on the floor, but also very excited too, I was sitting there having been totally hard and aroused all the way through the entire haircut. Marty spun the chair to face the mirror, OMG, I could hardly recognize myself, the sides were shaved to the skin so high, I felt the back of my neck to just feel very soft smooth skin, he had shaved it so well, and of course my face was totally visible, no long fringe hanging across covering it, my fringe was neatly and perfectly combed back, this was going to take some getting used to, but I did like the new look.
Marty said,Well? Are you happy? I said yes, very happy, I know how hard this must have been for you, thank you, he pulled me into his arms and kissed me so passionately running his gentle fingers up my bare neck, it was just awesome.

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