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Andy got his long awaited haircut by Tony

Andy got his long awaited haircut

I was fifteen now and at long last was able to take myself to the barber shop, I had always for as long as I can remember had a fetish for haircuts, it was strange really because all my friends had long hair and all I wanted was short hair. I dreamed of the day I could decide on what haircut I got, my Mum always used to take me to the barber shop and just ask the barber for a trim to just tidy it up, so my hair was as long as all my friends apart from one, he always had a severe short back and sides, but it was understandable, his Father was in the military, I dreamed of being able to have a haircut like that, but it wasn't to be.
I spent time on the internet looking at short haircuts and had decided when I was old enough to go to the barber shop on my own, that's what I would ask for. I knew it was no good going to the usual barber shop, as he knew me and my Mum, so I decided to find a different shop.
After school I walked home via the town looking for a traditional barber shop, I found a couple and had plans to go to one of them at the weekend, Friday was the last day of school and we were on holiday for three weeks, so a perfect time to get a new look.
I arrived a school the next day and thought I would ask Steven about his haircut, I didn't want to say I wanted mine cut like that, but was interested in which barber shop he used, he told me his Father took him to a shop called Reg Black's barber shop, and it was a very old fashioned shop with just Reg working there, he said that Reg was an ex military barber.
I knew where the road was that the barber shop was in, so my plan was beginning to come together. I had no idea what my Mum would think of it, but I had plans to tell her I wanted shorter hair before I visited the shop.
The weekend had arrived and I thought I would go on Monday to Reg Black's barber shop as it would be less busy.
On Saturday morning I woke up and went downstairs for breakfast, Mum was just sitting reading the morning paper, my Dad had died in a car accident when I was about three, so it was just the two of us, I thought it was time for me to bring up the subject of my haircut, I said, Mum, I am thinking about getting my hair cut shorter, it's getting too long and to be honest I find it such a pain when I am playing football, she said, ok Andy, when do you want to go? I said I will go on Monday as it is not so busy and you will be at work, so I have all day, she said, I will leave some money for you.
I went for a shower and washed my hair, I noticed I was developing a little bit of fuzz on my face again, so thought I had better have a shave, don't want the barber to have to shave me too. I combed my wet hair back off my face and behind my ears, my sideburns were getting quite long too, I hadn't really noticed before as my hair covered my ears completely, in fact it was about two inches past the bottom of my ears, the fringe at the front was about lip length and the back was about four or five inches past my collar, I took the razor from the bathroom cabinet and wet my face with some soap and water, I thought I would try and shave my sideburns up to the top of my ear, I managed to create a straight line and then shave the rest of my face, it looked so much better.
My hair had a tendency to fall into a parting down the centre, but I always combed it to the side when it was wet after washing it and then combed my fringe back, not that it always stayed that way, I had decided to buy some hair cream for after my haircut, I had read on the Internet that men used to use Brylcream on their hair, so I needed to look for some.

Monday morning had arrived and when I got up, Mum had already left for work, there was a note on the kitchen table with some money, Mum said, money for haircut and treat yourself to Mc Donald's after, love Mum.
I was really excited and had been looking forward to this haircut for a very long time, I had thought about what to tell the barber, he would probably think it strange a young man asking for a short haircut as mine was so long at the moment, so I had downloaded a photo of a severe short back and sides onto my phone and I was going to tell him I had been sent by my Father and told not to come back home until it was cut like this.
I took some selfies and wanted to compare them to the haircut I was going to get this morning, then I left for the barber shop, when I arrived it was about ten thirty and walked straight into the shop, it was quite dark and very old fashioned, there was nobody else in the shop other than Reg Black himself, a rather stern man in his sixties and wearing a very short haircut himself, he stood up and showed me to the large red leather barber chair, what will it be young man, I see you in great need of a haircut, I don't think I have seen a young man in this shop before with such long hair?
I sat in the chair and said " my Father sent me here and said get my hair cut like this" showing the barber the photo, he told me not to come back home until it had been cut.
I can see why young man, your Father is quite right in sending you here, it's so long, but don't worry, I will soon have it looking like the photo.
I was getting very excited now and feeling very strange, wondering why I was getting these feelings over a haircut, the barber spun the chair facing into the shop away from the mirror, he put a white cape over me and tucking it in at the back of the neck, started combing my long hair, my fringe had flopped forward covering my face now, the barber picked up a pair of scissors and the first thing he did was lift up my fringe and close the scissors onto it just about eye level, a loud snip and a huge length of hair landed in my lap, then another snip and more long hair landed in my lap, I knew there was no going back now, no changing my mind, not that I wanted to. He carried on snipping and combing and more and more hair was piling up in my lap and on the floor, next he picked up a pair of clippers and pushed my head right forward, my chin resting firmly on my chest and his hand holding my head perfectly still, the blades of the clippers were so cold and resting on my neck above my collar, I could feel the sensation as they buzzed up my neck almost to the crown on top, again and again until he tilted my head to the side, then the same thing, clippers shaving my long hair up to above my temple, the feeling was such a huge excitement and it was a new sensation to me, my old barber only ever used scissors on my hair. After he had finished with the clippers, he took some shaving cream and lathered up above my ears and the back of my neck, then he picked up a large razor before sharpening it on the leather strap hanging from the barber chair, his hand held my head firmly to one side as his razor started at my temples and shaved down to the side of my face, then the same the other side and finally pushing my head forward before shaving the back from the crown down to the base of my neck, the fan in the shop was blowing gently and I could feel the cool air on my bare neck, I knew this was it, my new severe short back and sides. Reg then took the top off a tub on the counter and massaged a handful of cream into my hair, he combed the side parting and slicked the fringe back off my forehead before spinning the chair to face the mirror, I took a look and hardly recognized myself in the mirror, I felt the back of my neck where all my long hair had been, just to feel smooth shaved skin, I noticed how white my skin was and how short it looked, even shorter than the photo I had shown him, but I still felt the excitement of the new haircut.
Reg showed me the back in the mirror, there was no hair at all, shaved to the skin, he said, I think it's safe to return home now young man, three weeks time, you come back and I will clean you up again to save your Father telling you off.
I stepped out of the chair and could see myself in the mirror, I think this was even shorter than my friend Steven's hair from school, and it just occurred to me, three weeks was the time I was due back at school and I would be shorn again just as we returned to school. I paid the barber and thanked him, just as I turned to leave, I could see just how much hair was on the floor.
I could not describe the feeling I had leaving the barber shop and walking along the road, it was that of sheer delight, I had been waiting so long for this, but still could not explain why I felt so good, I also couldn't stop feeling my bare neck, it felt so smooth and nice.
I arrived at Mc Donald's and ordered some food, I sat there eating and feeling quite self conscious, were people looking at my haircut, then it occurred to me, what is Mum going to say when she sees me?
I returned home and waited for her to return from work, she looked at me and said, oh my God, you look just like your Father did the first time I met him, is that the haircut you wanted, it's drastically short, I said, yes Mum, I have wanted this for a long time, the barber said, come back in three weeks time, is that ok? Mum said to me, look son, if your happy, then I am too, you go back in three weeks before you return to school.
I did return in three weeks and Reg did the same again for me, I returned to school and had the usual laughing at me like Steven always got, but it did ease up after a while, I went back to Reg every three weeks without fail and that's how I kept my hair.

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