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Repost: Shorter Every Time by Matt Cegelka

I live in Portugal, near the NATO base in Oeiras. Not speaking the local language has its disadvantages, but on the brighter side, haircuts are fun when communication is `restricted`.

I have been frequenting a barber shop for the past 5 weeks for a weekly `trim`. Actually, week 1 was not at all a trim. I came, sat, and requested (in portuguese) simply `a haircut`...the barber, proceeded with a 1/8 attachment, but curiously started clipping at the hatband....This kind of surprised me as I am used to the `starting gate` being either at the nape or at a sideburn...but didn’t think to much about the consequence, until the barber finished his clipping all the way around the hatband unloading the top half of my head of all but 1/8 of what was a full head of dark brown hair 2 inches long.

Now I was both curious and aroused. I think the barber noticed that he had drawn my attention down below, because he moved closer to my chair and planted his crotch atop my arm on the rest of the barber chair. I was surprised and momentarily distracted by this invasion of space.. but before long, I realized the opportunity this afforded me to rub up against his crotch....and gauge the barbers reaction.

I got immersed with this game of touch, and took my eye off the progress of my cut. As I felt the distinctive bare metal feeling against my nape...I looked up and realized that my barber was finishing off the lower half with bare metal clippers. After mowing down the lower half several times, he pulled out a straight edge razor and began to outline shave my ear arches about 1/2 inch above the hairline. By the time he finished, I was sporting a genuine military low and tight cut.

I gladly paid the 9 euros for the 30 minute experience and vowed to myself to keep it tight and return weekly for trim.

On visit number 2, a week later, the barber was helping another customer, so I decided to try the other barber out. I considered this low risk since after all, I would simply ask for a light trim, and point to the outline of my hairline so he would get it. He appeared to, until the clippers again came to life and traveled north instead of over the edge. The trim took 30 minutes and ended as a medium tight fade, considerably shorter than the first cut.

Okay I thought, I can live with this length.. and here on after simply return weekly for a light trim. so I returned to the shop a week later expecting to keep the length....again indicating the outline trim request to the same barber who cut my hair the previous week. After this explanation, I popped ear buds into my ears and relaxed to classical music with the ipod I received for Christmas....drifting off to sleep quickly. The barber gently awakened me 30 minutes later to show off his handiwork.....this time a high & tight, clipped to about 1/16 on the sides and about two clipper lengths high on each side. Again, I was surprised by the much shorter length...and frankly turned on by what seemed to be a pattern of ever shortened locks with each passing week. Was the barber aware he had just cut my hair the previous week....and that this was my third visit to the shop in as many weeks.

Not many foreigners visit this shop, so I guessed he mistook me for military given the proximity of the NATO base to the shop. I liked the shorter length and vowed to keep it this way with a weekly trim up.

My curiosity and anticipation raged in the week following Christmas, as I tried to determine what would happen on my next visit...and how I should behave in the shop. On each of the previous three cuts (2 with the same barber), I expressed much admiration and appreciation for the cut upon `inspection` with the barber...and I also tipped handsomely by local standards.

Well today was the 7th day and time for the weekly `trim`. I decided to play a I don’t really care/not paying attention approach and arrived to the barbershop wearing my ear buds, playing music on the ipod, and holding a newspaper. I arrived, and was promptly seated my favorite` barber was ready and available.

I made sure to pay no attention as he caped and papered me in preparation for the cut. I had anticipated no communication today...but the barber, seeking confirmation, drew my attention using hand signals to trace over his ear hair line and I nodded in agreement, confident that this time...length would remain.

I put down my newspaper, closed my eyes, and enjoyed the loud music playing on my ipod. I felt the distinctive bare metal clipper feel again....and it seemed to be traveling quite far north, but I decided to remain with my eyes closed and let the barber finish whatever exactly he had in mind. I opened my eyes about 30 minutes later to a military crisp, clean, extreme high and tight, with bare clipped skin approx two clipper lengths long across the sides and down the back graduating to a terrific taper and eventually into hair about 3/8 long along the crown. Wow..I was surprised, aroused, and very appreciative, and again tipped handsomely before wishing the barber a happy new year.

We are running out of wiggle room on the sides of my head on the one hand. On the other hand..how much shorter can the barber cut?? Since in the worst case, I am again fine to keep my hair cut this length I will again return on Monday for the ever shortening weekly trim.

But, I wonder what will next happen. I think the barber knows I am turned on by the ever shortening cut and sees me cheering him on with lavish praise afterwards, although I am not asking for it. And he is probably having as much fun giving as I am receiving.

To Be Continued.

The End

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