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Workers Get a Bonus by Shant

Fall was just around the corner. I owned a landscaping/nursery business and as it continued to grow, the more and more difficult it was for me to keep caught up with everything.

I decided that I needed to hire a couple guys to help me with some of the work getting the nursery beds ready for winter. I went over and asked my neighbor who she had take care of her lawn and garden.

"I have these two Mexican guys that I’ve been using for a couple of years," she said. "Their names are Juan and Marcos. They are dependable, work hard, and always show up when they say they are going to. If you’d like, I’ll ask them if they would be interested in working for you."

"That would be great," I said. "The gardens are just getting too much for me to handle by myself. I feel like all I ever do is work."

Susan saw me a few days later and said the guys would be glad to talk with me about working for me. "Stop over the next time you see them working in my yard and talk with them," she said.

About a week later, I saw them working in Susan’s yard. I went over and talked with them, hoping we could work something out. At first, I thought they were twins because they looked so much alike.

I did find out that they were brothers, and were a couple years apart in age. The older one was named Juan, and he was 30. The younger brother was named Marcos, and he was 28.

They weren’t big guys. They were probably 5’ 8" and weighed about 140 pounds. Having done manual labor all their lives, they didn’t have an extra ounce of body fat on them. It was obvious they were in really good shape.

They agreed to work for me two days a week. They would show up exactly at 8:00 and we would work together throughout the day. I really came to depend on them.

Having them help me, enabled me to take on more jobs and as my business continued to grow, I was able to offer them full time jobs. We worked all through the fall and winter. Spring was just coming up and that was when the work would really begin.

When they first started working for me, they didn’t say alot, but as time passed, we ended up getting to know each other better, and after awhile, I considered them to be friends, not just employees.

They were hard workers and always dependable and they liked having just one job, and not always looking for work. I was thrilled that the business was doing so well, and a large part of it was because I had two great workers to help me.

The guys were born here in the USA, but their family originally came from Mexico. They had the stereotype hair that comes to mind when you think about a Mexican guy. It was very black, perfectly straight, extremely thick, and had a slightly coarse texture to it, which caused it to really stand up and stay perfectly in place. They both had really immense manes.

They both wore the exact same hairstyle. Think Elvis in the 50’s! Hair piled up as high as you could get it, and long sides that were brushed up and slicked back into the top.

Their hair was at least six inches long on the sides and easily over ten inches long on top. They greased it all up and swept it back into the most elaborate pompadour you could imagine.

Whatever hair product they used made their hair really shine. Being so black and shining like it did was really beautiful. They looked striking standing next to each other.

When they first started working for me, I was always struck by how perfect their hair looked when they came in to work. Not a single hair of their elaborate pompadours was ever out of place. I wondered how much time they spent on their hair each morning.

By the end of the day, however, especially during the summer, their hair didn’t look anything at all like it did when the day started. Instead of not having a hair out of place, I doubted if they had a single hair in place. No one could work in all that heat, especially with such thick, long hair, and keep it looking good the entire time.

The beautiful swept up sides were now falling everywhere. A lot of the time you could not even see their ears. They were constantly pushing their awesome forelocks out of their eyes. Their hair was a total mess. Both their heads were soaking wet by the end of the day.

When I first started the nursery, my hair was fairly long. My hair was light blond and really thick. As much as I loved my hair, I soon discovered what a pain in the butt it was when working out in the hot, humid weather all summer long. From the first of June until the end of September, it was really hot and humid most of the time. The temperature was rarely below 80.

After having long hair that first summer, I decided the following summer I was going to go ahead and get my hair cut really short and not have to deal with it during the hot weather. It was only for a couple of months I told myself, and it would be a hell of a lot easier to work in the heat if I had shorter hair.

I told myself to quit being so vain about my hair and get it cut short and just get over it. "Do it!" I said to myself. "It’ll only be for a few months, and if I don’t like it, it won’t take all that long to grow back out."

I was pretty nervous the first time I cut it short. It had been years since my hair did not at least touch the top of my ears. I had about four inches taken off the top and three inches off the sides, leaving it less than an inch long. The barber used a #2 guard when he buzzed the back and sides. I had not felt stubble on the back of my neck in years. I loved how it felt.

I couldn’t believe I had finally gotten up the nerve to cut most of my hair off, but after just a few days, I was glad that I finally did. All I had to do in the morning was take my hand and run it over my head and I was ready to go to work. At the end of the work day my hair was still soaking wet, but it was a hell of a lot better than when it was long.

For the next few years, a square, boxy flattop became my signature haircut throughout the hot, summer months. In the fall I started growing it out again, but I really looked forward to getting my flattop each summer.

It was getting near the first of June and time for me to get my flattop. I couldn’t wait and was really pumped to get it cut. Having the shorter haircut made life so much easier.

My vanity had ended a long time ago. It was just so much more practical having short hair, and I really loved getting to try all different kinds of haircuts once I started growing it out in the fall.

I enjoyed working with Juan and Marcos. I also enjoyed getting to fantasize about what I would do to their hair if I ever had the chance, which I doubted would ever happen.

I decided that I was going to take things slowly, but eventually I was going to bring up the topic of their hair, and see if I could convince them to let me cut it for them. I came up with a plan and I knew when the time was right, I would put it in action, and see what the result would be.

I had made an appointment with my regular barber on a Saturday afternoon and he was waiting for me. Knowing how much he enjoyed giving me a flattop made me all the more excited about getting it cut. He had a big smile on his face when I walked in. He knew I was there for my summer flattop and he couldn’t wait to cut it.

"You have such great hair," he said. "I always look forward to seeing you go from your longer hairstyle down to a flattop. Your hair is just so thick!"

"Very few people are able to wear a flattop that looks as fantastic as yours does. The sides and back are so perfectly square, and the top is flat as a board and stands up so great."

"When I finish cutting your hair, you end up with one of the most terrific looking flattops that I ever get to do. I hope you keep getting one every summer because it really does look awesome, and I have such a great time cutting it."

"The longer your hair is when you come in, the more fun I know I am going to have cutting it. I love seeing all that long blond hair of yours being buzzed off!"

I decided that now that I had my flattop, it was the perfect time to put my plan in action. Probably nothing would happen, but it would be fun trying to get these two guys to cut their beautiful hair.

On Monday, when the guys came in to work, they were blown away that I had cut off almost all my hair. When they started working for me last year, it was fall, so I had already started growing my flattop out. It was then long enough that I could brush it all back.

"Wow!" Juan said when he first saw me. "I can’t believe you cut almost all your hair off! You have really great hair, but you really look fantastic with a flattop. You have hair as thick as Marcos and I do, and it looks awesome standing up the way it does."

"I really like how the back and sides are all squared up. Would it be okay for me to run my hands over it? I’d like to see what it feels like having a haircut like that." Having Juan wanting to rub his hands all over my head gave me hope that maybe this was the time to put my plan in action.

"Sure, go ahead. It really feels awesome when I get it cut like this," I said. "Actually, I’ve been doing this for several years now. The first couple years, I tried working outside all summer with my hair being long, not as long as yours, but fairly long."

"It was always soaking wet by the end of the day and it was such a bother dealing with it all the time. I decided the beginning of one summer that I was going to quit being so vain about my hair and cut it short and see how I liked it."

"I immediately discovered how it really made it so much easier working out in the heat all day long and not having to be constantly dealing with it. I was also surprised by how great I thought it looked. I thought I looked entirely different with such short hair. I keep it short for the three months of summer and then start growing it out again until the beginning of next summer. It’s fun to be always changing the way it looks."

"I’ve always wondered how you guys can have such a tremendous amount of hair and not have it bother you when you’re working in this heat? Have you ever thought about cutting it?"

"You both have such fantastic looking hair that I bet it would look awesome whatever length it was. Neither of you ever seem to have a single hair out of place, until you start working."

"Juan and I have talked about cutting our hair many times. We agreed that either we both cut our hair short, or we don’t do it at all. We just never seem to find when the time is right to get to a barbershop," Marcos said.

" I don’t think I ever told you guys but I started out as a barber and cut hair for three years. When my uncle decided to retire from his nursery business, I decided to buy him out and change careers. I didn’t think anything could be better than getting to work outside all the time."

"I tell you what. If you guys ever want to get your hair cut, I’d be glad to cut it for you. There’s nothing I like more than getting to cut a good head of hair. You guys have such great hair that I’d actually pay you if you let me cut your hair. I know that I would have a great time doing it, and I’d like to see how different you would each look with a different style haircut."

"You could consider it a bonus. Some extra cash, and a free haircut too! I think you would look awesome each having a different looking haircut, instead of looking exactly the same all the time."

"You both really have massive heads of hair. When was the last time you had your hair short? Come on, and let me give you both a haircut like mine. I only have it like this for about three months and then start growing it long again. Three months is no big deal."

"I bet the two of you would look amazing if you both got flattops like mine. Your hair is so thick and full and stands up so straight that you could wear an unbelievable flattop."

"Your hair would look so sharp cutting the sides and back down perfectly square like mine. If you wanted, I could leave the front a little longer, if that would make you less afraid of cutting it."

"I remember one of you telling me that you had worn your hair the way it is now for almost ten years. I’d think after having it long all that time you would want to try something new."

"With such awesome hair, you could get your hair cut so many different ways. I think you’d enjoy seeing all the ways you could have it look. Don’t you ever get tempted to try a new looking haircut?"

"I imagine you are both probably like I was when I cut my hair short for the first time. It has to be even more intense for you guys to think about cutting your hair, if you’ve had it this long for almost ten years."

"I’m certain the thought of getting it cut short really scares you. It did me at first, but after I went ahead and got up the nerve and did it, I realized it was one of the best decisions I had ever made. If you ever decide that you would like to try a shorter haircut, you just let me know. Like I said, I’d even pay you to cut it."

Juan surprised me when he said, "How much would you pay us to give us both a haircut like yours? We have been trying to save enough money to take a vacation and go back home and see our family in Mexico. If you were willing to pay us enough, we might consider it. We’ve talked many times about cutting our hair short and trying something different, and maybe we just might go ahead and have you do it."

"I’ll give you $250.00 each if you let me cut your hair," I said. I was amazed that our conversation had progressed this far. I didn’t think they would really cut their hair, but I was going to do my best to convince them to go ahead and try it. They both liked the way my haircut looked, so that helped getting them to actually consider doing it.

Usually being so quiet, I was surprised when Marcos said, "Let us work today and Juan and I will think about it. It would be really wild to do, and something we have never considered doing. I think we are just both afraid of cutting our hair so short and regretting we did it."

"We both really love our hair and think we would miss it too much to cut it almost all off. You sound like that’s exactly the way it was when you cut your hair short for the first time, though, so maybe it wouldn’t be all that bad."

The day went by and we never mentioned the idea of me cutting their hair again. Apparently at some point they did get together and made a decision.

"If you will pay us $300.00 each, we will let you give us both flattops," Juan said. "That much money would really help pay for our trip. We know it’s more than you offered, but would you be willing to help us out and pay a little more?"

I never even hesitated. These guys had so much thick, wonderful hair, that I probably would have paid them a lot more, if that was what it would take to cut off most of their beautiful hair. The thought of them actually getting flattops, losing nine inches of hair off the top, was mindblowing. "You’ve got a deal," I said.

"We should finish up work in less than an hour. How about if I cut your hair after work today?" I said. I didn’t want to give these guys a chance to back out of what they had just agreed to do, and I knew that the sooner we did it, the better chance I would have of actually cutting it.

At the end of the work day, they came over to my house for me to cut their hair. I was so stoked! This was going to be a tremendous rush getting to cut not just one great head of hair, but two. I really couldn’t believe that this was actually going to happen, and I was excited beyond belief!

"Let’s make this a really fun time so that you don’t dread it so much," I said. "I’d like to first give you each a different looking haircut. It would be interesting to see how you would look having different style haircuts. I think it’s time you get rid of all that grease in your hair and get a more current looking haircut."

"You guys are just the way I was. You need to get over being so vain about your hair. It really is awesome but it will grow back out before you know it. I think that it’s definitely way past time for you to change how you wear your hair. With such great hair, you should be changing how you have it cut all the time and have some fun with it."

"I can’t believe you haven’t gotten tired of having it always look the same for so many years. I bet it takes quite a bit of time in the morning getting your hair to look the way it does when you come to work."

"I think after you’ve had your new haircut for just a few days, and are working outside in the heat, you’ll be just the way I was, and will be glad you went ahead and let me cut it. I hope you’ll keep it in a flattop for the summer, like I do, and in the fall, we’ll all start growing our hair long again."

"If you absolutely hate the flattop, you can just immediately start growing it out. If I leave it a little over an inch on top so that you can just brush it back, in about four weeks, it will all be long enough to brush back, and won’t even look like it had been a flattop. In another four weeks your hair will be over two inches long and the flattop will be just a memory."

"One of you I want to give a flattop just like mine. I want to give the other one of you a medium length haircut with the sides longer. I’d leave them long enough so that you could brush them all back. They’d probably be between two and three inches long. I’d then take the top and cut it down to about four inches long, and then blend the sides into the top and brush it all back."

"Both of you have such thick, awesome hair that I think you will both look great. This way you can also see how different you both look. After looking the same way for so many years, I think it will be wild seeing you with different haircuts."

"Once I’ve finished both haircuts, I think that the guy with the flattop should get to decide whether his brother can keep his longer hair, or should also get a flattop. How would you like to do that?" I asked.

"How would we decide who gets which haircut?" Juan asked.

"I’ll let you two make the decision as to who gets which haircut. If you guys can’t decide, we can just flip a coin, and whoever wins the toss will get the flattop."

We had another beer and they talked back and forth over about who was going to get which haircut. Juan said, "Seeing that I’m the oldest, I think that I should be the one to get the longer haircut. Seniority should count for something."

"Okay," Marcos said. "I’ll get the flattop first, but remember, Juan, after Mike cuts your hair, if I decide I want him to give you a flattop too, you have to agree to that."

"Okay, let’s get started! The first thing I want to do Marcos, is wash your hair to get rid of all the sweat from today and also to get rid of all that product you use to make your hair shine so much. You’ll get a much better looking flattop if we start out with you having clean hair for me to work with."

We went into the bathroom and Marcos leaned his head over the sink and I proceeded to wash his hair. This was the first time I had ever had my hands in his beautiful mane and it was mind exploding. So long, so thick, so beautiful! It took quite awhile to get all the grease out of his hair and I enjoyed every moment of it.

After I finished washing it, I had him comb his hair the way he always did. Being wet, his hair stood up almost as much as it did when he greased it up.

I then had him sit down and I combed his hair before I started the haircut. I was in heaven getting to comb all his gorgeous hair into the biggest pompadour that I could.

I doubt that I had ever had my hands in so much hair. It really did feel awesome to run my hands through hair as long and thick as his hair was. I couldn’t imagine what it must be like to have such a tremendous mane.

Taking down such an immense pompadour was going to be a really huge turn on. I hadn’t cut anyone’s hair in awhile, and I had never cut anyone’s hair that was as great as these two guys had, and the added bonus was getting to cut two, not just one!

I thought it best not to start with the clippers, because Marcos obviously had not had them used on his mane in a very long time, and I didn’t want him to freak out. I took my scissors and started cutting his hair in the very back.

I could see Marcos grimace as the first lock of his lovely hair was cut off. I continued just cutting a little of his hair off at a time, hoping that would relax him a little. Looking in the mirror, Marcos could not see much of his hair coming off. He had no idea that I had cut all his hair in back down to a little over an inch long.

I then continued using my scissors, and just like I had done in the back, started taking the sides down a little at a time. Starting at his temple would really be the first time he would start seeing his hair coming off.

I took my comb and took the very front lock at his temple and combed it straight out and cut off four inches. That did freak him out a little, but I told him just to relax because he was really going to end up liking his new haircut.

I continued cutting the sides all the way around and blended them into the back. It was wild looking at him in the mirror. Up to the top of his ears, his hair was less than an inch long. The remaining hair on the sides was probably six inches long, and the top was around ten inches long.

It was time for Marcos to experience the feel of clippers running up the side of his head. Since he had worn his hair long for ten years, I was absolutely 100% positive that he had not had clippers used on his mane in all that time.

I put the #2 guard on the clippers and placed them at the bottom of his left sideburn. "Get yourself ready for this," I said. "It’s going to be an incredible rush for the first few minutes seeing that you haven’t had your hair short in over a decade. Once the initial shock wears off and you start seeing the haircut emerge, you’ll be fine."

I ran the clippers up to about three fingers above the top of his ear so there was only an inch coming off. With hair as thick as his, though, it was still a lot of hair. The remaining hair on the sides and back was about six inches and the contrast was really wild. And then the best part, I would get my hands in those ten inches of beautiful locks on top and take them down to less then two inches. I couldn’t wait to see so much hair all coming off.

I then took my wide toothed comb and started combing the remaining hair on the sides. Using the clippers, I placed the comb against the side of his head and I buzzed off any hair that was standing out beyond the comb. Because of the slightly coarse texture his hair had, once I cut off the length, his hair stood straight out. It was so easy to cut his hair into a perfectly square, boxy flattop.

"Man, with the sides and back all squared up, it looks sensational and shows off how thick your hair is even more than your Elvis pompadour did," I told him.

I then brushed all his hair on top straight back. I had been right, and it was a little over ten inches long. This was definitely going to be an amazing thrill seeing almost nine inches of his beautiful hair coming off. I really was having a hard time keeping myself under control because this was going to be so hot to do.

Again, using my wide toothed comb, I lifted up his awesome forelock and ran the clippers over the top of the comb, removing about eight inches of his hair. I don’t think I had ever cut that much hair off anyone all at once. Seeing it fall into his lap was unbelievable. Marcos’ eyes couldn’t get any bigger than they were. From the looks of it, he couldn’t be any more stunned by what was happening.

I took the remainder of the top and cut it shorter as I made my way back to the crown. When I had finished doing that, his hair was about an inch long with the front slightly longer. I then blended the front into the remaining hair on top.

I had to take just a little more off the sides in order to have them blend perfectly into the top. When I finished, I stood back and looked at the haircut I had just given Marcos. He looked awesome! I’m sure after having his hair long for so many years that it floored him seeing how different he looked.

Much to my surprise, he said that he actually liked it, and it was not as bad as he thought it would be. "I think once I get used to this, I’m really going to like it," he said.

"Okay, Juan. You’re next." I had just had one of the greatest haircutting experiences I ever had, and now was going to get to cut another awesome mane.

I actually thought that Juan’s hair was just a little bit nicer, and I knew cutting it was going to be even more fantastic than the haircut I had just given Marcos.

Juan had already washed his hair, knowing that he would need to do the same thing as Marcos. He sat down in the chair and I caped him up. He had already combed all his hair back into his beautiful pompadour.

"I’m going to give you a medium length haircut, and then we can see the two of you standing side by side, each having different haircuts. I’m going to take the sides and back down, but leave them long enough so you can brush them all back."

"I’m going to leave the top about four inches long and brush that all back too. This haircut will really show off how great your hair is, and it will be a hell of a lot easier to deal with every day."

I combed all his gorgeous hair so that it was perfectly in place. His hair actually stood up a little higher than Marcos’ hair did. It was super unreal! I could not have been any more stoked and I knew that the best part was yet to come.

I then started on the sides and cut off about four inches of the most wonderful hair I had ever been lucky enough to get my hands in. I tapered the sides and back with my scissors and knew his haircut was going to look fantastic.

I then wet his hair a little on top and combed it all back again. Starting at the front, I lifted up about ten inches of the thickest, blackest hair I had ever had my hands in, and cut off about six inches.

You should have seen how much hair was falling onto Juan’s lap! He looked like he was going to throw up, but I told him, like I had Marcos, not to worry, because he was really going to look great.

All I had left to do was blend in the sides with the top and I would be finished. I wet his hair one more time and blowdried the top, making it stand as high as I could. I then dried the sides and brushed them back. They were just above the top of his ears.

What Juan ended up having was a more contemporary looking Elvis hairstyle. With less length, it stood up better and really showed off his glorious mane even more.

"So what do you think of the haircut?" I said. "I think it looks totally awesome. It’s basically a trimmed down version of how you have always worn your hair, but you won’t need to grease it for it to stay in place. It’s a more contemporary, trendy looking hairstyle, and it really does show off your hair more. You are so lucky to have such awesome hair."

"Once you have brushed it all back, you can then take your fingers and run them through it so that it doesn’t look so perfectly in place. If you muss it up a little, you can see distinct locks of your hair, which you don’t get to see when it’s all slicked back."

Juan was thrilled with how awesome his hair looked. He couldn’t keep his hands out of it, and said, "Man, I never expected that I would really love my hair even more by cutting it shorter. If I had known that it would look this great, I would have done it years ago."

"With my hair looking this great, I can’t believe that I wore it the same way for so long. It’s going to be awesome having such a fantastic haircut. I am so glad you talked us into doing this. I know that I’m going to love it! Mike, you have a haircut customer for as long as you want to cut my hair. It’s just unreal how different, and how much better, I think it looks."

"I still have a lot of hair, and I think being shorter, it actually does show off my hair even more. You are right, this will definitely be a lot easier to deal with when I’m working outside. I really think I’d like to keep my hair this length for awhile."

It really was amazing after having seen them with their Elvis hair for so long, now standing beside each other, with entirely different haircuts. They both looked great, and I think it helped them realize that it hadn’t been all that bad to finally cut their hair.

Juan was immediately standing in front of the mirror admiring his hair. You could tell how thrilled he was with his new haircut. He coudn’t keep his hands out of his hair because he was enjoying it so much.

"Well, don’t get too used to that pretty haircut you have!" Marcos said. "It’s going to be coming all off and look just the way mine does!"

"Please Marcos! I really like how this haircut looks. Actually I really love how it looks, and really want to keep it like this. Be a great brother and let me keep it the way it is now. It won’t take all that long for you to grow your hair out again to be as long as mine."

"Oh no," Marcos said. "Do you think that I’m going to have to watch you always fawning all over your lovely hair all the time? I couldn’t stand watching you spend all the time you do on your hair!"

"You can’t help yourself. When you pass a mirror, you always have to stop to check out your hair. You never have a comb out of reach. No matter how perfect your hair is, you still stop and comb it, because you love it so much."

"You’re always admiring it and saying how beautiful it is. I know how much you love that hair of yours. You love your hair even more than I love mine. We both said we would get flattops and I upheld my part of the deal. I’m already liking how it looks and so will you once you get a flattop, too."

"Like Mike said, he wears his hair in a flattop for only three months of the year. You figure with it being almost one and a half inches on top, if we start growing it out the first of September, it will be about six inches long by the first of June. That won’t be as long as it has always been, but six inches is still a lot of hair, and I already think that I don’t want my hair that long anymore."

"Are you so vain about your hair that you would actually break your word to me and not get a flattop after I went ahead and got one?" Marcos asked.

"You were the one that came up with the idea of making enough money to pay for a vacation so we could see all our family. I was willing to take you at your word and I cut my hair because we were making the money for this trip together. I will be really upset with you if you back out on this. Come on, Juan, a deal is a deal."

"You’re right," Juan said. "It’s just that you know how much we both love our hair. I know that it really won’t take all that much time to get it to look like this again, and I actually like your flattop. Go ahead, Mike, give me the exact same haircut that you gave Marcos."

"Okay, Juan," I said. "Sit back down in that chair and let me finish your haircut. You can see that Marcos looks really good having a flattop, and you will too. I’m sure it must be an unbelievable rush going from ten inches of hair down to less than two, especially considering how long you have had it that way. Ten inches of hair, especially being as thick as yours, is amazing!"

Juan reluctantly sat back down and I immediately went to work again on his hair. There was no possible way I was going to let him get out of this. Because he had seen me give Marcos his flattop, he knew what to expect.

I put the #2 guard on and buzzed his hair to about three fingers above the top of his ear, just like I had done Marcos.

At the bottom, not very much hair was coming off, but as I worked my way up the sides, more and more of his beautiful hair was coming off, until he had lost about two more inches of hair as the clippers reached the top.

I had cut Marcus’ hair down slowly. It was going to be a much bigger rush cutting Juan’s hair because I could be so much more aggressive with the clippers. It was so intense running the clippers up the sides and back of his head and taking so much more of his hair off.

I did the same thing to Juan’s hair that I had done to Marcos. I wanted his hair to stand up as high as it possibly could. The top, which was a little over four inches I now cut down to about one and a half inches. His hair stood up just like Marcos’ hair did. The top was flat as a board.

I thought they both looked so hot! They had gone from having the same long, Elvis hairstyle for a decade and now had the most fantastic looking flattops that a guy could ever have.

They both really liked their new haircuts and were really surprised by how much better they thought they looked. They looked so much better with a haircut that was more current looking than their pompadours.

"You guys don’t have to make a decision right now, but after a little time passes, I want you to think about letting me cut your hair for you all the time. I’d really like it if the three of us all started growing our flattops out in the fall and tried several different looking hairstyles until summer."

"If the business continues to grow, when the first of June arrives and I get my flattop, if you guys decide you will get one again, I’ll give you each a $500.00 bonus. For as many years as you work with me, I would continue to do that. I think we could have some really great times when I cut your hair. I already know so many ways that I would like to cut it!"

"Again, no rush to make a decision now. It won’t take long for you to know if you want to ever get another flattop. From the look on your faces, I think you are really glad you did it. You actually appear to be excited about how different you look. I think you look even sharper than you did with all that long hair. You aren’t going to believe the difference it feels when you go out to work."

"You can already definitely count me in," Juan said. "I can’t believe that I already don’t miss all that long, greasy hair that I had. I can’t wait to see how we are all going to look as we start growing our hair long again."

"If we let you be our barber, I hope that in return, you’ll also let us get to cut your hair. Loving hair as much as we do, I know we could do a great job cutting it. We’ll leave the flattop to your regular barber, but we can definitely trim it for you as you grow it out."

"Marcos and I have cut each other’s hair for over ten years now. We don’t use clippers, but we have learned how to give each other a great haircut. We started cutting each other’s hair once we decided to grow our hair longer."

"We didn’t trust going into a barbershop, and not knowing the guy at all, and wondering what he would do to our hair. We knew there were a lot of barbers that would just love to get us in their chair and cut most of our hair off."

"I’m really glad that you encouraged us to do this because we never would have had the nerve to do it on our own. So, will you be willing to let us cut your hair too?"

"Seeing that you guys have cut each other’s hair for over ten years, it’s obvious that you know how to use a pair of scissors. Every single hair of those amazing pompadours that you have is cut so that it all blends perfectly into place. I wouldn’t have any problem letting you guys cut my hair too. I think we’ll have a lot of great evening sitting each other in the barber chair."

I was so stoked that my plan had worked. I had only thought about cutting their hair one time and now I was going to be cutting their hair all the time. I loved it! This was going to be just the beginning of some incredible haircutting sessions!

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