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Back to School Part 2 - Homecoming by Scott the Haircut Lover

Back to School Part 2 " Homecoming

Jason and I were getting really close. After a month we went back and got our hair trimmed up to the same cut as we got just before school. My roots were getting a little dark, but I kind of liked the contrast. Jason got his recolored and it was even a lighter silver this time. To be honest it looked really hot! Cooper and I weren’t in any click really. We weren’t dorks and we weren’t jocks. We went to all the cool parties. Rumors started we were gay, but we just laughed it off. Cooper was like my brother, but I have to admit that lately there were feelings growing that were making me feel awkward.
Homecoming was a month later after we had gotten our hair freshened up.
"Hey Cooper did you find a date yet?"
"Nah bro I don’t think ill go"
"It’s our last home coming and Justin is having an epic after party at his beach house"
"I guess we could just go together"
"Did you just ask me to homecoming bro?" I laughed out loud and playfully punched his shoulder.
"Yeah I did" he looked at me with a serious look
"You’re messing with me bro!"
"No I am being totally serious!"
It got really awkward. Of course I said yeah cool sounds like it will be fun. But clearly he had other intentions. I really didn’t know how to process what just happened. The next few days we were buying outfits together, hanging out ever free second we had, and I had never felt closer to him.
"Hey Jason listen, I made us appointments for Saturday morning before the dance. You down for something new?"
"Yeah I actually am. Are we just gonna go to Sam (our childhood barber) or to the trendy place?"
"I say the trendy place. I love how they treat us there"
"Sounds good! What are you thinking about doing to it?"
"Well the sliver is really hard to maintain. Im thinking about starting over."
"Oh just coloring it back to your normal color?"
"No, I’m going to shave it off!"
"BALD!!!!! I say running my fingers through his sexy hair"
"Yeah like slick bald! I wanna make a wave at homecoming… haha"
"Let’s do it!"
I really didn’t think he was serious. We used to get buzzcuts together as kids, but nothing radical. I was in front of my mirror on Saturday morning. Our appointment was in an hour. Looking at my blonde hair with dark roots. Thinking I don’t know if I want to go through with this. But what if Jason gets mad at me. Things are really going great between us. Jus then I get a text:
"Hey! You awake?"
"Yeah just staring at my hair for the last time" laugh emoji
"You ready for this bro! We are going to be the talk of homecoming"
"Yeah I guess man. Im kinda of nervous about it I wont lie!"
"It’s just frigging hair man! Let’s make a huge splash tonight. We already have epic outfits!"
"Your right Jason! I’m in! You picking me up?"
"Be there in 10!"
I kept combing my hair. Styling it so it looked so cool. What was I going to look like bald? This is a bad idea. But I said I would do it so what the heck! Its just hair as Jason said. 10 min later I hear him honk his horn. My mom hated when he did that. He has a figging key to my house. I walked out in shorts and a pretty tight t shirt. Jason could tell I had styled up my hair one last time. His was flat and not styled at all. He laughed…
"You styled all up for the big shave?"
My stomach turned when he said this
"Yeah one last time for a while!"
He reached over and stroked my hair. More intimately than I had ever felt him do before. Then he looked at me.
"Cooper can I ask you something?"
"Yeah of course bro"
"I kind of want tonight to be special. Like I was thinking we could go as more than just friends. If its too weird I understand but lately I have had a lot of thoughts about you, me, and maybe being more than just best friends."
I was shocked. Where did this come from. There had been some hints and some playful petting, but I figured it was just between friends. Now Jason was really asking me out. I looked into his eyes and what came out shocked even me….
"I thought you’d never ask. I have been thinking about what it would be like to date you for a while. We have been close forever, but since school started I have felt something different towards you."
He smiled and leaned in and kissed me. I was shocked at how normal it felt and then how great it felt and how I didn’t want it to ever end!
"Let go get shaved" he said as he pulled away
I saw his hand on the shifter. I put my hand on his and we intertwined our fingers. It felt so amazing. Like a weight of awkwardness had been lifted off my shoulders. We arrived at the trendy barber shop. Our barbers greeted us like always. I sat in the chair. He asked what I was doing with it today. I said shave it… shave it bald! He smiled. Like smooth bald with a razor? I said yes that is exactly what I want. Is Jason doing it too? I said "He better! It was his idea!!!" The barber said "you two are so cute together. Are you going to homecoming tonight together?" I blushed "yeah we actually just had our first kiss" he smiled "that’s so cute"
The barber picked up the clippers. He wasted no time at all. Putting them on my forehead and pushing straight back. I saw a bald path where my blonde hair used to be. Swipe after swipe and the top was gone. Then he shave up the right side. Around to the back. Then the left side. In less than 5 minutes my hair had been shaved down to a light stubble. He walked away for a min, I turned and saw Jason had the same stubble as me. The barber came back with some hot towels and wrapped them around my head. Then he lathered it up. He slowly and methodically shaved with the grain, then lathered again and shaved against the grain. What was going on under the cape I really couldn’t understand but to this point this was the most erotic moment of my life. He took his time making sure I was completely smooth. The shaving took much longer than the initial shaving with the clippers. When he started massaging my smooth scalp I thought I was going to lose it right there! He broke the silence "you have a perfect shaped head for a baldy." I was staring at myself in the mirror not believing what has just happened. Jason came over to my chair and started rubbing my head.
"You look hot babe"
I looked up seeing his shiny head for the first time "Omg Jason you look amazing!"
We held hands on the way out of the barber shop. We got a slice of pizza talking to each other about the experience. I asked him
"ok this is awkward, but did you get aroused?"
"Yeah I did Cooper. It was like the most intense feeling ever"
I looked into his eyes "maybe I can give you more intense feelings now the we are dating"
He smiled and said "oh that is going to happen!"
We picked up our outfits at the cleaners. We went back to my house and got dressed. Me made out a little and it felt so good. I couldn’t stop rubbing my head. Jason was doing the same and now and then we rubbed each other’s head. It was time to go to the dance. We were hand in hand walking in with our shiny heads. I’m not sure what people were more surprised about. That we were holding hands or that we were bald. It seemed like everyone already thought we were dating. A couple of our close friends playfully made fun of us saying its about time. We danced every dance together all night. It was time to head to Justin’s party…… to be continued

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