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Going Ponytail Hunting by Shant

This is a follow up to the story, RON COULDN’T REMEMBER. If you are going to read this one, I would suggest reading the original before you do. The first story has a lot of background information that hopefully, will cause you to enjoy this story more.

I want to thank Anon for suggesting that I write more stories with Jeff talking about his adventures. It had not occurrred to me to write a story from his point of view.


The weekend was approaching, and Jeff decided that he wanted to get out of town and go to some different bars, instead of the ones he went to every weekend. He felt he needed to do something to relieve all the pent up energy he had been feeling lately, and decided it would be a good time to get out of town and hopefully, have some fun.

He thought maybe he might get lucky and find some guy with a great head of hair and try to add it to his ponytail collection. He had 28 braids and ponytails mounted on a wall in his barbershop. His original goal was to have 30, and he really wanted to get two more.

He enjoyed nothing more than sitting some hot guy down with an awesome head of hair and chopping it all off in the back, and then mounting it on his wall. Jeff had always had a thing for great hair. He especially had a thing about cutting great hair.

Everytime he entered the room where his trophies were displayed, he would immediately get aroused. Each trophy brought back a great memory of a fantastic night he had with a handsome guy sitting in his chair and having his long beautiful locks cut off.

He drove to a nearby city to see if he would have better luck there. He checked into a hotel and eagerly waited for it to be time to go out.

He went to the bar and walked around, looking to see if there were any guys he might be interested in. He saw three guys that he thought were distinct possibilities.

All three guys were in their mid twenties and were in great shape. They really were handsome looking young men. The most important thing to Jeff was that they all had really awesome manes. All of them had hair long enough that they could wear in a ponytail if they wanted.

One guy had thick, dark, black hair. It was perfectly straight and he parted it down the middle and brushed the sides back. His hair was so thick that he did not have to tie it back, it just stayed exactly the way he brushed it. Jeff thought that his hair would really make a great addition to his collection.

The second guy that caught Jeff’s eye, had a really beautiful head of auburn hair with blond highlights. It was not straight like the guy with black hair, instead it fell in waves down to his shoulders. He definitely had enough hair to pull back into a ponytail for Jeff to chop off.

The third guy was the one that Jeff was most interested in. He had really light blond hair that also touched his shoulders. The thing that was so different about his hair was that it was a mass of loose curls, you might even call them ringlets.

It looked like he probably showered and then ran his hands through his hair and just let it dry naturally. There was no way that he would be able to get a comb through all those curls he had. It was hard to determine how long his hair really was because of the curls, but Jeff bet that if he brushed it all out, it would be longer than the other two guys.

It was early in the evening, and he was in no rush, and enjoyed watching the three of them, trying to get a read on which one he thought he should approach.

Both the black haired guy and the guy with auburn hair seemed to know a lot of people, so Jeff assumed they lived here.

The blond haired guy with all the awesome curls, however, didn’t seem to know anyone in the place, and probably was visiting, like Jeff. Jeff figured that he would have the best chance of meeting him because he was standing by himself and not talking with anyone.

He moved closer to where the guy was standing. They made eye contact and Jeff felt that was a good indication to go over and talk with him.

"How you doing? Are you just here for the weekend? I live a little over an hour from here and decided to come down and get to enjoy just being surrounded by so many gay guys. The gay population where I live is really small. My name is Jeff, by the way."

"I’m Michael," he said. "I’m like you, and just wanted to come to a bigger city and get to see so many hot looking men."

They struck up a conversation and grabbed another beer and continued talking. At one point, Jeff decided it was time to bring up what he really wanted to talk about. "That’s quite a head of hair you have there," Jeff said. "It really looks awesome. I bet it took a really long time to get it that long."

"Thanks," Michael said. "It won’t be awesome looking much longer. I’m graduating from college in two weeks and hope I can find a job soon. It will be great to actually earn a living and not having to be on such a tight budget, like I have been the past four years."

"I met with my faculty advisor this past week to talk about my options. He’s really a great guy and has been my advisor all four years. I have always valued his advice and hoped he could give me some helpful suggestions on finding a good job."

"He said to me in the kindest possible way, that if I was interested in interviewing for jobs in marketing and advertising, he would recommend that I cut my hair."

"Don’t get me wrong," he said. "You have an incredible head of hair. Anyone would consider themselves really lucky to have such great hair. I don’t think, however, it’s going to be viewed as an asset when it comes to being interviewed for the type job you want."

"Your hair should look a lot more professional looking if you want to work in those kinds of work. Appearance is everything in those fields. I think that instead of your interviewer admiring your hair, the person might just think it is too long. It could definitely have a negative impact, rather than a positive one."

"Those curls are beautiful, but honestly, some people might consider your hair a little feminine looking. I don’t think that at all. They really are beautiful, but, being honest with you, they make you look about eighteen."

"I’m afraid you may not be taken seriously because they won’t see the real you, because all they will be thinking about is all that hair you have. I hope you realize that I’m not criticizing you. I’m just trying to be of help."

"I realized he was right and I knew that I was going to have to get it cut. I’ve been growing it for over four years and I’m really dreading not having it anymore. I know that if I want to make a good first impression, though, that my advisor is right, and I need to look as professional looking as possible."

Jeff was beside himself when he heard what Michael was saying. He figured that if he were careful, he might very well end up giving this guy a haircut, and adding a fantastic looking ponytail to his collection. Most of the time, he had to come up with an elaborate scheme to get a guy in his chair, but with Michael, it might be very easy.

"You say that you haven’t gone to a barber in over four years? Do you know who you’re going to have cut it for you? What kind of haircut are you thinking of getting?" Jeff asked.

"I really don’t have any idea how I should get it cut. I love my curls and don’t want to lose all of them, but I know that the sides and back will need to be a lot shorter than they are now," Michael said.

"While I was growing up, I had some barbers really butcher my hair. Having hair this curly is difficult to cut and keep under control. I always dreaded having to get my hair cut. That’s why I started growing it long when I went off to college."

Jeff was thinking to himself that if he washed Michael’s hair and then used a blowdryer and brushed it all straight back, that it was probably a lot longer than anyone expected. He estimated that his hair was around twelve inches or more, with the curls dubbling the actual length.

He then wanted to put it in a ponytail and cut it off right above his collar, just like he had done to all the others. He would then taper the sides and back short, leaving them long enough to brush back. Jeff wondered when was the last time that Michael had his ears showing?

After cutting down the sides and back, he would suggest to Michael that he cut the top down about an inch at a time. That way Michael would not have to be afraid of getting butchered and could decide for himself when he thought the top was the length he wanted it to be.

Jeff figured if he approached Michael with that idea, that he’d have a good chance of taking him back to his room and getting his hands in his glorious hair.

Man, he really wanted to cut this guy’s hair! If he had to get his hair cut next week, anyway, and he didn’t know a barber, why not take advantage of Jeff cutting it for him?

"I’m actually a professional barber and I would love the opportunity to cut your hair for you," Jeff said. "I wish you could see my barbershop."

"I have always loved a great head of hair, and when I opened the shop, I decided any guy that had long, awesome hair and wanted to get it cut short, I would first cut off their ponytail or braid, and would then mount it on a wall in the back room of my shop."

"I have 28 ponytails and braids all mounted on the wall. All these guys had such awesome hair that it was a really fantastic time cutting their hair for them. I have continued cutting a lot of these guys hair for them ever since."

"I have been hoping to get two more ponytails or braids soon, so that I would have my total of 30 that I want to put on display. How about you let me cut your hair for you and let me mount your ponytail with all the others I have? I would love adding your ponytail to my collection. After I cut off your ponytail, I promise that I will give you a fantastic looking haircut that will be perfect for your job interviews."

"That sounds like a wild time," Michael said. "What kind of haircut would you want to give me after you chopped off my ponytail?"

"I’d suggest that you taper the sides and back, leaving your hair long enough to brush back. That way it will show how thick your hair is. I think you should keep those beautiful curls of yours as long as possible, because they really do show what a great head of hair you have."

"I’d suggest taking the top down a little at a time so you can see how your curls will look. That way, you can decide when you feel that it is the length you want. You have such great hair that I think it would be too risky to cut it off all at one time."

"If I take it down slowly, you won’t have to be afraid of having some barber butcher your hair. Your hair is way too awesome to allow someone to give you a bad haircut."

"You will make a really great first impression at your interviews. Instead of having an immense head of hair, you will end up having a really sharp, professional looking haircut."

"I think it would be a shame to lose too many of your curls on top. What do you think? Are you interested? It would really be an awesome time for both of us, and I’d love to see how cutting your hair will change how you look."

"I think that actually would be great." Michael said. "I know I would feel a lot less nervous about getting my hair cut, if the barber did what you just said, as opposed to him just cutting all the top off all at once. I doubt it would have ever entered my mind to ask a barber to cut my hair down a bit at a time."

"The more I think about this, the better it sounds," Michael said. "I have to get it cut in less than two weeks anyway, and it sounds like it would be a lot more fun having a hot guy like you cut it as opposed to the nightmare I have been thinking might happen if I ended up with the wrong barber. Each day, I’ve gotten more and more nervious about cutting my hair and dreading the day it has to happen."

"I have a room at a nearby hotel. Would you like to come over and let me work on that mane of yours? I would seriously love to cut your hair for you," Jeff said.

"I’m not bragging, but I’m really a good barber. Almost any young guy in my town comes to my shop because they know they can feel safe with me cutting their hair, and they know that they’ll leave with a really great looking haircut. I’m usually booked a couple of weeks in advance."

"I’m all for it," Michael said. "Knowing how much you like cutting a great head of hair, I think you may be the best person to cut it for me. I like the idea of taking the top down slowly, and being able to decide how long I want to keep it. I know I would trust you a lot more than some barber I had never met before."

Jeff and Michael headed back to Jeff’s hotel room. The entire trip back, Jeff was fantasizing about what he was going to get to do to Michael’s hair. He’d leave him with a great looking haircut, but he’d also get to add a really fantastic ponytail to his collection.

When they got to the room, Jeff asked Michael how he dried his hair after washing it. "I bet you can’t get a comb through such thick hair as yours. Do you just let it dry naturally? That must take a long time."

"You’re right," Michael said. "After towel drying it, I just run my hands through it to try and give it some shape and then just let it dry. I love my hair, but I hate the process I have to go through every time I wash it. Because it is so thick and long, it takes forever for it to dry."

"How about if you let me wash your hair and then let me use my blowdryer and a brush and see what I can do with it? I think that would be the best way to get an idea of how we should cut it."

"Sounds fine with me. I can’t tell you how much more relaxed I’m feeling about getting my hair cut with you being the one doing it."

After Jeff finished washing Michael’s hair, he started drying it. Using the blowdryer, he started by brushing his hair all straight back. He was hoping he could tame the curls down to waves on the sides and back, so that he could then brush it all back and tie it in a ponytail.

Michael watched in the mirror and couldn’t believe how his curls just seemed to disappear as Jeff dried his hair. It was such a great blond color, and now instead of being a mass of curls, it was beginning to look a lot more tamed down and under control, and Jeff hadn’t even started cutting it yet.

When Jeff finished drying it, it was amazing how different Michael’s hair looked. Jeff had been right, and Michael’s hair was just about twice as long, once it was brushed out.

Jeff then pulled it all back into a ponytail and used a rubberband to keep it all together. "What do you think? Can you believe that your hair could ever look like this? If we taper the sides and back, you should easily be able to use a blowdryer, and brush them all back so that the sides blend into the back and top. I think it’s really going to look great."

"I can’t believe how different my hair looks," Michael said. "I love it! I wish I had done this while I was in school. I think it’s going to really look great for my interviews. I can’t wait for my advisor to see how different I look."

"Are you ready to donate that ponytail of yours to my collection? It’s going to look fantastic with all the others I have. It will definitely be one of the best."

"Go ahead and do it! I know it has to be done, and actually I’m looking forward to watching you do it."

Jeff took Michael’s ponytail and firmly pulled it straight out in the back. It had such great shine and texture. It truly was beautiful.

The time had come to start cutting all his beautiful long hair. Jeff took his scissors and placed them right above where he had tied Michael’s hair into a ponytail and began cutting his way through his dense, thick mane.

It took several attempts for the scissors to cut all the way through his hair. When Jeff finished, he took his tape measure, and sure enough, Michael’s hair was exactly twelve inches long.

Jeff placed Michael’s ponytail in a plastic bag, wanting to be certain that he didn’t lose a hair of it. He couldn’t wait to get home and mount it on his wall.

Once Michael no longer had the ponytail, Jeff brushed his hair on the sides back and swept it all up and blended it into the top. His hair on the sides was still well over six inches and his hair on top was probably more than ten. There was still an immense amount of hair for Jeff to cut to give Michael the professional haircut he said he wanted.

Jeff spent a great deal of time brushing Michael’s hair over and over. He wanted to see if it would stay in loose waves or was it going to spring back into tight curls? What he wanted even more though was to just keep running his hands through his awesome locks.

He put the #3 guard on his clippers and placed them at the base of Michael’s sideburn. He began moving them tightly up the side. A third of the way up, he eased into a taper and removed a generous path of shiny blond hair, flicking it onto the white cape.

He was pretty certain that he could hear Michael slightly moaning as he took the clippers and worked his way all around his head. He did his best for all the hair to land in Michael’s lap so he could see how much hair he was losing.

He then slightly wet Michael’s hair on top and brushed each side towards the middle. He took a rubberband and secured all that luscious hair on top together so it wouldn’t get in his way as he worked on blending the sides and back into each other.

The hair below each side part that had not yet been cut by the clippers was still over six inches long. It was keeping it’s wavy look and Jeff felt confident that once he shaped up the sides they were going to look sensational.

Taking his wide tooth comb and scissors he lifted up a lock at a time and cut off nearly more four inches. He cut his hair like this on both sides and cut it a little shorter as the sides met in the back. Michael’s hair was going to be well above his collar.

When Jeff finished blending in the sides, he brushed them all back and they stayed perfectly in place. Regardless of being so much shorter, his hair still looked so full on the sides. It really did show off how thick his hair was much better than his curls did. Michael was definitely going to have to invest in a blowdryer.

All that was left to do was to start cutting the top. Jeff had been looking forward to this more than anything. Despite cutting off a foot in the back, and taking the sides down at least six inches, Michael still had about ten inches of hair on top.

Cutting a ponytail off, no matter how beautiful it was, happened quickly. Taking at least six inches of gorgeous hair off from all over the top of Michael’s head was going to be a much bigger rush.

Getting to lift up a ten inch lock of his thick, beautiful, blond hair and cutting it down to about four inches was definitely going to be the biggest turn on.

Jeff removed the rubberband and watched as Michael’s wonderful hair cascaded down over the top of his head. Jeff proceeded to brush it back again, because he wanted to see what the curls were going to do.

"I like the way the sides and back look," Jeff said. "It’s a completely different look for you. Now we’ll get to see if your hair is going to form tight curls again, or maybe, you might want to see if we can do the same with the top, as we did the sides, and have your hair be in waves instead of curls."

"I think it will look striking, especially if you continue brushing the sides the way they look now. It’s such a clean, sleek look, and at the same time, it really shows off how beautiful your hair is. It will be the perfect haircut for a professional job. You’re a handsome looking young guy and you’re going to make a great first impression with your new look."

"Let’s start by taking some of the bulk off the top. I want to leave it plenty long enough that after I finish cutting it, we can then brush it back, blending into the sides. I think that if you use a blowdryer you could have your hair swept back in beautiful waves which would really show off your hair even more."

"In the morning, we’ll wash it again, and let it dry naturally and see how your curls then look. You can then decide whether you want the curls showing or having it look like it will when I finish tonight. I think you will probably be able to have two entirely distinctive looks."

"I’m really pumped to have you do that," Michael said. "I’m so thankful I ran into you because I’m certain that a regular barber would not have taken all the time to help me make my hair look so good. I’ve never had anyone spend this much time on my hair before."

Jeff brushed all the hair on the top of Michael’s head straight up and gathered it together at the top. It was so awesome. Jeff had cut a lot of guy’s hair but he was positive that this was one of the greatest he had ever cut.

He combed it all forward and starting at the front, lifted up each section and cut off almost six inches. Jeff felt he was going to explode right then and there because of all the beautiful thick blond hair that was falling into Michael’s lap. Michael didn’t seem to be minding at all.

Jeff continued to lift up a section at a time and cut it off and worked his way to the back. The top was probably now a little over five inches. Jeff was certain he had left Michael’s hair long enough so he could still show off his great looking curls if he wanted.

Jeff finished the haircut and then wet Michael’s hair a little. Taking some product to help keep his hair in place, and hopefully his curls under control, he then again used the blowdryer and finished styling it.

It looked awesome. Michael couldn’t believe how different he looked and how much he loved it. "I don’t really know if I even want to have my curls anymore," he said. "This cut just looks so sharp. I can’t believe it’s me that I’m looking at in the mirror. I think the length on top is absolutely perfect."

"After we wash it in the morning, if you decide you no longer want the curls, you might even want me to cut the top down a little shorter. I think that way you will be able to keep it looking under control. Once it starts getting too long, you’ll be having curls popping out all over the place and it will definitely not be as sharp looking."

"I want you to know that this is one of the most fantastic times I have ever had cutting a guy’s hair. I hope that I will get the chance to do it again sometime."

"You know," Michael said. "I only live a little more than an hour away from you. I’ve tried using a blowdryer a few times to get my curls under control, but I ended up just looking like I had a lot more hair."

"I really like seeing how I look without my curls. It just looks so sleek looking, yet it still really does show off my hair. I’ve never seen myself without a mass of curls on my head."

"If I bought a blowdryer, do you think you could show me some tips on how to use it to get my hair to look like this? I really do like it a lot."

"I think I’m going to be making a trip to your barbershop every time I need to get a haircut. From now on, I’m never going to let anyone else cut my hair for me. If you want a new customer, you’ve got one."

"You have done such an amazing job. My hair looks way better than I ever imagined it would. I also want to come and see my ponytail displayed on your wall."

"I think that would be fantastic," Jeff said. "Getting to cut your tremendous hair all the time will be something to really look forward too, and it will also be great just to get to spend time with you."

"Now, about that chemistry we were talking about? How about joining me in the other room? I bet it will be a real turn on for you having a guy play with your hair now that it is so different from how you have had it for so long. I’d really love to just keep running my hands through it all night long."

"I think that would be really hot." Michael said. "I’m so glad that I decided to go out of town this weekend and end up meeting you. I was so dreading knowing I was going to lose so much of my hair, but this is really fantastic! I can’t thank you enough."

"Sure you can," I said with a smile. "Let’s go back into the bedroom and you can show me how much you appreciate your new haircut, and I can show you how much you turn me on."

Jeff had just had an incredible night. Michael did become a regular customer, and actually spent the weekend with Jeff when he came to get his hair cut. Having always hated going to the barber and now looking forward to getting his hair cut was fantastic. He eagerly looked forward to when it was getting near the time for him to see Jeff and have him cut his hair.

Jeff couldn’t believe how lucky he was that night. He wished that all his attempts at ponytail hunting were that easy!

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