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Payback Backfires! by Shant

This is the third story about Jeff and his ponytail cutting adventures. The first is RON COULDN’T REMEMBER and the second is GOING PONTAIL HUNTING. Hope you enjoy.


Immediately after graduating from high school, Jeff enrolled in barber school. Within a year he had his license and was working in a shop with just one other barber.

Ever since he could remember, all he had ever wanted to do was cut hair. There was nothing hotter than cutting a guy who had an awesome mane. The longer, the thicker, the better.

The first time Jeff had a guy come into the shop with a really beautiful head of thick, long hair, he was so stoked knowing that he was going to get to cut it. He caped the guy up and was eager to see how he wanted his hair cut.

It blew Jeff away when the guy said that he wanted his ponytail cut off, and then wanted a much shorter haircut. Jeff was so super excited. It was going to be a blast cutting this guy’s immense head of hair.

It was then that Jeff decided he was going to mount each ponytail or braid that he cut on a wall in the back of the shop. He set his goal to get thirty trophies to display on the wall.

It didn’t happen overnight, but Jeff slowly built up his collection. Every time he went into the back room and looked at them, he would remember the handsome looking guy and the haircut he had given him.

Jeff obtained all these beautiful long locks of hair several different ways. The easiest, of course, was when a guy just walked into the shop and told him that he wanted to get rid of all the long hair he had. That didn’t happen very often, though.

There were a few ponytails or braids Jeff acquired by covincing a guy that was sitting in his barber chair to try a different looking hairstyle and let him cut his hair short. A barber could usually tell if he had a chance of getting his customer to try something new. It didn’t take long to discover if a guy was really in love with his hair.

Most of the trophies Jeff had mounted on his wall he had gotten from guys at either the local gay bar, or at gay bars in other towns. He had cut several heads of hair down short when the guy had been way over served at the bar. He even had a few that literally fell asleep or passed out while he chopped off their ponytail. They woke up the next day and had never even known that their hair had been cut.

At the present time, Jeff had 28 ponytails and braids mounted on the wall in his barbershop. He really had a fetish about hair, especially great hair. He had an even bigger fetish fantasizing about cutting a guy’s awesome mane off.

Jeff had been feeling restless and decided it was time to get out of town for a weekend. He enjoyed people watching, and seeing if he could find a guy with a great head of long hair. He liked playing around with a guy and seeing if maybe he could end up cutting off his ponytail.

Jeff got to the bar and was just enjoying himself, leaning back against a wall, having a beer, and looking at all the hot guys. Gay life where he lived was pretty tame and Jeff ended up doing most of his playing when visiting other cities.

Jeff looked around the room, hoping there might be a few prospects with fantastic manes. He saw this one guy that was probably in his early twenties with a really awesome head of hair and decided to just hang around the area where he was standing and see if anything could possibly happen.

The guy was very good looking. He wasn’t a big guy, but you could easily tell that he was in great shape. He had the most beautiful head of thick, auburn hair with blond highlights that he parted in the middle and fell in soft waves almost touching his shoulders. He already had it pulled back into a ponytail which hung down to nearly the middle of his back, which stoked Jeff even more.

Jeff went over and stood near him and they made eye contact, so Jeff walked over and they started talking. The guy said that his name was Kevin and he lived not too far from here.

Jeff could tell that the guy was pretty wasted. He certainly hoped that he was not driving, because there was no way he should be behind the wheel of a car.

A little later, Jeff saw Kevin getting ready to leave. No one stopped him, so Jeff followed him outside to make certain that he wasn’t driving.

Sure enough, he saw Kevin trying to open his car door. "Hey Kevin," Jeff said. "Hey pal, I really don’t think you are in any shape to drive. How about if you let me drive you home and then you can pick up your car tomorrow?"

Kevin said that he would appreciate that because he really was too wasted to drive. As they headed out from the bar, Jeff asked Kevin if he would mind if he stopped off at his hotel room first? Kevin barely responded because he was so drunk, so Jeff drove back to the hotel.

Jeff was stopping at his room first because he thought that with Kevin so wasted, he probably wouldn’t even realize that Jeff was cutting his hair. Opportunities rarely came along like this and Jeff was super stoked.

As soon as they got to Jeff’s room, Kevin plopped down in a chair. He really was wasted. Jeff went into the bathroom, and when he came out, Kevin had either fallen asleep or had passed out. His long ponytail was just hanging down the back of the chair. All Jeff would have to do was lift it up and chop it off!

Jeff couldn’t believe the opportunity he had to add another ponytail to his collection. Kevin would not even realize that he had gotten his hair cut.

For a moment, Jeff felt guilty about cutting off his ponytail, but his evil side took control, encouraging him to go ahead and cut off this guy’s beautiful hair.

"This is why you go out of town!" Jeff’s evil side was saying. "You’re always looking for a great mane that you can cut and add the ponytail to your collection, and here it is, right in front of you! This will be the easiest ponytail that you ever cut. It’s just hanging there, begging to be cut!"

It wasn’t all that hard for Jeff’s evil side to convince him to cut Kevin’s hair. He seemed like a good kid, so Jeff decided he would cut the ponytail off and then still leave him with a long haircut. He ever so gently took Kevin’s ponytail in his hands and pulled it all back together.

The rush getting to do this was so intense. Jeff loved how stoked he got when he cut off a guy’s ponytail. He took his scissors and carefully cut Kevin’s ponytail off right above his collar. He had such beautiful hair and Jeff couldn’t wait to mount it on the wall when he got home.

He brushed Kevin’s hair on the top and the sides back. He then took off about three inches of his remaining hair. The sides were long enough that he could brush them back and were long enough that they covered almost all of his ears.

The top was still probably almost six inches long and he cut off only about an inch and then blended it into the sides. It really looked good, and he figured that Kevin would probably be pissed off when he realized his ponytail was gone, but hopefully he would like the haircut.

It didn’t take long for Jeff to complete the haircut. When he finished Kevin’s haircut, he was still so wasted that Jeff had to guide him to the car. Kevin had already told Jeff where he lived, so Jeff just let him be, and drove him home.

Getting to his house only took about ten minutes. He helped Kevin get onto the porch and sat him in a chair. The kid never even knew that anything had happened. Jeff wondered if Kevin would even remember going back to his hotel room.

Jeff got back to the hotel and got into bed and started reliving the fantastic haircut that he had just done. He had the pretty ponytail right next to him, knowing that just looking at it got him hotter and hotter. He had the most intense orgasm and slept really great.

It was about an hour before checkout time and Jeff was getting all his stuff together to head back home. He had a great time last night and was heading straight to his barbershop to mount his new torphy.

Suddenly, there was a knock at his door. He couldn’t imagine who it could be. He opened the door and standing before him was a guy that looked like he was in his late twenties. He was pretty much the same size as Jeff.

He was a good looking guy, and Jeff was amazed by his long, jet black, ponytail. It was very thick and had a little wave to it, and hung between his shoulder blades. It was beautiful.

"Can I help you?" Jeff asked.

"My name is Carl," he said. "I was hoping that I would catch you before you left. It seems that you brought my roommate, Kevin, back here last night, cut off his ponytail, and then gave him a haircut."

"He’s really upset that you did that to him. He had been growing his hair for about four years and really loved having it long. He didn’t understand why you would be so cruel and do that to him?"

"I’m surprised to hear that, because when we were talking in the bar, I told him that I was a barber, and he told me that he was sick of his long hair, and asked me if I would like to cut it for him? I told him that I would be glad to cut his hair and I brought him back to my room and gave him the haircut he asked for."

"He was too wasted to drive, so after I finished cutting his hair, I drove him back to where he lived. I figured that he would just pick up his car today."

"He doesn’t remember it happening that way," Carl said. "Actually he doesn’t remember much of anything that happened, but, he believes you took advantage of him, and cut his hair while he was so drunk. He said he knows that he would never have agreed to you cutting his hair."

"I decided to see if I could catch you before you left, because I think you deserve a little payback," Carl said.

"Really," Jeff said. "Just what exactly did you have in mind?"

"I brought some things along with me that I thought I might need. I’m going to tie you down to that chair there and then I’m going to chop all your hair off! I want you to know what it feels like having someone cut off all your hair when you don’t want to get it cut. I bet you are really attached to that hair of yours."

Jeff calmly said, "I think you might want to think about that idea a little more. I don’t see how I did anything wrong last night. It’s not my fault if Kevin doesn’t remember what he told me to do. I assure you that I would never take advantage of anyone like that. I thought I was only doing what he wanted."

"Please tell him that I really am sorry. If I had really wanted to take advantage of him, why would I have left him with such a good looking haircut, and not just cut all his hair off?"

"You might also want to reconsider the idea that I am simply going to let you tie me to a chair and cut my hair. You might end up being surprised, when things don’t turn out the way you thought they were going too."

"I’m not worried about that," Carl said. "I’ve handled bigger guys than you before. You are going to get exactly what you deserve and it’s going to be awesome cutting off all your hair. All that pretty hair of yours is coming off! I’ll bet it’s been a long time since you had a short haircut."

What this guy did not know was that Jeff had wrestled all four years of high school and college. While in college, he was the state champion in his weight class all four years. He had no worry what so ever that this guy would be able to take him, and actually thought it would be fun seeing him try.

Carl was pretty cocky, and started to move towards Jeff to grab him. He didn’t even know how it happened, but before he realized it, Jeff had totally taken control, had grabbed him, spun him around, and using the rope Carl brought, had tied him to the chair. He couldn’t believe how fast it all happened!

"I told you that maybe you should rethink what you were planning to do to me. I’m really sorry about Kevin. When I dropped him off where he lived, I hoped that he would wake up the next morning and really like his haircut." This was, of course, a total lie, but my devilish side was in control, and what was important was saving my own ass.

"You, however, are a very different story. With no actual proof, you threaten me, and tell how me how much you are going to love cutting off all my hair. You were looking forward to punishing me, weren’t you?"

"Well, the tables have turned, haven’t they? As a result of that, I’m going to do to you, exactly what you thought you were going to do to me." Jeff loved that this guy thought he was so strong and tough that he could take on anyone. It was going to be incredible destroying his hair.

"No friggin way you’re going to cut my hair, man!" Carl raged.

"Just how are you going to stop me?" Jeff said. "You’ve got a really nice head of hair, here. It’s so thick and full. I love the pretty waves you have."

"That’s a really nice ponytail, too. How long have you had all that pretty hair of yours?" Jeff asked as he ran his hands through Carl’s hair.

"Why does it seem that so many guys around here seem to have ponytails? Well, there’s going to be one less, after I’m finished with you tonight. I’m going to enjoy watching you in the mirror while I chop off all that pretty boy hair you have."

Carl started shouting, so Jeff placed the tape that Carl had conveniently brought with him, and covered his mouth in order to keep him quiet. He then turned on the tv to block out even more sound.

When Jeff cut off a guy’s ponytail, he still made certain to give the guy a sharp looking haircut. He didn’t want to ruin the guy’s hair, he just wanted the ponytail, and then give the guy a great looking haircut.

Getting to chop off a ponytail was a rush, but it was actually a lot hotter cutting the guy’s awesome hair short and giving him a really sharp looking haircut.

Usually, after cutting off the ponytail, the guy would still have about six inches of hair left. Jeff loved burying his hands in all that wonderful hair and then deciding just what style haircut he was going to give the guy.

This time, however, it wasn’t going to take all that long to do what he was planning. This was not a regular haircutting session. This one was going to be brutal and fast. He’d just leave the guy sitting in the chair and leave when he finished.

"Carl, that’s a lot of pretty hair you have there!" Jeff said as he aggressively started pulling it all straight back and as tight as he could get it, so he could get the longest ponytail possible.

He really got pumped up as he roughly started running his hands through Carl’s beautiful hair. It was even hotter knowing that Carl was hating every moment, and bursting with rage, and knowing that he could do absolutely nothing to stop what was going to happen to him.

Jeff yanked Carl’s ponytail back and pulled it as tight as he could. Carl cried out in pain, as Jeff visciously sliced off his long, gorgeous jet black mane.

He held it high over Carl’s head so that he could see it. "This is going home with me. Everytime I look at it, I will remember the fool who thought he could just do whatever he wanted to do to me."

Carl still had over six inches of hair remaining. When Jeff released his hair, it fell all down and around his head. Such thick, wonderful locks were just sitting there waiting to be removed!

Jeff brushed all Carl’s hair straight back. It had such great texture and body that Jeff quickly had it all standing as tall as he could get it. It actually looked really good. "If you tapered the sides and back down, and you left the top long, you would really have an awesome looking haircut," Jeff said.

"Think about that when you start growing all your precious locks out again." Jeff picked up his scissors and then just roughly started grabbing locks of Carl’s pretty hair and chopping them off.

It was so hot getting to do this. He savagely chopped off all of Carl’s hair, taking off huge chunks at a time. He worked like he was in a frenzy. When he finished with the scissors, Carl’s hair was less than an inch long.

"You know, with those blue eyes of yours and your incredible thick, black hair, you really do look striking. When I finish your haircut, people are going to notice your pretty blue eyes even more!" Jeff laughed.

Jeff then grabbed his clippers, put the #2 guard on them, placed them at the center of Carl’s forehead and ran them all over his head.

He may have only had an inch of hair when Jeff started using the clippers on him, but there was still a tremendous amount of hair coming off. Carl was going to be leaving here with almost no hair on his head at all.

This was definitely the most aggressive hair cut that Jeff had ever given. He had never just butchered someone’s hair before. He did whatever he wanted to Carl’s hair, and it really turned him on thinking how miserable this guy was going to be. He had never so savagely destroyed such an awesome head of hair.

The intensity was so extreme that Jeff knew he couldn’t be any more stoked. You are going to remember this forever!" Jeff said. "I warned you not to try anything with me."

Jeff always signed into a hotel under a fake name and paid with cash when he checked in. There was no reason for him to have to go to the desk to check out, so he just got in his car and drove away, leaving Carl tied to the chair. When the cleaning people came to clean the room, they would really have something to see.

Two ponytails in two days! That was definitely a record. Jeff left, and while driving home, kept thinking over and over about the awesome time he had just had. He had achieved his goal. Getting two ponytails brought his total of trophies to thirty. He couldn’t wait to get home and display them on his wall. Talk about a rush!

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