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Mrs. Amy's Choice 2 by pulp.fiction

The end of summer was nearing, just a week away from the start of school. My parents had decided to go on one final vacation for the summer, but I had convinced them to let me stay home to just hang out with friends.

"Axel, there's been a change in plans," my mom told me. "We didn't want you to have to stay here alone so we found a way you could stay with a friend."

"Which friend?" I asked my mom.

"Well I talked to Mrs. Amy last night and she said she'd be ok with you staying at their house for the next few days. She'll take care of all your food and drive you to school the first few days until we get back."

As much as I was skeptical of this due to Mrs. Amy's strict rules and behavior, she was also very nice and I knew she'd take good care of me.
"Sounds good!" I told my mom. "I'll go start packing." I quickly packed a few outfits and brought my house key incase I needed to come home and get something. I brought my bag down and talked to my parents before they were off to the airport.

"Mrs. Amy should be here any time now," My mom said. Around a minute later I heard a knock on my door. "That's her!" My mom said excitedly.

"Hi Axel!" Mrs. Amy said as she came inside. "Ready to have some fun with us?"

"Yeah," I answered. "Should I take my stuff to the car?"

"Yup, lets go."

Mrs. Amy and I waved to my parents as we drove away to her house.

"Mike's gonna be excited to see you." She said. He didn't see you very much this year since he's been attending a private school.

"Oh that's interesting," I said. "Which one?"

"Floyds Academy," Mrs. Amy explained. "Its a good private school for proper behavior, they have a good military program that Mike's in."

"I didn't know Mike was interested in the Military," I told her. "That's good for him."

"He wasn't at first, but I made the decision that he'd join the service for a minimum of 10 years before doing other things." I was surprised to hear that, but I knew how strict Mrs. Amy was with Mike. We pulled into the garage and I brought my bag into the house.

"Hey Axel!" Mike said. "How you been bro?"

"I'm good," I said. "Thanks for having me," I said while looking at Mike and Mrs. Amy.

"Go unpack your stuff in the guest room and then come down for lunch." Mrs. Amy said. I went to the guest room and neatly sorted my things into the drawers. I looked at myself in the mirror, and noticed that my hair and grown back fully since Mrs. Amy had booked me for a short summer haircut last summer. After the summer ended, my mom hadn't really made me go to the barber so I had grown my hair back to it's previous length. I went upstairs and sat down for lunch next to Mike and Mrs. Amy.

"I made some burgers for you boys, I know you all are still growing." Mrs. Amy chuckled as she put the serving tray on the table.

"Thank you Mrs. Amy, They taste really good," I said after taking a bite. Mrs. Amy looked around the table, looked at mike, and then looked at me.

"Axel, your hair has gotten way to long. I don't know how your mother let it grow that long. I'll give you boys both a good buzz after lunch."

I was a little shocked. "Mrs. Amy, I think I'm ok." I said quietly.

"Axel, if you're going to stay at my house I'm going to be the one to take care of your haircuts." She said sternly. "I can't have a mop like that in my home. After you finish eating you're going to get a very short haircut like a proper man." As much as I didn't want this to happen, I didn't want to make Mrs. Amy upset and I had a lot of respect for her.

"Yes, Ma'am." I said.

"Good Axel," She said. "Go jump in the pool before and get your hair wet so it will go through the clippers easier."

"Yes, Ma'am." I said once again. Once Mike and I finished eating we went and jumped in the pool. "So Mike, how's the military program you're in?" I asked him.

"I'm starting to enjoy it," He said. "I didn't at first but my mom made me."

"I heard." I told him.

Mrs. Amy walked out of the house and laid a bag with some things in it on a table next to a stool. "Ok boys, come on," She said. We quickly got out of the pool and went to where Mrs. Amy was. "Mike, your hair is already pretty short so I'll cut Axel's first," She said.
I sat down on the stool. Mrs. Amy took out clippers and plugged them in to the nearest outlet. "This hair is too long," She said as she looked at me. "I'm going to cut it really really short so we won't have to worry about it anymore. She ran the clippers through my head and worked it around to the sides. Tons of my hair fell off as I began to see my scalp. After a few minutes, Mrs. Amy realized she wanted it shorter. "This isn't short enough, give me a second." Mrs. Amy took the guard off and began to run the bare clippers over my head.

She worked her way around my ears leaving the side of my head looking bald and feeling rough like sandpaper. She continued this around my whole head. I felt the top and there was nothing there. "I'm not done yet," She said as she reached in her bag and took out a head razor.

"I think the fuzz is still too much to worry about, I'm going to shave your head completely bald so you won't have to worry about anything at all." I felt all my hair follicles disappearing as the razor passed over my head, not one, not two, but three times. Mrs. Amy was shaving my head so close that my hair wouldn't grow back fully for at least a year. When I finally got out of the chair and checked how I looked in my phone camera, I was completely bald. My head was really smooth, and I hated to admit it, but I actually liked it. Mrs. Amy had done a good job of keeping it smooth and shiny. Once she finished with Mike, she looked at both of us.

"Now you all have a proper haircut. The heat shouldn't both you at all. She tossed me a little cannister of something. "Put some sunscreen on that shiny bald head."

"Yes, Ma'am."

Mrs. Amy looked at her phone strangely. "Axel, I've got some good news. Your parents just texted me that they plan to stay a few extra weeks and they won't be back in time to fill out your school forms. I'm gonna go ahead and enroll you in the Floyds Academy Military Program." I was shocked to hear it but I know that Mrs. Amy wouldn't tolerate any disobedience. And honestly, I was starting to like the authority she exerted.

All I could say was "Yes, Ma'am."

"And don't worry Axel," She said. "At the academy, I'll make sure they keep your mop locked away, In the military academy, shaved bald heads are mandatory."

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