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Shave it all off by pulp.fiction

It was the last week of school and the weather had been very hot.
My mom picked me up from school one day and drove in a strange direction that I hadn’t gone before.

I asked her where we were going and she said she has found a barbershop she wanted to try out for me.

Once we got there we walked inside and saw a female barber finishing up a boys haircut.

"Make sure there’s not a hair on his head!" I heard a woman call out.
"I want him to be a cue ball!"
I assumed this woman was the boys mother, as I saw the boy’s hair being peeled off as he slowly attained a bald head.

The boy got up and rubbed his bald head in shock. "I didn’t want it bald, mom," he said sadly.

"Nonsense!" The woman said. "My son will have a neatly shaved bald head as long as he’s in my house." The woman looked at my mother as we sat waiting.

"Are you new here?" The woman asked.

"Yes we are!" My mom said to her. "That’s a nice haircut!" She said, looking at the young boy.

"Thank you," The boy said quietly.

"Well, if it’s your first time I’d recommend the summer shave special," the woman said. "It’s good for young boys and keeps their hair out of the way for a good while."

"Thanks for the suggestion!" My mom said. "He’ll be getting something like that."

The woman and her son walked out of the shop while my mom introduced herself to the barber.

"Just shave his head real short for summer," my mom said casually, sitting down once again to look at her phone.

My mom had always made me get a very short buzz cut for summer but she had never used the word shave before. It wasn’t a big deal, though, so I didn’t think about it.

The barber led me to her chair.
"Take a seat," she said sternly. "You’ll get a good head shave today."

She picked up her clippers and placed the guard on the counter, leaving the clippers bare. She placed her left hand on the top of my head and gently pushed my chin to my chest.

The clippers turned on and I felt them at the base of my neck. She slowly buzzed up the back of my head all the way to the top.

It was a new feeling and it made me very nervous.

She and my mom started a conversation while continuing to buzz the back of my head.

Alot of hair was tumbling down my shoulders and hitting the floor. I got a weird knot in my stomach watching my hair fall.

Then she started on my sides. She buzzed up my sideburn clear to the crown of my head. I couldn't see the mirror the way she put the chair.

She continued buzzing the entirity of my right side down to fuzz being careful not to nick my ear.

Then she did the same to the left continuing to chat with my mom while shaving my head.

Then when she was done with the left side she placed the clippers on my forehead and pushed them quickly back over my head. She quickly sent the clippers to the left of the strip she just shaved and went for another pass.

After multiple passes over the entirety of my head she turned off the clippers and put them on the counter.
The lady barber told my mom she'd be back in a minute and walked into the back room. My mom just returned to looking at her phone.
I finally got a look in the mirror and my hair was the shortest it had ever been! it was just my scalp with some light fuzz on it.

The barber returned quickly with another pair of clippers. These were the trimmers she used to clean up the last boy, seeing this I thought the haircut was over. I was relieved.

Then something different happened. She placed the trimmers in the middle of my forehead and ran them over the top of my head to the back of my head.

She continued to quickly run the trimmers over my entire head to reduce my fuzz to mere sandpaper. I couldnt believe the small amounts of hair continuing to fall off my head.

After 2 minutes she turned off the trimmers and placed them on the counter.
She dusted me off and removed the cape. I started to get off the chair and then the lady barber said to stay sitting for a few more minutes.

I didn’t react to it. My mom simply asked "You’ve got more for him?" The barber responded "It isn't a proper headshave without taking him to skin with the razor."

I did not expect to be given a razor headshave and I don’t think my mom did either, but she seemed like she wanted me to be shaved bald anyway.

The barber took some lather and spread it on my entire head.
Then she took out a straight razor and placed it on the crown at the back my head and took a long stroke foward to my forehead.
She cleaned the blade and proceeded to take all the remaining hair off the top of my head. Then she did the back and then the sides.
She gently shaved all the hair off my entire head. Leaving me with just pale skin.
After she shaved my entire head she lathered me up a second time.
This time she placed the razor on my forehead and scraped my scalp back to the crown.

"You’re gonna feel free with a bald head," she said, smiling. "This is the only haircut for a boy to have."

I got out of the chair and my mom felt my bald head.

"He’s a cue ball now!" The Barber said.

"I like it shaved bald," My Mom said. "This is the only haircut you’ll be getting from now on.

"If you need any help, I have a cream in the back to stunt hair growth. It should make his hair follicles fall out temporarily so he’ll stay smooth bald for a few months without any growth."

"Sounds good!" My mom said while feeling my bald head. She looked at me. "This looks much better, let’s go baldy."

We walked out of the shop while I felt my bald shaven head in shock. I knew I wouldn’t be feeling any hair for a long time. When we got home, my mom lathered me up and shaved my head again before applying the cream.

"There we go!" She said excitedly. "No hair for you ever again!"

"What?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, the barber lady didn’t tell you. This cream isn’t temporary, it should remove all hair and you’ll be bald forever, aside from a tight razor shave needed every few months." My mom smirked. "Pack your backpack. The school year isn’t over. Tomorrow, I can’t wait for the whole school to see your smooth bald head!" She said with a laugh before feeling my shaved bald head.

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