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I Knew I had the Itch by Scott the Haircut Lover

I Knew I had the Itch

My name is Zack. I have been cutting hair since I was in high school. I learned on YouTube by watching tons of videos. I practiced on my two younger brothers. It was ugly at first! They would end up with a lot less hair than they wanted. But over time I got the hang of it and could do sick fades and ever designs. It was more than just cutting hair to me though. It was an obsession… yes a fetish! I couldn’t get enough of it! When a week would go by without doing a cut it would literally go crazy.
My dad left us a long time ago. Money wasn’t and issue and we had a cool house in a great neighborhood. I asked my mom if I could take over the garage. She asked me why and I said I wanted to set up a barber shop. She figured it was a phase and said sure go ahead. I found a cool chair online and I with the help of my uncle I refurbished it. Once we did that we built a nice cabinet and mirror and I was set. My clippers were all wireless and up to date. I had some sick scissors I found on eBay for cheap. Now I just needed customers!
My uncle was my first cut in the new chair. Just trimmed him up and gave him a typical business mans cut. He really liked it though. Said the lines were perfect and I blended it really well. I told him he should bring Alex and Nathan (my cousins high school age) by for a cut. He said he would ask them. I got my little brother in the chair and did a sick fade with some cool lines on the side of his head. My mom was pissed and made me shave off the lines.
A few weeks went by. I was having little like finding people who trusted me with their hair. It was May and getting super hot out. I finally got my buddy Dylan to come by for a cut. He looked over the set up in my garage and said "dude you are really into this." I said "Yeah man I love cutting hair. It is a lot of fun." He took a seat. I combed out his over grown hair. He told me he hadn’t cut it since Christmas. I ask what he wanted. Dylan said nervously "ummmm idk just a trim up I guess" I leaned on the counter looking at him and said "Dude trust me, I wont mess it up. Let’s do something more trendy and fun with it." Dylan had nice sandy blonde hair. Fairly thick and really straight. I showed him a couple of pics from my phone I had downloaded. We picked a nice short cut and he said go for it. As I was cutting his hair our friend Shawn was walking by and came up to the garage. I looked at him "he bro your next" I giggled. Shawn came in and sat down in a folding chair I had in the garage. I was fading Dylan up tight. Lots of hair on the cape and he was starting to get really nervous. "Dude please don’t make me bald!" I laughed "Relax Dylan I got this". Shawn just watched as I took the length off the sides and back of Dylan’s head with the #1 on the clippers. I was excited to have two customers in my garage even though I didn’t know if Shawn wanted a cut yet. I started fading in Dylan’s hair. I had the top clipped up so it was out of the way. Shawn said "Damn Zach you got skills!" When I unclipped Dylan’s hair if fell over the faded sides and back. I sectioned it off just like I had learned on YouTube after I had wet it down. I started layering it in. I was snipping off a couple of inches at a time because his hair was so long. Then I parted it to the side. Took my tiny trimmer and cut in a perfect hard part. I took the blow dryer and started styling it. He looked hot! Dylan was amazed at how perfect the cut was. Shawn gave his approval as well. Shawn said "dude you gotta start charging for this!" I was like "Nah id have to get a license and all that stuff if I did that." "You want a cut?" Shawn looked at me as he ran his fingers through his shortish hair. "Maybe a trim."
Shawn took a seat in the barbers chair. Dylan couldn’t stop looking at himself in the mirror. Shawn said "Just buzz it down, 4 top 2 sides and back." I started buzzing down the top with the #4. It took off about an inch of hair. Then I took the #2 up the sides and back and lined him up perfectly. He said "wow Zach you really do have skills! This is a sick buzz and lined up perfectly!" We sat around talking about hair for a while and drank some sodas. They had know idea how much cutting their hair turned me on. I was in the closet still. I didn’t want to scare people off and I knew if they knew I got turned on when I cut their hair it would freak them out. We talked about girls and I guaranteed them success with their fresh haircuts. We all laughed.
The next day my Uncle showed up to help my mom fix some things around the house. He brought Alex and Nathan with him. They were kinda nerdy kids but good looking enough. They had over grown bowl cuts. I really wanted to dig my clippers into the sides and back of their head but I was playing it cool. My Uncle and finished fixing up the things in the house and my mom made us lunch. My Uncle looked at Alex and Nathan, "You boys ready for your haircuts?" My eyes opened wide as I looked at them. Nathan "Dad come on! You know I’m growing out this stupid bowl cut mom made me get!" My Uncle replied "I am aware. And it looks stupider than ever right now." Alex "I kinda like mine! I just need the sides and back cleaned up." I piped in, "Well the shop is open." My Uncle said "No Zach you don’t have to do that! I can just take them to Great Clips." I said "NO WAY! We built that shop for a reason. I’d be happy to do it." He said "Well ok."
I went out to the garage and got my clippers oiled up, turned on the lights, and was ready for two haircuts. Nathan got in the chair. "Zach don’t butcher my head!" I just laughed and started combing it out. The sides and back were about and inch long at this point and the top was almost 6 inches from the crown to where it hung down in back. I was surveying what I was going to do and told him I would just thin out the tip and make it match the sides and back without cutting too much off. When I was done he looked in the mirror amazed! To my surprise Shawn showed up at the garage. Nathan was admiring his cut as I introduced Shawn to my Uncle and cousins. Alex hopped in the chair. His hair was exactly the same length as Nathan’s. I started to comb it out. "So you really want to keep the bowl cut?" Alex said "well I don’t know what else would look good." Shawn piped in "Zach gave our friend Dylan a sick faded cut last week." Alex said "Well ok i trust you Zach." I sectioned off his long top and start shaving down the sides and back. Shawn was talking to Nathan telling him how good his hair looked. I was completely focused on Alex’s hair. It was coming off nicely as I faded the back and sides. I unclipped the top and started taking off several inches with my shears. I shaved in the hard part and styled him up. Nathan and my Uncle were like "Damn Zach! You are really good" I blushed "Thank you. I appreciate the compliments." They all left. I could tell Nathan was jealous of Alex’s fade but I figured we would get back to the another time.
I started sweeping up. Shawn was hanging around acting all nervous. I said "You ok bro?" He looked at me "Yeah I ummm…. Well never mind." I said "Dude tell me! Don’t be stupid." Shawn said "I was wondering if I could get another haircut." I giggled "Of course man! Hop in the chair." He eagerly hopped in the chair and I put the cape on him. "Whatcha thinking this week" I said. Shawn rubbed his head "Well I really liked it last week, but let’s take the top down more and the sides more faded." I snapped on the #2. Started running it over the top of his head. It was a pretty big difference but he wasn’t resisting at all. When I got to the sides I was feeling brave. I took them up high to the skin with my trimmer. Then I said "Can I shave the sides and back?" He eagerly said "Go for it!" It was just now that I realized he was enjoying this as much as I was. I spread lather on the side of his head. I took a bic razor and started scraping away the stubble. The excitement was almost unbearable. Once I had it smooth about ¾ of the way up his head I faded it in perfectly. I edged up the front. I showed him the back with a mirror. Shawn said "WOW that is so good Zach!" I removed the cape and it was clear I was right about how much he was enjoying it. I looked into his eyes. He apologized. I said no need! Same thing happened to me………. To be continued

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