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I Knew I had the Itch - Part 2 by Scott the Haircut Lover

I Knew I had the Itch " Part 2

Things were picking up in my garage barber shop. I had a few friends now that were letting me give them haircuts on a regular basis. Dylan had run into Shawn after I gave him his high and tight buzzcut and came the garage for the same cut. I couldn’t believe Dylan let me cut his hair that short he had always had nice longer styles. Its seemed to be becoming a trend amongst my close friends though. I also took note that they were getting their haircuts much more frequently. Sometimes weekly even. I found myself in the garage most days after school and almost all day on Saturday. Some guys would leave me a nice tip some didn’t pay at all, but I really didn’t care. I was just loving cutting all this hair. I even had a couple of girls come in and do pixie cuts. It was fun to chop off their shoulder length hair, but it wasn’t the same as cutting a guys hair.
My mom was getting worried I was doing too much. I told her that I was perfecting my skills and was going to make a career out of this after I was done with high school. My cousins, Alex and Nathan came by about once a month for a fresh cut. Of course my favorite customer was Shawn. He and I were getting along quite well. There was an attraction that I had never felt before. I continues to give him the #2 on top and high and tight shaved sides on a weekly basis. While nothing had happened between us my feelings for him were getting stronger and stronger.
One day I was sitting in the barbers chair in the garage just looking at myself in the mirror. My hair had actually gotten a little over grown. I didn’t like doing my own hair and usually just went down to Tom’s barber shop in town. The thing is the last time I was there he was a little curt with me as apparently my garage shop had impacted his business. This made me not really want to go back. I had a nice under cut with longer bangs and shaved sides and back usually. I had this style for about a year and really liked the way it looked on me. I was sitting there, staring at myself, annoyed at how long the sides and back were. I was running my fingers up and down the grown out hair. I could just shave the sides I started to think. I wont mess with the top. It might look good longer. I leaned forward, pick up my clippers with no attachment on them. I took my time. Loving watching the hair get peeled off the sides. I kept going up higher. Different than the last cut I got for sure. Then I started on the back. It was really hard to know exactly what the back was looking like, but I tried holding a mirror and shaving at the same time. Total fail!!!! YES! I had perfected my fades with all of my customers but I have totally f’d up my own hair. Well shoot I thought. Then the urge became uncontrollable. I took the clippers and placed them on the middle of my forehead. Guess I am starting over I said to myself. And with that I pushed straight back through the middle of my head. A good 5-6 inches of hair was being shaved off the top of my head. I went over it again and again. I even edged up the front to give it that nice square look that went perfectly with my hair line. I now had a shaved head though. Zero all over. Just barely and stubble on my head. I couldn’t stop rubbing it! It felt so amazing. I wasn’t sure I loved the look but I definitely love the feel.
I had a client coming in about 10 min so I cleaned up all of my hair off the chair and floor. I brushed off my t shirt and tried to get control of the excitement I just went through. Then there was a knock at the door. Chris walked in and said "Whoa! New look bro?" "Yeah, just decided to try something new" I replied. "Have a seat Chris." We started talking about his girlfriend. School stuff. The party coming up Friday night and small talk. Chris had really blonde hair which was a weakness for me. It had a nice wave. It wasn’t particularly long, maybe 3-4 inches in top with a tapered sides and back. Chris said his girlfriend was going to be pissed because she wanted them to grow it out. He continued that he hated it long because it was so annoying. I told him I agreed and I loved the style he had. I had been combing his hair and running my fingers through it the whole time we talked. I combed it straight back, to the side and even tried to faux hawk it a little. I was behind him and he was watching in the mirror. He said "Not gonna lie Zack that feels really good." I just smiled and said maybe we should cut the top a little different this time. Little more of a spike where you can style it in to a faux hawk if you want to. Chris was very apprehensive about change. He really seemed to be thinking about at as I continued to comb his hair in different directions. Then he says "I trust you Zack! Do what ever you think will look cool."
I surveyed my client. I wanted to be creative but not too crazy. I started with a very low fade. From what I learned I was attempting my first "blurry fade" on the sides then around the back where I would leave a little length in the middle. Chris kept asking me questions about why I was so into cutting hair and the only thing I could say was "I like making people feel good, look good, and trendy." I couldn’t tell him about the fetish side. I would lose all of my customers if that got out. He smiled and replied "You give me the best haircuts I have ever gotten! You make me want to come back for more. Tom always hacked my hair up and I wouldn’t want to cut it for months after." I just smiled and kept working. His hair was the perfect texture for this cut. I was working on the top when the side door of the garage opened. Low and behold Shawn showed up. Chris and I greeted him. Shawn admired the work I was doing. Shawn looked me and said "Zack! Did Tom do that?" I laughed and said "Nah I just waned a change. Like it?" Shawn was literally staring at my shaved head "Uhhhh its sick bro!" I started shaping the top of Chris’s head. He was going to be able to do a couple of styles with it. The faux hawk on this cut was the best one. I finished cutting. Then I showed him in the mirror and showed him the different ways he could do it. I had spent about 90 min on this cut and it was perfect! Chris was elated with the result and couldn’t wait to go show his girlfriend.
That left just Shawn and I in the garage. He came over and rubbed my head. Damn bro that is really short. I then confessed. "I was trying to do my own undercut and well I kinda messed it up. So I decided to just shave it off." Shawn smiled still rubbing him head "I really like it. Can you do mine just like that?" I got that tight feeling in my stomach like you get when you first have a kiss. It had only been a few days since I freshened Shawns hair up. But I mean who could resist. "Of course I can bro, take a seat." Shawn jumped in the chair with great enthusiasm. I could feel a rise in my shorts that was going to be very obvious soon. As I brushed off my clippers and oiled them all I could think about was making a move on Shawn today. But what if he didn’t feel the same way? He had to though, right? If he let it be known I was gay this could ruin everything. But I really like this dude! Shawn broke the silence "You ok bro?" I turned to him. Yeah it was obvious. He just smiled and said "shave me just like you Zack." So I did just that…… To be continued

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