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Time For a Change by Jerrod

I had been going progressively shorter with my haircuts over the years. If I allowed my to grow long it came in curly. I had been going to my barber,Shawn, on a regular basis for a flattop. He always had a neat flat. He had been encouraging me to try a different style. I was not ready.

Time marched on and it was becoming more apparent that the flattop was no longer right for me. I had been noticing a gradual thinning on top. And my barber had commented about it on different occassions. I started growing my hair longer over the past year. Perhaps, growing it in would cover the loss I was seeing with the flattops.

My attempt to conceal my thinning did little for me. Even with my curly red locks the little loss I had seemed to be more noticeable. I feared going bald. And just could not see myself with mpb. I realized there were other alternatives. The one I chose was propecia. I figured it would regrow the hair loss I was experiencing. It did not due what I expected it would. My barber told me right out that propecia is not for all men; it may work and then as in my case it just did not.

Now what I said. My barber suggested I face the facts that I was going to evetually end up almost bald. This was very upsetting to me. At the present time my hairloss was not that great yet noticeable. I saw many men who had taken the ultimate step and just shaved off what they had. This I felt was not something I was ready for.

Dale who was a close friend of mine had made the suggestion I should just face facts and accept I was going to be bald, so why not just shave it off. Dale himself had been experiencing some loss himself. His was much more noticeable than mine, since he had black hair. I asked him one day if he had thought about shaving his own head. It did surprise me in the when he informed me he might indeed shave it,when he felt it was the right time. Personally, I could not see him totally bald.

I had gone to the shop one day deciding to get my hair cut a bit closer. I had taken a seat to wait my turn since the shop was busier than usual. I could not help but notice most of the patrons were getting shorter cuts. I was reading a magazine when in walked Dale. He sat down next to me and asked me what I was getting. I told him just a bit shorter. He laughed saying isn`t it time you just give into it and take your hairloss like a man. I recanted what do you mean by that. Dale then throwing his head back and running his hands through his hair said shave it all off.

I snapped you have to be joking. No I am dead serious. Then I taunted him saying why don`t you shave your head. He answered I just may decide to. As the two of us were bantering back and forth this long hair patron of college age took the the barber chair. The two of us fell silent when he told the barber to shave it all. He had a thick full head of curly blonde hair. And there he was asking to have his head shaved. Dale remarked see he has a full head of hair and is having huis shaved. I replied so what.

We watched as his blonde hair was buzzed from his head. Then shave cream was applied and he was shaved smooth. He paid and thanked Shawn and left rubbing his now bald head. Then it was my turn. I got into the chair and was asked what it would be this day. Dale said how about just shaving it all off. I was angry at his remark and blurted out why don`t you. The other barber who was now free took Dale and said if you want I can shave your head. Dale said fine than do it. As Shawn started to buzz mine shorter,Dale`s barber had him down skin close and began to proceed to shave his head. Dale was enjoying the whole thing. Shawn asked if I wanted the same. Dale said go for it. I surprised my self when I agreed to having my head shaved.

Soon it was over and both of us were bald. Dale remarked you look great with your head shaved. I did not think so, but did enjoy the feel of my smooth scalp. I told Dale he looked good bald. He agreed he liked it and was going to keep it for awhile and me. Well I was not all that sure. It just seemed to grow on me and Dale and I have been going for weekly shaves. Dale plans on staying with the shaved head. As for me I am taking it week by week. I do not know if I want to stay with my shaved head at this point.

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