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The New Head Of Department - Part 2 by Snipped Sam

Mr Newman the head of department where I was an office junior had become my mentor. He was very strict and really demanding of me when it came to my work and seemed to take a pleasure in giving me extra work to do. When it came to my appearance having got me to Mr Andrews his barber, he had ensured that my hair stayed very short.

The firm I worked for always had their Christmas Party at the end of January, it was just over two weeks before the party and Mr Newman called me into his office, I had been late that morning having missed my bus so I thought I was about to get a warning. But he fine about it saying that he was aware that I had worked through my lunch hour to catch up so on this occasion there would be no recriminatory action being taken. He then turned his attention to the party

"As you know Wilson, with it being fancy dress as a department we are going as Robin Hood and his Merrymen and other characters from the story."

"Yes Sir."

"As you know, Henderson will be Robin Hood and I understand you were going to be a merry man and Mr Johnson will be Friar Tuck with his amble size and bald head he will be perfect. But I thought you might prefer to be Brother Benedict his protégé monk."

"I have never heard of a Brother Benedict Sir."

"We have enough merry men, it will make an interesting addition, Mrs Daniels will order the monks robe from the hire shop."

"Very good Sir."

I replied not wishing to displease Mr Newman.

"When you were first introduced to Mr Andrews by me, I seem to recall you were very interested in a tonsure."

"The medieval monks haircut Sir."

"Yes Wilson."

I recalled that it was Mr Newman who had brought the haircut to my attention and said it was a style he had always admired. At the time he had gauged that my reaction to the idea was not too preposterous, I realised that Mr Newman was manipulating a situation. I also knew that if he was to insist on me having a tonsure, I could not refuse nor would I want to.

"One assumes Wilson that Brother Benedict would have a tonsure when he entered monastic life."

"Yes, Sir most likely."

"You are working during the day that Saturday Wilson, but I could if you like double check with Mr Andrews his closing time and make the necessary arrangements."

"Thank you, Sir."

"I know it goes against what I have said in the past, but don’t consider getting your haircut before then Wilson."

"Very good Sir."

Two weeks on Saturday seemed to take forever coming, I was thrilled at the idea about having a tonsure, when the day came and I headed to work as there was a lot of catching up to do. As the office junior and with no tea lady doing the usual rounds it was my job as office junior to make the coffee that morning. When I took the coffee into Mr Newmans office, he told me that he had made the necessary arrangements for me.

"So, no backing out now Wilson."

"It never occurred to me that backing out was an option Sir."

Which seemed to please him ,at last we finished work the other staff drifted off and Mr Newman called me into his office and told me to wait in the car park. He arrived about five minutes later and we drove to the barbers, after a fifteen minute or so wait it was my turn to go into the cubicle. I stood up and Mr Newman followed me.

"Take a seat Michael."

Mr Andrews said already holding the white cape in readiness, I was soon prepared, my heart was racing with excitement, as he combed my hair forward at the front.

"This will be the first time I have done a monk’s haircut, but I know exactly what to do, the length your hair is at the front will govern how much hair will be left at the back and sides before I finally prepare the top part of your head."

I had fantasied about this haircut ever since Mr Newman had mentioned it weeks ago, and now finally it was happening. Part of me really wished that an actual monk was doing the cut, but this was as good as it got, it was also thrilling with Mr Newman there watching.

"Right Michael, I am working on you having about a two and a half-inch wide ring of hair, so I will now take the sides and back up accordingly, later I will wet shave for a really smooth finish."

"Thank you, Mr Andrews."
I replied before he bent my head forward to clipper shave the back of my head to the required level, the clippers felt quite uncomfortable as he pressed hard against my head to take off the hair.

"Wilson, keep your head completely still for Mr Andrews, don’t forget it would be not usual to have the benefit of an experienced and excellent barber, more likely a monk would have given you your tonsure with a blunt razor."

Having received my reprimand, I concentrated on keeping my head perfectly still, so Mr Andrews could strip the hair off the back and sides of my head. Mr Newman was giving encouraging words to the barber, telling him that he was a natural at giving the cut. I supposed it would seem a very bizarre thing for anyone who didn’t really understand, but I really wanted this cut and moreover was delighted that my boss had instigated it. Following his work on the back of my head, next he dealt with the hair above my ears, which was followed by a brushing away of the loose hairs. Next came a very light snipping to even up my fringe, when Mr Andrews cut my hair about a month before he had not cut my hair quite so short on top. Having placed the scissors back on the shelf, Mr Andrews once again had the clippers in his hand.

"This is the moment when you start to really look like a monk Michael, when I take the hair from the top of your head."

I swallowed hard, this was the bit I was really excited about, the clippers began to buzz and he moved them towards the top of my head and clippers of my hair. He worked away creating the circle of baldness, in the mirror I could see that the top of my head was bare. He asked Mr Newman what he though and he said it looked just right. Having returned the clippers to the shelf and another dusting with the brush, Mr Andrews prepared the shaving brush with soap and applied it to the back and sides of my head and then to the top of my head. I then watched as he sharpened the razor on the leather before gently shaving the sides and back of my head before the dome on the top of my head. The finished result was perfection, he applied Old Spice after shave to the top of my head, neck and above my ears which really did sting but felt invigorating. Mr Newman insisted on paying for my haircut, when we reached his car and got into it, he looked at me approvingly.

"Am I right in thinking you do not have a girlfriend Michael?"

"You are right Sir."

He gave me a knowing smile before we drove away, that night after the office party he took me home with him, a month or so later he had me transferred to another department in different building. When I started my new job, I was wearing a human hair wig which was more or less identical to how my hair would normally look. He took over the maintenance of my tonsure, and I would wear a wig for work and socially to keep my monk’s haircut a secret. When we were together, in accordance with his wishes, I would wear a monk’s robe and usually a hair vest for penitence.

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