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Holiday buzz cut by Robert Spiers

I live in a rural area with my husband and often, as it is so far away, we don't go to the barber's. Instead, there is a sort of travelling hairdressing service that you can book to come to your house.
I hadn't had a haircut in a while, because the last booking I was on a work thing, and it's quite hard to get hold of another on short notice, so my hair hadn't been cut in six months. We were going away to Australia on holiday to go on a cultural tour of the country and so we had booked it for me today.
Unfortunately, our normal barber got held up in traffic and we had to improvise. We tried getting hold of a more local (but less highly credited) service, but he was off on his holidays, so he wasn't free. My friend said that she and her wife had some hairdressing equipment at their house, so she kindly offered to let her wife do it. I called it a hard pass, but my husband was so desperate now to find somewhere, we were considering just gettong it done in Australia.
I sat down in their kitchen with a towel draped around me and I told her nothing too short, just neaten it up a bit. My husband suddenly butted in asking why I never changed up my hair, which I replied to, but he was not having it. Instead, we agreed we'd both get the cut the other chose.
My husband went first, and I chose for him to get a crew cut, which to be fair to him, he accepted, whilst obviously not that happy about it.
Then it was my turn. He told our hairdresser he didn't know, and I thought I was off the hook. Of course, she suggested how about a buzz cut? To keep him cool. Sadly, he seemed to like the idea. All my luscious locks of hair were tapered down to a sandpaper lining. My husband thought it was muy fuego if you know what I mean, but I grew it out as soon as possible. (By the way, my hair is now long once more, so I am triumphant for now)

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