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My BF and I - Final by Scott the Haircut Lover

My BF and I " Final

We got to my house. The last two weeks had been crazy and school. My little sister saw Tyler and couldn’t stop looking at his bald head. I had shaved it for him before we left and it was super shiny today. My hair had grow out about a week. I mother always checked me over. She said that is an interesting haircut son. I just smile and said "Well Tyler chose it so I hope you like it." We went up to my room and put our stuff away. Tyler was so nervous. Two of my friends were back in town and we made plans to go see them that night.
Travis and Mike were two of my best friends. We met at the local pizzeria. Travis was straight as and arrow. Mike, well who knows! I gave them both bro hugs. We talked about the first semester at college. Travis like always couldn’t stop talking about all the chicks he bagged. Mike kept staring at Tyler. Tyler finally asked "You ok over there?" Mike said "I am sorry I cant stop looking at your shaved head. Its looks amazing to be honest." Both Travis and Mike had clearly not gotten a haircut since they left for school. I laughed "Well we shave it every morning." Making it clear that Tyler was mine! I kissed his cheek and he put his arm around me. Travis said "bro you hair looks really cool!" I smiled and said "Yeah Tyler and I have fun with our styles." Mike admitted that he needed to get his cut. His mom was all over him about it as soon as he walked in the door. Travis said he had and appointment the next day. Mike said "At the Hair Barn?" Travis smiled and said "Ha of course! That is where we always go around here." Amazingly their appointments were at the same time. Tyler said "Can we join you? Its fun to hang out at the barber shop." Mike and Travis looked a bit confused but didn’t seem to mind.
Tyler and I spent the night in the basement so that we could have some privacy. My bedroom was on the same floor as the rest of the family and well let’s just say we knew when mom and dad were having their fun. He and I stayed up until everyone went to bed. Then we kissed and cuddled until really late. I love this guy so much! The next morning we all gathered for breakfast. Tyler was starting to fit in with my family and I couldn’t have been happier. I looked at the clock and said "We need to meet Mike and Travis in 45 min" No one asked where we were going. We took a quick shower and got dressed and headed out. Now this had been the first time in weeks Tyler or I hadn’t shaved his head in the morning. He had a bit of a dark shadow on his head. It was still nice to rub and I did so on our drive to the Hair Barn. There they were, my two best friends with their long shaggy hair. Tyler and I sat in the lobby. I know your thinking "Wow these guys are weird" and we probably are, but for some reason it just seemed normal. The shop was not busy. There were four barbers and only Mike and Travis were in the chair. Tyler got up and went to one of the barbers asking him if he did head shaves. The barber smiled and said "it is my favorite cut to give." Tyler took a seat in the barbers chair. He hadn’t had a barber shave him since his first shave. I was watching Mike and Travis. Both of them were getting a lot taken off. The fourth barber came up to me and said, looks like you could get that blurry fade freshened up. I was a bit shocked but smiled and took a seat. Now the four of us were in a chair. Travis getting his 6 inch long hair cut into a tight taper, Mike getting is six inches of hair buzzed off. The love of my life had his head full of lather. I was getting my blurry fade freshened up and the barber asked if I wanted the shaved stripes. I smiled and said hell yeah! It makes the cut! An hour later everyone looked fresh. I had never seen Mike with such a short cut but he looked great. Travis normally had a fade in high school but I guess he just got lazy at college. Of course Tyler looked hot with his fresh shiny head. My cut was good. Not as tight as the place we go back at school, but it was fine.
That night we were headed to a huge party at the lake. My friend Carlos was rich and had a huge lake house. His parents always travelled and he always threw epic parties. Mike and Travis rode with us. As I was driving I couldn’t help but notice both of them were rubbing their new haircuts. Tyler was looking so hot with his barber shop shiny shave. We got there fairly early. Carlos greeted us and I introduced my boyfriend Tyler to him. Carlos immediately commented on how good his shaved head looked. Carlos always had pretty long straight black hair but he had gotten a perm and college with a low undercut. It looked really nice. As people arrived I noticed lots of changes in hair styles. Tyler was getting along with everyone and the party was a blast! I got us both a drink and took his hand leading him down to the dock by the lake. We hadn’t been alone all night. There was a real chill in the air, but as we made out I was never as warm as I was then. Tyler whispered "I love you! I want you right now." I gave myself to him. It was so passionate and loving! We held hands as we walked back up to the house. The party was starting to wind down. Carlos asked if we wanted to stay the night and we agreed to. I knew he just wanted us to help him clean up in the morning but it was all cool.
Mike and Travis were hammered and passed out. Carlos, Tyler and I sat on the and had a drink talking about school. Carlos started asking Tyler what made him shave his head and he told him the entire story. I could tell Carlos really liked it. I asked Carlos when he got the perm. He said that it was a spur of the moment decision back in October but kept it because he really ended up likening it. We both told him that is really suited him. Carlos said "Yeah but I’m getting tired of the up keep. Ive gotten it permed twice since October and the whole process takes like two hours." I was telling Carlos about the shop we went to on campus and how trendy it was and he said yeah we have the same thing. Then he started asking about us. It was more than just inquiring about how we met and stuff it was more about being gay. I finally asked him "Are you thinking you are gay Carlos?" He got beat red "Yeah I hooked up with a guy at a party right before break and well I really liked it." Then he shocked us both "I think ima just shave off these curls." We both smiled and said "I don’t think you will regret it!" With that we were off to bed.
The next morning Tyler and I woke up about the same time. My hands were all over him. Kissing and cuddling and taking care of each other in many ways. Our room had a shower connected to it and we got in together. I spread lather on Tyler’s head and started shaving it. There was almost nothing there as the barber had shaved him really close the day before. It just felt so good to shave him and he loved me doing it. We go dressed and went up stairs. Everyone was awake surprisingly. After cleaning up from the party Carlos asked where we went to get our cuts yesterday. "The Hair Barn of course" He smiled. I didn’t know they did shaves. Mike said "Your gonna shave yours?" Carlos said "I am thinking about it." Carlos followed us back to town and we dropped off Mike then Travis. I looked at him when we arrived at my house "So you want to go to the Hair Barn?" He said "Will you guys come with me for moral support? Tyler and I smiled and said "sure" at the same time. His thick black hair was really shiny and I must admit I loved the undercut. When we arrived the barber that had shaved Tyler the day before was available right away. Carlos sat down and was caped up. The barber was literally running his fingers through Carlos’s permed curls. "So what are we doing with this?" Carlos was facing us as he sat in the chair and looked at Tyler "Same as my friend over there." The barber smiled and said "Sure thing." He picked up his clippers and started up the sides. Working around the back and shaving up to the crown. Tyler whispered in my ear "Babe will you shave your head for me?" My mouth dropped open. I didn’t know what to think and my head was now spinning. I ran my fingers through my short hair. "How long have you been wanting me to?" Tyler said "Just now! I just want to see you in the chair getting shaved." I kissed his cheek and slowly got on my feet. I walked over to a barber as asked if he could take me. He said "Didn’t you just get a haircut yesterday?" I said "Yes sir but I want a shave." He patted the chair and said "Have a seat!" I could see Tyler was aroused. Carlos’s barber was now running the clippers over the top of his head taking him down to a dark shadow of hair. I was literally shaking. Tyler took a seat in the empty barbers chair next to me. The barber said "Just like his?" All I could manage was a nod. And so it began. Right down the middle. Shaving off my spikey blonde hair. I glanced over and saw Carlos with a head covered with lather. My barber made quick work of my hair and I was shaved down to stubble. Then hot lather all over. Tyler was staring with a gaze that was really turning me on. The barber slowly shaved me with the grain. Then re-lathered and shaved against it. Tyler had the biggest smile on his face. I still couldn’t believe I was doing this. Thirty min later I was bald. Bald like my boyfriend and bald like my friend Carlos. When I got out of the chair Tyler came over and started rubbing my head and kissing me passionately. We left the shop. The cold air felt so weird on my smooth shiny head.
When I got home my mother couldn’t believe it. I told her she might want to get used to it. I had a feeling I wouldn’t have hair again anytime soon. Tyler and I decided to get a hotel room that night. We shaved each other’s heads again just for fun and make passionate love all night. Tyler and I moved into our place when we got back to college. Jake moved in. He couldn’t believe we were both bald when we got back to school. Tyler and I stayed bald through college shaving each other almost every day. We got married after school and to this day we are still in love as the first day we met! We are also still shaving our heads daily! ……. The end

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