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My BF said I needed a haircut... by William

During lockdown, me and my boyfriend didn't really do much, other than sit around slept in for ages. We also obviously did work, but that was pretty much it. Anyway, as we weren't allowed outside and neither of us actually new how to cut hair, when it was over, his and my hair were both about mid-back length. We were both quite happy with our hair, but we unanimously agreed that we needed a haircut; it was simply to long to be manageable.
We put it off for another few weeks after we had decided, because our town's barber was fully booked with everybody who had the same problem as us. Eventually, we got a booking and before I knew it, it was time to say goodbye to my hair.
We turned up and pushed through the double glass doors. My friend's wife works there and I was trusting enough to put my glorious locks in her hands. 'So what will it be this time, boys?' She said getting me sat into the chair and the plain white coat over my shoulders. He replied for both of us that we didn't know. 'Maybe I could make a few suggestions?' We accepted, seeing as she was the proffesional. She had been humming and hawing about it for a while and then she suggested 'well you have a lovely oval-shaped face, so there are a few to suggest, but if your looking for a big change as you say, how about a buzz cut?' I opened my mouth to protest, but before I could my BF interjected that that would be great. He had always been a sucker for super-short haircuts, but had never been brave enough to try one for himself, so he imposed short haircuts on me at every opportunity. 'OK! If you say so...'
She had now finished combing my hair. The comb snapped onto the table with a sharp noise and her hands reached for the clippers, which were charging in the corner of the table. It was a wireless silver model, decorated with a skull and crossbones sticker. With a click it sprang into life. 'Could you tip your head forwards for me?' I obeyed reluctantly. I felt the tiny serrated blades, protected by the plastic guard, glide up the nape of my neck, and again, and again, until all the length at the back was all but completely gone. Next in line were the sides, which were just as ruthlessly shaved off without seconds thought. After that, I felt her press the edger clipper to my scalp and chew away at the stubbly hairs clinging on there. Embarrassingly, I stood up to leave. 'Errm, where do you think you're going? I'm not done with you yet!' I sat down again and again the clippers whirred into motion. The top of my hair was now untied, rolling past my shoulders like a chesnut waterfall. I asked if we could leave it there, at an undercut, but my boyfriend said no chance, sit down and get shaved!
So, the clippers were fed from my forehead to the crown, hair floating down to the ground like leaves all around me. Suddenly, they jolted to a stop. The hair that had not thirty minutes ago been down to my back was now on the floor, leaving me with this crisp buzz cut. I must say, it wan't my least favorite haircut I've ever had, especially as it was close coming a very hot Summer and it was good for my head to be cool during that. As well, my boyfriend said it was really hot and that night we celebrated our first haircuts in nearly a year with a nice bottle of champagne.

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