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Stupid things in college! by William

I recently graduated university, but, for me, it seems very surreal that only ten years ago, I was starting university! University was a strange experience, especially the start of it. It was also where I met my current boyfriend, who I am soon getting married to (wow, that makes me feel old), but also it was where obviously I got my degree and some of my closest friends.
One night, I was at a party with some of my friends. It was the sort of party that, wether you drink or not, everybody somehow gets a massive hangover the next morning. There was a boy over by the bar, who I had been staring gormlessly at for the whole party, when my best friend came up to me and asked me if I liked him. Before I could think, I answered yeah dreamily. To which, she dragged me over to him so I could introduce myself.
'Hi! I couldn't help but noticing that you are the most radiant thing at this party.' He said, taking my hand in his. I was so shy and couldn't stop giggling at this comment. I replied that he was looking amazing as well. I looked back at my friend for support, but she was lying on the sofa with a girl I recognized from my history class. Eventually, we kissed and now I am his to-be husband!
Anyway, we chatted together for a few weeks and I learnt that he really liked short hair. I told him, then and there, that I needed a haircut, and was happy for him to do whatever he liked with it. So we went back to his room and he set up a stool and put a towel underneath to catch the hairs. He put one of his admittedly quite clean sheets over me and went to his bathroom to fetch his scissors, comb, a repurposed spray bottle and the dreaded clippers.
When he got back, he took no time at all to get into the cut. I could tell he was nervous and anxious to get to the cut, by the jittery and unusual combing, but I refrained from saying anything. He quickly gave my hair a soaking of water. At that time, for me, it was quite short, only about shoulder-length, but I kept telling myself that even that would be gone. Honestly, a surprise haircut is one of the things that gets my blood pumping. I made idle small talk, the usual things, and acted calm, but I was afraid he was going to cut too much off and was feverishly trying to see what he was doing. At the moment it was just scissors. That was fine, I could feel a couple of inches lost, but nothing absolutely drastic.
Then he reached for the clippers. I had only had one haircut that I can remember with the clippers, and I'm pretty sure it put me off, right until then. The embarrassing thing was that I was physically shaking all over. The blades touched my neck, but I could feel no guards. I knew I would be leaving with substantially shorter hair now. It took a worryingly short time for him to finish, but when he did, he started on the top. It didn't look like my prospects were good. The clippers once again gnawed through my thick hair like nothing and before I even knew it had started, he asked me to get out of the chair and look at my reflection, and then replicate your cut on me. I went to the nearest mirror, and was shocked to see my head was entirely shaved. It was surprisingly not my worst ever cut, especially with my beard and so I honoured his requests and shaved his head from back-length to nothing. I have not gone that short in my life since then and neither has my boyfriend, but my haircut is coming up in two days so, maybe, or maybe not.

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