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Im Finally 18 by Scott the Haircut Lover

Im Finally 18

Today was my birthday! I finally turned 18. My name is Adam and I am secretly gay. I also have huge fetish for hair. Doesn’t have to be bald or buzzed or anything like that it just has to suit the guy. So I had been getting mine cut by the same barber since I was 13. In fact, I was his first customer when he turned 18 and got his barbers license. Jarrod wasn’t your typical barber. He just loved cutting hair. As I got older my visits to Jarrod got more and more interesting. My first haircut was a typical back to school cut. I always went to Jarrod right before school started. Every year I would start the school year with latest style. This year would be different.
Jarrod was super handsome. He was average height, but he worked out and had a perfect body. His hair was always short and always fresh. It was a natural sandy blonde. Sometimes it would be colored light blonde. Now, I told you that I have a huge hair fetish but I wasn’t a guy that got his haircut often back then. I would go about every 3 months so I always needed a cut pretty bad when I went to see him. As the years past Jarrod and I became good friends. When I turned 17 Jarrod and I started to talk about personal stuff like our love life. I had no love life so I mostly just listen to him talk about the guys he liked. Yes Jarrod was openly gay. My back to school 17yo haircut was a mullet. Jarrod told me it was the rage this year and he gave me a cute one. To be honest I hated it but I trusted him and let him do what ever he wanted. Three months later I came back, he asked me if I wanted a mullet and said no just even it up all around and make it more normal. Jarrod knew I was getting older and as he cut my hair he started to tell me more and more about his love life. I don’t know if he knew how aroused he got me under the cape or not. I kept my hair at just a normal mid length all of my 17yo year, but I started to increase the frequency of my visits to once a month. About half way through the year Jarrod told me about a new boyfriend he had. I was crushed. The thing is I had a huge crush on Jarrod and was waiting until I was 18 to tell him!
I had been searching the internet all summer for this years trends. My birthday was a week away and I was excited to get my new haircut. It was going to be totally different this year. I wanted something totally new! Jarrod had been a barber for 5 years now and had a HUGE following. He was definitely the best barber in town. ALL of my friends went to him. Senior year was going to be epic. I planned to come out as gay as soon as I got my new look. I had matured enough not to care what anyone thought of me. I had a good internship and made really good money the summer leading up to my 18th birthday. I went on a shopping spree and got a whole new wardrobe. When I woke up the morning of my 18th birthday all I could think about was going to see Jarrod for my 6pm appointment. It was his last of the day. I went down stairs and got a huge surprise from my Dad. Since I had a 4.0 GPA all through high school and scholarship offers to collage already he bought me a brand new tricked out Black Jeep Wrangler! I was so stoked. The top was off. And after breakfast and all the birthday fan fair I took it out and showed it off. I love how the wind felt blowing through my hair. But all I could think about still was my 6pm appointment.
It was 5:45. I was with my best friend Peter when I said I gotta go. He asked where I was going and I just said it’s "Jarrod time". He smiled and said cool come over after we are partying tonight for your birthday! I said see ya later and headed off to see Jarrod. When I arrived my friend Ryan was in the chair getting a sick fade. I smiled and Jarrod said he was almost done. Ryan looked so good! As Jarrod finished him up and Ryan paid I took a seat. I started to get nervous about my new look. Jarrod came to the chair, put the cape around me, and spun me to the mirror. The other two barbers said "have a good night" and left. It was just Jarrod and I in the shop. Jarrod when over and locked the door and closed the window shades. I said well "I am finally 18!" He smiled and said "So what are we doing for your 18th?" I said that I wanted to tell him something and that he was going to be the first person I told. He said ok and I let it out. I am gay Jarrod. He laughed, I was surprised not knowing how to take it. He said "I know. I have known the whole time I have known you Adam." I smiled and took a deep breath "That obvious huh?" He just smiled and leaned over giving me a big hug.
We talked for a bit while he just combed my hair over and over again. It felt so good. He said the guy he was dating ended up being a jerk and he was single again. I smiled and said "So your saying I have a chance?" He said "You have more than a chance!" I said "I have wanted to go on a date with you for a while now and was just waiting until I was waiting until I was legal." Jarrod smiled and said "Ready for your new look? We are going to be here for a while." I said I am all yours." He kept combing my hair as he described what he was going to do. It was going to be much much shorter. He was also going to give me highlights. As he described the cut I got more and more aroused and I was stepping out of my comfort zone and into a whole new world.
Jarrod pick up the clippers and started shaving the sides. It was to the skin about two inches above my ear. Then the fading started. He took his time over and over again. As he worked around to the back he left a little length down the middle. It felt so good. He told me how much he loved the texture of my hair. He kept complimenting me on my blue eyes. He was definitely hitting on me. There was a lot of hair piling up on the cape. This was the shortest cut I had gotten since my buzz cuts back in grade school. I wish I could post a picture of what the haircut is. He faded it all the way up to the part and then took the fade and inch higher. He shaved in a bald line (hard part) and took the part all the way around to the back. It was the most trendy haircut going he told me and no one else had it! He had always wanted to do this cut on a client. It was meticulous in his work. His lines were perfect. He started painting in the highlights. My boner was raging under the cape. As the color set he asked me "have you had your first kiss yet?" I blushed and said "Not yet." He leaned over and kissed me. I was in heaven! My fingers stroked his shaved back of his head. I had wanted to touch it for so long. We kissed the entire 30 min the color was setting in. When the bell went off I was dizzy from the making out we were doing. He leaned me back into the sink and washed out the color. It was white blonde. Then he put in the toner and brought it back to a bluish silver. Mixed with my dark brown hair it looked incredible. Jarrod styled it up. The top was just a couple of inches and had a nice spike to it. Once he finished he said that he wanted to make love right now! I was so nervous but we did it right there in the barbers chair. It was the best birthday present I could have ever hoped for.
Once we gathered ourselves he asked me what my plans were for the rest of the night. I said "I don’t know if you want to go to a high school party or not, but I was about to head to one." He said "Sounds fun." We talked into Peter’s house holding hands. Everyone was excited to see I had a boyfriend and everyone already knew Jarrod anyway. I got so many compliments on my new hair! It was the most amazing birthday ever!

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