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Layered: My Second (Real) Self Haircut by haircoward

This story takes place not too long after my Second "Classified Cut", where I had my "V" taper cut into a "U".


The "itch" was back again. While my hair was still looking amazingly healthy, the healthiest it had looked in years... maybe ever, the urge to have it cut once again began to bubble to the surface. I was very happy with my length and new style, but the fetish is never truly satisfied. I thought about having my new "U" hemline trimmed up, because I really did love it, but was too ashamed to ever consider going back to the stylist who gave it to me.

I tried to distract myself for a bit, hoping that the urge might pass. Take my mind off my own hair, and maybe watch some videos of ladies having theirs cut off online. This is never a good idea... at least not for me. You'd almost think I'd know better.

I popped online, and searched up some of my usuals, searching for things like "ponytail cut off". Usually, this would take me to videos of hair donations… something I was still obsessed with. This time, though, something had seemingly changed overnight. All of the newest results were of women giving themselves layered haircuts using something called the "ponytail method". They would brush all of their hair forward, and tie a ponytail in the front of their head. They’d then pick a place on the ponytail and cut straight across. When they’d take their hair down, what they were left with was a headful of layers. Sometimes they’d cut a little, other times, most of the ponytail.

It was mesmerizing to watch. You could see by the look in their eyes how nervous they were. You could see their hands shaking. The huge gasp they’d take as they closed the scissors for the first time. Before I knew it, I must’ve watched a dozen of these videos.

In one of them, the girl freaked out a bit after the cut was done. She joked "oh my gosh, I’m Rachel." Having grown up in the 90s and 00s, the "Rachel" cut had definitely caught my attention. I remember girls in my high school, seemingly going to the salon en masse to have their hair cut off into the heavily-layered "Rachel".

I never thought about it for myself… but… I found myself starting to imagine what it might be like to cut my hair like that. Just as quickly as the thought entered my mind, however, I’d talked myself out of it.

Then, I found the video that wound up putting me over the edge. The thumbnail was of a woman holding scissors with a thick braid of hair running down the front of her face. When I clicked on the video, however, it was just another "ponytail method" cut. The braid was just for the thumbnail. Actually, she used several elastics to hold the pony together. She did cut off enough to donate (8″) though. My mind started to race. I watched her cut off half of her ponytail, and still wind up with with the same length of hair in the back. I realized I could actually give myself a pretty drastic cut, and still keep most, if not all, of my length.

I became very excited. And got up to measure my hair… and see if this was even a possibility.

I brushed all my hair forward, and collected it in a tight ponytail right at the front of my head. I used a piece of printer paper to measure 8 1/2″ from the bottom, and tied off a second elastic there. That elastic wound up hanging between my chin and my chest. Even if I were to cut it off, I’d still have a ton of length. It wasn’t quite going to be the "Rachel", more like a way grown out version of one. I tried to do a braid under that elastic, but my current layers weren’t cooperating. I instead decided to do what the girl in the video did, wrapping several more elastics in it all the way to the end. I’d never "bundled" my hair like this before. It felt like a thick cable. I couldn’t even bend it.

I watched a couple more of these videos, pretending like I was actually going to go through with this… but knowing full-well I wouldn’t.

At least, that was the plan.

I picked up my phone and opened up the camera. Putting it in "selfie" mode, I saw myself, and wished I could record myself doing this cut. Wished I could, like all these girls I was watching, share the experience with the world… but, knew that was definitely not in the cards.

Then, I stopped… and asked myself why I COULDN'T record it? I didn’t have to post it anywhere, it could just be for me. The butterflies started to kick in. I started to think I was actually about to do this. I grabbed the scissors, just to hold them in my hair and see how it would look if I were to cut it off.

Seeing the scissors above that band on my screen was enough to put me on autopilot. I hit record on my phone and slowly started closing the scissors. It was so thick it almost refused to be cut. I wound up letting go. My ponytail had a bit of a dent in it, but none of the hair had been cut off. But now, I wanted it more than ever. I kept picturing the cute layered cuts I’d been watching happen all day… and how, I was only moments away from having one of my own. I headed into the craft room to grab the "big" scissors.

Back in the bathroom, I hit record again. I asked myself if I really wanted to do this, before closing my eyes… and the scissors. Reality set in, and I gasped. I looked at my ponytail, which was now only halfway attached and realized I had no choice but to continue. I became fascinated with the sight of my ponytail, swinging in front of me, only barely hanging on. The clean blunt cut ends, that were only seconds ago still connected, dangling there. I took a couple more big snips, until it was finally severed. I held out this heavy, thick, nearly foot long, unbendable "cable" of hair and couldn’t believe what I’d just done.

I’d become so lost in it, that I’d almost forgotten that I now had a headful of layers to check out.

I set my pony down, and took the rest of my hair down. I was pretty amazing. It jutted down in pointy layers all around my neck and shoulders. I turned around to check out the back, and discovered that I’ did lose a couple of inches of length, but the resulting style was very cute, very choppy. It didn’t suit me at all, and I was already freaking out about explaining it to my wife, but I couldn’t get enough of how it looked.

Then, I tied it back in a ponytail… and my heart sunk.

My ponytail had gone from a beautiful, thick, rounded mass of hair… to something that looked more like a piecey bundle of straw. I began breathing heavy, and ran my fist down the length of my pony… realizing that, there wasn’t any more thickness. It was ugly… and, since I wore it in a ponytail most of the time, I knew I had likely just doomed myself to a much shorter cut in the near future… but, that’s a story for another time.

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