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My GF has it Too by Scott the Haircut Lover

My GF has it Too

It was my second year of college. The first year went great academically, but socially it was a disaster. It was September and I hadn’t cut my hair since April. I was staying in good shape but other than that I had pretty much let myself go. I was having lunch in the food court on campus reading a chapter of my physiology book. All of the sudden a super cute girl ask if she could share the table. I looked up and smiled and said "Oh sure! Have a seat. I’m Ryan." She smiled and said "Thanks I am Sarah". I went back to reading as she ate her salad. I closed my book and she said "I have that class too." As it turned out we had it at the same time. We had only been back at school for a couple of weeks and the class had like 100 people in it. We started chatting. She was so cute with her shoulder length hair, light blue eyes and petite body. I was feeling very nervous as I built up the courage to ask her out. She said she would like that and we made a plan for Saturday around 11am.

So Saturday came and I met her outside her dorm. We rode out bikes to the lake about 3 miles away. I bought us a hot dog and we ate it by the water. I swear we never stopped talking about all kinds of things. Finally the topic came up. Sarah said "You really like your hair long don’t you?" I said "I don’t know, I have just kind of let it grow since spring break last year." She reached out and ran her fingers through it. "Well you have really nice thick hair." I looked at her blushing a little "Yours is beautiful." She smiled and thanked me. She didn’t stop running her fingers through it. "I think you should cut it. I think a short cut on your would look fantastic." No one had ever really talked to me about my hair or cared how I wore it. Sarah was making it clear she had a definite opinion about how it should look. "Does this mean you care?" I giggled. She smiled and simply said "Yes I do. I care a lot." "Have you been to a barber shop here in town?" She was serious about this. "No I just usually go to Great Clips or something like that nothing drastic." Sarah said "I am thinking drastic might be fun." I was definitely aroused from her fingers stroking my hair and I gave her that "can I kiss you" look. Our lips came together and we kissed for a very long time.

It was about 2pm. She broke the kiss and said I bet the shop is still open. I blushed so hard and said "Well let’s go then!" I really liked this girl! We rode our bikes a few blocks and there is was, A small building with the red white and blue spinning pole outside. I became a little anxious as we walked in. There were two barbers. Both young guys and both had really short hair. There were no other customers in the shop. I guess this would be a good time to admit I had a hair fetish. I love pixie cuts on girls and I won’t lie high and tight haircuts on guys looked really good. Sarah was holding my hand which I am sure was sweating at this point. The barber, Aaron, "Have a seat" looking at me right in the eyes. I guess there was no turning back now. I took my seat in the barbers chair. To my surprise Sarah walked over to the side of the chair. She started stroking my hair again and I was happy the cape was covering my arousal. Aaron looked at us both in the mirror "So what are we doing?" I looked up at Sarah and she took this as a sign of submission "I was thinking he would look good with something super short." Aaron smiled and said "I agree. I am thinking about a high skin fade and buzzing the top down with a #2. I knew this was going to be one short haircut. Sarah smiled and said "Yes that is exactly what I had in mind."
Aaron picked up his clippers. There was no guard on them. He started combing out my hair. Sarah took a seat in the barbers chair next to me. She was just smiling and clearly enjoying the scene. Aaron took the clippers and put them on my right side burn. He slid them up the side of my head and I could see a bald path left behind. He did this over and over again working his way around to the back. Sarah said "Oh Ryan you had so much hair. Its all coming off and its looking so sexy." Aaron smiled as he worked. Both sides and the back were shaved. Then he snapped on the #2 and lifted my bangs with his comb. Sarah said "Ohhhh this is the best part!" With that Aaron slid the clippers straight back over the top of my head. He did this over and over buzzing it all off. I was facing the mirror and got to see the whole thing. It was crazy how different I looked. Sarah just sat watching with a huge smile on her face. Aaron was busy giving me a perfect fade and outlining the front. Sarah asked him to shave in some lines on my left temple. He proceeded to put three lines one was about three inches back the next two inches and then a one inch line. She was extremely pleased with the cut. I loved it as well. The Aaron spread hot lather around the sides and back and shaved it smooth. I almost lost it under the cape but I was able to gain control. Aron finished up the cut. He looked at me "I think I will be seeing you often the rest of the school year." Sarah answered for me "At least once a week." I just smiled enjoying the fact that she was having so much fun with this. She offered to pay but I said "NO" and paid Aaron giving him a big tip.

Sarah grabbed my hand as we walked out to our bikes. My head felt so lite. She said "My roommate is gone for the weekend. Want to come back to my room?" I couldn’t ride fast enough. We put our bikes in the rack and headed straight up to her room. We kissed and talked about my haircut for an hour! I asked her why she enjoyed it so much. She replied "I have this thing for buzz cuts. Not every guy looks good with one, but you have the perfect head shape for it and you have such a sexy body I knew it would look good on you. I always went to the barber shop with my brothers and I loved watching them get their haircut. I was so jealous, I always wanted to sit in the chair and feel the clippers shaving away my hair." I listened to every word she said. I was so turned on by the conversation and she was rubbing my buzzed head the whole time. I said to her "I love pixie cuts on girls. I bet Aaron could fix you right up. He could shave the back and give you what you have been looking for all this time." We started making out. It was the most intense sex I have ever had. When we had had enough and were laying together Sarah looked me in the eye "I’m going with you next Saturday and I will take my turn in the chair." I smiled and said "Ill be right by your side." ……………. To be continued

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