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An Extreme wash by washedladuk

This continues from the story "An appointment for a wash"

The man took Jay back down the hall. He undone the gown that Jay still had on and took it off him. There was a mirror hanging up on the wall and the man said Jay could rearrange his hair if he liked, and then take a seat and the man looked down indicating the seat where Jay had waited when he first arrived at the house. So Jay obliged by quickly rearranging his slightly damp hair and then sat down. He still really wasn’t sure what was happening. Was this all over and he would be leaving now? Jay couldn’t explain why but he didn’t think so. So he sat there waiting, and a few minutes later the man returned and looked down at Jay.

"Right Jay, I think you enjoyed your hair washing, didn’t you?"

"Yes I did, very much. Thank you" Jay replied with a slight smile on his face

"I enjoyed doing it for you Jay. And would I be right in thinking you would like to experience it some more?"

"Yes" Jay replied without hesitation and feeling a little embarrassed

"And would you like to experience more of a controlled hair washing Jay? Something where it is a more of a forceful experience for you?"

Jay thought about this for a moment, wondering just how controlled and forceful the man was thinking. But to say he was intrigued would certainly be an understatement. He replied in a soft quiet voice but avoiding eye contact with the man "Yes, I think I would like that"

The man looked down at him and directly into the eyes for a few seconds.
"Well Jay I can offer you a choice now. You are of course free to leave, possibly come back to have that same experience again another time". The man paused again for a few seconds. "Or I can take you now to my special room, where you will experience a very different kind of wash, one that will last longer and be a more forceful experience"

"You will of course be able to leave at any time, if you do not wish to carry on then you just need to say and I will stop. But I must emphasise it will be a very different experience to the one you just had." The man paused again for a moment before adding "I will not pressure you either way, the decision is yours"

Still trying to avoid direct eye contact with the man Jay replied almost immediately in a soft voice "I would like to go to your special room. Please"

The man looked down at Jay in the eyes again "And you understand this will be a very different experience for you Jay?"

Jay replied "Yes I understand"

The man smiled. He was fairly sure Jay wouldn’t be able to resist the offer. He made Jay wait a few moments by saying nothing. He then said "Right, then follow me"
He led Jay back down the hall, and Jay assumed he was taking him back into the same bathroom they had just been in. But the man stopped just before the bathroom, opened a door that was under the staircase, reached inside, and then switched a light on. He went in and walked down a narrow staircase. The man had a basement in his house and was leading Jay down there.

At the bottom of the stairs the space opened out into a room. The walls were painted white, with a bare concrete floor, but the light was not overly bright. The room was empty apart from a chair against one of the walls, and a small empty table next to it. There was a closed door into another room, but apart from that the room was totally empty.

The man pointed at the chair and simply said "sit down"

Jay could feel the tone from the man felt different now they were down here. But he sat down as instructed.

The man stared down at him
"I will shortly take you into my special room Jay. But before we do that I should explain a few things and make sure you are happy to proceed. Like I said, you are free to leave at any time. Do you understand?"

"Yes" was Jay’s quiet response

"In my special room I am in control. Unless you wish to tell me you would like to stop I do not expect you to talk when inside. You will be restrained. I will be in complete charge of what happens. Do you understand and still wish to proceed?"

"Yes" Jay instantly replied, his voice still soft. This was sounding very interesting to him and he couldn’t wait to get in there.

The man’s reaction did not change when he said "One final thing. As you do not have a change of clothes you may wish to consider removing your t-shirt and jeans so that they do not get wet. This is totally up to you and will not alter the experience in any way. You may place anything on the table there next to you. If you would like a moment to think about it you may, before I take you inside"

Jay wasn’t quite sure what to make of this. He couldn’t see how his clothes might get wet from another hair washing. But at the same time he felt the man had looked after him so far, so he had no reason to expect otherwise now. If the man thought perhaps it was best to take them off, then perhaps he should. But at the same time it felt a slightly strange request. He looked up at the man, but the man stood there expressionless.

Jay thought back to how they first arranged this meeting today so that he could experience that hair washing he had just received upstairs. He reflected on how he had felt so nervous about it, but at the same time he had so desperately wanted it. In the end he had decided he wanted it so much and so despite the nerves had agreed to the meet.

Jay’s thoughts returned to where he was now. He knew he had to make a decision. Despite his nerves, he came to the conclusion that if the man thought it might be a good idea, then he would oblige and so do as the man suggested. So he stood up, looking to see if there would any expression from the man, but there was none. He lifted his t-shirt and pulled it up over his head, placing it on the table next to him. There was still no expression from the man. So he then sat down again and undone the laces on his trainers, before removing them both and placing them by the table. He stood up again and unbuckled his belt, undone his jeans, and lowered them down around his ankles, before taking them right off and placing them on the table. He was now standing there in just his socks and briefs, waiting to see what would happen next. Jay thought he could sense a slight smile from the man, but wasn’t sure if he was imagining that.
The man looked at the door, then looked at Jay again and said "right, come with me"

The man opened the door and reached inside to switch a light on, although it only seemed to light up one side of the large room they were entering. The man walked in and Jay followed behind him.

The side of the room that was visible had a very large rectangular shaped basin on one side with a small cupboard next to it. The spot light was shining down on the basin, making it gleam a bright white. Jay had seen a similar basin in a kitchen somewhere before, far bigger than the one he’d been bent over upstairs in the bathroom for his hair wash. He could see it had large old fashioned style taps and a shower attachment. The other half of the room was almost in darkness. Jay was pretty sure he could see the outline of other items in the darkness the other side of the room, but couldn’t make out what they were.

But it was what was in front of the basin that was more taking Jay’s attention. On first glance it looked like a large wooden chair, but Jay could tell almost instantly that this was no normal chair. He could see on the firm wooden arms there were straps, which he instantly guessed were used to restrain his arms down to the chair and stop him getting up. But on each side there was also a curved rail, leading from the front of each arm, curved upwards towards the rear top of the chair. At the top of the rail was a large flat piece of wood connected to the rail on each side, with a melon size shaped hole in the middle, and what appeared to be some metal clips on the side. Jay was puzzled and just stared at this for a moment. He couldn’t possibly see what this was for, but surely it would be in the way of him sitting upright in the chair.

"Welcome to my special room" the man said. Jay was about to reply when the man stared straight at him with glaring eyes. Jay had forgotten, the man had told him he shouldn’t talk in here. The man gave him a slight smile as if to acknowledge. The man picked up a gown, Jay held out his arms so that the man could put it on him.

The man walked over to the chair and undone the clips on the piece of wood, which resulted in half of it becoming detached. It left half of the circle remaining in the piece of wood that was left on the chair. At that moment Jay realised exactly what it was for… his neck was going to be placed in this piece of wood, in a similar way to the stocks used in medieval times, with the rails then allowing the man to raise or lower Jay over the basin when he wanted to. With Jay’s arms restrained he literally would have no control over what would happen; he would be restrained in the chair and presumably over the basin as well for as long as the man wanted.

But before Jay could reflect on this the man told Jay to come and take a seat. Jay slowly walked over to the chair and sat down in it. Although he felt nervous he also was starting to feel quite excited by this too. The man made some adjustment to the rails, so that Jay’s neck aligned exactly with the hole in the piece of wood. The man also picked up a towel from next to the basin and wrapped it around the back of Jay’s neck and folded it around the front. He then picked up a clip to fasten the towel around him to stop it falling off. As Jay had guessed, the man then reconnected the other piece of wood and done up the clips, so that Jay’s neck was in the hole. Although it was not tight around his neck, it meant Jay could virtually not move his head at all.

"Place your hand down on the arms" the man told him, and Jay obliged. The man then used the restraints on each of the arms to securely hold Jay’s arms in place. Jay hadn’t noticed but there were also similar restrains for his ankles, which the man also placed on him. Jay was sitting in the chair, could hardly move any part of his body at all. It actually didn’t feel too uncomfortable though, as although it was made of wood the chair had cushioned pads on the seat and on the back. And despite just being in his briefs and the gown, Jay didn’t feel cold. Jay guessed maybe the man had heating down here to keep it warm.

Jay could see the man stand back a few steps and look at Jay restrained in his special chair. He sensed the man was going to take his time and enjoy this. And so Jay started to wonder what would happen next. He didn’t have to wait long to find out. The man returned to the chair, Jay could hear a clicking sound, and it was then he felt the piece of wood around his neck started to slide gently down the rails, gently forcing Jay’s head down and towards the basin. Jay’s head was now fully over the basin and he could see straight into the bottom of the basin for a few moments. But if he thought the hair washing was going to start then he was mistaken, as he then heard another click sound and felt the wood slowly raising up and pulling his head back so that he was sitting upright again.

But the man wasn’t done with his preparations just yet. Jay could see the man pick up what looked like two small clips, and he attached them on to the piece of wood either side of his neck. Although Jay could hardly feel the clips, he could soon tell what they were for as they further restricted his movement and meant he couldn’t turn his head very far each way. He basically could look directly ahead of him and that was about all he could see. And there was no mirror in front of this basin, so he couldn’t even see how he looked in this position. But he did wonder if there would be another camera down here recording what was happening. The thought of that actually excited him a bit more. He would have liked to ask the man if there was a camera, but he remembered he was not allowed to speak.

The man then went to the cupboard next to the basin and Jay could just see the man take out a large bottle of shampoo with a pump lever on it. The man then walked out of Jay’s view, and he could hear him at the back of the room but couldn’t see what he was doing. He then heard the man return to the chair, and although couldn’t see what he was doing he could hear the man doing something to the chair, and wondered what it could possibly be. But then there was silence. He hadn’t heard the man walk away, so assumed he was still close by. But he couldn’t see or hear anything. He sat waiting to find out what was going to happen. But nothing did. He couldn’t tell how long had passed, but it felt like several minutes and nothing, just complete silence.

But then suddenly from the quiet he heard the click, and he knew what that meant. And sure enough the wooden restraint moved down lowering his head down over the basin. He could see straight down into the bottom of the basin. He expected to hear or see the water being switched on, but again nothing but silence. Again, he was left in a position where we couldn’t see what was happening, and was being made to wait. The man was definitely going to enjoy taking his time and make Jay wait. After what again felt like several minutes he then heard the water being turned on, and could see it flowing in the basin below him. Jay started to get excited by what was about to happen. And sure enough he felt the water being applied to him, running through his hair, and those hands touching his hair again.

Feeling this happen just felt so good for Jay. He heard the man pump some shampoo then felt the man start to rub shampoo into his hair and start massaging his scalp. The man was clearly taking his time massaging every area. Then it was the rinse, with water and the hands running through his hair again. Jay could feel the water had stopped and slightly after that he heard the water being turned off. There was no towel dry, nothing, he was just made to wait in this position.

After what have been a few minutes he heard the click and slowly started to rise up again. As his hair was still quite wet he could feel drops running down the gown and down his back, despite the towel around him. He started to understand why the man had suggested removing his clothes.

Jay could only stare in front of him at the basin and the wall and wonder what would happen next. Although he couldn’t see it, he instantly felt when the man put his hands on Jay’s head again. And he was applying more shampoo, with Jay still upright. Jay had seen a couple of videos online of people having an upright shampoo, but he’d never imagined he’d be getting one. The man again took his time rubbing the shampoo into his hair, massaging every inch of his head. This just felt so good to Jay. And then he heard that click, and he was being lowered down again over the basin, and another rinse that followed. Like the previous time, there was no towel, and after a while there was the click and he was raised up again, and some more water running down him.

He then heard the man walk away and then a few moments later came back with what appears to be a metal frame in his hands, which he placed over the basin. Jay stared at the object trying to work out what it was. But it quickly became apparent when he the noticed what appeared to be small pipes attached to the frame, and he could see the man connecting a hose to the taps. Sure enough when the man turned the taps on he could see several small jets of water softly spraying out under the frame. The man placed a hand under the water, clearly wasn’t quite happy with the temperature or flow as he made an adjustment on the taps. Jay knew what was coming, so when he heard that click and his head being lowered over the basin again it was no surprise.

The jets of water were hitting several spots on his head, but it was a very soft and gentle feeling. He was kept in this position for what felt like a while, the water still running, before he felt those hands rubbing shampoo into his hair again. But the water was not turned off for the shampoo, perhaps because the water was quite soft there was no need. So he got the slightly different pleasure of feeling hands, running water and shampoo being applied all together. After a while he couldn’t feel the hands, just the water still being sprayed into his hair. Again, he was made to wait in this position for a while, before he felt the water being turned off. It must have been a few minutes before he heard that click again, and his head had lifted upright again.

His face was slightly wet, and the man had a towel in his hands which he used to wipe Jay’s face. But he didn’t use it on Jay’s hair, so he could still feel some more drops of water running down him from his wet hair. Jay had to endure another wait to see what would happen next. But after a few minutes Jay could see the water being turned on again, the soft water flowing from the jets on the metal frame. And sure enough, "click", and he felt himself being lowered down again. In a repeat of what he’d just had, he received another shampooing with the water still spraying down over his hair, again left in that position for a while before the water was turned off, and then another "click" and he was raised up.

For a second time, the man wiped Jay’s face with a towel. The man then released the clips from the wooden panel, and unclipped it to release Jay’s neck. The man proceeded to undo the restraints from Jay’s hands, and he told Jay to stand up. Jay thought perhaps the experience had come to an end. But the restraints around his ankles were still in place, so Jay couldn’t move anywhere. The man took the towel from around Jay’s shoulders, and then removed the gown. So Jay was standing upright, in just in briefs, with his ankles still restrained to the chair.

The man then disconnected and removed the metal frame from over the basin. He said to Jay "place your hands on the basin" which Jay did. "Now remain with your legs upright, but bend over the basin again. Do not sit down". Jay obliged by leaning and bending his body forward over the basin, but this time not sitting on the chair. Jay felt slightly more exposed in this position, with him just wearing his briefs, but it excited him perhaps even more.

The man placed the towel over Jay’s shoulders again, and turned the water on so that Jay could see the water running around the bottom of the basin. He heard the man open the cupboard, and didn’t have to wait to find out why. He was soon feeling conditioner being rubbed into his hair, he could smell the slight fragrance of flowers and the man massaged it in. It was followed by a rinse, with the water running through his hair for what Jay guessed was going to be the last time. He heard the water being turned off, and the man lift the towel from around Jay’s shoulders and used it to gently dry his hair.

The man removed the towel, and told Jay to stand upright again. He removed the restraints from Jay’s ankles, and simply said to him "follow me". The man led him out and back into the outer room and told Jay to put his clothes on again. So Jay put this jeans and t-shirt back on again, and sat down to put his trainers back on. The man then led Jay back up the stairs and shut the door to the basement. He carried on walking further along the hallway and opened another nearby door, which Jay could tell at once was the kitchen. Jay followed him inside.

"Can I get you a drink Jay? A juice or tea perhaps?"

"A tea would be good, please"

"Of course, feel free to use the bathroom mirror to rearrange your hair if you like, then come and join me, I’ll make us a tea".

So Jay went briefly back to the bathroom to do his hair, before returning to the kitchen. "Take a seat at the table Jay, help yourself to a biscuit". The man finished making the tea and brought it to the table.

"So Jay, how did you enjoy your experience in my special room?"

"I enjoyed it very much" Jay replied, blushing slightly. The man looked at Jay, as if he was expecting Jay to continue talking. "I’ve not been restrained before, but being in that position and having no choice but to have my hair washed. Yes, I really enjoyed it" Jay said, blushing some more.

"I’m glad to hear it Jay. I enjoyed doing it as well. Would you like to see how you looked?" Jay blushed again, but was very curious how he looked. "Yes please, I did think perhaps there might be a camera"

The man picked up a tablet from the worktop and scrolled through to show Jay some of the images from downstairs. Neither spoke as they looked at the pictures, looking and reflecting on the experience they had just had. Jay found it strangely enjoyable seeing how he looked in the various different positions he’d been in. Seeing himself bent over in just his briefs and not in the sitting position he found himself staring at.

Jay looked lost in thought for a moment as the man looked at him. "Are you ok Jay? Something on your mind?"

Jay glanced back at the man. "Well erm. There is one thing actually"
"Go ahead" the man said

So Jay continued slowly "erm, it was just in your special room"

"Yes?" the man replied

"Well, it was just I think there might have been other… erm… equipment in there? But I couldn’t really see it" Jay asked

The man looked back at Jay with a slight grin. "Yes, Jay, you would be right, there are other items in there. And perhaps you will not be surprised but it isn’t all for hair washing. In fact there is a new item I have been working on but not used yet. But I don’t think you need to be too concerned about that for the time being. I can tell you enjoyed the washing experience today, and there is no pressure to do anything you do not feel comfortable with"

Jay smiled, happy with the man’s reply. Although he did also start to think just what else the man might have down in his basement.

"So Jay, would you like to make an appointment to come back for another wash?"

"Yes please" was Jay’s immediate response, a smile on his face not needing to think about that question.

"I thought you might. And would you like the standard wash? Or my special service again?"

"Your special service, please"

After a slight pause Jay added "and perhaps I could see this new item you have down there too?"

They both smiled at each other.

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