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My GF has it Too - Final by Scott the Haircut Lover

My GF has it Too " Final

Sarah and I were truly in love. It wasn’t just hair it was deep and passionate love. We did everything together. Over the holidays we met each other’s families. We even talked of marriage. I had never been happier in my life. Sarah’s mom got over her new choice of hair styles. When we were visiting her house we even got haircuts with her brothers. This seemed to be what I thought was the final thing that she still wanted to do to satisfy what she had wanted to do all her life.
Our fourth year of college we had our own place. We were going to see Aaron weekly still. I was staying with the high and tight and the #1 on top and never got tired of sitting in the chair. Sarah would grow the top out a bit but always kept the #2 on the sides and back. Aaron actually became a friend of ours and we would hang out he with him and his boyfriend pretty frequently. It turned out that Aaron had the same fetish we did. It was so cool to talk about it with a professional and hear the stories that he loved to share about his favorite haircuts.
It was time for Spring Break. Sarah and I had made plans to go to the beach. Both of us were set to graduate with honors and started searching for jobs. While we talked about marriage we hadn’t made it official yet. Our passion was as intense as it was the first time we met. I think back to the hair that I had when we met. Over grown, long, 6 months without a cut. I didn’t miss it at all. I think back to Sarah with her hair down to her mid back. Look at her now. In great shape, very short pixie cut, and sexy as ever! We went shopping for beach clothes in our town. We needed to get fresh cuts before we left for our trip, but Sarah said "Let’s try a shop at the beach when we get there." I laughed "Omg Aaron will be pissed!" She giggled and said "Well in a couple of months we will have to find a new barber anyway," She was always right and the thought of it kind of sounded exciting. I agreed and we were nice enough to let Aaron know our plan. He actually laughed and said "All good, kinda sounds fun actually."
So we arrived at our hotel and had some passion. We walked around town that evening, had a couple of drinks, and started looking for barber shops. Sure enough there was a really cool looking place not to far from out hotel. Sarah said "We should get up early and go I am sure it gets busy in the afternoon." So we headed back, had another quick session and went to sleep. The next morning we were up early. The shop opened at 8am! After a quick breakfast in the hotel we showed up at the shop at about 9. There were two female barbers and no customers. This was different I thought. They were really nice and of course knew we were visiting. I took my turn first. Sitting in the chair and saying "I’d like it shaved high and tight and a #1 on top. I mean these words had come out of my mouth weekly for years now! Sarah had other ideas. "Babe, I am thinking something a little different for you today." I raised my eyebrows and looked at her "What did you have in mind babe?" Sarah looked at the barberette and asked "Do you do head shaves?" The barber said "I love doing head shaves." I gulped and had never thought about actually going bald! Of course I didn’t argue and of course the excitement grew under the cape. Sarah looked at me "You will look amazing babe! I want to see you with a shiny head." I just nodded and waiting for the barberette to get to work. She took the trimmer, since my hair was short already, and just peeled off my 10 days of growth since my last cut. Meanwhile Sarah was talking with the other barberette and took a seat in her chair. I had know idea what they were saying to eachother as the chairs were on opposite sides of the shop. But, my view was facing her. She was looking at me as her barberette put the cape around her. She watched as hot lather was spread all over my head. Sarah said "That looks like it feels really good babe." I smiled "It feels amazing! You should try it." She just smiled. Now, I assumed she was just going to get her sides and back freshened up as she had cut the top pretty short the last time we saw Aaron. As usual I closed my eyes enjoying the sound and feel of my hair being scraped away by the straight razor. Of course this time was even more intense as the barberette was shaving the top as well as the sides and back. When I opened my eyes I was shocked! Sarah’s head had been completely buzzed down. My mouth fell open. She was smiling just enjoying every moment of what was happening. I gazed as I saw the last bits of hair on the top of her head shaved away. Then her barberette start rubbing hot lather on her head. "Babe you’re really going to do it too!" She smiled and said "Yes! I want to know what it feels like. I hope your not mad." I smiled "Oh I am not mad at all! Feels good right?" She smiled and said "AMAZING!!!!" My barberette had re-lathered my head at this point and was going over it again with her straight razor. My boner was raging under the cape as I watch my beautiful girl friend getting her head shaved completely smooth. She looked absolutely beautiful!
The experience took about an hour and sure enough there were 3-4 guys in the waiting area by the time we were finished. I think they were shocked at seeing such a beautiful woman getting her head shaved. I got out of my chair first and waited for her to be finished up. I paid the barbers and tipped them big! When we got outside Sarah started rubbing my head saying "WE ARE CRAZY!!!" I looked at her with my hands feeling her equally smooth head "I love you so much! You look so hot babe!" We went back to the hotel room and made love for hours. Later in the afternoon we got some serious sun shade and laid by the pool getting a tan on our smooth heads. She looked at me "Do you really like me bald? Or is it just exciting?" I smiled "Babe I love you with hair, no hair, any hair! You are so perfect! Yeah it was intense! And I cant believe you actually did it, but you really look beautiful with it. And I couldn’t be happier." She blushed and kissed me thanking me for being so supportive. "Babe let’s keep it shaved all week and see what we think after the week." I said "You mean shave each others heads every morning?" She smiled and nodded. I smiled "This is a whole new level of our fetish" She giggled and agreed. We had a couple of cocktails at the pool and only stayed in the sun about an hour. We walked across the street to the drug store and got razors and some shaving cream so we were prepared. Then we got dressed up and went out to a dinner and a club. We had an amazing night!
The next morning we slept in. As we woke up I was looking at her still in love with her bald head. She truly looked beautiful. I rubbed mine shocked it wasn’t smooth anymore. Then I reached over and felt hers. This made her eyes open. After a nice good morning kiss I said "Wow it grows back fast!" I continued to softly rub her head. When we finally got out of bed we headed to the shower. We usually took showers together especially when we were on vacation or on the weekends. This was was the most intense ever! She grabbed the shaving cream and started rubbing it all over my head. She was awkward with the razor at first but then got the groove of it and started removing the 24 hours of growth. It felt so good having her shave me and rub her hands all over my smooth head. Then it was her turn. I applied the lather. Slowly and carefully started shaving. Feeling for any spots I might have missed until I had her completely smooth again. We repeated this daily and loved being bald together. We did a nice job of getting our heads tanned and by the end of the week the color looked amazing on both of us. Now it was time to go back to campus. My hair wasn’t that different. Hers was intensely different. I could tell she was a little nervous about it.
We woke up the last day, did our shower routine and packed up my Jeep. I asked her if she was ok and she smiled and said "Perfect babe!" She said want to see if Aaron wants to meet us for dinner tonight? I laughed "He will be shocked!" So we made a plan to meet Aaron and his bf at our favorite spot. Aaron’s moth dropped open when he saw Sarah! "OMG!!! You look beautiful!" I smiled as he came over and hugged her. We told them the whole story. Aaron’s bf wasn’t overly interested in hair but Aaron couldn’t get enough of the conversation. He said he was sad he lost his two best clients and we all giggled. Aaron looked at his bf and said "You should let me give you what Ryan has next time I cut your hair." I smiled at his bf who had a lot of hair. He had it combed back with a slight taper in back and on the sides. His bf didn’t looked pleased at the idea and said "I think I like it the way you have been cutting it." We ended the dinner and went our separate ways. When we got home we got ready for bed. Sarah said "Babe idk if I want to keep it or not! Its so hard to decide because I love being bald and I love you shaving it for me every day. But soon I need to start my career and I am not sure how it will go over in the professional world." I said "I told you babe, I love you no matter what and I love shaving you too! I think it has brought us closer together than ever! Do you want me to stay bald?" She nodded "It means I get to shave you every morning." I smiled and we kissed and fell asleep after a long day.
The next morning was the first day of her growth. She was anxious to make me smooth and it felt good as ever. About two months later she had an inch of growth. It was a Monday and I said how about we make you an appointment with Aaron on Saturday to get it cleaned up. Ill let mine grow all week and let him shave me. She smiled and loved the idea. So on Saturday we showed up and Aaron was eager and ready. I had a nice shadow going at this point and he wasted no time taking me smooth. I loved his grip on my head and how meticulous he was. Sarah got in the chair and asked Aaron what he thought she should do. Aaron said "Can I be honest with you? Sarah you look beautiful with a shaved head. I know your nervous about getting a job, but I think people will admire your courage to be who you are. I’d look at it as a strength rather than a weakness." Sarah looked at herself in the mirror. She said "Shave it!" And Aaron got to work. I was really happy she went back to bald. I love my girlfriend no matter what but I loved her as a bald beautiful woman! We continue our morning routine to this day! We both landed great jobs! When people ask her why she shaves her head she just says "Because my boyfriend and I love being bald." …… The End

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