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Nothing To Be Sorry About Part 2 by Lavro

What just happened? Ezra thought frantically. The sun was setting outside his bedroom window, and Anderson had just left. He lay there, naked and sweating, deep in thought. They never managed to do their work out, and he was just physically intimate with a guy. With a guy! Anderson’s smell was still in his bed. The heat, the passion… it was so fresh. He ran his hand across his head, finding no resistance. Just stubble. Damn, he thought, rising with a spry jolt. He grabbed his gym shorts and slipped them on. He would need to shower again.

He wandered into the bathroom. That intense scene of erotic absurdity still laid its evidence throughout the room. A squat chair from his kitchen sat in front of the mirror. A towel covered in loose hair was thrown over the chairback. All around it on the floor, Anderson’s hair covered the tile, long, light-colored, with a slight wave to it still, even as it lies there. Ezra’s own hair was under it, severed from his head, dark and thick. The clippers, powerful destructive machines, were still plugged in on the kitchen vanity. No guard was on them, the sharp blades the weapon of this crime scene. They still gripped a few chunks of hair.

Ezra crouched down and picked up a large handful of the blonde wavy strands, his own hair in a heap below them. He felt them in his fingers, satisfied with what he had done. Figuring Anderson out wasn’t exactly easy. At first, he didn’t know why Anderson was always nervous when they talked about hair. Ezra picked up on it something, but only thinking it was that awkward charm of his, certainly not that it really did something for him. That is, until Ezra had asked him to get a buzzcut with him. He remembered his shock, his blushing, his energy… it was charged. Not only that, but it showed in his gym shorts.

Ezra had been struggling. He knew he liked Anderson, but was he really gay? What if he was? It’s not a bad thing, only… his family, his ex-girlfriends… he knew he was putting up a façade, but it was too difficult to break down. When Anderson asked point-blank if he was gay, he was ashamed that he couldn’t answer honestly. Yet, Anderson’s confidence in being himself unapologetically, and asking so boldly, affected Ezra.

He so desperately wanted to see that change in himself, to confidently express who he was and how he felt. His own internal desire to shave his head was his subconscious need for metamorphosis, and that manifested by mapping his erotic charge onto Anderson’s. When he did some deep diving on the internet, he found that tons of men expressed the same interest as Anderson: they were turned on by getting their haircut, they were too scared to actually do it, and they needed someone to force their hand. Ezra loved it, and he knew it was what Anderson was experiencing. It had to be.

He couldn’t explain it, but it made him want him more. It was very obvious that Anderson liked him. That he could be the one to help Anderson actually feel his desires manifest, as Anderson had helped him… he had to see it done. And so there he was, contemplating all of these things that came to that moment. Both of their hair taken off by his clippers, at his insistence, by his desire, and everything that came afterwards. Seeing Anderson powerless to deny him, was everything.

Ezra rose from his crouched position dropping the hair back on the floor. He caught his own reflection in the mirror, surprised again by it. He placed his hands firmly on the sink, leaning in to inspect himself, his tan, muscular arms stretched out. There was practically no hair left on his head. Just a spread of very short stubble. And it was so white. The outline was extremely sharp against his tan features. He smiled at himself in amazement, bringing his hand and rubbing it slowly. I can see why Anderson likes this, he thought.

Even better, the shaved head looked really good with the tattoos on his upper arms, and his clean-shaven face. Just one change has wholly and utterly altered his appearance. His jaw looked sharper, his eyes burned with brighter color, and his whole handsome face was completely opened up. He made for the broom to sweep this mess up. He couldn’t stop thinking about Anderson.

Anderson drove home in a fury. He couldn’t stop noticing his exposed head in his rearview mirror. What the f**k just happened? He moved to tuck his hair behind his ear instinctually as he normally would when he was nervous, but nothing was there. His ugly white skin kept catching his eye. God, I’m such an idiot. I look like a freak. Ezra, and everything that they had done up to the big release, was stuck in some fantasy void in his memory. That didn’t just happen.

Arriving at home, he ran to the bathroom, looking at himself. His hair was gone. All of it. Ezra took it from him. Ezra knew he wanted him to. Ezra found out. Somehow. And he couldn’t say no, he wanted it so bad. But now, look at him. He started to feel the top of his head but flinched at the feeling, bringing his hand down. He had avoided this for so long, done everything he could. He felt a tear well up in his eye. He had to go to work like this. He had to exist in public with no hair. His heart was beating fast. Not as fast as when he was with Ezra.

It’ll be ok. Haircuts are not permanent. Give it a few… a few what? Months? It’ll be months he realized, before he had any significant hair back. Well over a year to get it how it was. This was not good. How could he face Ezra again? What was he going to do? Why the hell did he do this? He could feel the air tickling his scalp. It even caught the light from above the bathroom mirror. Staring at himself intently, he brought his hand up to his head again, finally giving his invisible bristly hairs a proper rub. It felt good. He remembered feeling Ezra’s hand running over it, and he could feel his blood rushing again. He brought his second hand up and began to rub his head all over with both hands now. Although the shock was still there, he loved it.

He could feel his excitement rising again. His hand slipped into his shorts as he stared at himself in the mirror, taking it all in: his transformation, how he was stuck looking like this, how he enjoyed how bad it mad him feel, and the pleasure knowing that Ezra took it from him and he was helpless to stop him. Against his control, he satisfied himself again- he and Ezra had managed to do so twice together- and washed his hands.

Before long, he had eaten a late dinner, and prepared to go to bed. He had work in the morning, and with all of his raging hormones temporarily satisfied, the dread set in again. How was he going to explain this? It wasn’t too late in the evening, but he nestled into bed anyway, worn out from his many… workouts. He found himself scrolling through his phone down the rabbit hole of internet tutorials about "How to grow your hair faster," and "How to grow out a buzzcut." Suddenly, a text popped up from Ezra.

"Hey! We didn’t actually workout today. Free tomorrow after work?"

He wants to see me again, Anderson thought excitedly and self-consciously. And back to his house. Back in his bed? He especially wanted to see him again with his buzzcut. He never wanted to leave him in the first place, but he was so overwhelmed after what happened. He responded:

"Yes, definitely." He paused. Waited a moment as the anticipation built, then sent another text. "Send me a pic."

"You first 😉" He wants to see a pic of me? Anderson thought, recalling the odd recognition he felt before, puzzled that Ezra was actually enjoying making him cut his hair.

He hated taking selfies, but he got up anyway and went into the bathroom. His image in the mirror shocked and excited him again as he snapped a few timid shots trying to be sexy but reserved, returned to bed, and sent them. Looking at himself in the pictures, shirtless, how his body was toning, he was realizing that it really complimented the new haircut.

Ezra returned the favor with the caption "Do what you will with this." His smile was devilish, his exposed pecks were sharp, and the way his hand cupped the back of his head, flexing his bicep, was sensational. Then he followed up again:

"Looks like it’s going to rain tomorrow. We will have to go back to the gym. Show off our new look. See you then. Same time as always. G’night stud."

"Sweet dreams," he replied.

Another public appearance? Like this? The thought made him nervous, even as he stared into Ezra’s captivating eyes in the picture. Anderson was entranced.


Ezra arrived at the gym at 4:45. Fifteen minutes early, as usual. He knew Anderson would be prompt. He always was. He liked to sit in the car for a bit and decompress. He loved that he wasn’t fidgeting and fixing his hair. Loved that he didn’t need to style it. His shift at work went well. The guys complimented his new look. Told him how much it suited him and then never mentioned it again. And he thought about Anderson all day, even looking at the picture of him from the night before every chance he got. He is so hot, Ezra admitted to himself internally for the first time with confidence. It’s ok Ezra. You like a guy. Get over it.

At exactly 5:00pm after blaring his favorite Metallica tunes, he put in his headphones and rushed through the rain to the gym entrance. Under the awning, he waited eagerly for Anderson to pull up, which he did… ten minutes late. Ezra watched him step out of the car and run up to him from the parking lot. He was wearing gym shorts, a tight tank top, and a ballcap. They two looked at each other as if they didn’t know how to greet one another now.

"You’re late," Ezra said coyly.

"Sorry, I, uh… I couldn’t find my hat," Anderson admitted, his eyes falling on the clean stubble on Ezra’s head, and how perfect it was.

"A hat?" Ezra looked at him confused. "Wait, are you embarrassed?"

Anderson turned red as Ezra quickly snatched the ball cap off his head, revealing his buzzcut to the world, although nobody was around. He immediately felt exposed, reaching for it as Ezra held it away.

"No no, we are not going in there like that," Ezra teased.

"Please Ezra," Anderson pleaded, but as he reached Ezra dropped it on the floor and pulled him in, gripping him tightly and affectionately. They stared into each other’s eyes for a long moment that was broken by Ezra’s hand rubbing up the back of Anderson’s head.

"I really like it," Ezra said slowly. "And I don’t want you to cover it up. Ok?"

"Yes, whatever you want," Anderson conceded, feeling submissive.

"Let’s get to work then." They let each other go and made their way into the gym. They instantly felt the cool air conditioning on their exposed heads, walking up to the familiar face of Aron, one of the employees.

They were accustomed to seeing Aron whenever they would come to work out. Aron’s hair was a dark brown, mostly wavy with a touch of straightness to it. He parted it just off center, the length of the top resting just over the tops of his ears. The back sat about three inches long, curling up at the ends. His fringe was longer, going past his eyes and hovering off of his face. It appeared as if he regularly put a lot of time into styling it. He always wore a chin strap beard, lined up with precision, enhancing the angular features of his face. He was short but of tight physique, always chewing gum, with big inquisitive eyes and a bright smile. His eyebrow was pierced, and his teeth were slightly crooked, but it added to his charm. And, as Ezra and Anderson always noticed when his shirt would come off, much of his body was decorated with tattoos in realistic black and grey style, starkly contrasting his pale skin.

"Welcome to…" his eyes fell on their heads first, then to their faces. "Oh damn, I didn’t even recognize you two. Looking good fellas! Haven’t seen you guys in a bit."

"Hear that, Anderson? We’re unrecognizable," Ezra joked to Anderson’s expense.

"Your hair was longer than mine, Anderson" he reached forward and rubbed Anderson’s head with a smile. "You guys look tough. I bet that took a lot of balls."

"It wasn’t easy," Anderson awkwardly retorted.

"You going to join us?" Ezra goaded, as Aron self-consciously fingered a lock of his shaggy hair.

"If only I’d pull it off half as good as you guys," Aron replied with an uncomfortable wink.

"I think you would," Anderson added as the two waved a goodbye and walked off to their usual spots on the gym floor.

The two did their usual exercises, helping each other where necessary, or otherwise goading or encouraging. They no longer felt awkward looking at one another. The gym mirrors too now played an interesting role; If Anderson wasn’t staring at Ezra, he was able to catch glimpses of himself from the back and from the side. Aron was right. He did look tough. And did he just catch Aron’s eyes in the reflection too?

"So, I was thinking," Ezra began quietly about a half hour into their exercises, "I am really new to all of this, but you have really helped feel comfortable just being me. I don’t think we ever, you know, had a meal together? Protein shakes don’t count," for the first time, Ezra looked timid.

"Are you… asking me out on a date?" Anderson was trying to conceal his excitement but grinned anyway, crossing his arms in an exaggerated gesture.

"Uh, yeah. I am," he responded remembering himself and regaining his confidence. "Will you go out on a date with me? Dinner? Tonight?"

"Eh," Anderson shrugged, "I’ll think about it."

"You’ll think about it?"

"Ok, I’ll put aside my busy schedule for the evening, and we can get dinner, but under one condition."

"Oh great. What?"

"When we walk out of here here, I want you to hold my hand."

There was a long pause as the two locked eyes. Ezra, ever confident, ever undeterred by whatever adversity, somehow found that proposal both comforting and terrifying. What would all these guys think? Would they start trouble? Would somehow his family and friends find out? They would have to know anyway if he was serious about all of this. He just asked this guy out on a date. Whatever path he was on, he had to do it with sincerity and confidence he knew.

"It’s ok," Anderson began again, "I’ll go out with you either way."

"No. I made you come in here without a hat. I can walk out of here with your hand." His voice did not waver. He was determined.

After a few more sets, they finished their time at the gym. Their muscles were freshly plump, and beads of sweat formed on their shorn heads in a way they had never experienced. When it was clear that they were done, Ezra took Anderson’s hand and walked confidently through the gym, catching glances here and there that all returned to their own business unphased. All except Aron, who they passed by the front desk on their way out.

"Oh, you guys are, uh- I didn’t know you were a thing," he smiled brushing his fringe from his left eye.

"It’s a new development," Ezra responded.

"I dig it fellas. Catch you next time." Aron returned to his work but couldn’t help watching them leave.


Ezra and Anderson had a lovely dinner at a local restaurant, Main Street Grill, right across the street from Ben’s Barbershop. They went back to Ezra’s after to "watch a movie," which they did indeed turn on the T.V, but never actually watched any of it. They were too busy smushing their faces together and learning each other’s bodies, Ezra always taking a more dominant position. After they exhausted themselves, they simply laid together, clothes off, and talked.

"You know," Ezra said, "I don’t know why, but once I figured out that this buzzcut thing got you off, it turned me on too."

"Are you serious?" Anderson said in surprise, hating to speak about it out loud, but loving the charge it gave off.

"Yeah. Seeing you like that… like you couldn’t tell me no. It drove me crazy. I think I have a bit of a Dom side to me, don’t you think?" He ran his hand slowly over Anderson’s head as if asserting his dominance.

"I do," he replied awkwardly. "I’ve never really talked about this…"

"Then just let me ask questions and you answer them honestly, ok?" Ezra said sitting up slightly, his weight on one elbow, his other arm rubbing Anderson’s toned chest. Anderson nodded, hypnotized. "Do you like your shaved head?"

"Only when I’m with you."

"Hm, ok. Do you like mine?"

"What do you think?" he laughed.

"Fair enough! So, you like giving guys haircuts and getting yours cut? Interesting. What did you like the best about last night? What really did it for you?"

"Ok, this is a little uncomfortable."

"Tell me," Ezra demanded.

"That. Right there."


"The way you… take control like that. It drives me crazy, ok?"

"I like it a lot too. So, if you like having your hair cut so much, why did you let it get so long?"

"Honestly, I don’t know how to explain it. It can be a little debilitating, I guess. Like, I always want it, but I am so scared to do it, and I-"

"You want someone brave enough to do it for you," Ezra finished. "I can do that, easy."

"What do you mean?" Anderson shot up with slight alarm.

"I can make sure you get the short haircuts you are too afraid to get yourself. In fact, I insist," he gave that devils grin again. "Have to make up for all that lost time growing it so long."

"No, Ezra. No. I’m growing this back out. I can’t keep it this short."

"Ok, relax… we will see later on," Ezra said teasing still. He noticed that Anderson was aroused again. "Dude, you’re giving yourself away here."

"Do not listen to that. It’s a liar."

"You’re the liar," Ezra leaned in and kissed him, climbing on top of him. The feeling of arousal was evident on their nude bodies. "You couldn’t resist me last night, and I don’t think you’ll be able to again."


Anderson stayed the night, waking early, and dressing for work in his dinner clothes from the night before. He saved fifteen minutes not needing to style his hair, noticing already how fast it began to grow back, the sharp stubble softening and darkening a bit already. He had some extra time to sit and have coffee with Ezra.

"It kinda seemed like Aron was fascinated by our shaved heads, didn’t it?" Ezra said out of nowhere.

"You think so?" Anderson said in a tone that suggested he had thought the same thing.

"Oh, for sure. Like, he wanted to do it too. You think he’s hot right?"

"Is this a trick question?" Anderson responded wryly.

"No! I’m open to anything. I like you, Anderson. Like, a lot. Doesn’t mean other guys aren’t… you know. I’m still figuring all of this out. Are you the jealous type?"

"Not even a little. Why?"

"I think it would be fun to… try to rope Aron in. Don’t you?"

"I don’t think he’s gay, Ezra."

"Hm. I don’t know. Would you want that?"

"Want what? To cut his hair too?" Anderson looked at Ezra incredulously. He had always been open to plurality in his love life, however that manifested. He was just surprised how intuitive Ezra was, as if he could tell that Anderson would love to shave Aron’s head, and so he is pushing for it for him. "Yeah, that’d be a lot of fun."

"Good to know," Ezra responded, deep in thought.

The two finished their coffee and went their separate ways to their respective jobs, both with a lot of reluctance and not without deep sensual lip-locking. They did not see each other that evening, or the next, trying to maintain healthy distance, but both wanting to break it. They met again at the gym, teasing Aron a bit more, then going back to Ezra’s house for the night, and ended up staying the entire weekend together given that Ezra had to go out of town for work for the entirety of the following week, much to their shared dread.

That week passed for Anderson in agony, the exception being that his stubble had efficiently grown out into what looked like a short buzzcut, with a quarter inch of hair even all around. He felt so much better having some hair on his head, but still felt tough, and did not hate it so much anymore. The thing is, with Ezra not being around, and his look changing so quickly, he felt further removed from him. He was desperate to see him again, to feel him, to catch his sweet masculine scent.

When at last Ezra was back in town, Anderson went to his house immediately after work. He was shocked to see how thick and dark Ezra’s hair was already, even if it was still so short. It happened fast, and his own hair was nowhere near that level of fullness. He was even a bit jealous. When your hair is long, Anderson reflected, you never notice a difference in two weeks.

"I don’t like this fluff," Ezra said as they were finishing the dinner they had delivered. "You want to take it off for me, stud?"

"Right now? Hell yes," Anderson felt his temperature rise.

Without another word, Ezra stood and carried his chair into the bathroom, stripping himself naked, and retrieving his clippers from under the sink. Anderson followed him in, standing in the doorway, his nerves firing off all over his body in sensational excitement. His eyes fell over Ezra’s sharp contours, and the mess of neck hair that had grown in the last couple of weeks. He wanted to take it off. He made to move forward, but Ezra put up his hand, gesturing for him to stop.

"Here’s the deal. You don’t get to come in here unless you vow to do exactly what I say, no matter what. Understood?" Ezra had a serious look on his face.

"Yes, ok," Anderson was extremely nervous now. But how could he say no?

"Yes…Yes sir?" Ezra mocked.

"Yes Sir." Anderson replied obediently, as if somehow, who they were as people had suddenly and dramatically changed, and he could not help himself but to obey.

"Take off your clothes." Ezra sat down in the chair facing the mirror, looking at himself, feeling his thick hair with his fingertips. "I want this gone again. No guard, just like last time."

"Yes Sir," Anderson responded, walking into the bathroom and slowly removing his pants and shirt. He picked up the clippers. No guard, as ordered.

"Don’t let it get this long again until I tell you. It looks fluffy and stupid. I want it cut more regularly from now on."

"Yes Sir," Anderson said again, his finger flicking the on switch of the clipper, its fierce hum filling the air.

Ezra didn’t say another word as Anderson stood over him, completely engulfed in the erotic tension that dominated their space. A month ago, this was just a dream, a fantasy. He made sure the taper was closed tight and pressed the machine to the side of Ezra’s head. In an upward motion, from below his ear to his temple, Anderson turned that thick strip of new growth back into a wide pale line of scalp and stubble. Ezra smiled, rubbing the area with his fingers to feel the rough texture.

Anderson continued with another slow swipe up. Short dark hair piled in the teeth of the clippers, falling to Ezra’s exposed body, accumulating in his lap. Around the ear was next, all the way up again. Then over that unruly neckline, from the base to the top of the head, leaving the hair on top alone for now. One pass, now two, now three, and the back of Ezra’s head was tantalizingly appealing, clean cut, the skin below completely exposed. Anderson continued over the next ear and finished the other side rather quickly. Ezra now had a military style haircut, choppy as it was.

"That could look really good," Ezra admitted, locking eyes with Anderson in the mirror,

"Really good," Anderson replied, as if in a trance, infatuated. He let his hand rub up the back of Ezra’s head, his fingers feeling the contrast between the soft top and the sharp clipper cut sides. A lot more hair was coming off than he thought. Please don’t make me cut mine again. After a moment, he caught Ezra’s demanding glance, telling him to get back to work.

Anderson obeyed the non-verbal command. He pressed the clippers to the top of Ezra’s head and slowly pulled them front to back in one even stroke. The strip of hair bound together in one large clump, falling to his shoulder, then rolling down his pectorals, then into his lap with the rest of it. Another pass down the middle, pressing hard to get as close as possible, then to the other side, until once again Ezra’s entire head was nothing but stubble, invisible to the naked eye. His week of beard scruff was longer than the hair on his head and looked really attractive on him.

Anderson went over everything again with the clippers, feeling the stubble against his hand as he went, making sure every single hair was gone. He went back to his gorgeous hairline, now just a difference in light and dark skin color, making sure it was perfect cut. When the task was done, Ezra stood up, most of the hair from his head falling from his lap to the floor.

"Sit," was all he said.

No, damn it no. Not again… but f**k I want it. Anderson did as he was told. He sat promptly, facing the mirror, seeing his face framed by his new growth, not feeling so ugly, or exposed, but oh was he turned on. Especially when the newly shorn Ezra picked up the clippers again. Still, Anderson thought: Please don’t.

"You want me to do it, don’t you?" Ezra asked, but Anderson just gulped hard, closing his eyes. "Don’t you?"

"No-, no Sir."

"But you will accept whatever I do, right?"

"Yes Sir," the clippers hummed to life again, his eyes still closed, he could hear Ezra putting them close to his forehead, right in the middle.

"Beg me not to," Ezra demanded. "Go on."

"Sir," this was his chance, "Please, don’t."

"Don’t what?"

"Shave my head again," Anderson opened his eyes, looking to Ezra pleadingly, even as he grabbed him by the back of the head, ready to push his head forward into the running clippers positioned inches away.

"That all?" Ezra said with some aggression, pushing a little, just enough so his head came within millimeters of the clipper blade.

"Please, please don’t. I’ll do anything you ask. Just please don’t shave my head again, Sir. Please."

"Very good," Ezra smiled, releasing his head, and turning the clippers off. "I’ll make you a deal. I know you want to see Aron with short hair too. You can keep your hair for now. Two more weeks. In two weeks, if you can’t get him like me, then I won’t be so forgiving."

Anderson was beyond turned on. His blood was rushing through his entire body. He didn’t realize that Ezra wanted Aron as much as he did. He didn’t realize that Ezra wanted to see him enjoy his fetish so much as to involve other people. More than anything, the regret he would have felt if Ezra shaved his head again would have been as much pain as his temporary pleasure.

"Yes Sir. Deal."

"This is your chance. If you can’t, it's ok. We don’t have to pressure him. We will just take your hair again. Easy as that."

Ezra walked around and fiercely kissed Anderson. He was really beginning to enjoy this.

To be continued…

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