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The Resort - New Me by Scott the Haircut Lover

The Resort " New Me

I had always been pretty conservative with my hair. Ever since I got to the resort I found myself looking at every guys hair at the resort. Wasn’t sure why, but I am pretty sure it was because deep down I new it was time for a new look. So there I sat in Pierre’s chair. He cut the hair of many of the young staff members hair and every one of them was sharp and unique. I had just told him that I was in his hands and trusted him to do what ever he wanted. I gave him no instructions what so ever!
Pierre was mixing a color in a bowl. I had never colored my dark brown hair. I thought about it a few times, but as I said I was pretty conservative with my hair. As Pierre started applying the color he gave me a brief description of what he was doing. He said this was where he was taking my hair to white. Then he would add a toner later to get the color he was looking for. My stomach dropped! I couldn’t believe I was doing this. Clearly I was not walking out of here looking anything like what I looked like when I walked in. I sat there, now facing the mirror, looking at my hair completely covered with bleach. As it turned whiter and whiter I was almost freaking out but I didn’t let Pierre know. I really did trust him and couldn’t wait to see the results.
He leaned me back in the sink and gave me the most amazing head massage ever as he washed out the bleach. Then he conditioned it which meant I got another great head massage. Next he added a toner. Taking from a completely white to a very light ash blonde. He toweled it dry. It was really different but I was liking it. He combed and combed studying my hair. He sectioned off the top. I was so nervous when he picked up the clippers. Starting on my right side burn, shaving about half way up the side of my head. As he worked towards the back he didn’t shave up the middle. He left some length. Then he got to the left side matching the right. Then he started what he said was a "Blurry fade". Working from right to the back leaving the length but fading it in about 2 inches from the hair line to the longer middle. He matched the left side. Then he took the bulk out of the middle. I was amazed how precise he was. He took the clips off the top, and it flowed down over the faded sides and back. He shaped the top into a short faux hawk. I watched with excitement as the transformation took place. Pierre showed me different ways to style it. It was the most amazing haircut ever! I loved the color and the look. I never saw myself doing anything like this.
I had been at the Spa for over 5 hours. Got an amazing massage, my first ever Mani/Pedi, and the most amazing haircut ever. Before I left, Pierre told me he had arranged a clothier to be waiting for me when I got back to my room. I walked out of the spa on cloud nine! Feeling more confident in myself than I ever had. I was proud I let my guard down and tried something completely new. When I arrived at my room there was a very handsome guy standing there with a rack of clothes. Now this was completely new to me! His name was Alonzo. He said there is no pressure to buy any outfits. But Pierre said that he thought if we created two sets of wardrobe for you that you could take the ideas home and build a completely new look for yourself. Alonzo said, let’s start with a look for tonight! Definitely some island wear, classic but not wild. People who pick loud outfits show a lack of confidence. I tried on four or five different outfits. We picked the perfect look. A dark blue flowered themed shirt with some white shorts. He picked out a really nice belt and some classic sandals that absolutely finished the look. Then we started working on my "Back Home look". Yeah I got carried away and bought about five or six combinations. Then were was a knock on the door. It was Jaydon and Pierre. I was shocked to see them both and it was obvious that Pierre had just freshen up Jaydon’s hair. He looked so good! Alonzo collected all of his things, thanked me for a very fun fitting, and headed his way. I looked at Jaydon "Your hair looks amazing!" Jaydon replied "I see that Pierre worked his magic on you. It suits your perfectly sir." I said thank you and then curiously asked "So what brings you two here?" Pierre answered "We have one more service to offer you to prepare you for tonight. We both came because it will deal with some of your personal areas and of course we want to remain 100% professional. I wanted to start with just a little make up that will bring out all of your beautiful features." This sounded amazing to me! Then Pierre said "Then, and of course only if you are comfortable with it, I want to show you how to groom some of your personal areas." I smiled but blushed hard! I had never really paid any attention to any of those areas. I smile saying "Let’s do it!".
This was not happening! How was I going to return to normal after all of this pampering! It was only day two of my 14 day vacation and my looked had been completely transformed. While my look was being transformed I could feel my self confidence building inside me. Its not that I was shy or insecure, I just never put myself out there. Pierre slide the stool out that was at the vanity in my bathroom and asked me to have a seat. He put some very subtle base on, and a slight shine saying "When you go out you want a little shine, when you are doing conservative things you want just a natural base." It all made sense to me and I loved it! Jaydon was standing in the back ground smiling. Pierre showed me how to shave my face in a way that would protect my skin. The he asked me to remove my shirt. Jaydon was smiling big. After removing it, Pierre inspected my runners build body. I was mostly smooth with a nice happy trail. My arm pits were pretty bushy. I looked at him "Are you about to shave my body hair?" He looked back "No above the waist band, but we are going to trim it up." His touch was simply amazing and to be honest I couldn’t control what has happening in my shorts. Once my body was trimmed up, he said "Ok time to lose the shorts and undies." I was so nervous to pull down my shorts because I was fully hard! He helped me undo the button and pushing them down to the floor. Jaydon smiled at my slim long circumcised man hood that was shrouded with a dark brown bush. By the time Pierre finished I looked clean and much bigger! I also loved the feel of my now smooth balls and my back side was now hairless. My bush was reduced to a tight triangle that match my physique perfectly.
Pierre was happy with his work. Jaydon gave a thumbs up and smiled. I showered with some of the products that Pierre has sold me and come out in my new outfit for the club tonight. They were both still there and out on the deck that was over the water. I saw a plate of cheeses, meats and crackers and a bottle of Merlot. Pierre was kissing Jaydon when I walked out which I strangely felt jealous about but then reminded myself they are bf’s. I opened the wine, poured three glasses and brought them out to the deck. It was a beautiful night with a light sea breeze and an almost full moon. I handed them each a glass of wine and we toasted to the new me. I thanked them both for everything that had happened the first two days of my vacation. They complimented me on my new found confidence and reminded me that my trip had only just begun. We talked for a while, enjoyed the wine and cheese plate. I had done my make up the way Pierre showed me and styled my hair into the faux hawk style. Pierre and Jaydon said you are a fast learner! They headed off and I headed to the night club. Let’s see if all this work paid off….. To Be Continued…..

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