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My New Summer Haircut by JamesWoods

My name is James and I’m 21 years old, I live in a flat in London by myself, I was able to buy a flat myself due to getting a big inheritance from one of my grandparents. I’m just under 6ft tall and have a fairly decent figure, I’m not the fittest person in the world but I’m definitely not fat. But my standout feature is definitely my bright ginger hair, it is very thick and when it’s short it is fairly straight but as soon as it gets any longer than a couple inches it begins to get wavy.

It was near the end of April and the weather was beginning to turn warmer as we were heading into the summer months. My nan who lived in London as well, which was one of the reasons I decided to move there as well so I could be nearby if she needed anything, had gone to visit her sister in Scotland for a week so she asked if I would mind dog sitting for her. I was more than happy to do that, and she had even said that I could stay at her house in the guest bedroom which I was really happy to do as she had a pool in her garden.

So, I packed myself a bag with everything I’d need for a week and headed over to her house. When I got there her dog Baxter, who was a west highland terrier, came over to greet me. I decided to unpack my bag and then take Baxter for a quick walk. I took the clothes I had packed and placed them on the bed in the room that I was going to be staying in, I had also packed a book and my laptop to keep myself entertained and the last item I had packed was my Wahl clippers. I had packed them as my beard had begun to get a little long, I’d bought hair clippers to trim my beard as I always found a beard trimmer took way too long to do the job. At least that’s what I told people, the main reason was because I had a hair fetish and I had fantasised about cutting all my hair off with them multiple times, but never found the courage to do so. I placed the clippers in the main bathroom and then took Baxter for a walk round the block.

When I got back to the house from walking Baxter, I noticed that my aunt’s car was parked outside, I didn’t know why she had come round but thought nothing of it as I let my self in. I took the leash off Baxter so he could go and have a drink. As I was hanging the lead up, the bathroom door opened and out walked my aunt, she was shorter than me and had a good figure for a woman who had turned 50 a few years ago, due to her being a bit of a fitness freak. She had what I would call a mom-bob which she dyed blonde as she didn’t like her natural brunette colour, it hung just below her jaw.

"Hey Helen, you alright?" I asked as I finished putting the dogs lead away.

She turned towards me after jumping a little, obviously surprised she wasn’t alone anymore, "bloody hell, you scared me! I guess these belong to you then?" she asked as she picked my clippers up off the side to show me.

I saw them and had to try and act calm about them, not wanting to give anything away about my fetish, "oh yeah, those are mine." I replied.

She gave me a bit of a questioning look, and then asked, "why do you have hair clippers? Are you planning on cutting all your hair off?"

Talking about cutting hair was beginning to cause a bulge in my pants to form, thankfully as I was standing it was a little less noticeable. "No, I use those to trim my beard, it’s starting to get longer so thought I would trim it up." I told her.

"But why do you have hair clippers and not a beard trimmer?" Helen asked.

‘You’re really not letting this go’ I thought. "Every beard trimmer I’ve had always seems to struggle and it takes ages to trim it. So, I bought those clippers which do a much better job." I explained, hoping that would be the end of the conversation, but a part of me wanted it to continue as well.

Helen looked satisfied with the answer I had given her as she said, "oh, fair enough. I thought you were finally going to sort that mop out." As she pointed at my hair, after putting the clippers back.

I was going to let the conversation end there, but that was until that small part of me decided to pipe up and say, "well I was planning on going and getting my summer haircut, but I just hadn’t found the time to do it." My summer haircut wasn’t anything drastic I would normally just get the sides cut a bit shorter to help with the heat, but people rarely noticed the difference.

"Well why don’t you get it cut now?" Helen suggested.

"I think it’s a little late to get an appointment at the salon I go to." I said.

"Well in that case, I could cut it for you now." Helen said nonchalantly. I didn’t know what to say to that as I was stunned into silence. This was my chance to finally get a short haircut, but would I have the guts to take it or not. Helen had walked over to me as I was having this internal dilemma. "You must be getting desperate for your summer cut as it’s getting warmer every day." She said as she grabbed a tuft of hair on top of my head and pulled it taught to see the full length of it. The hair on top of my head was almost 5 inches long now and the hair on my sides was about 3 inches.

I took a shaky breath and said, "if you don’t mind that would be a big help, it would also save me some money as well." Helen just smiled at me as she let my hair go, she walked past me without saying anything else and headed into the dining room.

I was just about to follow her into the room, when she reappeared, now carrying a chair. "Come on then, lets get this mop off your head." She said as she headed towards the bathroom now, obviously wanting to do the haircut in there.

I followed quickly behind, becoming more excited about the prospect of finally having my fantasy come true. When I got to the bathroom, Helen had already placed the chair in the middle of the room and was opening the box that contained my Wahl clippers. I took my place in the chair and placed my hands in my lap to try and hide my growing bulge at what was happening. Helen had taken the clippers out and was examining the various guards it came with, I heard her snap one of them on but couldn’t see which one as she was stood behind me. She turned round and said, "you should take this off, so you don’t get any hair on it." As she gave my t-shirt a quick tug.

I pulled my top off and chucked it into the corner out of the way. Helen then raked her fingers through my hair from my forehead to the crown, I felt goosebumps form on my arms at the feeling of her nails gently scrape against my scalp, she then ran her fingers through the hair on the back of my head. The next thing I heard was the clippers clicking to life followed by them humming, before I could say or do anything, I felt them get placed at the nape of my neck and get pushed into my thick hair.

I was stunned that Helen didn’t even ask me what haircut I wanted and when I felt the pile of hair that fell down my back, I felt a little sick. ‘What have I done’ I thought, I had let my fetish get the better of me and now I was getting an unknown haircut that could be extremely short. I finally found my voice and asked, "erm Helen, what haircut are you giving me?"

Helen was now making the third pass up the back of my head and I could definitely feel cool air touching my scalp, "I’m giving you a summer haircut silly." Helen replied as if it was the most obvious thing ever, she was now mowing the last path up the back and was starting to shear the left side of my head. The clippers were place at my temple and pushed up. As the clippers rose higher up the side of my head, a waterfall of ginger hair cascaded onto my shoulder and settled into my lap, where my hands were still placed to hide my arousal.

After the shock at seeing how much hair had piled into my lap from just one pass of the clippers and subsided, I managed to squeak out, "But what exact haircut are you giving me?"

Helen was now driving the clippers around my left ear, making sure no strands survived the blades on the clippers. "Well, I’m not a hair stylist, so I’m just going to give you a buzz cut." She said as if it wasn’t a big deal. She then continued saying, "it’ll keep you nice and cool during the summer, and you’ll save yourself a lot of time when getting ready." She had just finished the left side and had moved onto the right side of my head.

I was about to ask what guard she was using, or if she could leave the top longer, but I once again allowed my hair fetish to take control. So I decided to just sit there and soak in all the sensations of the clippers buzzing gently across every inch of my head, the hair falling down on my body and the weight of the hair that now rested in my lap. It felt incredible, I just prayed that it would look good on me.

Helen had now finished shaving the sides of my head, she stood behind me once again and brought the clippers to my forehead, she held them just in front of my hairline for a few seconds, allowing me to soak in the feeling of them vibrating against my head. They seemed eager to eat into the remaining hair I had, I tried to get a glimpse of the guard that she had chosen but before I could, she drove the clippers down the centre of my head. She pulled them all the way back to my crown, instead of letting the hair fall down my back though, she used her free hand to collect the hair before it fell and dropped it in front of my face so I could see how much hair I was losing, I could swear it made a sound as it dropped onto the pile in my lap.

I closed my eyes to soak in the feeling of the clippers grazing over my head, it was probably the best thing I had ever experienced, I didn’t want this to end. Helen was making the last pass over the top of my head to finish my buzz cut. She then ran the clippers over my whole head in different directions to make sure no strands had escaped their shearing. Once satisfied that my haircut was done, Helen flicked the clippers off and placed them back on the side, they would need a decent clean as they were covered in tiny strands of my ginger hair. She then began to brush the hair off my shoulders that she had sheared off so efficiently, as well as the hair that was trapped between my back and the chair I was sat in.

I finally opened my eyes and looked at the mountain of hair that rested on top of my hands in my lap. I lifted the pile of hair in my lap, I was stunned at how heavy it was, I couldn’t believe I had been carrying this on my head for the past month. As I was staring at the pile of hair I held in my hands, Helen had walked in front of me to get a better look at her handiwork, when I noticed that she had caught sight of the bulge in my lap.

I felt an instant blush rise on my face and would have been happy for the earth to swallow me right there and then. But to my surprise Helen didn’t say anything, she just gave me a knowing look, "you ready to see you new summer hairdo?" She asked, saving me the embarrassment of having to explain my enjoyment.

I dropped the pile of hair onto the floor and stood up so I could look in the mirror at my new look. I took a deep breath and turned towards the mirror, the person who was staring back at me looked like a stranger, but they looked good. The buzz cut looked amazing, from the look of it, Helen had used a number three guard, so my hair stood upright as if I had used some gel on it and my scalp was able to peek through but not so much that the pale skin clashed against the bright ginger strands.

I could see in the mirrors reflection that Helen was now standing behind me, looking at my reaction, when I smiled at her through the mirror, she smiled back. She then ran her hand over by buzz cut and the feeling was ten times more intense now that I didn’t have a mop of hair in the way. Helen then raked her fingernails over my scalp, and I couldn’t stop the involuntary shiver that ran down my spine. "Feel good, does it?" Helen asked, noticing my reaction.

Once again, I felt my cheeks blush, "it feels amazing." I answered honestly. I then ran my own hands over my head to feel my new buzz cut. As I rubbed my hands against the grain of my hair, it felt like Velcro and the sensation on my scalp was insane. "Thank you for cutting my hair, Helen." I finally said after enjoying the feeling of my head.

"You’re welcome sweetie. I’m glad you enjoyed it so much." Helen said, once again that comment brought a blush to my face. She then carried on by saying, "at least you’ll be nice and cool now during the summer, and if you want to keep it, I’m more than happy to come and freshen it up for you. You could even go a bit shorter next time if you wanted to."

That was something to think about, I was sure I was going to keep it but I’m not sure I want to go any shorter, at least not yet. "I’ll keep that in mind, thanks." I replied.

"Right lets get this cleared up and then you should jump in the shower to wash any stray hairs off your body." Helen said as she went to grab a bin bag, she came back with one and held it open for me to put my discarded hair into it, once the piles had been cleared up, she grabbed the hover just to make sure the bathroom was clean. "I’m going to jump in the pool if you want to join me after you’ve washed up." She said as she turned the hoover off

Helen left the room once she was happy the floor was clear of my hair, to throw it away. I closed the door, locked it, and turned the shower on to let it warm up. As the shower got up to temperature, I got undressed and looked at myself in the mirror, I loved my ginger buzz cut so much, I was annoyed with myself that I had waited this long, but it had definitely been worth it. I jumped into the shower now that it had warmed up, the sensation of the water pouring over my head felt incredible, I could have stood there all day. I quickly washed my body and got out the shower, I grabbed a towel to dry my body off, I then rubbed the towel over my head and was surprised that it only took a couple of strokes to make my hair dry to the touch. ‘This was going speed my showers up a lot’ I thought.

I headed into my room to grab the swim trunks that I had packed and made my way outside. When I got outside, I saw that Helen had already got in and was swimming laps. I quickly got in and began doing some laps myself, yet again I was stunned at the feeling of the water rushing over my head. After swimming a few laps, we both stopped and made our way to the side of the pool, I had a massive grin on my face which didn’t go unnoticed by Helen, "like the buzz, do you?" She asked.

I’m sure my smile grew bigger, "I love it actually!" I replied. "So, when are you free to cut it again?" I asked. This made Helen laugh out loud.

"If you want to keep it looking fresh, I’ll have to cut it every 1-2 weeks." Helen said.

"That’s cool, book me in every couple of weeks for the foreseeable future." I replied

"Why not every week?" Helen asked.

"I want to feel like I’m actually losing some hair!" I told her with a laugh.

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