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Best Buddies by Shant

Tom and Jack had been best friends practically their entire lives. They met in middle school and were now both 27. Neither had a brother, but that’s how they thought of each other.

Both guys were about the same size. The major difference between them was that Jack had a dark shade of brown hair, while Tom’s hair was blond. Both of them had very thick hair.

Having been friends for so many years, they had no secrets from each other, and knew they could speak openly about anything, and knew whatever they said would stay between them.

They had admitted years ago how much they both loved their hair and how thankful they were to have it. They had however, always worn their hair completely different from each other.

Once the hot days of summer were over, Jack would start to let his hair grow out a little. He never let it get longer than two inches on the top and would keep it like that until the beginning of June.

He would then get his favorite haircut. He had the perfect hair for a great looking flattop. It was super thick and slightly coarse, which enabled it to stand up perfectly straight. He couldn’t wait until it was time to get his hair all squared up on the back and sides. He thought that it really looked sharp.

Tom, on the other hand, had always worn his hair long. He would never consider getting his hair cut as short as Jack did. He had what would be considered a contemporary looking pompadour.

A lot of young guys wore their hair like this, having the top long and all brushed back, with the sides not touching the ears, but still long enough to brush to meet in the back. He had always loved having such long, thick hair.

They often teased each other about their hair. Jack would constantly be ragging on Tom to get a short haircut like his. "Why have you always had to have so much hair?" he would say. "Don’t you ever get tired of it?"

"Come on, go to the barbershop with me the next time I go, and let Al give you a short haircut. It would be good for you to change how you look every once in awhile. I would love to see you get your hair cut like mine."

Tom would answer back, saying, "Why do you always have to go and cut off all your hair? You know how great your hair is. Instead of me cutting my hair short, I wish you’d grow your’s long like mine."

"You’ve got such thick hair I think it would be awesome to see it as long as mine. Don’t you ever wonder how you would look with a great looking mane? I’d like to see how you looked with long hair."

It was a Saturday night and they had gone out for a few beers. They ran into some friends and ended up having a few more beers and had a good buzz on. When they got back to the house, they decided to have one more drink before crashing. What the hell, it was a Saturday night, and they were having a great time, and weren’t ready for it to end.

Tom was looking at himself in the mirror and surprised Jack when he said, "You know, I think that maybe I am getting a little too old for this pretty boy hairstyle that I have. Maybe it is time for a change and I should get a more masculine looking haircut. What do you think?"

"You already know what I think," Jack said. "I’ve been wanting you to get rid of those girlie locks forever. You’d look so hot with a shorter looking haircut. You’ve had your hair long for years. Come on, go ahead and try something different for a change."

It was probably the alcohol talking, but Jack surprised Tom when he said, "What I’d really like is for you to sit yourself down in this chair and let me cut some of those pretty locks down shorter. You know that I’m constantly trimming my own hair when it starts getting a little too long. I’d love to cut your hair for you. Come on, let me do it!"

"You know," Tom said. "For years now you have constantly been trying for me to get a flattop like you have, and I have been always trying to get you to grow your hair long like mine. How about if we make a deal?"

"I’ll get a flattop like you have and I’ll keep it cut just like yours throughout the summer. In the fall, we would then start growing our hair long and you have to agree to keep growing your hair until it’s time for your next flattop."

"When we start growing our hair longer, we could start cutting each other’s hair. I’d like to see us both with the sides and back trimmed up, but not cutting any off the top. Our hair would be almost five inches long when it was time for you to get your flattop again. Your hair would be just about the length my hair is right now."

"I’ve always wanted to see you with longer hair. I’d like to see you with a pretty boy haircut like I have right now. Your hair is every bit as thick as mine, and you could easily comb it like mine. I think we’d have a blast cutting each other’s hair. Would you agree to do that?"

"Are you seriously saying that after all these years, you are willing to get your hair cut as short as mine? That would be wild!" Jack said. "I have no problem growing my hair longer if that’s what it takes for you to cut your hair short like mine. I think the longest the top has ever been is just under three inches. To be honest, sometimes when I look at your hair, I wonder how mine would look if I grew it long like yours."

"If I agree to grow my hair long like yours, when it’s time to get my flattop next summer, would you be willing to get a flattop again, too?" Jack asked.

"I don’t want to commit to that until I see if I end up liking a flattop," Tom said. "If I like it, sure, I’ll get one when you do, but then you’ll have to agree to growing your hair long again in the fall when I start growing mine again."

"Look what we may have started," Jack said. "I think it will be a lot of fun cutting each other’s hair. It’s really no big deal. If one of us screws up a haircut, all we’ll have to do is go to Al and have him fix it for us."

"I guess we’ll have to wait until next week before I can get Al to give me a flattop like you have," Tom said. Tom figured it was just about time to crash and that this conversation would not amount to anything, and that would be the end of it.

"I have a better idea," Jack said. "You know that once I get my flattop at the start of summer that I am always using my clippers and comb to keep the sides looking perfectly square and sharp."

"I really love a flattop more than any other haircut, but if you want to keep it looking sharp, you need to get it cut every couple of weeks. I’ve been cutting my flattop into shape for years now because I don’t want to pay for all the haircuts you have to keep getting to keep it looking sharp."

"How about if you let me give you a flattop just like mine?" Jack said. "I’m confident that I can do it after cutting my own hair for so long. I would love to give you a flattop. Sit yourself down in that chair and let me tackle that mane of yours. It would be a real blast cutting your hair, especially if you get a flattop."

"It would be a hell of a lot more fun cutting it myself, instead of going to the barbershop with you, and watching Al do it. And the best part is that we can do it right now! Come on and let me do it! I’d love to see you with such a different looking haircut. It will be a blast!"

Tom thought to himself, "How in the hell did I get myself in this situation? I don’t want to cut my hair. I love my hair and I love it even more the longer it gets. I’m always running my hands through my mane, feeling how thick and soft it is. I play with it all the time. I’ve never had a haircut as short as Jack’s. I’d really freak out watching him cut almost all my hair off. I don’t know if I really want to do this."

Then Tom thought to himself, "You know, I’m really coming out the winner in this deal. It will be mind blowing getting a flattop, but I only have to wear it for three months. Jack, on the other hand, will have to let his hair grow for nine months and it will be over five inches long on top. I can’t wait to see him with such long hair."

"I’ll also get to bury my hands in his beautiful hair every month and trim it for him. It’ll be great fun seeing how his hair looks when it gets longer. I’ll also enjoy having him cut my hair. I’ve seen him cut his own hair for years and he definitely knows what he is doing. It will be worth it to get a flattop and then get to play with his hair all the time. I’m going to do it!"

"I can’t believe I’m agreeing to this," Tom said. "Go ahead and give me a flattop and do it before I lose my nerve and change my mind. I’ve wondered how I would look if I got my hair cut like yours, and you are right, I have worn my hair like this for a long time. Put me in your barber chair and give me the best flattop you can!"

They went into the bathroom and Jack got all his hair cutting tools out and ready. "Sit yourself down and let me brush your hair all straight up and back before I actually start doing any cutting," Jack said.

At this time, Tom’s hair was quite long. It was almost six inches on top and the sides were at least three inches long. He had a slight part on the left side that went about halfway back.

He always used some kind of product which kept his hair perfectly in place and also made it shine. He swept the sides to the back where they met. His hair was so thick in back that you could take your hand and run it up the back of his head and you couldn’t even see your hand because it was buried beneath so much hair. It was so thick and so long. It was wonderful.

The top he brushed all to the side and up and back. He combed his forelock so that it fell across his forehead in an awesome wave and then swept it all back. It really was a pretty boy look, and Jack couldn’t wait to give him a more masculine looking haircut.

Jack was so stoked that he was actually going to cut Tom’s hair. He had never had his hands in such long hair before. He loved feeling how Tom’s long hair was so thick and so soft. Running his hands through six inches of such awesome hair was a lot of fun, especially considering that Jack had never had his hair even three inches long. He was excited beyond belief that he was going to cut off almost all this beautiful hair.

Jack caped Tom up and continued brushing his hair, getting it so that it was all perfectly in place. Jack had always wanted to do this but had felt too embarrassed to ask Tom if he could cut his hair. Knowing how much Tom loved his hair, Jack couldn’t believe that he was actually going to get a flattop. Jack never thought Tom would ever cut his hair that short. He couldn’t remember ever seeing him with short hair.

If it was the alcohol talking, Jack wasn’t at all worried if Tom would regret having him cut off most of his hair or not. He certainly was not going to pass up on this opportunity. This was going to be a tremendous rush!

Jack didn’t know if he wanted to start with the scissors or the clippers. Man, he was looking forward to doing this. He decided he would start by using the scissors first and cut Tom’s hair down a little at a time so that he didn’t freak out once the haircut began. He also wanted this haircut to last as long as it could because he knew he was going to have a fantastic time cutting it.

He figured if he started by just cutting off a little at a time, Tom would relax and eventually be ready for the clippers. He knew Tom had not had clippers used on his hair in years and maybe had never even had them used on him before. His hair was so thick and had so much body Jack was positive he would have a fantastic looking flattop when he finished.

After Jack had Tom’s hair all combed perfectly into place, he picked up his scissors and lifted up his forelock and cut off about an inch. As he had thought, Tom didn’t get upset about that at all. He continued running his comb through all Tom’s long hair, taking off about an inch on the top.

"That wasn’t so bad, was it? You don’t even look any different yet, but you soon will," Jack chuckled. He took his scissors and repeated cutting Tom’s hair on top, taking off another inch. That still left Tom with more than three inches of hair on top.

Jack decided he was now going to use the clippers to take off the sides and back of Tom’s pretty hair. He put the #2 guard on his clippers and tilted Tom’s head forward until it almost touched his chest. This was such turn on! Jack turned on the clippers and ran them up to about an inch from the top of Tom’s crown and did the same on the sides.

After peeling down the sides and back, he again took his wide tooth comb and blended the remaining hair on the sides into the top. Jack worked from the front to the back, taking great pains to make certain that Tom’s hair was as square as it could be. It stood up so great. He then proceeded to brush it all back and then just checked one last time to be certain that everything was perfectly squared.

He then wet Tom’s hair and took his blowdryer and brushed all his hair on top up and back, making it stand as high as he could get it. It was looking great. He couldn't believe how great it was to run his hands through such long hair.

Jack was really stoked about getting to cut the top down flat. "Are you ready to get the rest of that pretty boy hair of your’s cut off? I have wanted to see you with a flattop forever. I never thought that I would actually be the one getting to cut it, though. This is such a rush!"

"You still have a lot of hair on top. I’m now going to cut the top down and flatten it out. You won’t believe it when you see how much more of your wonderful hair is going to come off!"

Jack took his wide tooth comb and lifted up the front section of hair and then took the clippers and cut all the hair off that was above the comb. Tom lost about two more inches of hair.

Jack took great care to make certain that Tom’s flattop was as flat and square as he could possibly get it. He really wanted Tom to like the haircut so that he could get to cut his hair all the time. As he finished the haircut, Jack thought that Tom looked fantastic. He was really pleased with how the haircut had turned out. It looked even better than he had hoped it would. You would have never guessed that Tom had not had his hair cut by a professional barber.

"All done," Jack said. "I hope you really like the way your hair looks. I’m not saying this just to make you feel better about cutting off your beautiful hair. I think you look fantastic and so totally different!"

The two of them stood side by side facing the mirror. It really was strange seeing them with the exact same looking haircut. They had always seen each other with totally opposite looking haircuts and for the very first time were wearing the exact same haircut.

"I really like it," Tom said. "I’m actually glad that we went ahead and did this. Now, I want you to sit in the chair and let me brush your flattop all perfectly into shape. You shouldn’t get to have all the hair play fun and me not have any fun at all. I want to feel what it’s like getting to brush a flattop."

Jack sat down and Tom did exactly what he had watched Jack do to him. There was no cutting involved, but Tom slightly wet Jack’s hair and then added a little product and then used the blowdryer and brushed his thick flattop all perfectly into place.

"I had always wondered what it felt like to have a flattop. Yours is always so perfect." Tom then ran his hands repeatedly through Jack’s hair, mussing it up and seeing how different it looked, instead of being brushed perfectly into place.

"Just think," he said as he played with Jack’s hair, "This spring your hair is going to be almost as long as mine was this evening. I can’t wait to see you with almost five inches of hair. All the years we’ve known each other, I’ve never seen you with long hair."

"How do you think you’re going to like having a pretty boy haircut like the one I just lost? Are you going to hate it? Have you ever wondered how you would look with a haircut like mine? I’m going to love being your barber while you are growing it out, and then cutting your hair short the beginning of summer."

Tom was standing behind Jack and continued running his hands through his hair. He then grabbed it firmly in the front and said with a devilish smile, "Oh yeah, man! I can’t wait to see you with so much hair! I can’t wait till you’re ready for your next flattop because I’m going to grab all of that huge, thick forelock you will have and chop it off! That will really be something to look forward to doing."

"Seeing that you’ve already said that you like how your hair looks, means that next year, you’ll be getting a flattop again, too," Jack said. "I’m going to grab that forelock you have and chop it off just like you said you wanted to do to mine."

"It will be awesome giving each other flattops and cutting off all each other’s long hair. This could turn into something we do every year. We’ll definitely have some fun times when we do that!" Jack said.

Thus began a routine that Tom and Jack continued to do for several years. Both really enjoyed getting their hands in each other’s hair and especially cutting each other’s hair. Jack taught Tom how to use the clippers and Tom discovered that he was a pretty damn good barber. Haircuts now became a great night of fun which they eagerly looked forward too.

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