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Jim Takes Charge by Shant

Brian graduated from college with a degree in architecture and joined his dad’s construction company. He and his dad had always had a great relationship and he loved getting to work with his father. He also knew that when his father retired, he would take over the family business and he looked forward to his future.

He had grown up in the mountains of Western North Carolina and loved living there and being able to work outside nine months out of the year.

Brian came out during college. His family had no problem with it, and overall, he was really happy with how his life was going.

The only disadvantage living where he did was that the gay population was really small. There was only one gay bar, and on Saturday night, the big event, was a drag show. Brian felt that everyone should be free to do whatever they wanted, but he really wasn’t interested in drag. He went to a gay bar to meet men, the more masculine, the better.

A few of his college buddies had moved to Atlanta after college and Brian went down to visit them.

Talk about a different world! The guys in Atlanta were definitely more image conscious compared to the guys where he lived. There were so many men with great bodies. It seemed that practically everybody went to the gym.

Guys also dressed a lot better and definitely had sharper looking haircuts. It was obvious that in a large city, if you wanted to stand out in a crowd, you had to make a commitment to how you looked.

When Brian saw these guys, he said to himself, "I can do what these guys do. I need to start working out and pay more attention to my appearance. All it takes is determination and commitment, and it would be worth it."

As soon as he got back home, he joined a gym and began his plan to get in the best possible shape he could. A few years passed and he continued to be dedicated to achieving his goal of looking the best he could. His body had really improved. He had put a couple of inches on his chest and arms and looked nothing like he did just a few years ago.

He also started paying a lot more attention to his appearance. His family had originally come from Sweden and he was lucky enough to have the thick, blond hair, that so many Swedish men typically had. He had never really paid much attention to his hair, other than knowing how lucky he was to have such good hair. It was definitely one of his best features.

He found a new barber, and tried several different haircut styles, anxious to see how he thought his hair looked the best. Working outside all summer resulted in him cutting his hair short, and then growing it out again in the fall, and continue to let it grow until the following summer.

Right now his hair was probably a little over five inches long on top, with the sides tapered around the ears and the remainder of the sides about three inches long and brushed to the back. He brushed the top of his hair straight back and then ran his fingers through it, causing it to naturally part down the middle. It didn’t look like he spent hours working on his hair. It just looked natural.

One Friday night he went down to Atlanta and he and a group of his friends went out bar hopping. Brian loved that there were so many different type bars in a large city. There was something for everyone.

They ended up at an after hours bar where most guys went after the other bars had closed. This bar had a reputation where hot men went to pick up a guy for the night. Guys were pretty direct about talking with you if they were interested. There were no games. It was mostly a bar to hook up with someone.

You were not allowed to even enter the bar if you were wearing shorts, sandals, or a polo shirt. You did see some guys in leather, but generally guys were dressed in jeans and a tight t-shirt showing off their muscles.

Brian saw a guy walking over towards him wearing only jeans and a leather vest. He immediately thought the guy looked really hot. He was about 6’ 2" and had a great body.

What was really striking about him, however, was that he had a totally shaved head. Brian had never really been attracted to a guy with no hair. He always hoped he would hook up with a guy with great hair and get to play with his awesome mane.

This guy, however, really pulled off the look. He just seemed very sure of himself and gave off a really positive image. He was a very handsome man and Brian thought he was the perfect definition of the word, masculine.

"I saw you a little while ago and thought that you had either just moved here, or are here for the weekend, because I definitely know I would remember if I had ever seen you before. My name is Jim," he said.

Brian thought Jim seemed like a nice guy and they struck up a conversation. It was obvious to both of them that they were physically attracted to each other. After awhile, Jim asked Brian if he would like to come home with him and play for the night.

"I think we would have a terrific time," he said. "You’re such a hot looking man and with that incredible body you have, I know we would have a great time playing together."

Brian agreed and they left the bar. Brian had driven, so he followed Jim back to his house, which fortunately was not all that far away.

Once they got to Jim’s house, Jim grabbed a couple of beers and they sat together on the sofa and cuddled and talked some more. They were enjoying each other’s company and were in no hurry to have the evening end anytime soon.

"You really do have beautiful hair," Jim said, as he reached over and started running his fingers through Brian’s hair. "The color is just unreal and it is so thick. It’s awesome."

"Do you like having someone brush your hair? After having had no hair now for over a year, I would really enjoy getting my hands in your beautiful mane. I would love to play with it, if it were okay with you. I can’t remember what it felt like having long hair like yours."

"I like having my hair brushed but it doesn’t happen very often," Brian said. "I guess most of the guys I hook up with assume because of my size that I am going to be the dominant person. That’s fine with me, but I also like to not always be the one on top. Every once in awhile, I’ve hooked up with a guy that was comfortable taking control, and they were some of the hottest times I’ve had."

"Fantastic! Damn, you are just so good looking! How about if you stretch out on the sofa and put your head in my lap and let me brush your hair?" Jim said. "It would really turn me on to do that."

Brian laid down on the sofa and placed his head in Jim’s lap. It really was erotic for both of them. Brian loved having someone play with his hair, just as much as Jim loved playing with it. As he brushed Brian’s hair, he asked him if he wore his hair the same way most of the time?

Brian told him about his dad’s business and that he worked outside most of the year. "Working outside all summer long, the temperature can get really high. My hair that first year was just about how I had worn it all through college. I basically had a big mop of hair on my head."

"Due to it being so thick, it was a total mess all summer long. Almost every day, sweat would be running down my face, and I would end up going home with my hair soaking wet. I know it sounds vain, but I really love my hair."

"The following spring, I decided I was not going to go through a repeat of the previous summer. I was a little nervous about cutting my hair short after having it fairly long for several years, but I knew it would be the most logical thing to do, and that it would only be for a few months before I could start growing it out again."

"I had this old barber give me a short haircut, and I was surprised by how much I ended up liking it. The next time I went back, I had him cut it even shorter. I couldn’t believe how much easier it made it to be working outside in the heat."

"The third time I went back to get my hair cut, the barber asked me if I would like to try a flattop? He said that my hair was so thick and stood up so well that he thought I would look great with a slightly longer, square, boxy flattop, with a thick pile on top."

"He said I had the perfect hair for a flattop and that he had been thinking about how much he would really love to give me one. He said he thought nothing looked better than a guy with thick blond hair cut into a really sharp flattop. He told me he would actually cut my hair for free if I would let him give me a flattop. He said he was positive that I would really like it."

"I knew that he was trying his best to encourage me to go for it. I could see by the look in his eyes and the smile on his face how badly he wanted me to let him go ahead and do it. I was a little hesitant about it, but also interested in how it would look. I had gotten used to cutting my hair short every spring, and realized it really was not going to be all that big a deal to go just a little shorter than I usually did."

"My barber was all smiles when I told him to go ahead and do it. I actually ended up with a flattop being my favorite haircut. I like the sides cut really short, and I love how it stands up so straight and square with almost no effort at all. I think it really shows off how thick my hair is better than any other haircut."

"I got so comfortable with the barber, that over time we both realized how much we both enjoyed him cutting my hair. I would sometimes tell him to give me whatever type haircut he wanted. Those were the haircuts he really looked forward to doing. I’ve had my hair cut down pretty short a few times. Once he gave me a landing strip when he decided he wanted to give me a short military flattop. That was a little intense, but after awhile, I thought it looked pretty good."

"Once summer ends, I start growing my hair out again. I really like having my hair long, and think it looks good both ways. I got into the routine of cutting it short the beginning of summer and growing it out in the fall. I actually find myself getting eager as it gets closer to when I am going to have it short again. It won’t be much longer before I get it cut."

"You know, you’re the first guy I have ever gone home with that had a totally shaved head. A great head of hair really turns me on, but you look so hot and are such a stud with the bald head. You’ve got the whole package. You’re tall, you have a great body, especially your pecs and biceps, and are so masculine."

"I think a handsome man, wearing just the leather vest and jeans is just the ultimate masculine look. When you started walking over towards me I could feel my pulse rising. I couldn’t take my eyes off you."

"How long have you shaved your head?" Brian asked. "What caused you to decide to do it? I’d like to see what you looked like when you had hair."

Jim showed Brian a picture of him with long hair. He had a really nice thick head of dark brown hair. It was actually cut only a little shorter than the way Brian’s hair was now. He looked so completely different. To Brian’s surprise, he thought Jim looked even hotter without his hair.

"I had always fantasized about shaving my head," Jim said. "One night I just got up the nerve and did it. I’m not going bald at all. I just wanted to see how different I would look. I figure this fall I’ll start growing it out again, because even though I really like the shaved head, I also like having my hair longer too. It’s a lot of fun changing the way it looks."

"How often do you have to shave your head?" Brian asked. "Do you have do to it just as often as shaving your face? I hate shaving. Whenever I have time off, I’ve usually got a beard that I buzz off once a week. I don’t think I’d like having to shave my entire head all the time, if that’s what you have to do to keep it looking so great. It seems that it would take more effort to have a shaved head than having just a little hair."

Jim continued cuddling with Brian and answered all his questions he had about having a shaved head, all the while playing with his hair. Brian loved having him run his fingers through it.

"You seem really interested in my shaved head," he said. "Maybe someday you’ll get up the nerve to try it yourself. There’s really nothing like it. There is nothing more sensual than running your hands all over your bald head. The feeling is impossible to describe. Nothing else compares to how it feels. If you ever do shave your head, you’ll understand exactly what I’m saying."

"The toughest part is getting over your fear and making the decision to go ahead and actually do it. After you’ve had it shaved for a few weeks, you don’t even think about it anymore and you wonder why you were ever so afraid of doing it. It’s really a fantastic feeling."

"The better the guy’s body, the hotter the guy looks with a shaved head. You’re in such great shape that you would look like such a hot stud if you ever decided to do it."

Jim continued playing with Brian’s hair. "You say that you are going to get your hair cut short in a few weeks? It really won’t be much longer than it is now. It must be a total rush every year seeing all that long pretty hair coming off. I know what a turn on it was for me when I cut off all my hair."

"I’ve met quite a few guys with gorgeous hair that obviously loved their awesome mane. I would have never imagined that at one point in time, many of them had fantasized about getting all their beautiful hair cut off."

"Many of them said they had always wondered what it would be like to experience seeing all their hair tumbling off and falling onto their shoulders and then onto the floor. Usually, the more fantastic the guy’s hair was, the more turned on he was thinking about cutting it."

"I’ve had some really hot times buzzing a hot looking guy down and getting rid of all his pretty boy hair. I think the thought of that really turns you on, doesn’t it? Despite having such awesome hair and loving it so much, I bet that you secretly are like so many of those guys. I helped them get to live out one of their greatest fantasies. Tell me the truth. Have you ever thought about totally getting rid of all that pretty boy hair you have?"

"There have been times when my barber would give me a short military flattop and I would wonder about cutting off the rest of my hair, but I’ve never gotten up the nerve to actually go through with it."

"I know that if I did buzz it all off and I really hated it, it would only take about eight weeks to be about as long as a short flattop. I’m just really afraid that it will look awful and I would immediately regret doing it. I can’t even begin to imagine what it would feel like having absolutely no hair at all."

"Being honest, instead of going to my barber, I’ve fantasized more about some hot guy cutting my hair. I love my hair so much. I know it’s vain to say that and I know I’m so lucky to have it. The thought of shaving it all off is really wild."

"Even though I know it’s not really all that much shorter than when I get a short military flattop, the idea still scares the hell out of me. I think I’m going to have to think that one over for awhile," Brian said. "Maybe when I come down again, I’ll get up my nerve and let you do it."

Brian was still resting his head in Jim’s lap and Jim kept running his fingers through his hair. Brian suddenly saw Jim reach over and pick up a pair of scissors and he realized that Jim really was not kidding around, and was going to cut his hair!

Jim continued running his hands through Brian’s hair, telling him how great it felt to play with such long, thick, beautiful hair. "I totally understand why you love your hair so much. It really is awesome. Running my hands through it and playing with your pretty locks is such a rush." He then ever so gently lifted up a lock, and without saying a word, cut off about three inches!

Brian looked up at Jim and never said a word to him about what he had just done. He couldn’t believe what was happening! It was erotic as hell having Jim take charge of him. He couldn’t believe that he was looking up at this hot man and was really going to get his hair cut and have absolutely no say about what kind of haircut he was going to get. Was Jim really serious and going to shave him bald?

Jim was right. Somehow he knew that Brian had also fantasized about cutting off all his hair. Brian had said he had worn his hair really short before, so Jim knew that it wouldn’t really freak him out too much if he went ahead and did what he was planning to do.

No one, other than a barber, had ever cut Brian’s hair before. He never said a word to Jim as he continued to cut off locks of his hair.

Jim continued running his hands through Brian’s hair and cutting off his pretty locks. Brian’s head was still in his lap and Jim firmly placed his hand at the front of Brian’s forehead and then ran his fingers back through his hair as close to his scalp as he could. He could totally bury his hands in Brian’s hair and not even see them.

"You really have an awesome head of hair. There’s just so much of it. It is so thick. Look how when I run my hands through your beautiful hair how it all falls back into place," Jim said.

Jim was having an out of body experience. He was so turned on looking down at this fantastic looking guy, playing with his hair, and then cutting so much of it off. At the same time, Brian was looking up at Jim and thinking how handsome he was and how unbelievable it felt having Jim cut his hair.

Once Jim’s fingers were totally buried in Brian’s hair, he sliced off all the hair that stood up above his fingers. A lock at a time, about three inches of hair was falling into his lap. He thought he was going to pass out because the feeling was so intense watching Jim do this to him. He had wanted this to happen forever.

Jim cut all Brian’s hair by running his fingers through it and cutting off all the length that was visible above his fingers. It was unreal watching him do it, because Brian had never had his hair cut this way before. Mounds of his thick hair was piling up in his lap. It was mind blowing seeing it being cut off. When Jim finished, it was a little less than an inch long all over.

Once he had finished cutting all the long hair down, Jim then rubbed his hands all over Brian’s head. "Doesn’t it feel really great with so much less hair?" he said. "Okay, now I’m going to give you a hot looking haircut. You’re not going to leave here with a ragged looking head of hair. You said that a flattop was your favorite haircut. I want to see how you look with one. I bet you really look hot."

"It’s going to be so awesome seeing all that beautiful hair that you still have being buzzed off. It’s time for you to sit in my barber chair and let me begin the next phase of your haircut," Jim said.

Brian didn’t hesitate at all and immediately sat down. He knew whatever was about to happen to him was going to be intense and he was loving every minute of it. Brian thought that he was about ready to explode. He was terrified and excited about what he knew was going to happen.

"I am going to give you the haircut you’ve always wanted but have been too afraid to ever get," Jim said. Without asking Brian’s permission, Jim took the clippers with a #2 guard on them and buzzed his hair up the sides and the back all the way to the crown.

He then brushed his hair on top all back and then took a comb and took off the guard on the clippers and went ahead and gave him a really fantastic short flattop. Being so blond and thick, and with his hair standing up so straight and full really looked awesome. Jim had given him a flattop that was every bit as good as his barber did.

"I think you look even hotter with short hair instead of that pretty boy hair you had. You are really a handsome looking man. I’m sure you’re aware that anytime, anywhere you go, you definitely have one of the best bodies in the place. Your body would be in the top 5% no matter how many guys were in the room. You have perfect proportion, but what is so impressive is the definition you have. Your biceps and triceps look like they have been carved from marble. Your back is awesome."

"You’ll be amazed by how much more masculine you are going to look when I am finished. I don’t think you really have any idea how good looking you are. When I was in the bar watching you, I think that practically every single guy in the place looked at you. You stand out no matter where you are. Are you aware of that?"

"I guess I’m really not. I’m not shy after I meet someone, but I feel really uncomfortable looking like I’m trying to pick a guy up. I don’t do very well making direct eye contact, like so many guys do. I wish that I did, but it’s hard for me," Brian said.

"One of my friends asked me if I ever realized how many guys were always checking me out? He told me that I was being cruised practically all the time, and I really wasn’t aware of it. He said that I needed to open my eyes."

Brian could tell that Jim was doing something behind him, but he didn’t know what it was. He took his brush and worked on getting the remaining hair on Brian’s head to stand up as high as it could.

"Don’t get me wrong," Jim said. "Your hair is awesome and it is definitely one of the first things that a guy notices when he first sees you, but you said you keep it short for the summer and then start growing it long again in the fall. If you’re ever in town again and want a haircut, just give me a call. I’d love to give you all different kinds of haircuts."

Brian thought that maybe Jim was going to leave him with the flattop because it looked great, but then Jim said,"Okay, get ready. This is something you need to do at least one time in your life."

There was no guard on the clippers and Jim proceeded to aggressively buzz off the flattop he had just given Brian, leaving him with just stubble. The feeling of the clippers cutting so close to his scalp was really sensual.

Jim turned off the clippers and Brian then ran his hands all over his head. It felt like sandpaper. Even though it was only a little shorter than some previous haircuts he had received, it felt entirely different.

The next thing Brian realized was that his head was being covered in shaving cream and Jim was beginning to take his razor and shave his head. He looked in the mirror and just couldn’t believe how different he looked. Actually, he was pretty excited about it.

"I think you will be amazed by the reaction you will get the next time you go into a bar, especially if you aren’t wearing a shirt and have on a leather vest. You will be the ultimate looking stud. Every guy in the place will be drooling over you."

"I hope you would like you to stay overnight and let me take you to the bar again tomorrow night. I have an extra leather vest and I’d like to see you wearing no shirt and really show off that body you have."

"I think it will be really wild seeing the attention you will get. I bet that if a guy had been there tonight, he wouldn’t even realize you were the same guy. You definitely look like a hot stud."

"Once we get to the bar, I’ll hang out with you in the beginning, but then I’m going to wander off and leave you by yourself for just awhile. I’ll be close by. I want to watch and see the attention you receive with your new look. I just hope that you don’t meet someone else, and decide you want to go home with him, instead of me."

"You don’t have to worry about that. This has been an awesome evening. I can’t believe the time we just had. I’ve never experienced anything like this. I can’t believe how stoked I am."

"You know, I only live a little more than an hour from here. If I came down every couple months how would you like to be my barber all the time? That was a great looking flattop you did. It sure would be a hell of a lot wilder having you cut my hair instead of the regular barber that cuts it."

"That would be great," Jim said. "It would be great knowing that every time I see you your hair will be an inch longer. It’ll be awesome getting to cut it. It will be great getting to look forward to cutting it every time you visit."

"I’m a pretty good barber myself," Brian said. "I cut a lot of my friend’s hair for them. When you start growing your hair out, would you let me cut your hair when you cut mine? Think of the wild evenings we would have giving each other haircuts."

"Sure, I’d be willing to have you cut my hair. You’re so right. We’ll really have some hot times and we’ll always be looking forward to the next time we will be getting together."

Brian knew that he was looking forward to them going out tomorrow night. It really was wild thinking about how different he looked and wondering how people would react.

Right now though, all he wanted to do was get Jim into his bedroom. It was going to be so intense with both of them having shaved heads. Definitely something that he had never experienced before.

He had never imagined a bald head would be such a turn on. He knew that it was going to be a hot, fantastic night. He also thought that he’d be getting up with Jim whenever he came to town and couldn’t wait for the awesome haircut nights they would have.

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