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Uncle Don Cuts My Hair by Shant

I had just turned seventeen and had finished my junior year of high school. It was the middle of summer and my parents let me take one of the family cars and drive across New York state to visit my Uncle Don.

Uncle Don was only eight years older than I was and I really looked up to him and thought of him more as a big brother, instead of my uncle. He seemed so sure of himself and was just such a great guy to be around. We always had a great time whenever we got together.

Uncle Don was a really handsome looking guy. He had been a barber for about ten years now and whenever I saw him, I was so impressed by how sharp his hair always looked.

Every time we got together, he would have a different looking haircut. He now had his hair a little over four inches on the top and about two and a half inches on the sides.

He and I had almost the exact same hair. Our hair was sandy blond hair with blond highlights, and was really thick, and had a slight wave, if we let it grow long.

Our hair had great body which caused it to stand up really well and stay perfectly in place. After I finished combing my hair, I could shake my head as vigorously as I could, and not a single hair would move. No matter how long I grew my hair, it always stayed perfectly in place.

When I got to Uncle Don’s house we really had a great time. I was going to stay with him for a week and really looked forward to it. We didn’t have to always be doing something, we just enjoyed hanging out together. Living 400 miles apart didn’t allow us to get together very often.

We were sitting around one night and Uncle Don kiddingly said to me, "Hey Mike, that hair of your’s is getting kind of long. Looks like you have skipped a haircut or two. I was really surprised to see you with such long hair."

"Yeah, I’d been wanting to see what my hair would look like if it were longer. I think that this is about the longest I will let it get."

"So, you’re getting ready for your senior year in high school. Do you know what you want to do after you graduate?"

"I really don’t know what I want to do. I can’t believe how fast high school has gone. In two weeks, we get our senior pictures taken, and two weeks later, school starts. I wish I knew for certain what I wanted to do after high school, but I’m only seventeen, so I don’t feel worried about not already knowing what I want to do."

"You say that your senior pictures are going to be taken in just two weeks?" Uncle Don asked. "Are you going to get your hair cut before you have them taken? I really think you should so that you will look the best you can."

"I’ve been thinking about it. I guess I should get it cut so my picture does look good. I can still remember the first time I saw your senior picture and you had the most incredible pompadour I had ever seen. I thought your hair was so awesome and I was really impressed with how it looked. That was when I decided to start growing my hair longer, and see if I could get it to look like yours."

"That pompadour you have now really is beautiful, but it’s a little dated looking," Uncle Don said. "Years from now, when you look at your senior picture, it will look like it was taken in the 50’s when pompadours were so popular."

"Why don’t you let me cut your hair into a more modern look for your picture? I have always wanted to cut your hair and I’d really like to cut it now that it’s so long. I’d like to give you a more contemporary looking haircut. I’d trim the sides and back down shorter and taper it around your ears. You need to have probably a couple inches taken off the top."

"You could still leave the top long enough to comb back. With the sides shorter, it really will be a sharp, trendy looking haircut, instead of looking so dated. I think it would look awesome. How about it? I’d love to cut your hair for you."

I had always felt too self conscious to ask Uncle Don to cut my hair, and now, here he was asking me if I would let him cut it for me! For years I had been wanting him to do this.

I was really psyched to see what he would do with the mane I had. I knew it would be mindblowing having him cut my hair and ending up with a totally different look.

Without waiting for me to say anything, Uncle Don said, "You sit yourself down in that chair, kiddo, and I’m going to cut your hair. I’ve been wanting to get my hands in that mane ever since you started letting it grow out. With your senior pictures coming up, now is the perfect time for me to cut it."

"If you are going to get your hair cut for your pictures, there’s no way in hell that any other barber is going to cut it. I’m going to have a great time cutting it for you. There’s no way anyone else is going to cut your beautiful hair."

I sat down in the chair and Uncle Don started brushing my hair. Having him just do that was a major turn on. I loved the feeling of him running the comb and his fingers through my hair and telling me how great it looked.

He continued to brush it all different ways. He then took his hands and ran them through my hair over and over again, getting it to stand up as high as he could. He then combed my hair back into the pompadour that I had.

"I know one thing for certain," Uncle Don said as he continued running his hands through my hair. "All this long greased up hair you have combed up into this huge pompadour has got to go!"

"You are going to look so much better after you get your hair cut. Let’s go in back and let me wash your hair and get all that grease out of it and then we’ll discuss what kind of haircut you are going to get."

We went into the bathroom and Uncle Don washed my hair. He really knew how to massage a scalp. It was heaven having him run his fingers through my hair.

"This is going to be so great!" Uncle Don said. "You don’t need to worry. I promise that you will end up with a really fantastic looking haircut. I wish you didn’t live so far away so that I could cut your hair all the time."

After he finished washing my hair, he had me sit in a chair and he got out his blowdryer and really went to work on my hair. He was combing it into the pompadour that I currently had, but I had never used a blowdryer before. He made my hair stand up so much more and it looked so much thicker. I loved it. I could have exploded right then and there.

Once he was done drying it, I couldn’t believe how different my hair looked. I was a little nervous about cutting my hair but I also couldn’t wait to see how it was going to look once Uncle Don cut it.

"Now, how shall I cut this mane of your’s? You really do have an awesome head of hair," he said. "You just have so much of it. There are so many ways that I would love to cut it."

"I know one thing for certain, and that is you’re going to get to feel the clippers running up the back and sides of your head. I bet you haven’t had them used in a long time, have you? I don’t know yet, though, what I’m going to do with the top. Any ideas?" he said with a smile.

"I’ve always wanted you to cut my hair, Uncle Don. Your hair always looks so perfect that I’m really excited to see what you can do with all this hair that I have. I totally trust you to cut it however you think will look best."

"I don’t want to start off by doing anything too drastic and you not liking it. After I finish the haircut you can decide if that’s the way you want to keep it, or you can have me cut it again. I’ll enjoy spending as much time as I can working on that hair of yours."

"I like your pompadour but it’s just too big. I think I’m going to start by cutting your hair so that you can still comb it into a pompadour, but a shorter version of one. I’m going to take the sides and back down and then tackle that hair you have on top."

"It will look so much more current than the pompadour you now have. It will really show off your great hair, and tapering the sides and back down will result in a greater contrast with the hair on top. You’re going to end up with a really sharp, trendy looking haircut. Are you ready? I sure am. I have been looking forward to doing this for a long time."

Uncle Don placed a guard on his clippers and put them at the bottom of my left sideburn. He then ran them up to a little above the top of my ear. He was taking off over three inches all around the back and sides. I had not had that much hair cut off at one time in years.

This left plenty of hair on the sides that I would be able to brush back, but it was still unreal seeing how much of my hair was coming off. "Oh, man, Uncle Don. This is really wild! I’m freaking out seeing all the hair that is in my lap!"

"You haven’t seen anything yet," Uncle Don laughed. "Even though I’m a barber, I rarely get my hands in such a beautiful head of hair. It’s even rarer when I get to cut so much of it off! I’m really enjoying this! Seeing as how you are my nephew, I think that from now on you’re going to be getting a lot more haircuts from me."

Uncle Don then vigorously brushed my hair up and back, making it stand as tall as it could. "This really is wonderful hair," he said. My hair in front was almost six inches long. He combed my forelock straight up and cut off almost three inches. He then worked his way to the back and blended in the sides with the top. As he worked his way back, he proceeded to take a little more off, the further he worked his way to the back.

The amount of hair cut off on the sides and back was nothing compared to the amount of hair I was losing from the top of my head. My lap was filled with so much thick, blond hair. I had never seen so much of my hair in my lap before. I was amazed by how much hair there was.

He then slightly wet my hair and took some type of product and ran it through my hair. It was awesome feeling how different it felt with so much less hair. He took his blowdryer and styled it into the shorter version of the pompadour that I had just had. It felt great.

Uncle Don turned me around and said, "What do you think there, kiddo? I think you look totally awesome. I hope that you like how it looks as much as I do. Your senior picture is going to look fantastic!"

I couldn’t believe how different I looked and I really thought that my hair looked so much better than before Uncle Don cut it. "I love how my hair looks. I think it really looks awesome. It must be a blast when you get to cut a great mane of hair."

"We have something in common that I’ve never told anyone about. Just like you, for as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed seeing a guy with a great head of hair. I’ve been cutting most of my friends hair now for three or four years. They’ve all got great hair and I really look forward to cutting it. They all have really different hair and I’ve learned how to give a lot of different style haircuts."

"I have actually been thinking about going to barber school, just like you did," I said. "One of the reasons I’ve thought about becoming a barber is because of you."

"I remember you saying that when you were really young that all you ever wanted to do was cut hair. I feel exactly the same way. At around twelve or thirteen I came to realize how much I liked cutting a great head of hair."

"When I graduate next year, what if I don’t have any idea about what I even want to major in when I go to college? I know that freshman year is basically taking required courses. You really don’t start focusing in a special area of study until your sophomore year."

"What happens if I still don’t know what I want to major in? You just keep on taking courses you never are going to need."

"I don’t think it makes a whole lot of sense to go $80,000 in debt and possibly end up having a useless degree. I’ve considered I could complete barber college in a year and immediately go to work as a barber. I would not have anywhere near as much debt, and could be making money three years earlier than if I stayed in school, and I’d really enjoy getting to give haircuts all the time."

"I have several older buddies who have told me that if they could do it all over again, they would have gone to trade school and learned some sort of skill instead of having the useless degree they had. Instead, they have all that debt, and aren’t in a job they particularly like."

"The guy that cuts my hair is 84 years old. He’s been a barber all his life. He works four hours, four days a week. He says he enjoys getting out of the house and seeing so many of his friends that have been customers forever. I like the idea of getting to work as long as I want, and retire when I want, instead of having to retire at a certain age."

"You’re certainly glad that you became a barber, aren’t you? I was hoping I could get your opinion if you thought I should become a barber. I don’t want to bring this up to anyone in the family yet, but I really value your opinion."

"That’s definitely a surprise, but I think it’s a great idea. If you enjoy cutting hair as much as I do, you’ll never regret it. You can also make decent money if you are good and people enjoy being around you. I think you’d do great."

"If my business keeps doing as well as it is, I’ll be ready to hire a second barber just around the time you graduate from barber school. Think you’d be interested in moving here and working in my shop with me? Think about how much fun we would have giving each other different looking haircuts all the time. We’d have a ball seeing as how we both love our hair so much."

As Uncle Don continued brushing my hair, he said, "I bet you’ve never had a flattop, have you? Your hair is practically just like mine. I’ve had a flattop several times, and with the thick hair that we have, it really stands up great. I think it shows off my hair more than any other haircut. Your hair would do exactly the same thing."

"You should think about getting one sometime. I tell you what, when you graduate, why don’t you come visit me and let me give you a flattop as a graduation present? I’d love to see you with a flattop. You would look great and I’d have a blast cutting it!"

The thought of Uncle Don cutting off almost all my hair really got me excited. I knew that I would love to have him cut it however he wanted.

"I had already decided that I was going to let my hair grow long my entire senior year," I said. "Now, you have really given me an incentive to do that. Ten months from now my hair will have grown out five inches and will be really long. It would easily be almost ten inches on top and about eight inches on the sides."

"I think it would be awesome to grow a huge mane and then have you cut it off. How would you like to sit me in your chair and give me a flattop if I had hair that long? I know you would love to do it, just as much as I would love watching you do it. I think it would be a tremendous rush for both of us."

"I would love to have you grow your hair that long and then have you come visit," Uncle Don said. "The closer it came time for me to cut it, the more and more excited I would be about getting to do it."

"Cutting off so much of your great hair down into a square, boxy flattop would drive me crazy. It would be awesome. You would have so much thick, long hair coming off. I think we should film it because it will be really wild seeing it happen."

"You say that you have been cutting most of your friends hair now for three years? You must do a pretty decent job, if they have kept coming back to you all that time," Uncle Don said.

"I was going to get my hair cut next week, but how would you like to cut it for me now? I think it would be awesome having my nephew cut my hair. How about if you sit me down and cape me up and show me what you can do? Let’s see if you have the family talent!" he said with a big smile on his face.

"Are you serious Uncle Don? Man, that would be awesome! I’ve always admired how great your hair always looks. I can’t believe that you would really let me cut your hair."

"I’ll be able to watch you in the mirror, and give you some pointers as you cut it, if you need them. You can consider this your first barber lesson. I’m sure you’ll do a great job."

"How would you want me to cut it?" I said. "I do a great flattop. How about if you let me give you one?" I said with a devilish grin. Uncle Don knew that I was just kidding around, and said, "Who knows? Maybe someday."

"I think that might be a little too drastic the first time you cut my hair. If you grow your hair out all senior year and you come and you let me give you a flattop, maybe I would consider it. First we’ll need to see how you do this time. How about if you take about half an inch off the sides and an inch off the top?"

I was really having a mind blowing experience. I had never imagined that Uncle Don would ever consider letting me cut his hair. The most I had ever hoped for was figuring out a way that I could even get to touch his hair.

My earliest sexual fantasy was the thought of getting to comb and brush his hair and run my fingers through it. Now, here I was getting ready to not only get my hands in his hair for the first time, but I was going to cut it! I could not have been any more stoked!

"Sit yourself down in the chair, sir, and let me show you what I can do. I wish that I could have cut your hair when you had your huge pompadour. Our hair is just so much alike. Combing your hair feels the same way it does when I comb mine."

I took plenty of time brushing Uncle Don’s hair and then messing it up and brushing it a different way. I was taking as much time playing with his hair as he did with mine.

I decided it was time for Uncle Don’s haircut to begin. I was so excited that I hoped I could contain myself throughout the entire haircut. His hair was so beautiful and he was so good looking!

I combed all his hair back one final time. I then lifted up his four inch forelock of thick blond hair and cut off an inch. I thought I was going to explode right then and there! I continued cutting the top and sides, working my way to the back. I was in heaven.

I figured if Uncle Don ended up liking the haircut, I just might be giving him one every time I came to have him cut my hair for me. If I decided to become a barber, the idea of getting to work with him every day was awesome. This could be the beginning of some really great times!

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