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The Change by Scott the Haircut Lover

The Change

I am Peter. Just graduated college. Now what???? Im fairly shy and didn’t really make a "life long" relationship in college. It’s embarrassing to say but still haven’t had sex. When I arrived at college my hair was buzzed almost bald. That was four years ago. Today I am leaving this hell hole with hair half way down my back. Four years I think I got two trims. My mom hates it. Dad isn’t anywhere to be seen but at least he left us a s**t load of money. Yeah four years without even thinking about hair.

When I was in high school every guy I knew had great looking hair. I have the fetish. I know I do. I just lost interest. My degree is in architecture. I graduated top of my class. It was time to find a job. I put my hair in a pony tail. Got in my new suit. And headed off to the firms that recruited me out of college. After a long day of talking about how great I am, which is probably my least favorite thing to do, I had three options to choose from. A huge firm that did all commercial architecture. I family owned business that designed restaurants. And finally a firm that did custom structures for their clients. The third was by far my favorite. It was the most interesting job of the three and right up my alley. There was one problem. The owner was a former Marine. As I talked to several of the people that worked there I noticed all of them had very short hair. One guy even said "I hope you aren’t attached to that pony tail if you are going to work here."

I went to a bar that night to unwind. Sitting alone like usual, sipping on my cocktail, when a guy approached me. He was at the third firm I visited today. I smiled and looked up at him. He had clearly just come from the barber shop! It is always easy to tell. The hair combed perfectly, shiny product in, and hair always looks so stiff right when a guy comes from the barber. His sides and back were shaved high and tight and he had about an inch on top combed forward and flipped up in front. I swear every guy at this firm had pretty much the same haircut.

"Peter right? I saw you interviewing today."
"Yes I am Peter. Im sorry I don’t remember your name."
"I am Cody. Vice President of the firm." "Sorry I didn’t get to talk to you today, I was dealing with and emergency we had with one of our biggest clients."

I looked up from my drink and kinda shyly said "Its ok. I understand." Cody went on to tell me how impressed Mr Wood was with my portfolio and how much he wanted to make me an offer. I said "Really? I kinda thought I bombed the interview to be honest." Cody explained that Mr Wood is more interested in my skills as an architect than my ability to be social. I couldn’t believe Cody was the VP of the firm. He couldn’t be more than a few years older than me. I’m not gonna lie Cody was totally hot. I looked for a ring and didn’t see one but then thought to myself "Stop thinking that way! You cant date your boss even if he was interested!"

"So Peter did you make a decision? We really want you at our firm!"
"Well I don’t know yet. You guys definitely do the type of work that I am most interested in, but I don’t really feel like I fit in."
"Why because you have hair like a girl?" Cody giggled and ordered us another drink
"Well yeah to be honest. I mean I don’t know, I guess its just hair, but I don’t like to conform to what other people want me to do. If I wanted to cut it id just cut it. I don’t want to cut it because someone wants me to."
"Well we are prepared to make you a huge offer Peter. Much larger than any other firm in town. Is your hair really that important to you?"
"Well sir, I just need to think about what I want to do."
"Understood Peter! I admire you wanting to make sure you land the job that makes you most happy."

We have several more drinks. Cody was single and told me his hair was as long as mine when he graduated college. He didn’t cut it for the job, he cut it because a guy he was seeing wanted it short. I was surprised Mr Wood, an ex Marine, could have a gay VP. As usual I was probably over thinking things. Cody asked me if I had a girlfriend or boyfriend and I just said no neither.

I woke up the next morning. Looked at all my notes from the previous day. Mr Wood’s firm was definitely the place I wanted to work. I walked to the bathroom and looked at myself. My hair was ridiculous and needed to be cut. I texted Cody "Odd question sir, what barber shop do you go to? I haven’t been to a barber shop in four years." He replied with an address and a name of his barber. All of a sudden my stomach was in knots. Am I really going to cut my hair to work at this firm? No stupid you are cutting your hair because you look like s**t! (Yes I often have conversations with myself). So I called and spoke to Cody’s barber and asked if I could be there in an hour. He said "No problem" and my appointment was set.

Why was this so traumatic for me. It just hair! I told myself over and over as I got some lunch, put on a fresh t shirt and some shorts. After typing the address into my GPS I was off to get a haircut. As I walked in I was shocked, there was Cody in the lobby. Quickly thought to myself, "surely he isn’t here for another haircut he clearly just got one", I smiled and said "Hey didn’t expect to see you here." Cody came over to me and said "To be honest I thought you might need some encouragement. And I really want you to work for our firm. Turns out we interviewed another hot shot this morning. But after speaking with you the other night, I want you on my team. So let’s get that hair cut off and make it official." I stepped back for a second "So what does me having short hair have to do with being a great architect?" Cody smiled "Mr Wood was a Marine Peter and he wants the image of his firm to be one of a very clean cut work staff that is disciplined and always looks sharp." I asked Cody "So if I don’t get a haircut you will hire a less qualified architect because he has a short haircut?" Cody looked nervous all of the sudden "Look Peter, you work is some of the finest I have ever seen from a college graduate. I want you on my team!" I took a seat in the barbers chair "I guess you should tell your barber here what cut to give me so I fit in." Cody smiled and looked at his barber and just nodded. That tight feeling was churning in my stomach once again.

The cape was placed around me and my hair was lifted in back and laid over the back of the cape. I watched as the barber picked up a comb and a rather large pair of shears. He combed my hair out, it felt really nice, then he placed the shears just below my hear and start snipping from one side to the other. The crunching sound of the hair began to give me a nice feeling in my pants. I saw as my long hair was being sliced off. Cody just watched. Then the barber took hair clamps and bunched the hair up on top of my head. I looked so ridiculous all I could do was giggle. He picked up a pair of clippers. Slowly he slid them up the side of my head. I was shocked to see some skin for the first time since my buzzcut 4 years ago, but the sensation was very intense. Cody started to smile and I swear I could see a bulge in his pants starting to form. All of the sensations of getting a short haircut when I was in high school started to rush back through my mind. Why had I let my hair get so long. Why did I let myself miss out on this amazing feeling for so many years. I watched in the mirror as my hair was removed. The back and sides were shaved down close and very high up. The barber unclipped my hair from the top and if fell down over the shaved sides. He picked up smaller shears with his comb. I spoke for the first time since sitting in the chair "Just use the clippers." The barber quickly picked up the same clippers he had used on the sides and back and started running them down the middle of my head. It was leaving me with just a shadow of hair left. I swear Cody was now rubbing him self just a bit as he watch the transformational. The barber edged me up with a straight razor. Giving me a #1 and a perfect buzz cut.

Cody looked at me and said "Peter you look so much better. I smiled at him as the barber sharpened up my cut. Cody looked at me and asked if I could start on Monday. I giggled and said "You just gave me a job while I am sitting in the barbers chair?" He laughed and said "You are going to be so amazing at our firm!" We went out for a drink. Cody was totally staring at me all night and I started to wonder if there was more to this offer than just working for the firm. A few drinks later we were in an Uber and heading back to his apartment. His hands rubbing my buzzed hair. My hands rubbing his. We kissed and made out for hours. The next morning I was staring at myself in the mirror and knew that the new me and my new life was going to be amazing!

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