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Barcelona by Shant


This story took place several years ago and everything that happened in Barcelona is absolutely true. What happened after the trip is fiction.

My best friend, Bill, and I decided to take a vacation to Barcelona and then travel along the coast of France.

I had been to Barcelona once before and I remember this one bar that I really liked. The bar was huge. It was actually three very different bars all connected together.

When you first entered, there was the typical "bar" along one wall, with stools and tables and chairs. This was a place where you wanted to be, if you wanted to carry on a conversation that someone could actually hear.

The second bar was the main bar and was enormous. The area was so large that there was room for hundreds of guys to be dancing, and they all were! The place was packed. I loved the energy of Barcelona. The gay night life was so alive! The energy was intense. It made you feel wonderful to be alive!

I’m a barber and I love great hair. Spanish men have some of the best hair compared to anyone. It is usually so black and so thick. Europeans didn’t seem to be into bodybuilding the way Americans were, but they obviously enjoyed looking at a good body.

I learned the first time I visited Barcelona, that not only did the men like good bodies, they also liked men with blond hair and they were definitely attracted to Americans. I was in great shape, having worked out at a gym for over ten years, so I scored well in that department.

My best feature by far, however, was that my hair was really light blond and really thick. Whenever we went out, I would see guys checking me out and looking at my hair.

Bill and I were out on the dance floor having a great time. Bill moved in closer to me and said, "Look at that guy standing over there on the side of the dance floor. I think he’s probably one of the best looking guys in here."

I turned my head in his direction and saw the guy, and on a scale of 1-10, he was definitely a 10. Man, he was good looking. I thought that he was probably one of the best looking guys I had ever seen in my entire life.

I turned back around and Bill and I continued to dance until the song ended. "I’ll go get us a couple of drinks," I said.

As I turned around to go to the bar, the guy that we had noticed, was standing less than a foot behind me. I couldn’t believe it. We had not made eye contact of any kind and I had no idea that he had noticed me. I was totally blown away.

There were probably about 300 people in the place, and he had noticed me, and walked right up to me. I guess when you know that you are that good looking, you don’t worry about rejection happening very often.

You know how it is. When a guy tells you about some guy he hooked up with, he might stretch the truth a little when he described how the guy looked. The guy usually probably wasn’t quite as good looking as your friend said he was.

I was so thankful that Bill was with me so that he could tell everyone that I had really hooked up with an extremely handsome, hot looking guy. The best part was that he took several pictures of us together to prove it.

The guy told me that his name was Nacho. Fortunately, he was fluent in English because I did not speak Spanish. He was so good looking that it was hard to take my eyes off him.

He had one of the most beautiful heads of hair that I had ever seen. His hair was the color of a Hershey’s chocolate bar. That was the closest way to describe it. It was so thick and had such a natural shine to it. It was awesome.

He had his hair tapered in the back and to just above the top of his ears. His hair on the sides he swept back and up into the top, which was an immense mass of gorgeous loose curls that were easily over five inches long.

Nacho and a friend of his, asked Bill and me if we would like to go to another bar with them. I knew that I would agree to practically anything to get to spend more time with such a handsome looking guy.

I will never forget the four of us cramped into this tiny little car and flying down the streets of the city at two in the morning. Nacho’s friend was driving so fast that it was actually a pretty terrifying experience.

We ended up going to a bar that was off the beaten path, resulting in not many tourists being there. We had a couple of drinks and the four of us had a great time together. Eventually, Nacho asked, "Would you like to come home with me and spend the night?" I certainly was not going to hesitate, and immediately told him that I would love to go home with him.

Nacho was working on his Master’s Degree and the university he attended provided housing for the grad students. It was a simple, small, one bedroom apartment. When we got there, we continued talking and Nacho asked me what I did for a living.

I told him, "I’m a barber," all the while looking up at his beautiful mane with a huge smile on my face. "Your hair is so beautiful," I said. The urge was just too great to resist, and I reached over and started running my hands through his beautiful curls.

Just touching his hair almost caused me to have an orgasm right then and there. Getting to bury my hands in all his thick, lovely hair was such a rush. In all the years I had been cutting hair, I don’t think I had ever seen such an awesome mane.

Nacho had a big smile on his face when I said that I was a barber. He seemed to really enjoy having me play with his hair. Suddenly, he said, "I will be right back."

He went into the bathroom and came out with a box. He took a picture out of the box and handed it to me and asked if I could cut his hair to look like the guy in the picture.

I looked at the picture and couldn’t believe that he was really saying that he wanted his hair cut like the guy in the photo. It was really short! The sides were tapered almost all the way up to the top of his head and it was less than two inches on top.

He would be losing almost all the beautiful hair he had. I couldn’t imagine why he would want to cut his hair like that, but I certainly wasn’t going to pass up on the opportunity to do it.

I hadn’t even considered getting to cut his hair. I had definitely thought about wanting to get my hands in his thick, massive curls and play with them. I had already thought about all the different ways I wanted to comb his beautiful locks.

"I would love to cut your hair for you. It really is beautiful. Are you really sure you want a haircut as short as that though? You have such thick hair and it has such great body, I know I could cut it like the guy in the picture. I think you would look awesome, but are you really sure you want to do that? It will definitely be an extreme change from the way you look now. Have you ever had your hair that short?"

"No, I never have, but I have wanted to try something new, because I have had my hair long like this for several years. I decided I wanted to cut it short before I finished my degree, which is just a few months away."

"Once I graduate, I will have to have a more conventional looking haircut when I start looking for a job, so I figure that now is the time to do it. I know it will be a tremendous change, but I’m really excited about cutting it."

"When I found this picture, I kept it because I knew it was exactly the way I wanted to get my hair cut. Your timing to come to Barcelona could not have been any better. I would really like you to cut my hair to look just like the guy in the picture," he said.

"I’ll be glad to cut it for you. Would you mind if I first played with your hair for awhile before I cut it? You really have one of the best heads of hair I have ever seen. I would really enjoy brushing it all different ways and running my hands through it, and seeing all the different ways I could make it look. It is so beautiful. I can’t believe that you want to cut it almost all off."

"That would be fine," Nacho said. "I love someone playing with my hair and brushing it, and doing all kinds of things with it." Nacho sat down in a chair and I immediately buried my hands in his gorgeous mane. Man, his hair was beautiful. In addition to being a great color, extremely thick, and all his lovely curls, his hair was so soft. I could not keep my hands out of his hair.

I probably spent about thirty minutes just playing with his hair. Standing behind him and brushing it all back was so erotic. If Nacho chose to brush his hair all straight back, his curls would relax, and his hair would become a thick, wavy mane. He could wear the most amazing pompadour if he wanted to wear his hair like that.

I walked around and stood in front of him and continued running my hands over and over again through his thick hair. I grabbed his forelock and pulled him towards me and I bent down and kissed him. My God, this guy was so hot!

When I pulled back and started running my hands through his hair again, he reached over and started rubbing his hand against my crotch. That’s all that needed to happen before both of us were not wearing any clothes. Nacho had not lived in the gym the way I did, but he had a beautiful body. He had good definition and perfect proportion.

"This is going to be such a hot time cutting your hair. I hope I can hold out before I finish. Just touching your hair gives me an immediate hard on," I said. "We are going to make this such an awesome time that neither of us will ever forget it!"

I took the clippers he had and placed the number two guard on them and was so excited I could barely hold them in my hand. I started in the back and ran them almost all the way up to the crown. So much hair was coming off! I did my best to make certain that it all fell onto the cape in his lap.

I then parted his hair on each side and brushed it to the center of his head, making it look even fuller and more awesome. I continued using the number two guard and ran them up the sides of his head all the way up to the part I had made on each side.

I could tell that Nacho was getting more and more turned on watching me do this. This stoked me even more and I then switched the guard on the clippers and replaced it with a number one. I then ran the clippers up to about three fingers above the top of his ears and blended it into the remaining hair on the sides.

Looking in the mirror, Nacho could see that he had a military looking haircut on the sides and back which was not even long enough to grab. He still had all his beautiful hair on top, with it all brushed to the middle, and standing up so tall, creating huge, thick, mountains of waves. He looked so friggin’ hot! I couldn’t wait to take the top down. Seeing all his beautiful curls falling to the cape was going to be mind blowing!

Man, there was so much wonderful hair in his lap, and there was probably twice that amount still on his head. I was really surprised how much Nacho was enjoying the haircut. Most guys with hair like his would never even consider the idea of cutting all their pretty hair off.

I took my time and played with his hair some more because it was just so fantastic running my hands through it. I brushed it all back, and his hair had such body that it stood up almost to its entire length. I was in no hurry to cut it because I knew the chance of getting my hands in such an incredible mane did not happen often.

"Are you ready for the big cut?" I asked him. "This is your last chance to back out of losing all that pretty hair you have. Are you sure you want me to cut it down so short?"

"Go ahead. I’m ready," Nacho said. "There is one more thing that I have wanted to do when I got my hair cut, but I didn’t think the chance would ever really happen. I don’t think you’ll mind what I want to do though," he said with a huge smile.

As I stood in front of Nacho and got ready to take off all his beautiful locks, he started playing with my dick. He was right, that didn’t bother me at all! He became more and more aggressive, taking all my dick in his mouth and really giving me a fantastic blow job. As he did that, I lifted up his forelock and combed it to its five inch length and chopped off three inches.

He kept on playing with me while I combed his hair back, lifted up his beautiful locks, and cut off three inches at a time. You should have seen the amount of hair that was now in his lap!

I had wondered how his long, loose curls would react when they were cut down short. They became tight looking corkscrews and looked awesome in contrast to the short sides. He looked so different. It really was a trendy, edgy looking haircut. He looked striking and stood out even more with the new haircut. He was so handsome that he could easily pull off this rather extreme haircut. He told me that he really loved how it looked.

We headed into his bedroom and I had one of the most intense sexual experiences that I have ever had. I was fantasizing how I wanted to bring this guy back with me to America because the evening had been so hot.

The next morning Nacho took me to the train station. He had classes all day and would not be able to take me back to the city. I have absolutely no sense of direction and get lost all the time. It was about thirty miles back to the city and Nacho told me that I was going to have to change trains twice. He drew a map for me and I was on my way.

I always believed that whatever happened on a vacation was just part of the adventure and I would survive it. Even without speaking any Spanish, I had learned a long time ago that a smile goes a long way. I asked several people if I was heading in the right direction, and they all helped me get back to my hotel. I couldn’t wait to tell Bill about the night I had just had.

That night with Nacho made Barcelona probably the greatest vacation I have ever had. He and I actually kept in touch. Almost two years passed and I invited him to come and visit me. He told me that he had never been to America and would love to see me again. I was super stoked to see him, wondering what might happen when we got together.

I picked him up at the airport and was really surprised to see that his hair was even longer than when I had met him. I immediately got excited, hoping that I was going to get to cut his hair. That first evening, Nacho did indeed ask me if I would like to give him another haircut. "You know I would!" I said with a big smile. "How do you want me to cut your hair?"

"How about if you taper the back and the sides to the top of my ear and then leave the sides about 1 1/2 inches long? The top you can take down to just under 4 inches. When my hair is that long and I brush it all back, it stands up really well. When it gets longer than that, the weight of my hair causes it to no longer stand up and it lays flat. I think it looks better being brushed back and standing up more."

I cut Nacho’s hair just like he asked. I first spent a great amount of time just playing with his awesome mane. It was so sensual getting to run my hands through his hair, and it was even better than the first time, because it was even longer now. His hair now was probably about six inches on top and three inches on the sides. That meant that I would be cutting about half his hair on the sides and back off and taking over two inches off the top. That was definitely enough hair for me to become instantly aroused.

After I finished his haircut, he surprised me by saying, "Your hair is a lot longer than it was when I first met you. How about if you let me give you a haircut like the one you just gave me?"

I thought to myself that this could be a really wild time. He said he had never used clippers on anyone before and all he would use would be the scissors. He would only be taking about half an inch off the sides and an inch off the top for my hair to be as long as his hair now was. I knew if he botched it up any, I probably could even it up myself. I felt pretty confident that everything would be okay.

"I have fantasized many times about that night we had," Nacho said. "Since then, my fantasy has increased to not only having you cut my hair, but for you to let me cut yours. I’ve thought about doing this so many times. It would be the ultimate turn on for me if you would let me cut it."

It would be the ultimate turn on for me as well. I had no idea if he had ever cut anyone’s hair before and here I was letting him cut my hair that I loved so much. This made it even more exciting and even more intense.

I told him to go ahead and have some fun. I was really turned on by the thought of him having his hands in my hair and then cutting it. Nacho buried his hands in my hair. I could see how much he was enjoying himself. I was in heaven having him run his fingers through my hair.

"I’m so glad that you have grown your hair so much longer. It makes my fantasy even more intense. I love getting to play with your pretty hair." Nacho spent a great deal of time running his hands through my hair and brushing it before he was ready to cut it. He ended up doing a great job.

We headed to bed, knowing that the evening was just getting started. Now if I could only convince him to move to America!

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