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She wanted it Shaved Bald by pulp.fiction

I always knew that before I settled down, started college, and got married… I wanted to travel the world. So after I graduated high school, I planned to use all my extra money that wasn’t going into my college to travel around the world for one year and experience new cultures.

I got off the plane in Spain on a hot, summer day. I did all the usual airport behaviors, getting my bag and such. The airport wasn’t that big, as I had chosen to fly directly into Oviedo rather than Madrid, which was much closer to La Sierra; the small rural village where I planned to hike the Picos de Europas, the peaks of europe.

As I exited the airport with my luggage, I called an uber. I didn’t mind waiting, but this guy took a little longer than I had expected. I wasn’t bothered though, and we took off.

"So, amigo, La Sierra?" He sighed, "What leads you there?" I was glad to hear that he spoke decent english, making it easier for me to communicate as I didn’t know that much spanish.

"I’m planning to hike the peaks," I told him. "Have you been before?"

"Oh, diablos no," he said, "The whole tourist industry here hates that place, man."

"How so?" I asked, intrigued.

"It’s a bunch of crazies, man." He explained. "I would recommended Asturias. Much more tourist oriented, you know?"

"I’d love to listen to you, but I’ve already paid for my stay." I conceded. "I doubt I’ll be there enough for them to bother me, though, I’m hiking the mountain, not staying in the village."

"That’s all you, man," the driver said. "Just don’t let ‘em get you doing any of their weird stuff. Strange people, man."

I thanked the driver and tipped him well, walking through the village to my small hotel. I unpacked, and settled in, preparing to leave for my hike the next afternoon. Until then, I decided to see the town, and go out for lunch.

As I walked through the lobby to leave the hotel, the manager saw me and caught my attention. "Hey, hey come here!"

I walked over and asked him what he needed.

"As you know, we provide you a guide for the hike. If you’d be ok, you should take your guide to eat with you! Get to know each other, you know?"

I had no objection to this, so I told the manager that was fine.

"Lucia, come here!" The manager called what I could only assume was my guide.

From the back room, Lucia walked out carrying a few folders of business documents to hand the manager.
"Here, Sir."

Lucia turned to me. "So you’re my follower?"
I looked at her, stunned. She was 5’5, with blonde hair, thin glasses, and a wonderful body.

"That’s one way to put it," I laughed. "I’m Logan. Nice to meet you."
We just kind of awkwardly looked at each other for a second.

"Let’s go, I guess," she said. We went to eat at a restaurant, and learned a little about each other.

"You speak wonderful english," I asked. "Where are you from?"

"I’m from here, but I was an exchange student in America for a few years in school."

"That’s cool," I said. "I guess this is my turn in your country."

"It’s beautiful," she told me. "You’ll really enjoy it."

I found out we were in the same age group, although she was two years younger, and we had the same interests.

"Now that I know you well enough, this should be a fun trip."

"Very." She replied.

The next afternoon we set off on our trek. For a few days, we learned more about each other, and had a wonderful time enjoying the beautiful environment. A harsh rain on the third day ruined her tent, so she shared with me. It wasn’t really a big deal since I had a decently large tent, but I always found her cuddling next to me when I woke up.

On the 5th day, I woke up after her. She was sitting on the tent floor looking at me.

"Good morning, Lucia," I said. "What’s up."

"I think I love you."

I was mildly taken aback at this statement, but I had to admit to myself I felt the same way.

"I’m not sure yet," I said. "I think you’re wonderful."

Lucia hugged me and we continued our usual practices. We continued our hike, nearing the top.

"There’s a tradition in my town," Lucia said. "Engaged couples hike the mountain together to see how they work with each other. When they reach the top, the woman shaves the man’s head and face to symbolize their marriage."

I continued listening to Lucia.

"I’d like to do that for you," she said. "And when we get back, I want to marry you."

All I could say was yes.

Later that day, we reached the top of the mountain. I sat down, and Lucia unpacked a razor and shaving lather. She sat down behind me, almost holding me from behind.

"Are you ready, Logan?" she asked?

I turned around and kissed her, holding her jaw as our lips touched.


Lucia wetted my hair and begin tearing through it with a Razor. This went on for a few minutes until my head was nothing but a few patches of stubble. After lather, and a few more passes, my head was completely bald.

Lucia felt it for any more patches, clearing them up.
Silently, Lucia begin to shave my eyebrows, which was much easier than the previous shave. Lucia felt my completely smooth head and face. I was shaved completely bald, my head shining in the sun due to its cleanness. My eyebrows, or at least where they used to be, were smooth as well.

Lucia begin to kiss me as she undressed. I began to do the same, but before we started have sex she stopped me, looking at my penis.

"This needs to be shaved as well."
Lucia shaved all the hair on my penis, leaving me completely smooth except for my hair, arms, and part of my chest.

Lucia rubbed my head, felt my eyebrows, and touched my lower chest.


Lucia wrapped her hands around my smooth, bald head as I held her lower back while I f***ed her. She let out soft moans, kissing me and tapping her nails on my freshly shaven head.

When she finally orgasmed, and I did, we lay down next to each other, holding one another.

"I love you." I said for the first time.

"I know you do," Lucia said.

Each night, on our way down the mountain, Lucia shaved my head again, allowing my eyebrows and pubic hair to grow back. When we got back to the village, everyone seemed to know what had happened; all the children would giggle and all the elders would look on in approval.

‘This must have been the weird stuff that driver was talking about’ I thought.

Lucia and I were married that week. Kind of an impulse decision, but she followed me on the rest of my travels and supported me in college. After I graduated, I moved to Spain for her to be home, and she continues to shave my head completely bald with a razor. Every. Single. Day.

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