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Ganja karwa diya by Testhaircut@gmail.com

The story is from the past when I used to be in School. My school had strict rules for discipline. We were required to have a neat and proper haircut. Not as short as army haircut but still not long also. I would usually get a haircut in month or 45 days. But somehow this time i did not get a haircut and my hair started getting longer. My mother insisted to get a haircut soon as it was getting very long. A week passed by and i kept on procrastinating and everyday my mother would say me to go and get a haircut. I was in 9th class that time and i had a really strict class teacher. Parents teacher meeting was scheduled in that week and in our school usually the parent teacher meeting happened after the school was over. School got over and my mother came for parents teacher meeting. There was a normal conversation with the class teacher but suddenly she called me closer to her. Than she held by hair and showed it to my mother and asked do you see how long it is. She kept on complaining about it to my mother. And then in the end she said, remember it should be cut down short when i come to school on Monday. My mother felt really humiliated by this incident as there were a lot of other parents as well. When we left the school she kept scolding me for not getting a haircut. Then suddenly she stopped outside a barbershop and said you need to get a haircut now only. I said i am in school uniform, i will comeback after changing the clothes. But she did not agree and dragged me inside the shop.
I got seated on the barber chair and barber put a white cloth over me. He took the scissors and started trimming the hairs from the right side. He completed from right side and then he evened the back and left side like the right side. Suddenly my mother stood up and said, "sides aur piche se army cut jaise barik kardo" I told my mother that please it won’t look good. But my mother said me to sit their quietly. Then barber took the clippers and removed the guard from it. He pushed my chin towards the chest and held my head with his one hand started shearing the hair from back side. I was trying to lift my head when my mother came closer and pushed my head down strictly and said, "chup chap apna muh niche rakh." Barber completed from the back side and similarly sheared the hair from right and left side. Now my haircut looked like a mushroom haircut in which sides and back are shorn down to zero high above the ears and top hair is very long. Then barber sprayed the water on top hair and did a side parting. Wet hair with no hair on sides and back with a side parting was looking like disciplined old school boy haircut. Then he started cutting the top hair with proper guidelines. He cut a very short part of my top hair. He thought it would look good with a longer hair on the top. Then my mother again came and said "upar se chote kardo." This happened two times and each time barber would cut some hair and my mother would say "aur chote kardo." My hair were cut less then half of what it was originally. I was literally crying and said to my mother, "mumma please aur chote mat karwayo" to which my mother replied, "you should have gotten a haircut when i was saying you from so many days, but you didn’t and ab agar tune chup nahi kara rona toh tujhe ganja karwa dungi" and after this she said to barber ke upar se bilkul chote chote kardo. Then barber started cutting hair aggressively and did not spare any hair that was coming over the comb. He kept on cutting it without asking and literally no hair was left on the top after 5 minutes. I was in the chair from last 40 minutes and the white cape was full of hairs. Whole cape was covered with black hair. Then just when i thought it was all finished, barber asked my mother ke iske sab upar ke baalon par machine se ganja karwana hai. My mother thought for a minute and said yes to him. Barber took the clippers and removed the guard and within one minute he totally matched the top with sides and back. I had a zero haircut. I had light and patchy beard and moustache also. Barber buzzed that also. And it was done finally and i stood up from the chair. My mother said remember this punishment now for your life. I went to the school on monday and my class teacher saw me like that and said, you look like a school boy now. Keep it short like this for rest of the year. My hair started to grow after two weeks but i was not allowed to grow it long that whole year.

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