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How is it we develop a fetish? Ever since Dan could remember he had always had an extreme infatuation seeing an awesome head of hair. I remember him being around twelve when he first told me how much he loved seeing a guy with a fantastic looking mane.

Dan cut his friend’s hair all through high school and college. I was the only person he ever confided in about how much he loved his hair, and other guy’s hair too.

We remained good friends after college and would get together every few months, seeing that we didn’t live very far apart. I always looked forward to seeing what his hair was going to look like when I would see him. He was always changing the way it looked, but it was always long.

Loving great hair as much as he did, he was fortunate to have a really great looking mane. His hair was a dark chestnut color. It had a slight wave to it, was extremely thick, and had great body and texture. I had a good head of hair, but I had always been envious about how fantastic Dan’s hair looked.

We were now both approaching forty. We both felt like we were in the prime of our lives. We were in good shape, above average looking, and still had thick, full heads of hair. Both of us really loved our hair and were not at all shy talking about it with each other.

My hair was alot like Dan’s only my hair was blonde. I knew I was lucky to have such good hair, especially as I started getting older, but I was nowhere near as infatuated with my hair, as compared to Dan.

Dan had been cutting my hair for over twenty years. I had never been to a traditional barbershop since he started cutting my hair. I knew how much he enjoyed getting his hands in my hair and I liked letting him give me different style haircuts throughout the years. He had cut my hair so many different ways, but I would never let him give me a flattop. He tried many times to get me to let him give me one, but I didn't have the nerve.

Through a series of good fortune, Dan was actually able to retire at forty. I was so envious because I still had to work the typical nine to five job, and it would be years before I could think about retiring.

Dan had a lot of interests and didn’t miss his job one bit. He was involved with several volunteer organizations. He was a painter and sold several of his works at local galleries. He also was an avid gardener and his garden was the envy of his neighborhood.

It had been a few months since I last saw him and we decided it was time to get together. When I got to his house, I was really surprised by how much longer his hair was since the last time I had seen him.

He had always worn his hair on the longer side, but I couldn’t ever remember seeing him with such long hair like he had now. "What’s up with all the hair?" I asked him.

"I have always wanted to grow my hair long, and now that I’m retired, I decided to go ahead and do it. I don’t give a damn if it’s fashionable looking or not."

"I have always wanted to have my hair long enough to tie back in a ponytail and see what it was like. You know how much I love my hair, and this is something I’m really looking forward to doing."

"So far, I’m loving it. I have no idea how long I am going to let it grow. I imagine one day I’ll decide that I don’t want it any longer, and I’ll keep it that way for awhile. Then the day will come when I will cut it back to the way I normally wear my hair."

"I know that regardless of how much I love my hair, I won’t keep it long forever. Why don’t you grow your hair out too?" he asked. "It would be fun seeing us both growing long manes."

"You forget pal, that I still live in the real world. There’s no way I could grow my hair long with the job I have. It’s going to be fun seeing how your hair looks as it grows longer though, and it will undoubtedly make me even more envious of your gorgeous mane."

"I’ll just have to be content getting to enjoy seeing your hair as it gets longer. I bet it will really look awesome because you have such great hair."

About three months later Dan came to visit me. He surprised me when he said, "Would you mind doing me a favor and just trim the ends of my hair for me? I don’t want to go to a barber because I know most likely he would cut my hair shorter than I want."

"I just need to have the ends evened up so that it keeps looking good. I don’t ever want more than half an inch taken off. I bet you would do a good job. You’ve always kept your hair looking great, of course, that’s because I cut it. You’re the only person I feel I can totally trust to cut my hair for me."

"Sure, I’d be glad to trim up the ends of your hair. You know, I have never even brushed your hair before and I know I’m really going to enjoy doing this," I said.

Thus began Dan’s two year journey of growing out his hair and having me trim it every few months. Every time I saw him he always looked different. He really did have beautiful hair, and it looked more and more awesome the longer it got.

From that point on, we’d get together about every two or three months and Dan would cut my hair for me, and I would then trim up the ends of the incredible mane that he was growing.

Dan had no idea how much I looked forward getting to sit him down and brush and comb his hair and then cut it. His hair was probably almost three times the length of mine. I had never felt hair anything like it before.

I so wished I could have had long hair like his, but getting to feel how wonderful his hair was, and having it get longer and longer was fantastic. I eagerly looked forward getting to cut his hair whenever we got together.

As Dan began growing his hair out, he fell into a nightly routine. Before getting into bed, he would stand in front of his full length mirror and brush his hair and run his hands through it over and over again. He loved taking his fingers and running them through his hair and seeing how different he could get it to look. More than anything, he loved how sensual it felt.

He loved how thick his hair was. He couldn’t keep his hands out of it. All he could think about was how fantastic his hair was and how many compliments he received from so many people about his hair.

He couldn’t wait until his hair was long enough to tie back. He hated having to go through the awkward stage of it getting long enough to do that, but he knew it would be worth it.

Finally, his hair was long enough for him to tie back. That was only the beginning, however. Dan planned to grow his hair for at least another year before cutting it. He wanted it to hang down to the middle of his shoulder blades.

He couldn’t wait until it was long enough to braid. He knew his hair would make an awesome looking braid. Every night he would untie his ponytail and brush his hair. He got so turned on seeing his hair be untied and then flowing down around his shoulders.

"Man, Look how awesome my hair is! I love it!" he said to himself while looking in the mirror. "I don’t know if I’ll ever get it cut short again. Almost every guy I meet tells me what fantastic looking hair I have. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone with a better looking mane than mine. If it turns them on to admire my hair, that’s great!"

"Whenever I go somewhere, I look around me, and I never see any other guy with better hair. I definitely have seen a lot of guys looking at my mane, though. Look how it stands up when I run my hands from the front to the back! I can get it to stand up so tall! I love burying my hands in it! I could play with it forever!"

The longer Dan’s hair got, the more he loved it. He couldn’t get enough running his hands through his mane and fondling it. All he had to do was run his hands through his hair and he would be instantly aroused. He wished he could keep it long forever, but knew that he would not do that.

The time came when Dan and I got together and we went out on a Saturday night to party. When we got back to Dan’s house, he really stunned me when he said, "I’m beginning to think it’s about time for me to get my hair cut."

"Now that summer is coming, as much as I love my hair being so long, it really is getting to be a bother. I guess this will be the last time you get to trim my long hair for me. I’m going to miss it, but I know it’s the right thing to do."

"Who knows though? Maybe I’ll start growing it out again in the fall. I doubt it will ever be this long again, but you know how much I enjoy my hair, so anything is possible."

I decided that this was the chance I had been hoping for. "How about letting me cut off your braid and then give you a haircut? I’ve trimmed your hair for two years now, and you know that I can make certain it is all even. I wouldn’t use clippers, just the scissors."

"If you’re really going to cut most of it off anyway, how about if I cut the top down to about five inches and leave about three inches on the sides? That’s longer than your hair was before you started growing it out."

"If I leave it slightly longer, and you don’t like how it looks, there will still be plenty to have a barber cut to the length you have always worn it."

"That would be amazing to watch," Dan said. "I’ve been thinking about how short I want to cut it, and I’ve decided that maybe I should go for it, and cut it like you just said. After it’s cut, I may even decide to go shorter. I guess it will just all depend on how it looks."

"I don’t know though, maybe I should wait and go to a barber and get it cut," Dan said as he ran his hands through his mane. "You’ve done a great job trimming it for me these past two years, but this haircut is definitely a major haircut. No offense, but maybe it would be better for me to go to a professional barber for this haircut."

"Are you serious? After all the years you have cut my hair, are you saying that you are going to deprive me of giving you the most dramatic haircut you have ever received? You know if I cut it like I just said that I wouldn’t mess it up. I can’t even begin to tell you what a fantastic time that would be for me."

"I love your hair, probably almost as much as you do! I’ll miss you having it long because it is so unreal, but man, Dan, you really have to let me do this! Come on. I’ve been your closest friend for over twenty years. Who could you possibly trust more than me?"

"What do I get in return for this?" Dan said. "I tell you what. You’ve been keeping your hair basically the same length for a couple of years now. How about it’s time for you to have a different looking haircut too?"

"If I’m willing to let you cut so much of my hair off, how about you letting me give you a shorter haircut? You could lose a couple inches off the top, and an inch off the sides and it would really look different. Would you be willing to do that?"

"You know I would. Getting to cut off your awesome mane will be one of the most fantastic experiences ever. I’ll gladly let you take my hair down a couple of inches. Maybe after you see how good I’m going to look, you’ll decide to let me cut your hair even shorter, so that it looks just like mine," I said with a big smile.

"Just kidding, but maybe now would be the perfect time for you to try a new look, too, as opposed to just going back to the way it always was before you started growing it long. Why not try something different and go for a really different look?"

"If I’m willing to go for a big change, then I think you should too. I know how much you love cutting flattops. You have never given me one, but you’ve certainly tried many times to get me to get one. I’ve never had the nerve to do it, but if you let me cut your hair shorter, then I’ll let you give me the flattop that you have always wanted to give me. Is that enough to tempt you to let me be your barber?"

"What the hell! Let’s do it! This will be the wildest time we’ve ever had getting our hair cut. Why not do something neither of us has ever done before? We’ll make this be the greatest time possible!"

"I want to keep the ponytail so I can always see how long my hair was," Dan said. "How about if you brush it all back and then braid it for me, and then cut it off right above my collar?"

"Oh man, I can’t wait to do this! This is going to be so much more of a fantastic time than having you go to a barbershop, especially if you don’t even know the barber!"

I brushed all his gorgeous hair straight back. I took a tape measure and lifted up a lock at the top of his crown and measured it. It was fifteen inches long! It was a shame to cut it, but I couldn’t wait!

I first had to be certain that all his hair was pulled tightly back, and then proceeded to braid his hair. His hair was so thick that the braid was huge. He had such unbelievable hair.

After finishing the braid, I pulled it straight back and held it tightly, and then took the scissors and started cutting it off right above his collar. It took several attempts to get the scissors through his braid.

When the final snip resulted in the braid being free, I lifted it up and held it high above his head. I then placed it at the center of his forehead just to see how long it would hang in front. It hung over three inches below the bottom of his chin.

Cutting off his braid resulted in his hair being different lengths all over his head. It looked ridiculous. I took my brush and started brushing his hair all back. I slightly wet his hair and then combed it all perfectly into place. I had always been so in love with Dan’s hair and I was having the time of my life!

I parted his hair on the left side and combed it all towards the center. I then parted his hair on the right side and did the same. I had to use clamps to keep his hair out of my way before I cut the sides, because he still had so much hair on top.

I then started at his front temple and combed out a section, and cut off about six inches on the sides. I worked my way from the front to the back. Getting to just keep combing it over and over again, taking off just a little at a time until it was perfectly blended together was fantastic.

Dan still had a lot of hair on top. I released the clamps and about ten inches of beautiful hair fell all down around him. His hair on top was still long enough to cover his eyes and his ears.

I lifted up his forelock and cut it down from about ten inches to about five inches. The amount of hair falling into his lap was amazing. Neither of us had ever seen so much hair coming off someone all at one time.

"How you doing there, buddy? Is this too much for you to handle? You’re not freaking out, are you?" I asked Dan.

"No, I’m actually loving it. I knew it was time to get it cut. It’s been so long since it was this length. I’d forgotten how it looked when it was all brushed back. I really think it looks sharp. It actually shows off my hair even more than the braid did."

"I’m so glad I let you cut it instead of going to a barber. You’ve done such a good job that it looks like you may have a customer for life. I’m sure I can teach you how to use the clippers."

"Okay. Now it’s your turn to sit in the chair," Dan said. "I’m finally going to get to give you a flattop. I have wanted to give you one for years."

My hair was about four inches long on top and two inches on the sides. Because it stood up so well, I just brushed it all back and let it fall wherever it did. Part of me was really excited about getting such a different looking haircut and part of me was terrified that I was making a huge mistake.

"This is going to be so great to do!" Dan said. "Talk about a change! You are going to look so different with a totally different style haircut!"

Dan brushed all my hair back and took his clippers with the #2 guard and ran them to about three fingers above the top of my ears. I had never had my hair cut that short all at once in my life. What a rush it was seeing so much of my hair coming off. I could already see that I was going to end up with a really different look.

After Dan finished squaring up the back and the sides he then took his wide tooth comb and started at the front and lifted up a section and buzzed off any hair that stood up above the comb.

The front was just long enough to brush back, but as he worked his way to the crown, he cut it shorter. He then just took his time and evened everything up. My hair was as flat as a board on top and I loved the feeling of the bristles up the back and sides of my head.

When he finished the flattop, he said to me, "Man, your flattop is so awesome. With your hair being so blonde and so thick it looks fantastic. You look entirely different."

"I think you look even more masculine and really hot. I also think it makes you look even younger. You have totally changed how you look just by losing a couple inches of hair. We both look so different than how we did at the beginning of the evening!" Dan said.

"You know, you letting me give you that flattop has got me tempted to go ahead and cut my hair shorter, too. You have never had your hair cut like it is right now, and it is amazing how different you look and how great it looks."

"Even though I lost a lot more hair than you did, I now just look like I always did before I grew my hair long. It’s nowhere near as dramatic a change as your haircut, now that it is cut so different from how you have always worn it."

"I want to look entirely different too! Why not go for a really big change now when I’m already cutting my hair short anyway? What do you think? You want to cut my hair down some more?"

"It would be wild cutting your hair again. You still have a lot of hair on the top and the sides and I could definitely trim in down a lot more. I wouldn’t want to attempt to give you a flattop. I would be too afraid that I could really mess it up," I said. "How short do you want me cut it?"

"I don’t really know, but I’m really stoked about changing how different I will look, after seeing you with such a different looking haircut. I really think you look awesome. You should keep your hair like this for awhile."

"Why don’t you take about half of the top off and cut the sides down to an inch and a half? If it looks good, I might even let you take it down more!" Dan said.

"Sit yourself down and let’s do this. This is going to be so awesome! We’re both going to end up looking so different and we hadn’t even planned it!"

I caped Dan back up and proceeded to brush his hair again all up and back. I could play with his hair forever.

Most people would probably think that the greatest time I had that night was cutting off his braid. I actually enjoyed getting to cut the sides and back even more.

The braid comes off really fast compared to how long it took me to cut his hair back into the way he used to wear it. I loved getting to run a comb through his hair over and over again.

Getting to cut it even shorter was the biggest rush of all. I had taken off about half an inch of Dan’s awesome hair each time I had cut it for the past two years and tonight I had cut over a foot of his awesome hair off. I would never have thought this would ever possibly happen.

I lifted up his five inch forelock and cut it down, leaving it a little over two inches long. You should have seen his thick, long hair coming off and falling into his lap. Both of us were so stoked by the time we were having.

I then took the sides down from nearly three inches to a little over an inch. I couldn’t square it up like my flattop, but I could trim it so that the sides blended evenly as I brushed them back. The top was long enough to brush all back and it looked great when I combed it into the sides.

Cutting his hair down that short caused it to really stand up to its full heighth. It looked awesome, especially with the sides cut down short. I had never seen Dan with a haircut anything like this. His hair ended up looking a lot like mine, only about an inch longer on top and not squared up like a flattop.

"What do you think?" I asked him. "Personally, I think you really look fantastic, and just like me, you look so different. I do hope that someday you’ll show me how to use the clippers and let me give you a flattop just like mine. I think that I could do a good job. Would you do that?"

"Definitely," Dan said. "It’s such a rush to go from all my long hair that I loved so much, and now seeing it cut in such a trendy, sharp look. I love it!"

"Now that we both have short haircuts, it’s going to be fun seeing how they will look as we grow them out. I will definitely have you give me a flattop before I start growing my hair long again."

"If you’ll keep your flattop for awhile and then I let you give me one, we could then start growing our hair out at the same time. We’ve never had the same length hair. I think it will be a lot of fun for both of us. You look so awesome, and I want to have my hair look exactly the way your hair does!"

Nothing could make me happier. I could not believe on the spur of the moment what we had just done. It was great to look entirely different after having looked the same for so long.

I eagerly looked forward to all the different ways Dan could cut my hair when I grew it out again. I was definitely going to be keeping this flattop for awhile, though, because I really loved how it looked.

I also looked forward getting to be Dan’s barber from now on, which was something I had never expected. I was so psyched knowing that I would be getting my hands in his awesome hair all the time. We were definitely going to have some incredible haircut times ahead of us.

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