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Get in the chair, Part 2 Redemption by David Gordon

After a forced short haircut at the age of 13, i had grown my hair back out to my normal haircut with a left side part and kept it that way for about 10 years. But from that forced haircut on i had a haircut fetish of loving to see a young man getting a haircut or wondering what a young man would look like with a shorter haircut.

It was just before my birthday in July, I was turning 24. I was working in an auto parts store. Tom a fellow employee who had just turned 21 a week before. For as long as i had worked there Tom had a shaggy hair style that covered his ears and collar, he came into work sporting a #2 crewcut. Everyone was in shock, when Victor one of the countermen asked what happened to you? He smiled and said he wanted something different and it was summertime and figure the crewcut would be cooler on his head. I couldn't stop looking at his new cut.

A week and a half later Tom asked me to come over after work to his place and help him go get the supplies needed to stock up for the birthday party we were having that Saturday to celebrate our birthdays. When i got to his place he tells me that we need to wait at least an hour before going shopping to wait for his sister that she was brining something by for him.

While we were waiting I told him that i couldn't stop looking at his new haircut. I asked him if he had any regrets? He said the only regret he had was that he had not done it earlier in the summer. He then shocked me by saying you know David we have the same bright red hair color, you should get a crewcut too, i bet you would look great with a crewcut. I told him that i had thought about cutting it shorter, but was scared cause of the forced short haircut i had as a young teenager. He tells me well it seems that was forced and unwanted, this is a wanted haircut i can tell by everytime i turn around at work you are looking at me.

He brings me a beer and after handing it to me he bends his head over and says here rub it, it feels great. I rub his head, it felt like a velvet blanket. We watched tv for a while then after his sister leaves he says David how about we cut your hair? I looked shocked at him what do you mean? He tells me that he had cut his own hair, he walked into the bathroom and walked out with clippers in his hand.

I don't know Tom, i vowed i would never get a short haircut again. He asked me why. So i told him about my forced short haircut as a teenager. He sets the clippers down on the table, and came over and sat on the couch next to me, he says ok that was a forced haircut you didn't want, but unless i am reading things wrong you want a shorter haircut now, there is a difference, but if you really don't want to do it i won't push you into it. He then says but if you ever want to i would like to be the one to cut it for you.

I tell him let go get the supplies for the party and let me think about it. When we got back to his place and brought the supplies into his apartment, he hands me another beer and says David tell you what you have been thinking for a couple hours now, its been almost 2 weeks since i cut my hair, it needs recut. Why don't you recut my hair and afterwards if and only if you want i will give you a crewcut. I tell him i have never cut anyone's hair that i didnt know how. He says same length crewcuts are nearly impossible to mess up and that he wants me to cut his hair, and explained how when you cut your own hair it hard to do the back without having two mirrors and holding the one mirror in just the right spot so you can see the back of your head with the other mirror and cut your hair with the clippers in the other hand.

He takes his shirt off and tosses it on the couch and grabs the clippers from the table were he had laid them down earlier and handed them to me and then walked into the bathroom. I followed him into the bathroom saying i don't know about this Tom what if i mess it up? He grabs the clippers from me and made sure the # 2 attachment was on the clippers properly he says i can't mess it up unless i take the attachment off, and hands me back the clippers as he takes the cord and plugs them in. He then sits down on a stool he had in the bathroom facing the mirror.

I turned on the clippers and just about dropped them, the vibration they made scared me. I had never held clippers before, i asked him were i should start, he laughs and says it doesn't matter, here start in the back and he bends his head down into his chest. I nervously pushed the clippers up the back of his head, small splinters of hair started falling. I moved over a little and made another pass up his head. With each pass i seemed to get a bigger smile on my face. He smiles in the mirror and says i knew you would like cutting my hair. Finally after i had run the clippers over each section of his head for the third time, he says ok i think you got it done with a smile on his face. I turned the clippers off and stared at them while Tom stands up and turns around to face me as he shook off the clippings. He grabs a towel and brushes his chest off.

If you want the crewcut you can take your shirt off and have a seat on the stool, if you don't want to you can walk out of the bathroom i will not force you to do something you don't want to do as he grabs the clippers out of my hand. He tells me that the haircut i just gave him was with a #2 attachment which cuts hair to a 1/4 inch/6mm, he tells me he can use any attachment i want. That the attachments go upto # 8 which leave the hair at 1 inch/28mm, and that if i choose one of the longer attachments and see what it looks like and if i then wanted to go shorter he could. I looked him in the eyes and said i really want to but am so scared.

I started taking off my shirt and threw it on the couch in the livingroom and sat down on the stool, i was a bottle of nerves about to explode. I said okay lets do this just not as short as yours. Okay he said with a grin on his face, how about we do the # 8 and then we can go shorter and shorter till we get what you want. I had not had a haircut in about 4 or 5 months, so my hair was on my collar and covered my ears and if i brushed my hair down over my eyes it reached my upper lip.

He asked me if i was ready as he turned on the clippers. I jumped off the stool, he turned the clippers off and said if you don't want to do this its okay. I sat back down and told him the sound of the clippers turning on behind me, made me flash back to the forced cut. He put his hand on my shoulder and then came to my left side were i could see the clippers and he turned them on again. This time i just sat there. He returned to being behind me and pushed my head down till my chin was touching my chest and put the clippers to my neck and pushed them up the back of my head, he took his time and buzzed my head a couple of times making sure he had not missed anywhere. He turned the clippers off.

There you go David what do you think, i had closed my eyes as he made the first swipe up the back of my head. I had done this for a couple of reasons, one being i didn't want to see all that hair fall off my head and have a flash back to the last time i had lost that much hair, and the other reason i wanted to be surprised with the new look. I opened my eyes and it took a second to focus i looked in the mirror, i turned my head from side to side. He asks again what do you think? I smiled and said lets go shorter. He grinned as he took the #8 off and put the # 6 on, i asked him which one are you putting on, he told me. I turned around to him and asked should i do half of this length and rubbed my head. He says if thats what you want then lets do it.

I sat back on the stool facing the mirror and he switched the attachment to the # 4 and buzzed my head again a couple of times, this time i watched him in the mirror. I had a smile from ear to ear. I knew right then i was over the forced cut as a teenager and that i would probably not have long hair again.

The next day at work everyone was shocked at my haircut and Tim the owner laughed and said looks like Tom got ahold of you, we all laughed.

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