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Weekend in Atlanta by Shant

A few nights ago, Ray called me and told me that he and David were going to Atlanta for the weekend and wanted to know if I would like to go with them.

We always had such great times in Atlanta, and I wouldn’t miss going for anything. The three of us got along great with each other, and getting to be around hundreds of hot gay men was fantastic.

"We’re going hair hunting!" Ray said. "David and I haven’t done any haircutting for several months, and we want to find some guy with an awesome head of hair and do all kinds of things with it. It’s time to go seaching for our next customer!"

"You know how there are so many hot guys in Atlanta. We usually find someone with awesome hair, and get him to our room, and cut as much of his hair off as we can. The longer the hair, the better! Want to join us for some fun?"

"Count me in! I’d love it if we found a hot guy and cut off his awesome hair!"

On Friday night, we went to this after hours bar and it was packed. Even in a bar as large as this one, the three of us standing together still stood out. We were above average looking, in great shape, and all had short haircuts. We cut our hair differently from each other, but the three of us standing side by side definitely attracted attention.

After we were in the bar for awhile, we each walked off in different directions, seeing if we saw anyone we were interested in taking back to the hotel. Every once in awhile, we would check back with each other, to see if anyone had found someone interesting.

At one point, I walked back over to where Ray was standing and asked him if he had seen anyone that caught his eye.

"Do you see that guy standing by himself over against the wall? I bet anything that he is from out of town because I have not seen him speak to anyone."

"Look at that hair of his! It’s definitely the best looking mane I have seen all evening. I’m going to try my best to get him to come back to our room. We’d have a fantastic time getting our hands and our scissors and clippers in all that hair he has."

The guy had a really long head of the most beautiful dark brown hair. It was so thick and had great body. His hair just touched his shoulders and was probably about four inches below his collar. He definitely had great hair, and I knew we would all love to cut it.

I was a little shy about approaching someone, but Ray and David had no problem at all. They knew they were hot looking men, and it was a rare night when someone turned them down. Basically they knew they could get almost any guy they wanted.

Ray went over and introduced himself, and the two of them immediately struck up a conversation.

David and I casually walked by, and Ray reached over and grabbed David’s arm, and said, "Hey guys, come over and meet Hunter. He’s just here in town for the weekend."

The four of us started talking and were having a great time. Hunter was from LA. He was a professional model and had just finished a photo shoot here, and was now heading back to the west coast where he already had another photo shoot lined up.

"I was lucky to be hired by one of the best modeling agencies in LA," Hunter said. "If you want to succeed in this business, you have to always make yourself available, and always be willing to agree to whatever the agency wants you to do."

"Models are a dime a dozen in LA, and your modeling career can be over before you ever really start having one, especially if you aren’t willing to do whatever the agency requests."

"When I get back, the agency told me that I’m going to be doing a beach photo shoot and will be wearing just a bathing suit. They told me that I would need to cut my hair very short for the job."

"Since it’s all about being at the beach, they want a guy with a really short, trendy looking haircut. They told me my hair was too long, but the job was mine, if I was willing to cut my hair."

"You really do have an awesome head of hair," David said. "It looks so healthy and thick. The color is great and it looks fantastic being so long. I imagine it will be really difficult to give up all your beautiful hair. Are you actually going to do it? I would love to get to watch that haircut," he said.

"I really don’t want to cut my hair, but the photo shoot is just too good an opportunity to pass up. If you do a couple national ads, people start noticing your picture, and you start getting more work."

We continued talking and hanging out together. Eventually, Ray said, "This place is starting to slow down. Why don’t you come back to our room and we can continue to party a little more?"

"That would be a lot of fun. Not many guys approach me. I see them looking, but rarely does someone take the initiative to start a conversation. Hanging out with you three hot guys would be great. I’m staying at a hotel only a block from here. Why don’t you guys come over to where I’m staying?"

This was perfect! Ray always brought his barbering tools with him whenever we went out for this very reason. We got to Hunter’s room and continued partying.

We began to suspect that Hunter must be doing some kind of drug, because he was beginning to act sluggish. He started slurring his words, and we could tell he was having a hard time keeping up with the conversation. He plopped himself down in a chair, and it was obvious he was trying hard to stay awake.

Ray decided this was the perfect time to bring up the topic of his hair. "You’ve really got fantastic hair. I’m sure you must be dreading cutting it short, but you’ll still look great, and hopefully having a totally different look from what you now have, will bring you even more work."

"I hope so, but I’m really dreading it," Hunter said.

Ray took out his brush and without saying anything, just started brushing Hunter’s hair. Hunter didn’t even seem to notice that Ray was brushing his hair, which made us even more certain he was wasted.

Ray then put his brush aside and started running his hands through Hunter’s hair. His hair was so beautiful. It was so thick and had such great body and was so long.

David and I then combed his hair and played with it. It was such a turn on getting to play with his thick, long hair. We couldn’t wait for Hunter to fall asleep, knowing what was going to then happen to his beautiful mane.

Ray knew that if we were patient, Hunter would probably fall asleep pretty soon. His beautiful hair would then be totally in our hands. We figured that if in just a few days he was going to cut most of it off anyway, why shouldn’t we have some fun? As long as we left him enough hair for the photo shoot, what would it matter how long his hair was now? It was the perfect situation. This stoked us even more.

Sure enough, in about twenty minutes, Hunter fell asleep. He was really out of it, and we knew he wouldn’t be waking up anytime soon.

"You know," Ray said. "It’s been forever since we last got our hands in such great hair. His hair is probably the longest we have cut in way over a year. I can’t believe he is just sitting here, totally unaware of what is going to happen to him."

We all continued running our hands through his lovely long hair and playing with it. It was a tremendous turn on getting to manhandle his beautiful mane. We became more aggressive playing with it, and Hunter never even moved.

We took turns brushing his hair. We then switched to a comb and combed it all different ways. His hair had so much body, that we could comb it to one side, or the other, or part it down the middle, or brush it all straight back, and it looked absolutely perfect however we combed it.

"As much as I know we would like to cut all of this great hair off, Hunter is a nice guy, and we certainly don’t want to end up causing him to lose his photo shoot," Ray said. "We can still have alot of fun, though. He has so much hair that we can cut a lot of it off and it will be okay. As much as I want to use my clippers, let’s just use scissors."

"We probably should leave about three inches on top and two inches on the sides. We’ll each get to cut off a couple inches of his pretty hair and that will definitely leave him more than enough hair." We agreed that was the best thing to do. He’s lucky, because if he had not talked about his work, we would not have hesitated cutting off all his hair.

It was time to begin the haircut. Ray and David gave me the honor of getting to play barber first. I stood behind him and combed his hair all straight back. I lifted up his forelock, which had to be at least eight inches long, and cut off two inches.

It was so intense seeing so much beautiful hair falling into his lap. He was such a handsome looking young man. He was going to be losing almost a year’s growth of his awesome mane. Again, there was no response at all from Hunter. He obviously had no idea what was happening.

I continued at the front and lifted up a section of hair and cut off two inches from all over his head. Combing it back and having it all blending in together was really great to see.

Ray got to play barber next and did exactly what I had just done. He lifted up Hunter’s forelock and cut off two more inches and then worked from the front to the back, taking two inches off everywhere. This still left Hunter about five inches of hair on top and about three on the sides.

When Ray finished, David took his turn being the barber. Only a little more than one inch came off the top and the sides this time. He was such a good guy, and we had such a great time playing with his mane, that we wanted him to still have plenty of hair for the photo shoot. He’d probably get upset when he first discovered what we had done, but he’d get over it.

The pile of hair on the floor surrounding him was such a turn on. So much awesome hair had been cut off. He ended up with a good looking haircut and he looked a whole lot different than when he sat down. The biggest rush was that this guy wasn’t even aware of what we had done.

Once we finished the haircut, we gathered up all the long hair and put it in a bag for Ray’s collection. This was going to be a tremendous addition to the others he already had.

All we had to do was leave. Hunter had no idea where we were staying and there was no way we wanted to be around in the morning when he woke up and saw his new look. We knew he was flying out that afternoon so we would not have to worry about running into him.

We left him a note saying:

Hunter, thanks for the great evening. We really enjoyed you letting us cut your hair for you. It was such a rush, and we had a blast doing it. We knew that since you were getting it cut for the photo shoot that we made certain to leave you plenty of hair for however the agency wants you look.

We hope we’ll get to see your photo in a magazine. Again, thanks for the wild time!
Ray, David, and Mike

This was all of course a complete lie. We did hope he would succeed as a model and we wanted him to think of us as really nice guys and that he couldn’t remember much of the evening.

Saturday night, Ray, David and Mike hoped they would be lucky enough to find another guy like they had last night. They slept in all morning, and when they got up, saw the huge amount of hair piled on the counter in the bathroom they had brought back from Hunter’s for Ray's collection. Hunter had lost a tremendous amount of hair. Just looking at all that beautiful hair, got them psyched to go out and find another guy to bring home that night.

Ray and Mike had already decided what they were going to do if they didn’t hook up with someone. They had been planning a little surprise for David the next time the three of them got together and played.

Lately, when Ray and Mike spent time alone, they would talk about how long David’s hair was getting. For someone that said he always hated long hair on a guy, he had really changed his attitude. Before going out, they would watch him as he took forever combing his hair. It was obvious he was really infatuated with how it looked.

He had been promoted in his job and was now in management. There was a strict dress code at the firm. It was a requirement that men wore a coat and tie and always looked professional. No extreme looking haircuts were tolerated. Hair should never be touching the top of the ears.

David decided maybe he should get a more traditional looking haircut, instead of the short haircut he had, and began growing out his hair.

For the past several months, he continued letting his hair grow longer and it was now over three inches long on top. The sides were over an inch long, as opposed to always being tapered almost all the way up to the top. His hair was very thick and was a really beautiful color brown, with great natural highlights.

He had just a slight wave in the front. He combed the sides back and brushed the top to the right and back. He didn’t let it stand up too high, but made certain that his pretty wave showed. It looked gorgeous when he finished combing it. He looked like the perfect young executive.

Mike had seen Ray get really impatient with David when they had to wait around on him until he thought his hair looked perfect and was then ready to go out.

Ray thought it odd that David never said a word to him about growing his hair longer. Surely he knew that Ray was aware of it. These guys had been together twelve years now, and David must have known the time would come when Ray would say something about his hair being so long, and that Ray would decide it was time to cut his hair.

Mike said to Ray, "I remember the first time you guys sat me down and cut almost all my hair off. David grabbed my forelock and chopped off about three inches before I even knew what what happening."

"You guys didn’t let me have any say about whether I wanted my hair cut or not. You said that you were going to get rid of my pretty boy hair and make me look like a stud again, and I had no say about it."

"It’s hard to believe that was over two years ago. I think it’s payback time tonight and we should do the same thing to David. How about we give him a haircut? You know he must wonder when we are going to say that he needs to get his hair cut. He’s certainly always cut our hair whenever he has felt like it."

"To be honest," Ray said, "I am really getting sick of him having that long hair. I never thought he would be such a priss and spend as much time on his hair as he does. He really is in love with it. There’s a streak of vanity in that partner of mine."

"If I were the one growing out my hair, he would constantly be nagging me about it. He really does need to be taught a lesson. Let’s do it, and give pretty boy there a surprise!"

They didn’t find anyone that night that they wanted to bring back to the room. When they got back to the room, they started horsing around. They had such a great relationship. They all had aggressive sex drives and all took turns being either tops or bottoms. You never knew who was going to be doing what to whom. That’s what made it super hot.

Mike was on his knees between David’s crotch and began playing with his dick. Ray was standing behind David and just running his hands all over his body and through his hair. David was enjoying being the center of attention. Little did he know what was in store for him.

Ray then took a comb and started to comb David’s hair. "That’s quite a head of hair you’re getting there, Davie Boy! How come you haven’t said a word about it to me? Did you think I wouldn’t notice how long your hair is getting? For someone who has always hated long hair on guys, you have obviously changed your mind about that."

"That forelock you have is really awesome looking," Ray said as he continued combing David’s hair. "Remember one of the first times we got together with Mike, and you cut off more than three inches of his forelock, without saying a word to him?"

"Well, Mike and I think it’s payback time!" Without saying another word, Ray lifted up David’s pretty forelock and cut off two inches, leaving it only a little over an inch long.

David almost knocked Mike over as he jumped to his feet, realizing what Ray had just done.

"What the hell? You fricking cut off my hair without asking me? If I had wanted a haircut I would have told you! Just look at my hair! The front is completely ruined! The only way it can look decent is for me to get a short haircut!"

Mike said, "I can remember every single moment after you chopped off most of my forelock. You told me to sit myself down in the chair and let you see how much hair I had. You started combing my hair and running your fingers through it. You said to me, "Man, Mike, you really do have a lot of hair, even more than I thought you had. It feels really great, and I am going to love cutting it. Come on! Once we get into it, you know it’ll be a lot of fun, and a really hot time for all three of us. You definitely need a good haircut! Now that the front of your hair is short, you know that the rest will have to be cut. Be a sport like I was. What’s fair is fair. Both Ray and I can’t wait to give you a haircut!"

David knew that he really didn’t have any options. His hair would have to be cut. He just hated how much he had discovered that he really loved his hair longer, and now it was going to be gone!

He also knew that he couldn’t be a jerk about it. At one time or another, they had all surprised each other with one of them getting an unexpected haircut. He had done the exact same thing to Mike.

He sat down in the chair and Mike began to comb his pretty hair all perfectly into place. Mike already had a hard on, and despite not wanting to get his hair cut, David did too.

"You know how we all feel about long hair on a guy. We’ve always hated that pretty boy look, especially when the guy could look so much more like a hot stud with a shorter haircut. That’s what’s about to happen to you," Ray said.

"You just sit back now and enjoy this. You know that once we start cutting your hair, it will be as great a rush for you as it will be for us. Relax, you don’t need to worry."

"We promise we will leave your hair long enough that you will like the way it looks. Trust us. You are going to end up with a really sharp looking haircut. I want my partner to look like a stud again!"

Mike finished combing David’s hair so that it was all perfectly in place. David’s hair really was beautiful. This was the longest it had ever been, and it was going to be a blast cutting it.

Mike enjoyed knowing that David really didn’t want his hair cut. David was about to know what Mike had felt like when David had done the exact same thing to him.

He lifted up a section that was nearest the forelock that Ray had already cut. He then combed the two sections together and cut it so that it was even across the top. He continued working his way to the back, taking a little less off the nearer he was to the crown.

"It’s really awesome seeing your beautiful locks come off as I’m cutting them. I couldn’t be any more turned on than I am right now. I have wanted to get my hands in your thick, beautiful hair ever since you started growing it out," Mike said.

He then slightly wet David’s hair on the sides and took his comb and sectioned off a lock and cut off only about half an inch. He worked his way back on both sides. When he finished cutting David’s hair, he blowdried it and brushed it all back into place. It really looked great being cut just like that, but Ray was not going to pass up on his chance to use his clippers on his partner’s head.

"You know, Buddy, I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time," Ray said. "This is the longest your hair has ever been and I’m really stoked getting to run the clippers up the sides of your head and seeing so much of that pretty hair come off."

"I’ve always used the #1 guard, but I’m going to use the #3 guard instead. I know how much you’ve grown to love that pretty hair you have, and with your promotion, I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable at work, going in with such a different looking haircut."

Ray tapered up the back and sides. They were short, but still long enough to just brush back above the ears. Ray blended the sides into the top, which was about one and a half inches long. David’s hair stood up so well that the haircut really looked awesome. His hair was definitely shorter looking, but Ray had cut his hair much shorter than this many times.

After Ray finished the haircut, David immediately grabbed a brush and went to work on his hair. He actually was not angry, because the haircut did look good. He would never admit it to Ray and Mike, but he really liked the haircut.

"Revenge is going to be so sweet," David said. "I know, Ray, that you will never grow your hair long, but Mike, you need to be on guard. I know how much you love that mane you have. It’s always been longer than both Ray’s hair and mine. The day will come when you least expect it, and I’m going to sit you down, and cut that pretty hair however I want."

"You haven’t had a flattop in a long time, and maybe that’s how I’ll cut it, or maybe I’ll cut it even shorter, and give you a crewcut. Just beware that eventually you’re going to be losing most of those silken locks that you love so much. I’m going to really look forward to doing it!"

Instead of fearing, knowing that David would eventually cut Mike’s hair short, he vowed right then and there that he was going to immediately start growing out his hair!

He knew what a wild time it would be for the three of them when these guys cut his hair short. After having these guys cut his hair for two years now, he didn’t care how they cut it. He knew he could always trust them to give him a sharp looking haircut.

He figured in about eight weeks his hair would be almost four inches long. He felt certain that once it was that long, David would be itching to cut it. He couldn’t wait!

What a great weekend this had been!

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