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We Graduated by Scott the Haircut Lover

We Graduated

It was mid June in the Deep South. Temperatures were already out of control. The humidity had set in and there was nothing to do with my 6 inches of wavy hair. I had just graduated high school. Star baseball player. Got a few offers, but decided to focus on studies rather than chase a dream I knew would never get me anywhere. I am Shawn. 5’11, smooth athletic body, sandy blonde wavy hair with deep blue eyes. I was just a normal kid. I feel like I had a good work ethic through out high school. Studied hard, practiced hard, and partied hard. Never got in trouble. Never had any problem finding a girl friend. But there was something missing in my life. My had had grown because everyone else was growing theirs. I didn’t really like it. I had a buzz cut freshman and sophomore year and got to where I was cutting it myself every Sunday night before school. I found cutting my hair got me aroused which I figured was just a teenage thing. I mean a teen gets aroused when the wind blows right?

I was getting over my hang over from the night before when I got a text from my best friend Jacob. He and I had been best friends since grade school. We look so much alike that some people thought we were brothers. Jacob and I were going to the same college and we would be roommates.

Text: You alive bro? I am so hungover!
Me: Yeah … that party was epic. I am just kinda sitting here staring at the wall wondering what my next move is.
Text: I’ll head over once I shake this off. Let’s go get food!
Me: Sounds good! See ya soon

Jacob didn’t even knock when he came to my house. That is how close we were. It go so common my mom would ask if he would be there for breakfast or dinner. I loved Jacob. I could tell him anything!

I got in the shower trying to wash off the previous night. I stood letting the water flow over me for a while with my long hair dangling in my face. I couldn’t help be realize how annoying this had become. Now I have to wash it. Then blow it dry. Then try to make it look somewhat decent. I cared about my look A LOT! Even when it was just Jacob and I hanging out. He had let his hair grow the past two years as well. We never talked about it. It just kind of happened. As I was trying to arrange the mop on my head I heard him come in. No one else was home and he yelled up "Shawn? You here?". "Yeah just about done ill be down in a sec." I walked down the stairs and gave him a bro hug. It felt different but I didn’t think much of it. He look unusually good today and he smelled good too!. We started checking out some of my graduations gifts and seeing what we could use for our dorm room at college. Then he said "Let’s go man I am starving!"

We headed to town. Wend to our favorite diner. Reminiscing about the party the night before and laughing. I noticed Jacob kept looking across the street. I didn’t ask why, but we were almost finished with our food. "See something exciting over there?" I finally asked. He blushed a little and said "Thinking about going to that barber shop." My mouth dropped open and I felt a stir in my shorts like I used to get when I buzzed my hair. "Yeah? I was thinking about cutting mine too I am tired of this mop!" Jacob said "Tell me about it. All the things we have done together over the years I don’t think we have ever gotten a haircut together." I pondered his reflection "Nope Im sure we haven’t." We paid and walked out on the side walk. Jacob said "So you want to come with me?" I smiled "Why not! Today is the first day of the rest of our lives or what ever that bs was at the commencement speech yesterday. We both laughed and walked across the street.
This was not a place we had ever been. It was old fashioned. It was also not busy. I was surprised to see the barbers were not much older than we were. I got that tight feeling in my stomach for some reason. I mean its just a haircut right, I kept telling myself. We were greeted by one of the barbers who invited Jacob to have a seat. The other barber invited me to his chair. He put a cape around me…. Lifted my long hair up in back and tightened the cape around my neck. He started combing out my over grown mop and said "Been a while huh?" I nervously laughed and said "yeah kinda let it go for a while." The barber asked as he spun me to the mirror "So what did you have in mind?" I froze realizing I really hadn’t even thought about what style I wanted. My mind raced thinking about to how much I loved the feeling of my buzzcuts when I was younger. But was that the style today? I would be ridiculed all summer and probably not get laid at all! The barber stood waiting patiently as he started to show me some pictures of cuts he had done previously on his phone. What the heck was going on in my shorts, I thought to myself, as I looked at all these guys with really cool haircuts. I said to him "I like that one a lot!" The barber said good choice. It will look perfect on you. This was going to be completely new. Something totally out of my comfort zone, but what the heck right? I am a college boy now!

The barber spun the chair away from the mirror. I couldn’t get any glimpse of Jacob and had know idea what was going on with his cut. The barber started sectioning off my hair and clipping the bulk to the top of my head. This left the long over grown sides ready for his clippers. He started cutting. Oh the sensation of clippers on my scalp and how I loved it so much! The feel of the blades slicing through my hair and seeing it fall to the cape. This guy was clearly a master at his craft. He was precisely fading in the sides and back just like the pic he had shown me. The clipper were was taking a long time. I wondered if Jacob was waiting for me or what was going on with his hair. Then I felt myself starting to get lost in the cut that was happening on my head. My shorts were definitely tented under the cape. As the barber finished up with the sides and back he unclipped the top. Letting it dangle over the perfectly faded sides and back. His shears started slicing away at my long hair. Blending it in perfectly. Combing and cutting over and over again. I was trying not to touch the mast in my shorts. It was such an incredible high! He started blow drying the top. Then putting just a little product in to hold it in place and finally turned me to the mirror.

Who was this boy looking back at me I thought. He duplicated the picture perfectly. My long hair was gone and replaced by a modern, blurry faded, haircut that was spectacular. The top had been cut down to just a couple of inches but enough to comb back. He shaved a couple of small lines at the base of my neck which I thought was really cool. I couldn’t stop looking at myself. He showed me a couple of different ways to style it. Then, out of no where, Jacob walked up behind me, looking at me in the mirror and smiling. We had chosen pretty much the exact same haircut. The barber started to undo the cape. I craftlyfully moved my cock into a position where it wouldn’t be so noticeable. Jacob’s mouth opened "Bro you look… well you look great!" I replied "So do you! Im so glad we did this!" He rubbed the back of my head where it was faded which sent shock waves through my body. I said "We have to do this more often together I think!" He smiled " I am sure we will be getting our cuts together when we go to college." We paid the barber and headed out.

Back at my house we couldn’t stop talking about our new hair. It was like a whole new line of conversation that he and I had never had before. I was fully aroused but hiding it during the whole conversation. I had know idea what was with this sensation of cutting my hair and being aroused was about. This time it was different though. This time I couldn’t take my eyes off my best friend. I finally got up the nerve to ask him…. "Hey I have a question…. Did …… ummmmm did you find the experience erotic at all" Jacob smiled "I have been aroused since I sat in the chair. And even more so now looking at you."…….. to be continued.

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