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Wedding haircut by David Gordon

Mom had been raising me by herself all my life, dad had left her when she told him she was pregnant. It was June, school had just got out for the summer, I was 13 years old, about to be 14 in a month and a few days. I had bright green eyes and i had shaggy bight red hair it totally covered my ears and eyes and had recently finally touched my collar, when my hair was wet my bangs touched my upper lip. About a year and a half ago mom had met Daniel and they started dating. Daniel seemed like a nice guy and i got along with him, and what i really liked was that he made my mom happy.

Six months ago he proposed to my mom. She said yes and when they told me he also in a way proposed to me. He said I didn't have to and if I need time to think about it, it was ok, but he offered to adopt me as his own son. I agreed to let him adopt me. They immediately started the paperwork so that Daniel could adopt me knowing it would take time but they were hoping that as close to the time of their wedding that the adoption would be finalized. It was, a week before the wedding the adoption was finalized and Daniel became my dad.

After the adoption party that we had with a few family members from both sides, Daniel told me he was going to pick me up the next day that we had things to do for the wedding. The next morning Mom woke me up saying Daniel was on his way to pick me up that i had to get up. I got up and took a shower and was in the middle of drying my hair when Daniel tapped on the bathroom door and opened it ajar, hey are you decent in there, yeah i said as i opened the door, I'm ready to go as soon as i finish drying my hair. What all do we have to do today anyways. Well he said, as i finished blow-drying my hair, we have to go make sure the tuxs fit and pick them up, i was walking my mom down the aisle since her dad was older and in a wheelchair. We have to stop by the venue place and pay them, and then i figured we could go get some lunch, then after lunch we have one more thing to do.

We had tried on the tuxs, his fit perfectly but the pants of my tux was an inch longer than they were suppose to be, the lady told Daniel give her an hour and the pants would be ready, so we went and paid the venue, and went to have lunch, so what else do we have to do i asked. We have to go back and pick up the tuxs and then we are going to get your haicut. I dropped my hamburger back onto the plate. What i said i don't want a haircut. Daniel said you don't have a choice. Your hair isn't going to be long anymore for the wedding several inches is coming off, then after we get get back from the honeymoon i will be cutting your hair short and from now on you will have short hair. I want to call mom, you can call her but its not going to make a difference, she agrees with me that you need a haircut for the wedding. I called mom but she sided with Daniel she said that i had been needing one for a while.

We went back and picked up the tuxs, then we drove down the street and parked in front of Cip's Barbershop it had a barbers pole lite up and spinning next to the door. We got out of the car and walked into the shop, it was an old fashioned one Hi Daniel the barber said as he was just finishing a teenager that looked like he was 16, The teenager got out of the chair with a H&T crewcut #2 on top and the sides and back were clipper shaved. I turned around and headed towards the door I'm not getting my hair cut that short. Daniel grabbed for the back of my shirt to stop me but got my hair instead. OUCH that hurts let go i yelled. I'm sorry didn't mean to grab your hair i was reaching for your shirt and your hair got in the way. You are not getting it cut that short right now i promise. The teenager paid Cip and as he walked pass me he says but you should.

As the door closed Cip says Daniel this must be David you have been telling me about. Cip this is my son David, the adoption was finalized yesterday. Congratulations he said, come David have a seat in my chair. I looked at Daniel 6⁶on he pointed at the chair go on son Cip doesn't have all day. I thought about trying to run again but figured it was a loss cause and reluctantly went and sat in the chair. Cip says son get back up i need to put a small cushion in the chair so it raises you up alittle more. I got up and he grabbed the cushion and set it in the chair, ok son sit back down, i did as i was told. As Cip put the cape around me and fastened it he asks so what are we doing? Daniel speaks up i would love to have you give him a H&T crewcut like what you just gave that teenager but i promised his mother that this haircut was a good trim for the wedding. I want to see his eyes, ears, and the back of his neck and it is so thick can you thin it out some. Cip pumped up the chair and grabbed a comb and scissors and turned the chair away from the mirror he combed my bangs down in front and then he took the scissors and put them even with the middle of my eyes and made a snip and a chunk of hair fell to the cape. Daniel spoke up i want all of his eyes and eyebrows to be seen. Cip took the scissors and put them just above my eyebrows and snipped again. Daniel said much better, and in a lower tone like he was talking to himself, wish we were going much shorter but thats for another day and he went and sat down, then he spoke up again all of the ears and neck showing.

Cip worked on my haircut for twenty minutes making sure to cut my hair so that my eyes, ears, and neck showed and he thinned it out also. How is this Daniel? Well for his first haircut i wish it was shorter but for the wedding i guess it will have to do, i promised his mom it wouldn't be a dramatic change. Cip uncape me and lowered the chair, ok son you can get up now. I got out of the chair there was several inches of my bright red hair all over the floor. I turned around to face the mirror, what i saw was a shock, i had not been able to see much without pushing my bangs out of my eyes for a long time now not only was my eyes exposed but so was my eyebrows. I turned around and ran out of the barbershop and got in the car. Daniel paid Cip Thank you, i will bring him in at the end of summer for his back to school haicut, i will be giving him his summer haircuts, the first one next week. Daniel got in the car and started driving to mom's apartment i know you are not happy about getting a haircut but it was needed. You will get use to the haircuts eventually. Mom loved my haircut.

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