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We Graduated 3 Off to College by Scott the Haircut Lover

We Graduated 3 Off to College

Jacob and I were in love. At the party we threw before leaving for college everyone was commenting on our new haircuts. It was so cool to not be judge by people! We had a great group of friends. We were leaving for college in two days!

The day before we left we ran some errands picking up some last minute supplies. We had lunch across from where we had gotten our hair done and talked about the experience all during lunch. I had googled "why do I get excited when I get a haircut" and read up on this whole new fascination I had. I didn’t know it was such a thing! It was helpful to understand it a little better. I shared what I found with Jacob and he said yeah I knew I had it a while ago! I playfully punched him in the shoulder and said "Why didn’t you share!" This is when he explained he had been in love with me for a long time but didn’t want to ruin our friendship. I was a bit taken aback! How didn’t I read his feelings before. But all of that was behind us! We were off to college and would be roommates.

With both of our cars packed we were off. It was a three hour drive up to our school. A very full day of unpacking and setting up our room. He looked at me "Should we just push the beds together?" I smiled not having thought about that before but loved the idea. So that is exactly what we did! Our first week was busy and tiring. We met some friends. Hung out after studying and both of us were adjusting to our freedom. Our new friends loved our hair and were jealous of our relationship! The year was off to a great start. Waking up next to my boyfriend every morning was just amazing!

About two months into school the time had come to do something about our hair that was now over grown. Jacobs roots were showing, while very cute, he was starting to talk about the next adventure. One of our friends had just gotten a nice cut and we asked where he went. My hair was kind of a mess. The shaved part was over grown and it was definitely time to get it cleaned up. Jacob asked me "did you like the cut I picked for you last time?" I said "I loved it babe. Only thing is to keep it looking really good I think id have to get it cut every week." We both giggled and agreed that was the case. I asked him if he liked his color. He said "Yeah but I hate the roots and the sides look like crap now." I assured him he never looked like crap. Talking about hair always turned us on so the next thing we knew we were in a full blown session!

Saturday came. As usual we woke up around noon. I was on my phone laying next to Jacob looking at haircut pictures. I decided I wanted something simple. I was kind of digging some of the mullet styles I was seeing on campus and on my phone. Jacob started to wake up. I softly stroked his hair and kissed him gently. We laid there for another hour looking at pictures. He said "if I don’t change the color I might as well just shave my head" I raised an eyebrow. "Shave it bald?" I asked. He said "I mean the roots are about an inch so I don’t think id have to shave it bald." I took a deep breath glad he didn’t want to go bald. He saw what the chat was doing to me and started massaging my bulge. We started kissing and it was on again. We decided to go to just a simple barber shop. It closed at 5 and it was now 3 so we hurried, took a shower, and headed out.

When we arrived it was pretty busy. We signed and took a seat. I said "babe they don’t do color here." "Do you want to go somewhere else?" He smiled and said "no I think ill just get a buzzcut and start over" I looked a little sad "but I like your white hair its so sexy." He looked at me "well we could color it ourselves after." The idea scared me but also sounded like a fun night. Then he said "or we could just shave our heads." This was the second time he brought it up today. "You want to shave it don’t you? Its getting cold you know!" Jacob smiled "I kinda do. This guy in my chemistry class shaves his and I don’t know it just looks so cool and easy to take care of." I started to grow down below as we talked as usual. Pondering what he was saying I then asked "You want me to do it too?" He said " I kinda do actually. I mean we could shave eachother every day for a week and see if we like it. If not we will have hair back before Thanksgiving break." I giggled "you have given this a lot of thought haven’t you." He smiled and said "yeah I have actually. So what do you think?" I turned beat red "bald your saying?" He just nodded and all of the sudden they called my name. I guess I had signed in first.

I slowly got up. Jacob wasn’t 5 feet from the chair I sat in as the barber caped me Jacob was staring at me smiling. This caused major issues down below. I looked back at him. I don’t think I have ever been so nervous in my life. Thinking back to our last haircut together I figured out my answer when I was asked what I wanted. The barber asked "so what are we doing today?" I said "his choice" pointing at Jacob. Jacob laughed when I did this and said "Shave it off please." The barber said "Bald?" Jacob said "Yup! All the way down" The barber asked me if it was ok and I just said "Yes." He wasted no time. Picking up clippers and shaving me down to stubble. By now Jacob was in the chair next to me. I heard him say "Shave it bald please." So both of us, side by side, were getting our hair shaved off. The hot lather and straight razor were almost more that I could take. 30 min later my head was smooth and Jacob was almost done. We went to the local pizza joint with hour smooth heads. Rubbing each others head the whole walk over.

That night was true bliss! And when I woke up the next morning I couldn’t help but rubbing his head. I was shocked it wasn’t as smooth as the night before. But it still felt amazing. He woke up with a smile clearly enjoying the attention I was giving to his head. He rubbed mine saying "I cant believe it feels like a little stubble already." "Shawn you look so hot!" I blushed "thanks babe so do you!" So every morning for the next week we did exactly as Jacob said. We woke up, did our morning thing, and then headed to the shower together. Each day we would shave each other’s head bald. It was so amazing and it felt so good. I loved being shaved.

The week of shaving was coming to and end…. Or was it? …… to be continued

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