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Time machine by James Watson

I drove home for the summer holidays from collage, it took me fours to get there. Drove into the street and saw mums car parked in the drive way " better park in the street " tuned off the engine when Tim my younger brother, came out of the house to greet me " still wearing shorts Paul"" that's some welcome Tim for your brother" I replied " what's mums boyfriend called Tim" he did not answer me " did you not here me Tim, what's with the attitude, oh I forgot your more mature than me" pick up my bag " stuff it" and walked into the house " mum you in the kitchen" I called out " yes Paul".
"Mum where's your boyfriend and what do you call him"" his name is William Stevenson but you have to call him Mr Stevenson for respect...where did you park your car Paul"" in the street"" did you not have time to get a haircut Paul"" sorry mum, I did not, right going to have a shower mum" went up stairs to my room and walked in " still the same, nothing has been changed " got undressed and had a shower. Back in my room and got dressed, fixed my shorts when I hard a car pull up the drive, looked out my bedroom window and saw Mr Stevenson get out of his room " Paul come down stairs" mum called out " on my way mum" I said as I closed my bedroom door behind me. The front door opened and in he walked " Mr Stevenson, my name is Paul" " hello young man its good to met you" turned round and put his brief case down on the floor " tomorrow morning Paul, you be getting that haircut for the summer holidays" said Mr Stevenson " mum hasn't told me where we are going sir" I replied back with a smile " my summer house young man " great I thought " you will love it there Paul" when Tim came down the stairs " hi William" he said to him " hi Tim oh Paul go and see if your mum needs a hand in the kitchen"" yes sir".

After dinner I helped mum with the washing up " so Paul , what do you think of William" mum asked me " he seams ok, a bit old fashioned " was my reply " for me Paul, just go with the follow for the summer " mum seams happy " ok mum" she hugged me. I was in my bedroom going over my notes when Mr Stevenson came walking into my room" Paul I like your mother very mush, we been dating for a while..." " Mr Stevenson my mum told me about you two but she forgot to tell me your name, its fine with me, are you and Tim getting along?" " yes we are, bed early young man".
Morning came I was having a shower, got back to my room and saw my clothes on my bed " get dress Paul and come along" Mr Stevenson said from the landing " yes sir". Put on my dark blue polo neck. white fronts, dark blue knee length shorts, matching ankle socks, black shoes. Went down stairs " when you get in the back of my car, put on your seat belt"" yes Mr Stevenson" I replied, as I walked to the car, I saw Tim setting in the front. Got in the back, put on my seat belt and drove to the barbers .

Tim and myself sat in barbers chairs getting are hair cut, he was getting a trim , a bloody trim while I was a 1930s boys one. The barber picked up a old fashion hair clippers and started to cut deep into my hair, I could feel the air between my ears, next was scissor, the barber give me a tight number 2, neck was the razor . He put original BRYLCREEM threw my hair, picked up a comb and comb it " all done young man" said the barber to me. I looked at myself in the mirror " that's to short sir" I said " nonsense young man, you suit it, from know on Paul, that's the haircut you be getting" said Mr Stevenson to me ".
After a long dive we arrived at Mr Stevenson summer house, it was a big old fashion one " Mr Stevenson your house is nice"" thank you Paul, your room is at the far back and Tim's is at the front". I got to my room and walked in, could not belive at what I saw, my room was for a boy from the 1930s, walked over to the cupboard and opened it, hanging inside was suit shorts with a school uniform, went over to a chest of draws and pulled one out, it was full of knee length shorts so was the others " I have a room full of boys 1930s clothes" in walked Mr Stevenson " like your room Paul".

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